A curious straight male learns about bondage and submission when a gay friend ties him up in his personal dungeon and subjects him to tickling and cum control until the poor straight dude agrees to suck his cock.

Mark's Submission
by Anonymous
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I gazed down at Mark's taughtly stretched, sweating body strapped to the X-frame at wrists, waist, thighs, and ankles. I had put him in this position over two hours ago. His eight inch cock was iron hard, and his large balls were struggling to pull up against his cock, but were prevented by the ball spreader/stretcher I had imprisoned them in.

I had spent the last two hours putting Mark through a intense regimen of tickling and sexual torture to keep him on the verge of the orgasm he so desperately needed.

It all started when he mistakenly walked into my play room and saw my collection of bondage equipment, and devices. Mark knew I was bi-sexual, and I could tell it intrigued him, and he thought about what it would be like with a guy.

When he came back into the living room he told me what he had found, and asked me if I really had used the equipment on anyone. I assured him that I had used it on many occasions on both men and women with great pleasure for me and them.

I could tell that Mark was having trouble figuring out how anyone could have any pleasure when strapped to one of my torture devices, and he said so.

I walked back to the play room with Mark following to show and explain about the various devices and restraints.

First I tried to explain to Mark that not everyone I played with wanted to be spanked, whipped, or hurt. I told him that quite a few of them enjoyed the feeling of being helpless, and fantasizing about really being tortured.

Mark then asked what I did with them if I wasn't inflicting pain. I told him I enjoyed a variety of sensual tortures, but especially tickling, and erotic denial. The tickling he understood, and from the way he reacted I could tell that he probably was quite ticklish, but he wasn't sure what erotic denial was.

I asked him if his girlfriend ever gave him head, and if he let her work on his cock until he came, or if he took over and fucked her mouth when he needed to cum. Mark admitted that he usually wound up by bringing on his climax when the urge got to be too great.

I then explained that erotic denial was basically the denial of climax until I decided to allow it.

Now we had been drinking some earlier, and that combined with the fact that his girlfriend had been out of town for the last week was having a definite impact on his libido. I could tell because of the bulge beginning to show in his pants.

I took a chance and asked Mark if he ever had any fantasies about bondage.

He admitted that he had, but never acted them out. I asked if he was the dominant or submissive in them. He replied that he always was tied up in his dreams, but didn't dream about pain, but instead he dreamed about being forced to perform sexually. Now I had suspected for some time that Mark was leaning towards some experimentation with the bi scene as he always seemed interested when I told him I was with a guy, or a m/f couple the night before.

I reached down and lightly stroked his cock through his pants. Mark jumped in reaction, but didn't pull away as I slowly stroked him with my finger tips. I felt him become rock hard. "You've fantasized about me playing with your cock haven't you Mark?" I asked him as I continued to lightly stoke him through his pants. Mark hesitated, then slowly nodded yes. I reached out and unbuttoned his jeans. I gently pushed his pants and briefs down to his ankles, and looked at a very nice eight inch cock with some pre-cum already at the tip.

Mark's eyes were closed as I slowly stroked him, and he let out a moan when I rubbed my thumb over the purple head of his cock. I told him to get undressed, and I would show him how some of my toys worked. His eyes opened and looked at me with uncertainty, and a little fear. I told him not to worry, there wouldn't be any pain involved, and promised him the cum of his life. I had known Mark and Lisa, his girlfriend for a couple of years, and that combined with the slow stroking of his cock convinced him he could trust me.

After he undressed I led him over to the X-frame table I had built. The frame could be moved from the horizontal to vertical position, and could be spun 360 degrees. Also each of the arms and legs could be cranked in or out as needed. I told him to climb up and put his arms and legs into the leather cuffs at each end. Mark slowly did as he was told and I quickly secured the restraints at wrists, and ankles. I then took leather straps and ran them through metal eyelet's in the frame and secured him further at waist, and thighs. Now he couldn't move his hips no matter how hard he tried to. I then took a blind fold and covered his apprehensive eyes so he would be forced to wonder what I had in store for him. I thought about gagging him, but decided it would be too much for his first time. Besides I love to hear my victims beg and plead for mercy when I tickle and tease them. I then cranked the leg portions of the frame out until I heard him gasp, so that his legs were stretched as wide as possible. I now had complete access to his beautiful cock and balls.

I now stepped up between the legs of the frame and put the ball spreader/stretcher on Mark. This would help to keep him from cumming by keeping his large cum swollen testicles from drawing up towards his cock (try it sometime, it works).

Mark's iron hard cock was oozing quite a lot of pre-cum, and I scooped some up on my finger and held it to his lips, "taste yourself" I said. He hesitantly put out his tongue and took the drop on it, then swallowed. "Get used to it" I said, you're going to taste more before we're done. In fact you'll beg to drink my cum. Mark said nothing, but shook his head. Tasting his semen was one thing, but mine? No way. But I knew from long experience that after a couple of hours of tickling and sexual torment, he would beg to suck the cum from my now hard cock.

Now I was ready to begin having my fun. First I took a bottle of baby oil and squeezed a trail of it from each ankle all the way up to his shoulders. Then I began to slowly rub it into his skin. Mark soon began to moan with pleasure, but I took care to rub every part of him but his aching cock. Throughout this procedure I would scoop up some of his pre-cum and make him lick it from my fingers.

Finally the oiling was done, and I stood back to observe my work. Mark's cock was throbbing in time to his heart beat as he waited to see what I did next. Now I moved up between his legs and slowly lowered my mouth to his rock hard balls. Slowly and gently I began to tongue bath them. Mark gasped then moaned with the sensation, and I could see him trying to move his hips to bring his cock into range of my licking tongue, but of course he couldn't move. Now I began to lick my way up the shaft of his straining penis, making it wet and slippery all the way to the hard purple oozing head where I swirled my tongue around in his pre-cum which was really starting to flow now. By this time Mark was really moaning and was beginning to whisper "please" under his breath. I actually think that he thought I was going to get him off, poor guy. His cock seemed to have a life of its own, as I tongue bathed it, it jerked and bounced in the air.

Now I began to gently suck on just the head, while tickling his balls with my fingers. Slowly I began to ease my mouth down his shaft using lots off saliva(I love wet sloppy blow jobs)and tongue work. Mark was by now really moaning and trying to fuck my mouth, but with his body tightly strapped down he wasn't having any luck. I sucked and licked him until I felt he was on the edge of exploding in my mouth, then stopped. Mark begged me to finish him, but I just smiled.

"Mark" I asked "do you want to cum now?". "Oh GOD! Yes, please!" he said.

I smiled, and asked "and do you want to suck my cock first?", knowing full well he wouldn't. He shook his head no, "allright then on to the next phase" I said.

Over the years I've worked out a pretty good system for breaking my victims to my will. I use a combination of intense tickle torture and sexual teasing to the edge of orgasm, alternating back and forth. It’s also terrific fun for me, I love to hear the shrieks of laughter and moans of frustrated sexual tension. I now determined to see if I had been right about Mark's ticklishness.

I began Mark's tickle torture by gently running my fingers up his ribs to his armpits. Mark gasped and tried to squirm away, but of course couldn't "Mark, are you ticklish?" I asked. Mark immediately began to beg for mercy, before I even had begun to get serious. "Want to suck me off yet?" I asked. Mark again shook his head no, which made me glad as I enjoy nothing more than subjecting my victims to intense tickling. I now concentrated my tickling efforts to working my way down each ticklish rib towards his waist, and listened to his howls of laughter and breathless begging for mercy. I continued up and down for awhile until Mark was gasping for breath, then stopped so he could get some air. Now I moved down to the end of the X-frame for some of my favorite tickle torture. I just love stroking a ticklish foot! I very lightly ran a finger across the arch of his left foot. The straps groaned as Mark tried to jump off of the X-frame. "Well, it looks like I've found a good spot to continue your treatment from" I said. "PLEASE NO!! NOT MY FEET" Mark begged as I proceeded to tickle him till he was on the verge of passing out. I then stopped and again asked if he would like to suck the cum out of my cock yet. Mark again shook his head no, but between gasps for air he asked if he could masturbate me instead. "No way Mark, you're going to beg to drink my jism before we're done" I said.

Now I went back to work on his cock, which was even harder than before and standing straight up in the air visibly throbbing. I began to touch my tongue to it in different spots causing Mark to cry out and jerk against the restraints holding him down. I again went down on him and tasted his wonderfully salty pre-cum, and worked up and down his straining shaft. His balls were beginning to turn red because they were trying to pull up toward his shaft, but couldn't because of the ball stretcher. Again I stopped just before he could cum, and again Mark refused to service me, but it took him longer to think about it before saying no.

Now two long hours later, after all the tickling and sexual torture, Mark had finally had enough. "Please, no more! I can't stand anymore! Please, let me cum!!" Mark begged. "You know what you have to do Mark, in order to cum" I said. "OK OK I'll do it!!" Mark groaned. "Do what Mark?" I replied, tormenting him further by slowly stroking then squeezing his cock. "You know!!" he said. "No Mark, I don't know" I replied. "I'll suck you off" he whispered. "I want to hear you beg for my cum Mark, and make me believe it" I said. I went to the end of the X-frame and began to slowly stroke the soles of his feet. Mark squirmed as much as he could and blurted out, "Yes, OK I want to suck your hot cock, please!!! "How bad do you want to taste my cum Mark?" I asked, continuing to tickle his feet. "Please, I want to taste your cum!! I want to drink it all I want to feel spurt into my mouth and flow down my throat!!" Mark practically screamed.

By now I was in desperate need for orgasm myself, and wasted no time in climbing up on the frame. First I removed the blind fold so that Mark could see me as I lowered my iron hard cock until it was just out of his reach. "Mark, I want you to lick my balls" I said as I lowered them within his reach. "You only get to cum after you've sucked me dry" I told him. Mark hesitated, then slowly put out his tongue and began to lick my hard nuts. I continued to tease his cock to keep him on the edge while he worked on me. After a few minutes of this I again pulled away from his lips. "Open your mouth Mark" I commanded him. Again he hesitated, but his desperate need for climax finally caused him to comply and open his mouth. My rock hard cock was now an inch from his mouth, and I watched as a drop of my pre-cum dripped down onto his tongue.

"Now Mark, I want you to slowly suck my cock until I cum in your mouth" I said, and Mark moaned in lust now, his tongue straining to lick my cock. "If you don't swallow it all Mark, I won't let you cum, and will torture you for another hour" I threatened him. I slowly lowered myself and watched my cock slide into his hot sucking mouth, God it felt great!! I held myself in place and let Mark move his head up and down to serve my cock, and he was definitely getting the hang of cock sucking quickly!

I knew it would not be long before I filled his mouth with hot sticky semen. I began to suck on Mark's stiff cock to get him on the screaming edge of his release. I could feel my balls pull up tight against my cock, and feel the hot sperm begin its blasting way up my shaft. I pulled my cock out of his mouth until just the tip was in his mouth. Mark's head strained upward to keep my cock in his mouth. I yelled at Mark, "Suck me Mark!! Here it cums!!!!!! Swallow it all!!!". And I began to shoot spurt after spurt of my steaming jism into Mark's mouth! Mark gulped and swallowed as fast as he could, but the huge load that I had built up in the last two hours was too much and some began to slide down his cheeks and drip on the floor. It seemed that I unloaded into Mark's mouth for an hour while he sucked and licked me. Finally, my cock throbbed out its last ooze of sperm, and Mark cleaned my cock clean of cum.

All this time I had been stroking and sucking on Mark's shaft to keep him on the edge. Now I decided to torture him just a little more. "Mark, what did I say would happen if you didn't swallow all my cum?" I asked as I wiped some cum off his cheeks. Mark panicked, "Oh God, please no!! Don't torture me anymore!! I can't stand it There was too much, I couldn't swallow it all, Please!! “I smiled at him and said, "Well, since this was your first time, I guess that I'll be merciful; but you will come and submit to me again next weekend!!" Mark looked at me with horror in his eyes, but also another quality that I interpreted as lust. "OK! OK! Yes!! I'll submit again, but please, PLEASE let me cum!!! " Mark begged.

I moved up between Mark's legs and looked at Mark as his eyes tried to will my lips onto his straining cock. Now I began to run my tongue around the by now dark purple head, and lick at his piss slit. Mark moaned desperately and began to chant the word "PLEASE" over and over again. I moved my mouth down over the head, and began to slowly suck up and down the shaft. Mark's balls were like two stones they were so hard and red. I reached up and unsnapped the ball spreader/stretcher, and I could swear I heard his testicles slap up against the shaft of his penis. Mark screamed as I did this, and I knew he was there!!!

I reached up and began to tickle his super ticklish ribcage as I sucked his cock. "HAHAHAHAHAEEAEEAEAEAEAEEAA NONONONONONONONONONO !!!" Mark screamed as his first huge spurt of jism slammed into my mouth. Mark alternated between howls of laughter and screams of orgasmic pleasure as his rock hard eight inch cock pulsed load after load of white hot jism into my sucking mouth! I couldn't swallow fast enough to catch it all, but the biggest kick for me when I suck a cock to climax is feeling the sperm shoot into my mouth, and there seemed to be no end of the fluid in Mark's large balls.

As I continued to tickle Mark's ribs, and suck him dry, Mark gave one final scream/laugh and lost consciousness. I kept sucking and licking his cock until I had milked every drop of hot semen from it, then stood up and looked at Mark's sweaty body. His balls seemed a size smaller now and not as red, and his beautiful penis was beginning to go limp. All in all, I thought. A promising beginning!

I removed the cuffs from his wrists and ankles along with the straps from his body, and began to plan on what form of torture I would subject my new and now willing suck slave to next week! Hmmmm, I wonder if I'll be able to get Lisa involved also?


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