• HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OF YOU FROM SPAIN … Looking forward to read more of your amazing stories … Stay safe and healthy, guys. When reality is so harsh our imagination enhanced by the tales of talented writers […]

  • It would be very interesting if Steve deepens further in BradĀ“s emotional roller-coaster during his ordeal. In all his process of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The keeping of his […]

  • I totally agree with AmalaricĀ“s comment. For me, the most erotically stimulating lines of this last chapter are: “He tilted towards despair, but then rallied back. He was a manly man. He would break out of this […]

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    WOW … Fantastic, Amalaric, I know you can write an amazingly exciting story, and of course the model you have in mind will be HOT in this “fictitional Tsar”s uniform in different stages of undressing preparing […]

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    Thanks for your kind reply, Amalaric. I know the importance of photoshop in your fiction and agree with you in that respect – I’ve also browsed through Nicky’s pictures on the Internet and what you say of course […]

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    The magic of your stories springs from your language, Amalaric, your personal literary style … I enjoy these stories of fallen kings and their sorrowful fates, though in this case Glamdring colossally rebirths […]

  • Outright sex is not always the most exciting way for the imagination … I mean, NOT ALWAYS. Since I began reading his stories, I always thought the power of Amalaric’s fiction (as well with other talented […]

  • You’ve got the pulse of a well-endowed story-teller … I love the psychological insight, well beyond the stereotypes … Congratulations. Can’t wait reading more of your stories …

  • You’re an artist of story-telling and an expert in the psychological implications of the relationship between victim and victimizer in the BDSM gay scenario. You never disappoint … Congratulations, again, and again …

  • You’re a genius in the psychological game of dominating bucks the likes of Rob Corlis … The crescendo that you build up is so enthralling you always defy the pulp fiction cliches and lead all this to some kind […]

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    WOW … I love your imagination, Amalaric, but above all, they way your use of the English language enhances our imaginations, the images it flashes into our brains … I would like to know so much more about […]

  • Please, Amalaric, why don’t you work further in the probable torture of Nicholas II at the hands of a sadistic bolshevik commissar? … Certainly the guy was a good looking one and I’d love to see him in your […]