A pair of handsome but homophobic and sinful brothers find themselves in trouble when a victim's gay brother seeks revenge in this hot new story from Richard!

“Amazin’ Mazen” and his Brother Get Theirs Which Leads to More - Page 1
by Richard
Series: "Amazin' Mazen"

18-year-old high school senior and BMOC/captain of several of his high school’s sports teams, Mazen “Amazin’ Mazen” Hassan (who insisted upon being called “Amazin’ Mazen” or even, “Amazin’ Brazen Mazen” as much as possible) made sure everyone knew that he was a spoiled, arrogant rich kid (albeit somewhat vaguely of “no-one was exactly-sure-extraction” but of some sort of Arab? or basic “Middle Eastern” background). In any case, “Amazin’ Mazen” made sure that everyone in his high school knew that his family was “loaded.”

The fact that the cocky, strutting 6’1” stud was undeniably muscular and hairy in all the right places, and had a winning way with the “ladies,” who routinely “melted” from the suggestive winks of his dark eyes augmented by his sexy dark eyebrows and full-yet-somehow manly-lashes, not to mention everyone’s knowledge of his family’s immense wealth, all combined to explain why it was a well-known fact (often bragged about by the “Amazin’ Mazen”) that Mazen had “brazenly” screwed “every single fuckin’ one” of the school’s crème-de la-crème cheerleaders, plus his demands for blowjobs or full-on sex with willing and even unwilling coeds were legendary.

Moreover, Mazen was a devotee of the best designer clothes, haircuts (Mazen used tons of expensive hair products on his longish, carefully designer-cut-and-styled hair, colognes, watches, luxury sports cars, and the like, and loved to show them off, again loving being a “trend-setter,” “social media influencer,” and “Instagram Trender,” and “lording all of this over” his less-fortunate classmates.

Mazen was already following in the footsteps of his older brother, Wasim Hassan, 22, a recently graduated college senior, who was an even more muscular 6’ 2” and shared his younger brother’s taste in the finer things in life and his narcissistic devotion to maintaining his body and appearance. Like Mazen, Wasim was equally vain and narcissistic and was also fond of the best designer clothes, haircuts (Wasim also fussed around with and used tons of expensive hair products on his own longish, carefully designer-cut-and-styled hair, and lived a lavish lifestyle including the finest colognes, watches, luxury sports cars, and the like). Further, Wasim, with the help of the Hassan brothers’ father, Hakim Hassan, already had been set up in his own business and already owned his own “starter McMansion” nearby to the senior Hassan’s family estate. Needless to say, the Hassan family, had adopted very secular and materialistic attitudes and were not opposed to alcohol or an active sex life, unlike some of their more traditional relatives in the “old country.”

At the same time, Mazen, like his older brother Wasim before him, was also a total homophobe and, along with his other BMOC teammates, regularly bullied and bashed any of the school’s gays, and was proud of it, the school administrators looking the other way given his family’s influence in the community and his importance to the success of the high school’s sports teams.

Mazen’s arrogance was only amplified by the fact that, as a high school senior, he had already been accepted to many prestigious colleges and universities, so he well knew that, even more than previously, the high school “couldn’t do shit to him” pretty much no matter what he did, which only made him cockier than ever. Life was good if you were Mazen, as he would boast to anyone he deemed worthy of speaking to.

Ever since he turned 18, Mazen was further proud that he had become a member, in his own right and name, of the city’s most elite, exclusive, and expensive gym (loving being able to brag about this as well to all of the “poor-ass students” at his high school), since most of them only had access to the school’s own less-than-stellar gym or one of the “poor-ass” cheapie outside gyms. Of course, his older brother Wasim was already a member of this elite gym as well.

Little did Mazen know that Kyle Woodward, the 22-year-old gay brother of one of the many women at the high school whom Mazen had forced to have sex with him when he demanded it of them, had become determined/obsessed with the idea of seeing to it that Mazen paid for the abuse of Kyle’s sister!

Kyle also happened to be a member of the elite gym and very subtly began cruising Mazen in the locker room and gym floor. Moreover, Kyle was something of a “computer whiz” who knew all about their ins and outs and had been able to hack into Mazen’s computer and view not only all of his social media but that of his “friends” online including Mazen’s older brother, Wasim’s, computer as well. This helped Kyle in his “stalking” of Mazen to learn when, for example, he was likely to be headed for the elite gym.

Using this knowledge, Kyle was able to perfectly predict when Mazen would be arriving for one of his first workouts after joining the elite gym. In no time after arriving himself in the gym’s parking lot, Kyle saw Mazen proudly wheel his red Maserati sports car into the parking lot as well. Then, when Mazen headed into the gym, Kyle followed at a safe pace behind him. Kyle then chose a locker bay that was one over and on the other side of the locker room to store his own gym bag.

Luckily, the gym was not too crowded (one of the perks of limited and exclusive membership) so Kyle was able to stow his own gym bag and then proceeded to stand at one of the gym’s several vanity counters/ hair dryer stations/mirrors that reflected adjacent locker bays, with the side mirrors so angled that persons dressing or undressing in the adjacent bays had no idea that the set-up/angles of the gym’s many mirrors facilitated the unknown viewing of adjacent locker bays without persons realizing anyone could see them.

Thus, Kyle was able to manage a cell video of Mazen as he somewhat furtively and guardedly began to strip to get into his gym clothes since Mazen ordinarily only bared his butt in front of other top high school athletes and BMOCs and was sure that anyone else who looked at him too much was for sure a “fag.”

Kyle therefore was able to video Mazen as he doffed his designer shoes, and began unbuttoning his immaculate designer shirt and taking it off his hunky body, revealing Mazen’s olive-skinned muscular chest with its “diamond”-shaped patch of dark chest hair over its center that fanned out over the upper planes of his chest and over his hair-haloed quarter-sized nips, the muscular sinews of his upper and lower back on view as well. At this point, the darkly handsome Mazen lovingly flipped his longish, carefully designer-cut hair, pausing to check out/admire its pristine condition as he flipped his gorgeous head of hair around a bit and lovingly patted it back into place as he checked himself out in a tiny hand-held mirror he kept in his gym bag, Kyle getting a load of a brief flash of one of Mazen’s jet-black-haired armpits as it was briefly exposed as well, as Mazen lovingly fussed with his precious locks and smiled into the mirror with approval, checking out his perfect white teeth as well.

Then, after another furtive, guarded glance around to make sure no one was observing him, Mazen undid his designer belt and unzipped his tight blue jeans before shrugging them down and off of him, revealing his olive-skinned, muscular thighs and calves sprinkled with wiry black body hairs, before also tugging off his black dress socks, leaving Mazen now clad in only a pair of white Calvin Klein boxer briefs that hugged his cute bubble butt like a glove.

Kyle thanked his lucky stars that no other patrons approached the area where this was taking place as Mazen then furtively and guardedly looked over his shoulder again before tugging down his white Calvin Klein boxer briefs revealing both his lightly hair-flecked bubble butt which was several shades lighter than the rest of his olive-skinned body, attesting to the fact this private area was not ordinarily exposed to the light of day, and further revealing, as Mazen shifted to stow the boxer briefs in his gym bag, Mazen’s well-endowed flaccid manhood under a jet-black pubic bush (thankfully untrimmed!) and his dangling, hairy balls.

Mazen, now briefly totally naked, and looking like he was a bit uncomfortable being bareass naked in a public place (albeit in a luxury venue), then hurriedly changed into his gym clothes which consisted of (surprisingly, but very welcomely, a well-worn old-fashioned jock strap that Mazen quickly stepped into and lovingly adjusted his package into whereupon he (even more welcomely) bent way over in search of his gym shorts thereby treating the cell camera to a great view of Mazen’s darkly hairy asscrack as he did so, Mazen briefly bending over so far that the camera could even clearly see his hair-haloed virgin asshole unknowingly winking at the camera, its pink, hair-haloed “starfish” on full view, Mazen totally clueless as to this blatant violation of his privacy!

Mazen then pulled up and wriggled into an almost “girdle-like” pair of white, form-fitting spandex Under Armour compression shorts and then his navy-blue designer gym shorts and then donned a neon yellow, short-sleeved cotton tee shirt with a designer surf company logo, that fit his upper torso like a glove, so much so that Kyle could clearly make out the tips of Mazen’s hot nips underneath it. Once gym socks and top-of the-line athletic shoes were duly in place, Mazen locked his locker and then grabbed one of the white cotton towels the gym provided and strode off to perform his workout.

Kyle eventually followed and continued his low-key unobtrusive and unseen “stalking” of Mazen as he participated in an hour-long exercise class followed by almost another hour of weight training and exercise bike riding.

Kyle then repeated his surveillance and filming of Mazen as he undressed to shower, quickly tugging off his sweaty neon yellow, short sleeved cotton tee shirt with its designer surf company logo, its armpit area particularly sporting big sweat stains. Then, under cover of a gym towel, he yanked down his navy-blue designer gym shorts, his sweat drenched white, form-fitting spandex Under Armour compression shorts, and his well-worn sweaty jock strap all in one go, and then tossed the twisted, sweaty gym clothes into a plastic bag off of a roller thoughtfully provided by the management and then stowed the steamy, sweaty plastic bag containing all of his sweaty gym clothes under the bench in his locker bay before padding off to the showers with the towel wrapped around his waist.

Once he was sure Mazen had made it to the showers, Kyle hustled over and bagged the steaming, sweaty bag of Mazen’s gym clothes and hid it in his own gym bag.

Kyle then hurried home where he had a field day deeply sniffing the most intimate areas of Mazen’s purloined, sweaty gym clothes, his sweaty jock strap, his white, form-fitting spandex Under Armour compression shorts that had clung to Mazen’s bubble butt, funky asscrack, and crotch as well as his gym shorts and his sweaty neon yellow, short-sleeved cotton tee shirt savoring its sweaty armpit area all as he jacked off several times while sniffing the most intimate areas of Mazen’s hot body at his leisure, Kyle loving the few trapped wiry dark pubic hairs and asscrack hairs that had collected in Mazen’s funky jock and Under Armour compression shorts. Kyle then kept his treasures as proud souvenirs of his fun at Mazen’s expense, since Kyle could picture Mazen’s futile fury when he realized his gym stuff had been stolen and that it was likely done by a “goddamned fag”!


Thanks to his successful hacking into both Mazen’s and Wasim’s computers, Kyle was again able to perfectly time when to show up at the elite gym to further “stalk” Mazen.

Kyle had already established that Mazen’s typical workout consisted of 1-2 hours of workout followed by a shower and then a soak in the elite gym’s huge, brightly sky lighted 10–12-person jacuzzi located inside the gym’s deluxe shower-jacuzzi-wet-sauna-dry sauna area inside and off of the locker room area of the gym. “Straight men’s routines are so predictable and reliable” was one of Kyle’s mantras and it was, therefore, very true of Mazen as well. Accordingly, Kyle’s next plan was to “just happen” to time it so that after timing his own showering to be a few minutes after Mazen had padded off to the showers, Kyle managed to time it so that when Kyle noticed a towel-wrapped Mazen heading out of the shower stall area of the gym after he had showered and was headed toward the area where the jacuzzi was located, Kyle timed his own departure for the jacuzzi to be a minute or so afterward.

Thus, Kyle was able to “just happen” to be approaching the big jacuzzi and hanging his towel on one of the pegs provided by the management and then walk naked down the 2 steps into the brightly sky lighted big jacuzzi “just happening” to sit on the underwater bench about 6 feet directly across from where he saw an equally naked-yet-partially covered-by-the-bubbling-water Mazen sitting on the underwater bench opposite him. Luckily, the only other occupant of the jacuzzi was an “old geezer” who was sitting at the far end of the big jacuzzi who looked half asleep.

Kyle noticed that Mazen was grimacing a bit as Mazen took a position directly in front of one of the jacuzzi water jets so that it was trained onto Mazen’s lower back.

Kyle decided to initiate a conversation with Mazen by going: “looks like you must have strained your lower back a bit working out, eh?” Mazen then looked up, apparently noticing Kyle’s presence for the first time, and replied “Yeah, man, I sure did…at least these warm water jets help a bit….”

After about a minute of directing the water jet onto his lower back, Mazen sat back down on the underwater bench across the way from Kyle, and draped his muscular arms over the in-ground jacuzzi’s coping, exposing his hairy, wet armpits, the rest of his naked to-die-for body mostly obscured by the bubbling water.

Kyle had already recently befriended a chiropractor/masseur who had an arrangement with the gym whereby he could solicit and treat members of the elite gym in one of its several private massage rooms located near the entrance to the men’s locker room. Kyle had already introduced himself to the masseur/chiropractor, Greg Martin, D.C. and made some further “arrangements” with the good doc when his “gaydar” detected that Dr. Martin was also gay although very straight appearing and acting to those without “gaydar.”

Kyle therefore continued conversing with Mazen going: “By the way, did you know that one of our gym’s perks is that it has the services of an excellent chiropractor/masseur, Greg Martin? Lots of the members have used his services and I can also attest that Dr. Martin and his assistant

are absolutely top notch and he works out of one of the private massage rooms near the entrance to the men’s locker room, so it’s very convenient. You should probably make an appointment to see him about your back pain…”
Mazen replied: “Wow, yeah, man, that sounds like a great idea. I think I will make an appointment for after my next workout- I mean with him right here on the premises and all it would save me having to make a separate trip to a chiro’s office. I’m Mazen by the way, Mazen Hassan. Nice to meet you! I’m really happy I joined this gym- it really has the best facilities and the clientele is way more ‘top drawer’ than those smelly 99 buck dumps!”

Kyle (thinking “if you only knew how ‘well’ I already know you both about your abusing my sister and my revenge so far in bagging and enjoying your sweaty workout gear,” instead replied: “Great! I’m Kyle Kyle Woodward. Nice to meet you, too, and, yeah, I think you’ll appreciate Dr. Martin’s services. And, yeah, this is a great place with great facilities unlike those cut-rate low-class places…” In the course of a bit more conversation wherein Mazen had bragged about how he had been accepted to several prestigious colleges, Kyle went on to claim that he was a student at one of the colleges Mazen had been accepted to, name-dropping the name of that school’s most famous fraternity as if he was a member or “alum” of it, so Kyle and Mazen kind of “hit it off.”

As they spoke, Mazen often idly reached up and tried to pat his longish wet hair into place since the shower and humidity of the jacuzzi had made it kind of limp and tending to fall across his handsome face. Kyle had already noticed on prior “stalking” visits that Mazen was obsessed with his carefully-designer-cut hair, often standing shirtless in just his jeans and spending nearly 30 minutes with one of the gym’s hair dryers, narcissistically styling his hirsute mane and admiring himself in the many mirrors as he applied various gels and expensive hair products he had lined up on the counter. Mazen also more or less monopolized the entire counter station the entire time, casting dirty looks at any other patrons who dared to approach it as if to use the counter while he was engaged in his important and essential grooming regimen.

Sure enough, Mazen was soon glancing at the big clock in the jacuzzi area going “Shit, it’s later than I thought. Plus this damn humidity in the jacuzzi really fucks up my hair..” as he continued to fuss with it, “and it takes me awhile to get it looking primo- and a shame not to, considering every visit to my name designer costs $500! But the ‘ladies’ like it, so what can I say?”

Kyle then held his breath as a naked Mazen suddenly got up off of the underwater bench opposite and proudly strode through the thigh-high bubbling water very near where Kyle sat next to the 2 steps up and out of the jacuzzi. This treated Kyle to a very-up-close view of Mazen’s flaccid manhood under its nest of jet-black pubes, his cock and hairy balls dripping and swaying a bit from the movement, whereupon Mazen made his exit from the brightly sky lighted jacuzzi and up the 2 steps and away to pick up his towel off its peg. This further provided Kyle with a great surreptitious view of Mazen’s hair-flecked and water droplet shimmering bubble butt and hairy crack as he departed the brightly sky-lighted room, now arrogantly flipping his head around to once again fuss with his longish mane of unruly hair as he headed for the locker room to change and get to work on his precious locks.


A few days later, after Mazen’s next workout, a sweaty, gym-clothed Mazen checked in for his appointment at the private massage room that Greg Martin, D.C used to conduct his gym-based chiropractic practice and massage sessions. Mazen was comforted by the fact that Dr. Martin, who appeared to be in his early 30’s, was clad in a truly professional way, the darkly-handsome chiropractor/masseur being clad in a white medical-type coat with his name “Gregory Martin, D.C.” etched in cursive thread upon it, a white dress shirt and tie, and gray dress slacks. Mazen was a bit taken aback, however, to see that the fairly tiny room had an additional occupant, a young clean-cut muscular Latino guy of about 20 clad in a collared, pristinely white polo-type form-fitting top and pristinely white gym shorts, his outfit nicely contrasting against his deeply olive-skinned muscular legs and furry forearms on view, sprinkled with wiry jet-black body hairs. Dr. Martin introduced him as “Javier” who was his “trainee/assistant” and who would be assisting the good doctor with Mazen’s treatment.

When Mazen began to depart to shower before their session, Dr. Martin advised him that it was not necessary. Mazen then answered Dr. Martin’s questions, the most important being where he was experiencing pain, and Mazen indicated and pressed his lower back just above his glutes.

Dr. Martin announced that Mazen clearly needed a “very thorough examination” followed by a “therapeutic massage,” and had his trainee/assistant Javier at his side with a clipboard to take “notes” of the examination. This all seemed very impressive and appropriate to Mazen who felt he must be in very good hands indeed, Mazen somehow feeling even more important and in charge by the fact that the doctor was making such a thorough examination and documenting it by ordering his Latino “servant” Javier, as Mazen regarded him, to record the entire process and the doctor’s important findings about Mazen’s magnificent body, all being duly recorded to verify its amazingly perfect condition.

The good doctor then had Mazen remove his sweaty tee shirt revealing Mazen’s olive-skinned muscular chest with its “diamond”- shaped patch of dark chest hair over its center that fanned out over the upper planes of his chest and over his hair-haloed quarter-sized nips.

Dr. Martin remarked “Take good note of this, Javier, Mr. Hassan here clearly is in excellent physical shape overall…Observe well how our patient’s pectoral muscles are extremely well-developed…” as the doctor used a tape measure to document this, reading off the figure to Javier who noted it on the clipboard, Mazen flinching a bit when Dr. Martin’s warm lithe fingers “accidentally” made contact with both of Mazen’s hair-haloed nips as he drew the ends of the measuring tape around his shirtless patient. “Hmm, but I noticed you flinched a bit, Mr. Hassan, as the tape pressed against your areola, the area around the male nipple. Do you have any pain there?” noted Dr. Martin, who then deliberately “tweaked” both of Mazen’s nips to erection as Mazen let out a brief gasp.

Mazen, embarrassed that the doctor’s inadvertent touching had caused him to flinch, went: “No, doc! You just startled me is all…” but Mazen was a bit disconcerted when the doctor seemed to persist in expertly tweaking his nips, especially when this began to send signals down to his crotch and he felt his manhood kind of twitch a little down below in response. It was not all that long ago that Mazen had discovered that his nips were very sensitive in that way and had found that it was very exciting to tweak his own nips while masturbating to straight porn on the rare occasions when there were no chicks around to service his hot bod.

Luckily, the doctor finally stopped the tweaking, apparently satisfied that nothing was “amiss.” Dr. Martin then had Mazen flex his olive skinned muscular biceps and hold the pose while the good doctor measured Mazen’s firm biceps as well, noting the figures which Javier duly noted on his clipboard. Dr. Martin then had Javier put down the clipboard, exhorting Javier to “just feel the firmness of Mr. Hassan’s amazing biceps, Javier. Mr. Hassan’s biceps are a perfect example of how a patient’s biceps should feel and respond…” To Mazen’s surprise, Javier did so, duly examining and feeling Mazen’s firm biceps with his bare hands in what seemed to Mazen to be thankfully a purely clinical examination of them, although Mazen was a bit taken aback when it seemed to Mazen that Javier’s handsome face and hot breath somehow ended up barely an inch away from Mazen’s exposed, hairy armpits, and almost seemed to be sniffing their soupy, sweaty odor with some interest, but Mazen just chalked it up to the Latino “servant’s” trying to impress his boss that he was being thorough and trying to take in the fact that the dumb guy was in the presence of a “perfect specimen” as Mazen clearly already thought of himself, but never tired of having his hot bod duly praised.

Dr. Martin then had Mazen bend over a bit from the waist as he examined Mazen’s lower back muscles, also placing both hands over Mazen’s gym-short-covered glutes, weighing and separating Mazen’s clothed glutes with his hands “assessing” them and noting to Javier to document on the clipboard data that Mazen’s “lower lumbar area” and “gluteals” appeared to be in “excellent shape” albeit that the good doctor sensed a good bit of tension in Mazen’s “lower regions” that their “therapeutic massage” would work wonders on.

It was at this point that Dr. Martin requested that Mazen remove his gym shorts to prepare for the rest of the session. Mazen therefore removed his red gym shorts leaving him clad in only a pair of sweaty micro briefs he was wearing underneath them, Mazen feeling a bit embarrassed and exposed to be nearly naked in front of the two clothed men but thankful for being clad in the tiny briefs at least. It seemed OK to be like that in front of the esteemed doctor but Mazen did not much like the idea of having that Latino “servant” guy lurking around, the one who seemed to be a bit too interested in his pits and muscles.

To Mazen’s horror, Dr. Martin then said “and the briefs, too, Mr. Hassan, please….for the rest of your examination and treatment.”


Dr. Martin sort of “tsk, tsked” at this going: “Why, yes, Mr. Hassan, the patient needs to be unclothed for the rest of the examination. We need to take your accurate body temperature, for example. Then as part of your ‘therapeutic massage’ it is customary for the patient to be unclothed….”


Dr. Martin again explained. “Why, yes, it IS necessary since I always insist that the patient’s temperature be taken rectally. It gives such a more accurate and trustworthy reading than the oral method. For example, temperatures from oral thermometers can easily be influenced by drinking cold or hot drinks, and the environment's temperature can influence skin thermometer readings. Since rectal thermometers check the internal body temperature, they are less likely to be affected by such factors, which leads to a far more accurate reading. Also, it allows the medical professional to further assess whether there are any other, er, internal issues that may explain the “root cause” of your lower back tension.

“WHAT??? YA MEAN YOU’RE GONNA TAKE MY TEMPERATURE UP MY ASS???? WHAT????” went Mazen, horrified at the very thought.

Dr. Martin pretended to be amazed that Mazen would find it odd. “Why, yes, Mr. Hassan, I assure you that it is the most accurate method. And, as I said, and as Javier here duly noted on the clipboard, this will also allow me to further assess whether there are any other, er, internal issues that may explain the “root cause” of your lower back tension. There are certain ‘glandular’ issues, for example that often lead to an unhealthy build-up of tension in the male body that needs to be therapeutically released, and, if that is the case, as I suspect it may well be, then Javier and I are quite expert in a special form of chiropractic manipulation which our patients find most satisfying and address the root cause of the problem.”

Dr. Martin added, “Of course, if you are feeling a bit shy, I suppose I could ask Javier here to remove his own shirt now, since he does so when the massage oil is applied anyway, to avoid staining it. Yes, go ahead, Javier, you might as well do so now to make Mr. Hassan feel less, er, conspicuous as it were… Before Mazen could protest or take this in, Javier seemed to gleefully remove his own pristinely white polo type form-fitting top revealing Javier’s own muscular, deeply olive skinned hairy chest and leaving him clad in only his pristinely white gym shorts, which Mazen noted for the first time were on the tight side and cut pretty high up on his hairy, deeply olive-skinned muscular thighs.

The good doctor further continued, “You know, speaking of shyness about nudity, I once heard a story from a renowned chiropractor who had a patient who was a member of royalty in some foreign country who insisted that if he was to be examined in the nude that his entire entourage of bodyguards and even the doctor himself had to disrobe completely as well, and they all did so!! Surely, we do not need to go to those lengths here!!!!!!” as the doctor began laughing as did Javier, and even Mazen joined in, amused at the thought.

“NO, NO, THAT’S NOT NECESSARY, DOC! I’M NOT SHY, IT’S JUST THAT I WAS NOT EXPECTING IT…” replied Mazen, yanking down his sweaty micro briefs to join the rest of his gym clothes, revealing his lightly hair-flecked bubble butt which was several shades lighter than the rest of his olive-skinned body, and further revealing Mazen’s well-endowed flaccid manhood under a jet-black pubic bush and his dangling, hairy balls.

Dr. Martin, still laughing at his own joke, then had Mazen get up naked on the massage table on all 4’s with his bare, hair-flecked ass up. Then, as Mazen looked behind himself in horror, Mazen imagined that that assistant guy Javier was smirking at him before Javier re-assumed a more clinical, aloof face, whereupon Dr. Martin snapped on some rubber examination gloves with a frightening “snap” and squirted some sort of lubricating gel into Mazen’s upturned, hairy asscrack before slowly sliding the cold rectal thermometer through Mazen’s hairy crack sending chills up his spine, and then inserting the rectal thermometer into the “patient’s posterior” and then slowly easing the thermometer in and out in an almost “finger-fucking” motion, the doctor keeping this up as his other gloved, lubed hand grasped Mazen’s hairy, dangling “testicles” and had Mazen cough several times as an alternately smirking and clinically-appearing, but now shirtless Javier pretended to make further important notes on the clipboard document.


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