Notorious Congressman Matt Gaetz suffers a humiliating experience when he hires two male "patriots" for a four-handed massage that gets way out of control in this new story by Richard!

Congressman Matt Gaetz's CUM-uppance
by Richard
Series: Congressman Matt Gaetz's CUM-uppance
Art by Alpharithm9

A muscular gay duo with close-cut military haircuts using the fake pseudonyms of “Luke Tutwiler” and “Wyatt Boatright” were amazed at how well their successful scheme was going.

That is, the duo had had great success taking out an advertisement for legitimate (i.e. non-sexual) massages in an ultra-right-wing conservative newspaper which had paid off, big-time.

The 25-year-old clean-cut, convincingly straight-acting duo with their close-cut military haircuts continued to pass themselves off as “Patriots” from Jan. 6th and continued to use “dog-whistle” type comments to successfully convince their victims that they were supposedly fellow white supremacists and “one of them.”

In fact, their recent successes included high-profile, conservative industrialists, hedge fund honchos, and many others. The duo’s scheme and modus operandi was to lull their right-wing-conservative “victims” who responded to their ad in the conservative newspaper into a false sense of security of being given a normal non-sexual massage by fellow Jan. 6th “Patriots,” when in fact the massages soon turned into the “victims” being bound and sexually teased against their will, with the “victims” also being blackmail-filmed to deter them from reporting the incidents. Amusingly, however, some of the “victims” actually enjoyed the “surprise” and requested return “massage” sessions!

Despite previous successes, “Luke” and “Wyatt” could not believe their present luck when, out of the blue, as it were, none other than 41-year-old Congressman Matt Gaetz, of all people, responded to their massage ad in the ultra-far-right-wing newspaper which had been a “gold mine” for their efforts. “Luke” and “Wyatt” could not contain their shocked enthusiasm when they heard the brash Young Republican Congressman’s voice on the phone. No one else could imitate his arrogant, megalomaniac voice!

“Luke” was visibly shocked and delighted as “Wyatt” looked on, “Luke” putting the call on speaker so that he could hear as well as the loquacious Congressman Gaetz went:

“Yeah, Luke, so I saw your ad in The Epoch Times (love that paper, man!) and look, I can really use one of those 4-handed massages you advertised, a deep-tissue, legitimate massage from you 2 licensed massage therapists and fellow Patriots, bro. Yeah, I just got off a flight and checked into this hotel. And, fuck, you wouldn’t believe it- this fucking cunt of a stewardess or ‘flight attendant’ or whatever the fuck they call ‘em nowadays, tried to refuse to bump me up to first class like she didn’t recognize who I was! Anyway, this fuckin’ feminist bitch tried to give me some song and dance about how first class was full and shit like that and refused to knock any of those passengers back to steerage! Imagine the fuckin’ gall! The fuckin’ cunt! Finally, some campy fag “steward,” or whatever the hell they call ‘em, saw that things were getting out of hand and led me up to first class (the fuckin’ faggot eyed me up and down and recognized me right away), so as I followed the little fag’s wagging ass up to first class, I made sure to turn around and flash that cunt of a stewardess “the finger” and a lot of the passengers laughed out loud! Then I shoved my carry-on and my hanging garment bag for my suits into the mincing fag’s hands and ordered the bowing and scraping little homo to stow them for me- shitthe fuckin’ fag smiled deferentially at me and looked me up and down again like maybe he wanted to ‘stow’ something else inside me as well, if you get my drift, (as if he’d ever get the chance, eh!?) But, hell, it was worth it- I got what I wanted, didn’t I? And I always get what I want! It was a riot, but, shit, I’m so tensed up after all day in Committee, bro, fighting with those fuckin’ Democrats, and when I get tensed up like this the only thing that works is a good forceful massage….. so can you fellow Patriots meet me in my suite 2760 over here at the Westin ASAP?”

“Luke” and “Wyatt” exchanged “Can you believe our luck?” glances as “Luke” was finally able to get a word in, going: “Yes, absolutely, Congressman Gaetz, sir! It will be an honor, sir! ‘Wyatt’ and I will be over in less than a half hour, sir!”

Congressman Gaetz replied: “Good, I’ll look forward to it, fellow Patriots! I’m sure I’ll be in very good, capable hands!”

“Luke” and “Wyatt” duly arrived within the appointed time conservatively dressed in dressy gray designer sweatpants which concealed their equally conservative white gym shorts underneath, and Ralph Lauren-type form-fitting polo shirts, carrying gym bags with their massage supplies and other things, with “Wyatt” carrying the folding high-end professional black-leather padded massage table, both appearing every inch the professional massage “therapists” they were purported to be.

Congressman Matt Gaetz met them at the double-door entry to his suite, dressed in one of his spiffily-tailored, body-hugging navy-blue designer suits, a form-fitting white dress shirt and a red silk tie, and flashed his famous smile at both of them, thrusting out his right hand to be shaken as he went: “Great to meet ya, Luke and Wyatt! Always pleased to meet fellow true Patriots!” whereupon both shook hands with him.

Gaetz then led them further into the suite past the sitting room and into the bedroom of his suite where he showed “Wyatt” where he could set up the massage table. “Wyatt” also was able to stow their gym bags containing their massage equipment and other things, stowing them on a low chest of drawers so that the bags pointed directly in the vicinity of the massage table and the bedroom of the suite.

Meanwhile, “Luke” went: “Er, Congressman, perhaps you would prefer to disrobe in the bathroom and then return here to the massage table?”

Congressman Gaetz went: “First of all, Luke, you both gotta just call me ‘Matt’, bros! We’re all fellow Patriots here, right? No need to stand on ceremony! So, there’s also no need for formality- one fellow Patriot preparing for battle with the Leftist so-called ‘Progressives’ would have no qualms about preparing for battle in the presence of his other fellow Patriots, now, would he? So, I’ll just slip outta my suit right here- no need for any dilly-dallying….”

Then, to “Luke” and “Wyatt’s” delighted amazement, the darkly handsome (in a weird way, but still handsome, somehow, anyway, in an aging mischievous frat boy kind of way) Congressman Matt Gaetz began stripping out of his fancy suit right before them, in an almost defiant way, as if he wanted to prove he was among friends/fellow “Patriots” and that they were all equals together.

It almost seemed to the duo of masseurs that Gaetz also wanted to show off his studly body, and have it admired by his adoring fans and fellow “Patriots”, as he proudly undid his red silk tie and put it to one side and then began unbuttoning his crisp white form-fitting designer dress shirt button-by-button, the duo somewhat surprised that Matt did not have the entirely smooth chest they had envisioned but rather a smattering of dark body hairs sprouted on it, particularly in its center and then over his hair-haloed quarter-sized nips before narrowing to a “happy trail” of dark hair that led down to his navy blue suit pants. While his skin was not particularly sun-tanned, he was not exactly pale either, and appeared to have very soft and well-cared-for skin, as if it regularly received the attention of the finest skin lotions and potions.

Matt then proudly doffed his designer dress shirt altogether, unwittingly exposing one of his thickly-jet-black-haired armpits under his well-developed biceps as he did so.

Since he looked as though he expected some comment on his shirtless body, “Luke” piped up, going “Well, ‘Wyatt’ and I can see that you must work out regularly, Congressman, er, ‘Matt,’ that is…..”

Egotistical Matt ate up the praise going “Yes, it’s ‘Matt’ to fellow Patriots like yourselves! And, yes, I do pride myself on keeping fit…” went on Matt as he gamely flexed his biceps and posed, openly and approvingly admiring himself, and even winking at himself in the suite’s many mirrors, again exposing the depths of his densely hairy, manly armpits as he did so, even reverently pivoting from side-to-side as he continued to openly admire himself in the mirrors and as the duo of masseurs looked on as well, praising him all the more, Matt eating it all up as just praise.

Matt then sat on the bed to remove his highly-polished black dress shoes and executive socks and then stood again to undo his leather belt and unzipped his navy-blue suit pants before letting them puddle around his bare ankles, leaving him now clad in just a pair of white, form-fitting Calvin Klein boxer briefs as he folded and placed his suit pants on the bed. This revealed that Matt’s legs were themselves quite muscled and sported more wiry dark body hairs, emphasizing the young Congressman’s studly body and his unquestionable masculinity.

“Luke” again felt the need to praise the muscularity of his legs as well, Congressman Gaetz rewarding this with another beaming smile, clearly eating it up as well.

Even better, the duo of masseurs was able to discreetly notice that the crotch of the brash young Congressman’s white Calvin Klein boxer briefs was well-packed, very promising indeed. Further, the fact that Gaetz had worn the intimate garment on his long plane flight was evident in that his boxer briefs were a bit shiny with sweat in the crotch area and in the seat, evidently the result of the stud’s crotch and ass sweat.

Then, as Congressman Gaetz began walking over to the massage table to lie on his stomach so that the massage could proceed, “Wyatt” went “Er, Congressman, er ‘Matt,’ that is, we would hate to stain your fine boxer briefs, sir, and our special massage oils are prone to staining….so would you be OK with doffing those as well, sir?”

Congressman Gaetz was clearly taken a bit aback by this, as he visibly blushed as he stood in just his boxer briefs, and went “Well, Wyatt, my fellow Patriot, I must admit that I have always had massages with my shorts on at all times. But I appreciate your kind concern and I have to admit that I didn’t bring a lot of my gear with me on this short trip, so it would be best to avoid any such stains…”

“Luke” then piped up that “Or, Matt, you could just leave them on for now and then you can slide them off under the privacy towel we’ll use over your, er, midsection on the massage table to maintain your

Matt luckily felt this behooved him to again state that they were all fellow “Patriots” on an equal footing and there was no reason to “stand on ceremony,” whereupon Congressman Matt Gaetz suddenly whipped his sweaty, white Calvin Klein boxer briefs down and off his naked body, nonchalantly tossing his last stitch of clothes onto the bed to join his suit pants, revealing a hirsute jet-black pubic bush over a larger-than-average flaccid cut cock with its pink cockhead on full view as well, and hairy dangling balls, as well as his very-slightly-hair-flecked alabasterwhite bubble butt split by a line of more dark body hair, all reflected in the suite’s many mirrors. His entire mid-section was considerably paler than the rest of his manly body, further emphasizing that this area did not ordinarily meet the light of day or the sight of anyone other than himself, his intimate partners, and his doctor. Once again, this divestiture of his shorts was also done with a bit of “bravado,” and an apparent wish to impress his fellow “Patriots” with both his egalitarian notions as to only doing so in the presence of his fellow “Patriots,” and his proud desire to “wow” them with his physical perfection and manly prowess.

Congressman Gaetz then proudly slowly swaggered over naked in a wide-legged side-to-side stance that made his now-totally-exposed male equipment impressively (or so he thought) sway from side-to-side to emphasize its perceived prowess as he then nimbly hopped up on the massage table on his stomach with the perfectly rounded cheeks of his white, slightly hair-flecked bubble butt sticking straight up, awaiting his massage! “Luke” reluctantly placed the “privacy towel” over Matt’s fine, tight bare ass making amusing glances at “Wyatt” unseen by the face-down-on-his-stomach Congressman Gaetz, as “Luke” first bent down over Gaetz’s bare ass, sticking out his tongue very near to that tempting target and making side-to-side fake “licks” in the air just above it, as if he was about to lick the Congressman’s tempting upturned ass, before covering it with the towel, and began squirting massage oil over the naked young Congressman’s bare, muscular back to “oooo’s” and “ahhhhsss” of contentment from the brash young Congressman. Matt’s handsome face was cradled face-downwards in the padded, donutshaped rest for it on the massage table, so Matt’s view was now limited to just the floor of the suite, as he moaned and sighed with contentment as he felt his stiff muscles begin to loosen and become even more malleable under “Luke’s” and “Wyatt’s” adept ministrations.

Even better, as “Luke” and “Wyatt” continued to expertly massage Matt’s muscular, naked back and apply more massage oil to more murmurs of contentment and praise from Matt, the brash Young Republican Congressman was lulled into a state of total bliss, which allowed “Luke” to innocently question him about various “scandals” linked to Gaetz.

Thus, all of the reported rumors about Matt’s having used various “sugar daddy” websites, trips with young women to the Bahamas, certain use of drugs to obtain what he wanted, and allegations that he has a habit of showing members of Congress nude photos and videos of women with whom, he says, he’s had sex, and the like, were all confirmed by the relaxed Young Congressman, as Matt not only confirmed them, but proudly boasted about his own sexual prowess in all such encounters as the massage duo of “Luke” and “Wyatt” continued to knead his back, massage his feet and toes, calves, and upper thighs, respectively, all as Matt continued to moan and sigh in contentment at the magical use of his fellow “Patriots’” talented hands.

“Wyatt” nodded to “Luke” as “Luke” continued to expertly massage Gaetz’s back muscles including his lower back muscles, while “Wyatt” massaged the stud’s feet, hairy calves, and upper thighs, indicating by his significant nod to “Luke” that while Matt recounted and boasted about his sexual exploits and other wrongdoings, that Matt’s own cut cock was slowly lengthening and hardening with sexual excitement as it lay trapped pressed facing backwards against the padded leather of the massage table with the re-telling, his pinkish-red and hardening cockhead unwittingly peeking out from under the “hem” of the “privacy towel.”

This then resulted in both of the massage duo inquiring about more details as they continued to provide him with an excellent 4-handed massage, their fellow “Patriot” Matt freely and boastingly providing juicy details, now unconsciously pressing and sliding his back-facing hardening cock against the soft, oily black padded leather of the massage table all the more, and sort of humping his cute “privacy-towel-mostlycovered” cute humpy ass against the soft padded and oily leather surface of the massage table as he regaled his listeners with tales of Matt’s proud sexual and flagrant abuses of power.

In fact, Matt so gyrated on the massage table in proudly boasting of his prowess in all matters, that his “privacy towel” flew off onto the floor leaving the studly Young Republican Congressman totally bareass naked on the massage table.

Matt was so enthralled with his boasting that he didn’t mind this in the least, totally unaware that his “excitement” in the re-telling had already made his cock semi-hard and bent back against the oily, padded leather massage table.

Then, Matt was a bit taken aback as massage oil was poured over his bare ass and through its hairy crack, and as both “Luke” and “Wyatt” began massaging and widely separating his slightly-hair-flecked, bare asscheeks.

This did cause Matt to interrupt his boasts about his prior sexual conquests to inquire: “Hey? What gives? No masseur has ever oiled up my damn ass before…..”

“Luke” therefore went (totally semi-bullshitting): “Oh, Matt, fellow Patriot…perhaps you have never had such a massage before, but remember… Wyatt and I are certified massage “therapists”. That is, we both are fully-schooled in the art of specialized therapy that specifically targets certain known areas that can plague our fellow Patriots…One of these areas involves the lower back which is inextricably connected to the coccyx bone of the lower back very near to a subject’s gluteal muscles, commonly known as one’s “glutes,” and which are commonly known as one’s “butt”. Now, I am sure that on your long flight down here your ‘glutes,’ as it were, found themselves subjected to untold jarring and displacement of the spine, and so on….Therefore, please bear with us as we use this important and specialized therapy…..”

Matt was suitably impressed by this even though he didn’t know what the fuck it meant other than he had to admit his lower back was one of the things that were kind of “out of whack” from his plane flight and tension from his “work,” so he went along, especially since, so far, he had never experienced such a pleasurable massage.

Therefore, Matt put up with the massage duo’s delicious massage actions, as he felt massage oil being poured onto and into his hairy crack, oozing over his hair-haloed, tight virgin asshole and deliciously dripping down onto his hairy, tingling, cum-churning balls. However, Matt only just realized for the first time, to his horror, that somehow he now noticed that his traitorous cock had unaccountably hardened and lengthened even more as it pressed backwards against the oily surface of the padded leather massage table, and, not only that, but that the absence of the “privacy towel” might make that evident to his fellow straight “Patriots”!

Before Matt could put a stop to the massage to obscure the fact of his embarrassing sexual arousal, “Luke” and “Wyatt” continued to massage and separate the cheeks of the brash, arrogant Young Republican Congressman’s ass, to more “ooo’s” and “ahhhs” and outright moans from Matt, even when “Luke” insinuated his oiled-up thumb onto and then into Matt’s super-tight, hair-haloed virgin asshole while “Wyatt” deftly simultaneously repeatedly and sensuously teased the throbbing pink cock head of the brash young Congressman’s drooling cock with just one teasing, oily talented finger that delicately teased the sensitive head of Matt’s proud manhood to sighs, moans, and gasps the brash young Congressman was simply unable to suppress.

Needless to say, this combined and previously unknown anal and penile bliss totally threw Matt, who was too aroused and excited to even protest as he found his traitorous body instinctively thrusting against and backing onto both of the massage duo’s respective thumb and finger, as he feared this never-before-experienced yet amazing stimulation would bring him to an embarrassingly unexplainable huge orgasm, causing him to be unable not to ejaculate all of his pent-up red-hot baby-makers, basically the entire contents of his studly balls, right in front of fellow Patriots, no less!!


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