Congressman Matt Gaetz finds himself in even more trouble when he visits a potential donor in the Bahamas and their sex romp with a pair of sexy Latinas goes humiliatingly wrong in Richard's WILD continuation of his "Congressman Matt Gaetz's CUM-uppance" series.

Congressman Matt Gaetz's Bahamas Sex Romp Goes Awry - Page 1
by Richard
Series: Congressman Matt Gaetz's CUM-uppance
Art by Alpharithm9

Congressman Matt Gaetz, still licking his wounds from his pal, fellow Congressman Jim Jordan’s, multiple “fails” to become Speaker Of The House, was accordingly currently focused on now raising additional campaign funds for his own Congressional re-election.

Gaetz was salivating at the idea of bagging a hefty campaign contribution from a coveted 55-year-old Palm Beach Billionaire, Judson Townsend. Townsend was well known for making hefty campaign contributions to both Republicans and Democrats as a tax dodge and had no clear bias toward either Conservatives or Progressives. Just the same, a financial “nod” from Judson Townsend was viewed as a major success and Townsend had a reputation for only going after the “up-and-comers” in both parties, so it was a major triumph if a politician gained the billionaire’s favor, since it was a clear indication that the savvy billionaire thought the recipient to be worthy of a bright future and was well worth “betting” on.

Townsend clearly led an enviable life, and was often featured in high-end glossy magazines, with photos of Townsend pursuing his hobbies of sailing, polo, golf, and tennis. The 6’ 3” physically-fit salt-and-pepper-haired (dark hair on top threaded with some silver and with silver gray sideburns), “silver-fox” Townsend was also often being shown with a string of glamourous women on his arm at mega-charity events, including with some major female celebrities, although he remained single and noted that he was just “playing the field” as it were. In fact, Townsend was also rumored to be a bit of a “player” or “lady’s man” and was rumored to often use the services of voluptuous high-end “call girls” when a handy socialite or celebrity bimbo was not readily available.

Matt had vigorously pursued Townsend in the past without any sizeable campaign contributions from him, but that had not stopped the ambitious Gaetz from trying to ingratiate himself with him all the more.

Gaetz was therefore pleasantly surprised when, to his surprise, instead of some underling or servant merely taking a phone message as per usual when Gaetz called Townsend at the billionaire’s private unlisted number that connected to Townsend’s Palm Beach beachfront estate, this time whoever answered the phone put the call straight through to the man himself, Townsend going: “Well, Matt, great to hear from you! I know a lot has been going on in DC and I have to say I have been very impressed by your masterful handling of the media lately- I think you have a great future ahead of you!” Before the salivating, panting Gaetz could reply, Townsend went on: “Of course, there have been some recent setbacks for you- that Jim Jordan as Speaker thing, but you show real promise in my view….”

The avaricious Gaetz ate up the praise, overlooking the fact that it was a bit equivocal, going: “Why, thank you, Mr. Townsend, sir! That is high praise coming from you- I am honored, sir…”

Then, to Gaetz’s further astonishment, Townsend replied: “In fact, Matt, my man, I am considering making a very hefty contribution to your re-election campaign, sir. Of course, before I do that, I think it is imperative that we meet in person and in private to discuss how best to proceed. I’m planning a short trip to my place on my private island, Townsend Cay, in the Bahamas for a little ‘R & R’ and I would be pleased if you could join me there for a weekend. I’ll be inviting a few lovely ladies to accompany us so we won’t be lacking in a bit of ‘play’ as well as the business at hand, as it were….If it suits, you can join us on my private jet…”

The usually overly garrulous Matt, uncharacteristically temporarily at a loss for words, after the briefest of pauses, went: “WHY, YES, MR. TOWNSEND, SIR!! THAT WOULD BE AN HONOR, SIR!!!!”

Thus, it came to pass that the following weekend Gaetz, clad for the occasion in a “beachy” Aloha-type flowered shirt and tan slacks instead of one of his omnipresent business suits and ties, accompanied Judson Townsend onto his private Gulfstream business jet. Already on board were 2 amazingly voluptuous and shapely occupants whom Townend introduced as “Serena” and “Tia,” both of whom appeared to be just barely 18 and both of whom winked at a blushing Matt, who thought to himself “Shit! This is gonna be great! A whole weekend with these 2 amazing bitches! And, let’s face it, Townsend is a good 15 years older than me so I’ll probably have both of these to myself most of the time! All this and with a hefty campaign contribution into the bargain!”

After the short flight to Townsend’s private Bahamas Estate set on Townsend’s private island, Townsend Cay, Matt soon found himself admiring the place which was partly formal and partly “beachy” in décor, the grounds containing a huge pool and spa, tennis courts, and its own 18-hole golf course, in addition to the extensive, pristine beaches and turquoise-clear sea. The Estate even included a compound of 3 additional detached “guest houses” which were apparently unoccupied, but each of the 3 “guest houses” was the size of a multiple-bedroomed suburban house! Matt also mused that since it was all totally private with no prying eyes or ears, that they could get up to whatever the fuck they wanted to and no one would ever know!

Even better, Serena and Tia were awesome beauties and totally available to them all weekend! Both had amazing figures and were so reassuringly academically “dense” “bimbo-ish,” sex-obsessed, and giggly, the best combination in Matt’s view. He particularly admired Tia, whom he found to be the more exotic of the two, with an amazing tan, magnificent tits, and the cutest sultry and seductively throaty voice. He looked forward to balling her feather-brained ass off while burying his face in her to-die-for tits!!

However, Matt also solemnly welcomed the serious business of the trip, including an initial hour-long substantive sit-down discussion he had with billionaire-donor Judson Townsend in the expansive living area of the Estate over the pleasant, almost hypnotic susurration of the sound of the sea as it rushed toward and back away from the shore, regarding a potentially-large campaign contribution, as well as a discussion of current political events, Gaetz certain he had “wowed” Townsend with the Congressman’s knowledge, and political savviness.

Gaetz also thought it was a good sign when Townsend brought their meeting to a close by clapping his hands and going: “Well, enough about business, eh? We’re in the Bahamas! Time to celebrate a bit, eh?”

Gaetz adamantly agreed, high-fiving the billionaire as Townsend led the buff young Congressman to the dressing area of the amazing primary bedroom suite, tossing Gaetz one pair of skimpy turquoise-blue and white patterned Speedo swim trunks while maintaining another matching pair of Speedo trunks for himself, going: “Let’s start with a swim, eh?” Serena and Tia are already out by the pool sunbathing in their bikinis, so I’m sure they will be keeping a close watch on us as well!”

Music to Gaetz’s ears although he felt kind of awkward just standing there in the dressing area of the primary bedroom holding a skimpy pair of Speedos in his hand. However, when the great Judson Townsend began unbuttoning his own floral “Aloha” type shirt exposing more and more of Judson’s deeply-tanned hairy chest, which, like the “silver fox’s” hair was a combination of mostly dark chest hair with a few strands of silver which fanned out over his athletic, muscular chest and encircled each of his quarter-sized nips, Matt felt that he had no choice, and was expected, to do likewise. Accordingly, facing Townsend, Matt himself unbuttoned his own floral shirt exposing a smattering of dark body hairs that sprouted on it, particularly in its center and then over his own hair-haloed equally-quarter-sized nips before narrowing to a “happy trail” of dark hair that led down to his casual tan slacks.

Then, when Townsend doffed his own chinos, Matt did likewise, so that Townsend was now clad in just a pair of burgundy Versace briefs, and Matt was down to his own white Calvin Klein briefs. Then, when Townsend yanked down his Versace briefs revealing a sizeable cut cock under a hirsute black and silver pubic bush, as well as his slightly hair-flecked ass, which was alabaster white in contrast to the rest of his suntanned muscular body revealed in the dressing area’s full-length mirrors behind him, Matt again followed his host’s example. Matt yanked his own Calvins off, exposing a hirsute jet-black pubic bush over a larger-than-average flaccid cut cock with its pink cockhead on full view as well, and hairy dangling balls, as well as his very-slightly-hair-flecked alabaster-white bubble butt split by a line of more dark body hair, all also reflected in the primary bedroom’s many mirrors.

The two men then quickly jumped into their matching skimpy turquoise-blue and white patterned Speedos and dashed out to the adjacent pool area, first into the primary bedroom itself and then through the open floor-to-ceiling sliding doors to the pool, each flexing their biceps for an appreciatively cooing and giggling skimpily-bikini-clad Serena and Tia before diving in, causing huge splashes which also sprayed the 2 women a bit to more squeals and giggles.

Matt and Judson then spent several minutes alternately doing competitive laps in the pool combined with more frat-boy-type antics of splashing each other as well as splashing the squealing and giggling Serena and Tia, the wetness of their skimpy bikinis making their own prominent and aroused nipples all the more evident to Judson and Matt’s appreciative view.

Townsend then determined that they had had enough swimming, and Judson and Matt climbed out of the pool, the women pointing and laughing as both men’s skimpy Speedos had ridden down a bit on each of their asses as they got out of the pool, baring the tops of their asscracks before each yanked them back into place, all to more raucous squeals and giggles from Serena and Tia.

Just as more sexually-charged banter took place among Judson, Matt, Serena, and Tia as the dripping wet scantily-clad males had emerged from the pool, a pair of Townsend’s uniformed security guards (well, “uniformed” being a bit less so, given the tropical climate, the security duo being clad in tight short khaki uniform pants and short-sleeved uniform shirts) appeared poolside whereupon Townsend introduced them to Matt, going: “Well, Matt, I would like to introduce you to two of my Bahamas Estate’s security guards, who are here to protect us all and insure our absolute privacy, Miguel and Angel…” as each security guard gave a little bow and beamed immaculate, white-toothed smiles towards Matt at the sound of each of their names. “Of course, Serena and Tia know them from previous visits…, (this followed by more raucous sexual squeals and giggles from the 2 women) who indicated that they more than just “knew” both hunky Cuban security guards, who were extremely muscular and handsome, their anaconda-like muscular arms and massively-thighed, hairy legs on full view in their tight, short-panted “uniform.”

Matt didn’t quite know what to make of this, and felt a bit jealous of the 2 studly security guards who seemed to have already “had their way” with Serena and Tia before, but he clearly did not want to offend Townsend in any way, as his potential “cash cow.”

This prompted Serena and Tia to jump up from their sun loungers to jump up and down (their ample tits bouncing up and down in their skimpy bikini tops as well!)

Serena then went: “Oh, yes, gentlemen, Tia and I know Angel and Miguel VERY well, don’t we, Tia? And they are such NAUGHTY boys sometimes! But Tia and I know how to put them in their place, now don’t we, Tia?” As Serena said this, to Matt’s further confusion, both of the high-priced call girls openly grabbed both of the hunky Cuban security guards’ tight short uniform pants and began massaging their crotches as Miguel and Angel went wide-eyed and kept smiling widely and winked at Judson and Matt, as they thrust their hips towards the women’s groping hands, and audibly gasped, but in a way that suggested this was not unusual behavior from the two brazen sexpot women! Again, Gaetz had no idea how to react to this, intent on not offending anyone, while still eyeing the ultimate goal of a huge campaign contribution, so he just looked on as he dripped pool water clad only in his own skimpy Speedo, but, in a way, he was enjoying it, giving him a taste of just how skilled and oversexed the voluptuous Serena and Tia apparently were!

Then, to Matt’s further amazement, Serena and Tia then proceeded to partially undo each of the utility belts of the hunky Cuban security guards’ tight short uniform pants and tug them down over each of their deeply-tanned hugely muscular and hairy thighs, followed by each of their respectively red and blue micro bikini brief underwear, whereupon each of the stud’s massive uncut Cuban cocks sprang into view under both of their jet-black hirsute pubic bushes, their mid sections several shades lighter than the rest of their deeply olive-skinned bodies.

At this point, Judson Townsend just laughed and nudged a startled Matt and winked and nodded at the proceedings so Matt just smiled and went along with it, watching as Serena and Tia began not only sucking each of the two hunky Cuban security guards’ immense uncut boners, but also eventually each took turns taking BOTH of their mammoth cunt-rammers into their eager mouths, rubbing and frottaging the 2 males’ erect cocks against each other! as Matt and Judson looked on, each of them apparently trying to ignore the fact of their OWN arousal from witnessing all of this had both of Judson’s and Matt’s cocks obviously growing in each of their tight, skimpy Speedos!

Serena and Tia also not only reached up under each of the hunky security guard’s uniform shirts to tweak and tease their nips as they sucked them, but raised their uniform shirts to reveal their hairy chests and make this even more explicit as the duo moaned and gasped in response as Serena and Tia openly tweaked the 2 hunky Cuban security guards’ now exposed, sensitive hair-haloed nips, all while the 2 women continued sucking them down below.

Then , surprisingly, Serena and Tia suddenly whipped the 2 hunky security guards around, revealing each of their hair-flecked, lighter colored bubble butts to view, whereupon both women “made” them bend over a bit, whereupon the women eagerly began to swat and spank the 2 studs’ bare bubble butts, supposedly for being “naughty boys” by “getting hard on duty!” To Matt’s further surprise Townsend winked at Matt and gave each of his guards a few swats himself, laughing all the way so Matt joined in laughing as well.

Serena further proudly explained that Miguel and Angel both liked “a bit of kink” with their sex and Miguel piped up with “Yeah, they like to slap our own handcuffs on us, then tease us like crazy, but, trust me, you’ll like it the way they do it, in the end, at least, bros!”

Townsend, afraid Gaetz might be a bit freaked out by all of this, quietly explained to Matt that “Not to worry, Matt, my friend, I just ensure that my guards are ‘taken care of” sexually as well as my guests, but it gives you an idea of what fun Serena and Tia are known to get up to with my guests as well! And NOW it is OUR turn, bro!” as Townsend authoritatively loudly clapped his hands and went “ENOUGH, YOU GUYS! GET BACK TO DUTY AND STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE MAIN HOUSE FOR AN HOUR OR TWO, GOT IT??”

The guards not only responded to this strict order from their boss, each of them yanking up their uniform’s short pants and undies to cover up, but also amusingly tried to walk away with big boners in them, eventually duck-walking away and assuring “the boss” that they would stay well away from the main house while they assumed Serena and Tia would now focus their talented attentions on Judson and Matt!

Townsend then led Matt and the sexily-sashaying, ass-wagging, itsy-bitsy-bikini-clad Serena and Tia back towards the primary bedroom, Serena pausing to retrieve her “make-up bag” from a side table near the chaise she had been reclining on. Judson nudged Matt and laughed about how only mindless airhead bimbos like Serena and Tia would need to carry around a “make-up bag” everywhere they went!

The matching Speedo-clad Townsend and Matt then approached 2 chaises set fairly close to each other just beyond the open sliding doors which still had the benefit of air and sunlight from the outside but which were underneath the ceiling of the bedroom and more private and out of the blazing, direct sun of the outdoors.

After Serena had set her “make-up bag” on a side table inside the bedroom, Judson Townsend then proceeded to embrace her, thrusting his Speedo-clad crotch at her bikini-clad one and yanking her bikini top off, before setting about kissing and licking and sucking her bare tits, winking at Matt to do likewise with Tia!

Matt eagerly and aggressively asserted his superior macho cave-man instincts and violently ripped off Tia’s own bikini top altogether as well before kissing and licking and loudly sucking and drooling on her magnificent, bare tits as Tia squealed and giggled with glee at the “naughty boy!”

After a minute or two of this, Townsend lay on his back on one of the indoor chaises (the upper parts of which were raised somewhat while the lower parts remained parallel to the floor) and motioned for Matt to do the same, and when they both were lying on their backs on the chaises in their matching Speedos (the now-bulging crotches of each already bearing distinct evidence of both of their arousal) Townsend masterfully again snapped his fingers at Serena and Tia and significantly pointed to each of their bulges, imperiously indicating that both men were now to be duly serviced by them.

Thus, Serena began expertly massaging Townsend’s crotch through his tight Speedo while Tia began doing likewise to a gasping, sighing blissed-out Matt. Both men proudly surveyed what was happening as they lay back on the chaises on their backs with their muscular arms cradled behind their handsome heads exposing the depths of both of their dark-haired armpits, Townsend winking at Matt as he lay a few inches away from him on his own chaise as if to say “This is the life, eh?”

Judson and Matt continued to look on as the 2 women began licking each man’s naked upper bodies from head to toe while they continued to massage their rampant crotches through their skimpy Speedos, as the 2 men lay on their backs on the chaises, naughtily burying their beautiful faces in each of the men’s hairy armpits to ooo’s and ahh’s from their surprised recipients, only to lick and suck and tweak each of their hair-haloed nips and down to and into their navels to more sighs and moans.

Serena also deeply kissed Townsend’s mouth as they tongue-kissed in between her exploration of his upper body, and Matt eagerly did likewise with the glamorous, exotic Tia, Matt roughly grabbing her long, flowing hair in a macho cave-man-style as the two wildly tongue kissed, Matt in heaven to be serviced by such an amazing woman, Matt finding himself more aroused than he ever had been in his life! This was the hottest bitch he’d ever had the pleasure of fucking, and they were only on foreplay at this point!

After a few more minutes of this, Townsend, still clad in his skimpy Speedo, flipped over onto his stomach and lowered the top half of his chaise so that he lay flat on his stomach on the chaise with his Speedo-clad ass up and motioned for Matt to do the same.

The two women then began massaging and slowly licking the muscular backs of both men while they also reached down to massage and knead the cheeks of both of their tight, butch asses, first through their Speedos, and later, with a flourish, yanked each of their Speedos down and off and over their feet, whereupon Serena began loudly kissing Townsend’s bare, hair-flecked ass while Tia eagerly also began loudly kissing Matt’s bare, hair-flecked ass and both women massaged and separated each of their tight buns exposing their hairy asscracks and hair-haloed assholes!

Matt was amazed when both women then began to lick through both of the men’s hairy asscracks and encircle each of their hair-haloed assholes before plunging their hot tongues right up each of their butch asses to moans and gasps and sighs from both.

Then, at another click of Townsend’s fingers, the women next helped the naked men again flip over onto their backs so they were again face-up on the chaises, and, after each man had again re-set the upper part of the chaise so that it was slightly raised while the lower part remained parallel to the floor, each of the women began to raise both Townsend’s and Matt’s hairy, muscular legs in the air and bend their legs back, totally exposing each of the men’s hair-haloed assholes to explicit view and both set about giving Judson and Matt mind-blowing rimjobs, as Townsend and Gaetz moaned, squirmed, gasped, and sighed at the great feeling, Townsend again winking at Matt as if to say “what a life!, eh?”

The two women then lowered the men’s legs back to the lower part of their chaises but now lay bodily on top of both of them (topless as they already were, and clad only in their tiny bikini bottoms) and began sliding their sun-tan-oiled bodies against the men’s naked ones, shoving their more-than-ample tits into their appreciative faces to be licked and sucked and then sliding down the men’s excited bodies to envelop each of their rock-hard boners between the “valley” of their enormous tits, giving them each “tit-fuck-jobs” as the men gasped and moaned and flashed enormous smiles at them urging them on, each man watching his excited cockhead emerging from the top of their decolletage as they manfully thrust their rampant manhood through their suntan-oiled tits.

Tia then reminded both men about how the two women were expert at a “little bit” of “naughty kinky play” as indicated by the 2 hunky Cuban security guards, and Tia therefore asked sweetly if the 2 men would mind letting them show them what the 2 women could do in that regard.

Matt wanted to go along with whatever his billionaire host, Judson Townsend, decided, since he so needed that big campaign contribution, but he was nevertheless secretly a bit peeved when Townsend went: “By all means, ladies, we’re up for a bit of kinky fun, aren’t we, Matt?”

Matt felt he had to answer “Yeah, of course, I’m game!” despite his reservations, especially since “the girls” had indicated they used the guard’s own handcuffs to somehow restrain them as part of their kinky play, and Matt had had a few experiences with unexpected bondage in the past that he would rather forget about.

Matt was all the more disconcerted when Townsend said: “Yes, and since Congressman Gaetz is our special guest this weekend I think you ladies should begin with him! Show him what ya got, eh? Do your absolute best for our esteemed guest!”

To Matt’s horror, Serena went to her big “make-up bag” and extracted 4 sets of leather cuffs, which she attached to the upper and lower parts of Matt’s chaise, whereupon, giggling in a mixture of mirth and would-be evil-ness, she coyly attached the upper ones to Matt’s wrists as he lay on his back with his arms cradled behind his neck on the slightly propped-up upper portion of the chaise, and then attached his ankles to the lower part of the chaise.

Matt, perplexed, suddenly felt very naked and exposed, his half-hard cock jutting up in the air for all to see, sticking up from his hirsute pubic bush, and with his hairy pits unavoidably and submissively on full view, all with his arms and legs unable to prevent anyone from messing around with him anyway they chose to. Just the same, he knew he really needed that Townsend campaign contribution, and, anyway, what real harm could these two airhead bimbo bitches really do? A little wimpy teasing and playful foreplay was probably all it would amount to. Still, he hated it, having had a few bad experiences in the past, but that was in the past….sooooo


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