Strong's hot military base weekend continues as a slave and two unwilling marines are subjected to more abuse by their controlling master.


Military Base Weekend Chapter 2
by Strong
Series: Military Base Weekend


What I saw that kept me in agony and very hard was the fact that with everything that was happing each marine in front of me was hard as hell and leaking like crazy. After you secured him the MP stripped out of his uniform to reveal a tanned trimmed body of muscle. He like you had a large Latin/white cock. You both now naked got behind me you then lubed my whole and gave me a heavy bottle of poppers. As they took effect you pushed your cock into me and fucked me first slowly then quickly. I moaned as I felt my hard encased caged cock pre cum then I felt something I had never felt before, two cocks in me at once from behind. Being I was very tight from my work outs my fair smooth bubble but bounced up and down as you both fucked me hard. I looked at the clock and saw it was 11 am on Friday, What a weekend it was starting out to be….

Friday Afternoon

I feel you and the naked MP Push into me. Each pace is different. Both of you have large cocks. As you do this my bound spread body buckles back and forth, feeling my tight hole spread a apart. The MP then pulls out and looks down and see’s his rubber covered cock is pink. “looks like he really did have a cherry” the MP said in a deep gruff voice.

You replay “Yep I trained him to stay tight.”

After you say this with a dirty smile, you see that the Marine with blonde hair that is impaled onto the night stick is trying to make eye contact with this bound friend on the anal hook. This worries you, so you walk over quickly and break his line of site. You then grab the marine by his jaw and squeeze it upward. The Marin’s brown eyes grow big with fear. You look down then spit in his face. He grows and tries to pull away but your hand’s strong grip holds him in place. He then moans and grows in humiliation and anger. “You are not allowed to make eye contact with him any more slut. You always brag about how you and your bi friend here are such tops. Can top any bitch or fag, well now your guys are going to be the fucking bitches and fags. All weekend long.” Both bound marines started to moan and cry for they knew it was true. Yet cocks still stayed hard. You then asked your MP friend to get the table from the kitchen area, which he did.

The table was placed in front of the bed , you then pulled over two chairs. Placed the vibrating plug onto it, being it was mounted with duck tape on the floor it was easy to pull off the ground. You then re mounded it with duck tape onto the chair, after you then un chain the chain from my collar and you then walk behind the marine with brown hair and eyes. You then call him “Bitch 1” and say come back. You then pull upwards and back on the chain. Bitch 1 moans and squints his eyes in pain as the anal hook in him is pulled backwards. Being that he is bound with his hands behind his back he is pulled into a leaning forward . With each pull he jumps backwards but forward for you pull upwards making the hook dig deeper into his tight smooth hole. After a few jumps he reaches you. You then know he will squirm and wrap your large defined left arm under his body. You then with your right arm slowly pull the anal hook out of him. When fully out Bitch 1 moans and screams, he even tries to get free. The MP friend of yours then walks over with poppers. Being that u used chloroform earlier he knows poppers are safest. He then swiftly pulls the sock gag out and shoves the rage with heavy amounts of poppers on it into his mouth. Then seals it in with several lairs of duck tape.

This causes Bitch 1 to calm down slightly you then both place him onto the chair causing him to sit on the large plug. You then take more rope from under the bed and start to tie Bitch 1 down firmly onto the chair. As this happens he looks up. The MP looks down with his stern eyes and see’s the poppers taking effect as his light brown eyes and fair face turned red and dazed. When his upper body was secured the MP and you stepped back in my line of sight I saw each of your tanned firm bodies from behind each with semi hard cocks. Bitch 1 had lengths of rope bind his lean chiseled smooth body to the chair. The ropes which were black wrapped around his chest and abs in a clean firm way. Each of his arms were tied at the sides and wrists were tied behind the chair. You then looked at Bitch ones cock; because of the effect of the poppers it was now soft. You then decided to lock on a chastity device, this one though was not yours but the MP’s. He handed it to you then you quickly placed lube in the code piece then locked it on. As you did this, Bitch 1 moaned and pleaded the best he could through the gag.

After the sound of the lock clicking tears rolled down his eyes. You then walked behind him bent over him grabbed his cock with your right hand and rubbed his nipple with you left and whispered in his ear “ So if your good to our cocks you will get yours unlocked briefly, if you’re not the key will go down the toilet or even better be given to your CO with a note explaining why the key is so important. Got it?” Bitch 1 nodded best he could and cried. : Good boy you said” then padded him on the head. After this was said you then attached a clip to the back d ring of the collar you then take the chain that held in the anal hook and clip it to the ceiling this forced Bitch 1’s head forward. As this accrued the MP tied down Bitch 1’s defined legs to the chair. As he did this he lifted up his locked cock and placed his legs together making it harder to squirm, it also made his tight hole squeeze the large vibrating but plug that his hole was sitting on. You then grab the remote and smile in a devilish way and then turn the plug on full force. Bitch 1 on his chair jumps and squirms best he could. His muscled tighten as he feels his prostate feel the assault of the but plugs vibrations.

Though, the only real movement that comes from Bitch 1 is his large bouncy locked cock. The MP then leans in to the moaning Marine and licks his tears from his cheeks he then places the popper bottle under his nose. He then inhales it for he knows this will help the time pass by. After this happens you then walk over to the blond marine “okay bitch 2 time to teach your some discipline. “ Bitch to starts t cry slowly and sob.

You and the MP then lift him up as you do you pull him off the night stick. He moans and screams in pain as this happens. You then place him face down onto the table the MP then uses duct tape and binds him to the table. As you do this you place the lengths of tape across his back and around the table. As this accurse you then walk over to me and gently un do the mitts on my hand and un do the restraints. As this happens I fall gagged into your strong arms. You then un attach the chains and hand them over to The MP. He then uses the chains and wraps each around Bitch 2’s thighs spreading him apart similar to how I was on the bed but just with his hands bound behind is back. The MP then pulls each of his legs apart and wraps a length of chain around each of his defined fair smooth thighs, then locks each chain to the opposing end of the table legs. The MP then goes and places a blind fold over the eyes of Bitch two and then places two thick ear plugs into his ears then ear phones, the kind used on the range on the base. When this was done Marine or Bitch 2 started to moan and plead. The MP annoyed by this slapped him firmly in the face. This though did not trigger him to stop and so the MP did it again. It took several slaps for this to accrue. When done and his lessoned was learned Bitch 2 just breathed heavily.

After this is done the MP then walks over and sits on the bed. He rubs my firm boy but then leans over and kisses you. I moan as this happens as I am now servicing your cock. I then feel the MP put first one and then two fingers in, both then rub my prostate slowly. My cock still throbbing in the cb bounces as pre cum leaks out form it. As I continue to blow I hear each of you kiss and feel the drool from your mouths hit my defined lean back and shoulders. After a few moments of this you both stop your embrace and discuss the next steps. As you do this you both laugh and also make jokes about how I still some times tell the world and strait people that I am a top, and how all believe it.

After this you then pull my head up off your cock I then am forced gently by your hands to sit on my knees. I then feel the MP pull out of me and then place his giant cock into me. You then force me backwards on it slowly. I moan and growl slightly as this happens I eventually am balls deep on his large MP cock. You then place a bit gag in my mouth and then lock it on. After, you pull me off the MP cock. I moan slightly as this happens. You then use leather restraints from the bed and lock my ankles and wrists to the head board or medal frame of the bed. I then am spread legs and ass in the air, I am defined and the work outs show. My cock is locked and my body is not able to move, you then get a large dildo that is black, you then push it in slowly. I know not to push it out but to hold it.

When this accurse I bite onto the bit, you rub my balls and locked cock with one hand and my left nipple with the other. You smile at site, your dark eyes have a look of love and protection in them. You then kiss me on the fore head and then kiss your boys locked cock.

After this happens you then join the MP who is now behind Bitch 2 on the table. He has in hand the night stick. He looks at the hole and of Bitch 2. You then node and he pushes it in. Bitch 2 then yells in agony. He even spits the sock gag out of his mouth. You node your head and then smile and sick your large cock in. Bitch 2 gags on it, as your push deep into his mouth and throat. He coughs and gags as this accurse. Saliva and throat juice seeps out. He please and moans and breathes deeply as you assault his mouth and the MP pushes the knight stick in and out of his virgin hole. As I watched my blue eyes looked at Bitch 1 who was moaning and throbbing best he could still on the vibrating but plug. I then looked at the clock in the baric and it said 230 pm ….

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