Ramses & Yancy contemplate their new lives as Ramses struggles to pull the carriage to his new labors in Massa Charles' waterworks.

Master of River's Bend - Chapter 24
by Chrisus
Series: Master of River's Bend
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Chapter 24: "Nil ardui est"

River's Bend Plantation, as its name implies, lies within a broad loop of the river which fortuitously gives it a water frontage on three sides thus ensuring a continuing supply of water even in times of low rainfall - a weather event that occurs only very rarely. Irrigation has long been part of the plantation's operation; albeit it in a small way. The first experimental irrigation channels were laid out by the St Jean family but they covered only a very small acreage close by to the river.

It was left to Master Charles when he assumed de facto ownership of the plantation through his unique relationship to River's Bend's true owner, Beauregard St Jean - who now serves as his white slave, Ptolemy - to realise the material benefits of expanding the area under irrigation. He immediately embarked on a visionary program of taking water from the river to the far reaches of his fields.

This necessitated the digging of a number of wide, straight canals to carry the water inland from the river to holding reservoirs and of smaller, narrower channels leading out from these canals to carry the water to the crops. The terrain is naturally very flat and left to gravity the water flow would be sluggish. Therefore, Charles constructed a series of water-pumps and watermills - powered by white slave muscle - to ensure a constant flow of water to the areas where it is needed the most. Viewed at ground level, one can't fully appreciate Charles' far-sighted vision. However, if looked down upon from above - much as a bird would - you'd see an intricate, geometric pattern of wide canals leading away from the river which, in turn, are intersected by the narrower channels distributing the water to the growing crops.

The area under irrigation is extensive; nevertheless, it is still a work in progress and currently, Charles is digging a new canal and network of channels to carry water from the river to an as yet, non-irrigated field where he intends to experiment cultivating rice - a crop grown further north and not usually in this southern part of the state. But as a true entrepreneur and given that he has the available resources of land, water and slaves to provide the labour, Charles is keen to at least try. After all, "nothing ventured; nothing gained!"

In fact, Charles, after consulting the extensive library at River's Bend, had chosen a Latin motto for his personal use - "Nil ardui est!" - which translates as "Nothing is impossible" or "Nothing is too high!"

Naturally, this new undertaking is very labour-intensive and Charles has allocated a large labour force of hard pressed, naked and sweating slaves to manually dig the new canal with nothing more than picks and shovels and tired, aching muscles.


As they approach the river, Ramses has found the final run from Massa Charles's resting place - where Boss Yancy had stopped to fuck the pony Chico - an endurance test. The spoiled and pampered life he'd lived as Luke Trevannion has left him totally unprepared for his new life as the slave, Ramses.

At first, shackled to Yancy's cart and made to run alongside Chico, he'd marvelled at the pony's physical endurance. Chico's effortless pulling of the heavy conveyance and its passenger contrasted with his own clumsiness. While the pony trotted comfortably at the speed demanded of him by his driver, Ramses had stumbled and would have fallen if it wasn't for the chains that shackled him to the shafts and held him upright. And unlike Chico, he'd not known how to respond to the bite of Yancy's driving-whip as it cruelly cut across his naked shoulders and ass; his reaction was to simply cry out in frustrated pain as he awkwardly lurched forward.

Despite the fact that he too is a slave, Chico feels sorry for Ramses. He well remembers the pain and confusion he'd undergone as he trained to be a pony. Obviously, the boy has much to learn and this is only his first day as a slave. There is something very appealing about this newest white slave on the plantation; he has an air of vulnerability that stirs Chico's sympathy. And besides, Ramses has a great ass that also lustily appeals. Perhaps at some future time, he'll get to sample it!

Before leaving Massa Charles' resting place - as Boss Yancy cleansed himself in the river - Chico had given Ramses hints on how to make pulling the cart easier. He told Ramses to lean forward at the waist, to relax his knees and to keep them slightly bent as he ran. Ramses listened to Chico's words and tearfully thanked him.

And Chico gave Ramses one further piece of sound advice. As Boss Yancy scrambled out of the river, Chico emptied his copious bladder of its contents. As he did so, he asked Ramses if he needed to piss and if so to do it now while he had the chance. He warned Ramses how difficult it is for a pony to relieve itself once it is running between the shafts and added there is no "shame" for a pony - or for that matter any slave - in attending to his calls of nature so publicly. In that, slaves are no different to any other domesticated farm animal.

And while the gushing stream of Chico's urine splashed noisily on the ground in front of them, Ramses involuntarily lost control of his own bladder and humiliatingly, urinated in front of Boss Yancy.

The final run from the resting place to where Boss Edward is waiting is approximately one mile and to make up for the lost time, Yancy decides to sprint rather than trot Chico. Accordingly, he slaps the reins against the pony's shoulders and applies is whip to his ass.

"HYUP! HYUP! You're just a useless pair of dumb asses!" Yancy taunts them. "Put your backs into it or I'll whip on your lazy white asses!"

As best he can, Ramses follows Chico's advice. He leans forward at the waist and bends his knees and he does find this helps in keeping his balance. It also distributes the weight of the carriage and its driver more evenly. However, he finds his unshod feet to be very tender and he winces audibly whenever he treads on a sharp pebble. Over time, the soles of his feet will harden and the skin thicken thus making it easier for him to run and work with bare feet.

Yancy also notices the change in how Ramses is now "running easier". Prior to stopping at Massa Charles' resting place, Ramses had kept his body upright which had given him an awkward gait as he struggled to maintain his balance. Now, like Chico, his body is inclined forward exposing more of his back and ass to Yancy's view. And he likes what he sees.

From the driver's seat, Yancy watches the fascinating interplay of stressed muscles in the sweat-sodden backs of both Chico and Ramses as they strain forward to keep pace with the speed he demands of them. In the mid-morning heat, their lopsided balls hang low and swing freely between their labouring thighs but it is the muscular globes of their well- rounded buttocks that give him the most pleasure. As they run, the undulations of their buttocks stretch their ass-cheeks apart and expose their pink, puckering assholes to his lascivious view.

One asshole he knows intimately having sampled it just a few minutes ago. The other he is yet to savour. Chico had proved to be a delightful fuck. His hole proved to be hot, moist, eager and very responsive to his hungry cock. And best of all it is extremely tight - perhaps as a result of all the running he does as a pony - and he is looking forward to "revisiting" it very soon. Since arriving at River's Bend, Yancy has learnt white slaves exist for a black man's benefit and pleasure. In the first instance, at River's Bend, a white slave's body is primarily intended for hard labour and for profit-making. But as an added bonus, the white slave's body also has a secondary role and it can be used for the black man's pleasure and sexual relief.

And Yancy, as a free man, has discovered fucking a white slave is all-empowering; it re- enforces his own manhood which was cruelly denied him as a white man's slave and establishes his black superiority and authority over the hated white race.

And of course, there is the undeniable fact that sex, even with an inferior white, male slave, is both pleasurable and addictive. However, for Yancy there is also the added satisfaction of exacting his revenge on the hated white race that had enslaved his people and kept him in humiliating and shameful bondage from the moment of his birth.

Revenge is indeed sweet!

In his former role as the slave, Nestor, Yancy had been denied sex simply because of his white owners' puritanical beliefs. This however, hadn't stopped his master, Robert Trevannion from hypocritically using him for his own sexual needs with Yancy always on the receiving end of his puny, white cock; a fact that remained unknown to Robert's wife, Martha. Indeed, if he or any other of the household slaves had been caught in any sexual activity - no matter how minor - the consequences could have been dire.

As a virile, young man, Yancy had been tempted - many, many times. Yet, despite his mounting frustration, he'd always foregone illicit sex with his fellow slaves no matter how strong the urge. His natural fear of his white owners and the possibility of the gelding knife always overrode his sexual desires. Whether true or not, the secret, underground grapevine among slaves was abuzz with lurid stories of slaves being emasculated and sent to an auction-house in New Orleans which specialised in selling male slaves who had been "quietened down". Consequently, he'd never had sex with a female or practised penetrative sex with another male. That is, until yesterday and his arrival at River's Bend where, to his complete surprise, he'd been set free by Master Charles and his white master enslaved in his place.

In the space of less than twenty-four hours, he has now fucked three white men - all of them Charles' slaves. The first had been the slave vet, Immutef; an experience which would remain with him forever as it was his introduction to male-on-male sex. The second had been Charles' personal body- slave, Ptolemy and it too had proved enjoyable despite the impression he'd formed that Ptolemy was "well-used". But the best of the three by far is the pony, Chico who he has just used.

There are no females - either free or enslaved - on River's Bend and the chances of Yancy ever copulating with a woman are virtually non-existent. However, there is an abundance of male slaves on the plantation and these promise an almost inexhaustible supply of white mouths and throats to ravish and white asses to brutally fuck and he intends to make full use of any lucky slave that takes his fancy.

There is, however, one slave above all others that Yancy needs to conquer and that is his former master, Luke Trevannion who is now the slave, Ramses.

From his driver's seat, Yancy looks out at Ramses as he runs before him. The young slave is obviously struggling as he tries to keep pace with the more experienced pony, Chico. His stressed, sweating body glistens brightly in the mid-morning sunlight and Yancy watches as the sweat beads coalesce on Ramses' back before trickling down through the dividing cleft of his buttocks. As Ramses runs, Yancy hears the gentle sound of his low-hanging balls slapping against his inner thighs and sees the erotic puckering of his labouring anus. The striations around the pink opening remind Yancy of the unfurling petals of a rosebud and the involuntary winking of Ramses' ass-hole seems to be sending a subliminal invitation to Yancy to "come and conquer."

If only he could! However, Yancy knows he must wait patiently for Charles' permission before he sexually uses Ramses. Meantime, in his mind's eye, and as a prelude to actually fucking Ramses, Yancy pictures forcing the slave to kneel before him, painfully grabbing hold of his ears and grinding his face into his groin. The mental image of having his former master gagging and choking on his cock as he struggles to take it deeper into his throat pleases Yancy and he feels the first stirrings of a massive erection.

Yancy continues to lust after Ramses but realises the slave is no longer a virgin and that Charles, as his owner, had exercised his right to deflower his newest slave. But this doesn't unduly worry Yancy; as he watches Ramses' twitching orifice, Yancy's dreams of thrusting his cock deep into the inner recesses of the slave's body both consume and frustrate him. Angrily, he lashes out with his drivers whip and urges Chico and Ramses forward.

"Hyap! Hyap!" He shouts as both slaves quicken their pace.

Ramses is finally feeling the strain of helping to pull the cart. As he hungrily gulps air into his tortured, burning lungs, his wildly beating heart feels as though it is about to burst and the noise of the blood coursing through his body roars in his ears. However, worst of all, his legs begin to tremble like jelly and he is on the verge of collapse. And yet, fearful of Yancy's anger, and drawing on unknown reserves of strength, he manages to stay upright and place one foot in front of the other.

Time for Ramses - as it does for all slaves - no longer exists. Each second feels like a minute and each minute like an hour. Then, when he least expects it, Chico slows his pace and turns onto a side track leading towards the river marked by its tree cover in the far distance.

The cart has now entered into two very different worlds; one of order and the other of chaos.

On one side of the track, good order prevails. The irrigated fields are a peaceful, pastoral scene of rippling crops and rustling, tall stalks of ripening grain being tossed about in the gentle summer breeze. Ramses catches sight of a gang of slaves toiling in the middle distance but he is unable to discern what task they perform. And at the far end of the field, adjacent to the river, he sees a rotating, vertical waterwheel lifting water from the river and depositing it into the main irrigation canal. Even at this distance, he hears the creaking of timber as the enormous wheel maintains a steady rhythm.

However, on the opposite side of the track the situation is very different for this is the site currently being prepared for irrigation as part of Charles' rice growing experiment. It is a nightmarish world where sorely-pressed, naked and grime encrusted slaves are being mercilessly driven by the remorseless whips of their overseers. The slaves' cries of pain rent the air and add to the overall hellishness of the scene.

Ramses is appalled by the horrors being played out before him and he begins to tremble and suddenly, he is afraid. Very, very afraid! For he now realises he has been brought here to labour on this new project with the hapless slaves already bent to their labours under the vicious whips of their overseers.



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    Well written!

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    What a pleasure to have Chrisus’ epic tale resume. Young Ramses descent into hell is sweeping us along once more. The reversed roles of white and black men as slaves to each other makes for a breath-taking fable for our times. Great job, Chrisus!

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