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    You can see panels for many of Ajay’s Harry Chess cartoon strips which he published as editor of Drummer Magazine at http:/www.daddyshere.com under Cartoon Art / AJay .

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    All of us need to kindle hope, and this painting triggered my imagination about an older man longing for companionship. As I developed the history of his relationships, like him, I refused to succumb to the grey, […]

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    Been there, done that with my older brother who spent a month in the hospital back in May. Being there for them is invaluable so you’ve got your priorities straight.

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    Thanks to Hung14 for motivating me to finish the story — and to Michael Breyette whose art work is always provocative.

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    Okay, Hung14, I’ve figured out how Tex got his payback. Watch for the “Ranch Tour” featuring more photos from Michael Breyette’s incredible art.

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    And wishes for a remarkable New Year — for economic recovery with millions able to return to work and recover without loss of their homes, for appreciation of safely gathering with friends and family, and for GBF!!!