Six captured marines are stripped, whipped, fucked and utterly degraded in this hot new story from Mohawk!

Six Marines Were Tied to a Wall - Page 1
by Mohawk

Six Marines of various ranks were captured by Arab terrorists. One captain, one lieutenant, one gunnery sergeant, one lance corporal one private first class and one private had all been taken at various times, although they were more or less acquainted with one another.

The six Marines were lined up in front of a wall, 10 or 11 feet high. Two rows of metal rings had been placed into the wall, one row about 8 or 9 feet above the ground, one row about a foot above the ground. The Marines were ordered to stand against the wall, with their legs apart and their hands over their heads. A couple of Arabs quickly tied ropes around the Marines’ ankles and wrists and then ran the ropes through the rings. When they were finished, the six Marines were spread eagled against the wall, their chests pressed tightly against it. They looked like six “X’s” standing one next to the other.

The Arab chief gave the order to strip the Marine prisoners to the waist. Arab, with a large knife and a big grin approached the captain, brought the knife up before the captain’s face, and showed him the sharp edge of the weapon. He then went around behind the bound Marine and slid the knife into his collar. Then with careful deliberation, he slit the captain’s shirt down the back, jerking it out of his pants at the last moment to cut it clean in two. He then cut the shirt from the sleeve cuff to the collar and the shirt fell away revealing the captain’s white T-shirt underneath.

“Continue” said the Arab chief calmly, and the Arab with the knife stood directly behind the captain. He reached in front with his left hand while holding the knife against the captain’s throat with this right. He began to rub his rough hand against the captain’s chest. The captain squirmed uncomfortably. Then the Arab stopped and once again, the captain could feel the hard steel of the blade slide into the neck of the T-shirt and start to slit the back of the shirt open. Two more cuts, one from the end of each sleeve to the collar were enough to divest the captain of his T-shirt.

The Arab with the knife looked at the captain’s muscular naked back and smiled. The lieutenant, who was bound to the wall next to the captain, had been able to watch the entire process, began to tremble when he heard the Arab chief commanding “Next one”,

The Arab with the knife and the big grin proceeded to the lieutenant and first showed him the knife, brandishing it menacingly before his face and the proceeded to make the same cuts. When the lieutenant was stripped to the waist, the Arab once again rubbed his hand over the Marine’s bare chest pinching the Marine’s nipples. The lieutenant gasped slightly and jerked back, which unfortunately, pushed his backside into the groin of the knife wielding Arab. The Arab smiled and patted the Marine’s butt.

The process continued down the line until all six Marines were stripped to the waist.

“Ahmad” yelled the chief. Ahmad, a huge muscular Arab came forward. Like the captured Marines, he was naked to the waist. His arms bulged with muscle and his pecs were massive. His abdominal muscles were cut to perfection.

“Take this, and lay 5 strokes on each,” said the chief as he handed Ahmad a particularly nasty looking whip. Ahmad bowed, took the whip and took a position behind the private.

“Private” said the chief “count off the strokes, understand?” The private nodded and said very softly “Yes, sir”. The chief smiled broadly and nodded to Ahmad. Ahmad swung his arm back and then brought the whip sharply across the private’s bare back.

The private let out a horrible scream and the whip crashed into his bear back. His head dropped on his chest and he managed to moan “One”.

Within a second, the whip sliced through the air and ripped into the private’s bared back. The private shrieked in pain and managed to mumble “two”.

A third crash of the whip across the private’s bared back caused a third howl of agony, and tears started to flow down his cheeks. “Three” the private said through his clenched teeth,

“Oh God” the private said under his breath. “God help me!” But there was no help forthcoming. For the fourth time the whip sang as it sped through the air and then slashed into the private’s back. The private sagged in his bonds and in a barely audible voice moaned “four”. He thought “Only one more to go”

And the final blow came. With more force and fury than those that had come before. The private’s scream rent the air. He couldn’t stand but just hung from his wrists. He barely managed to remember to say “five” and then he passed out,

And the whipping continued down the line with each of the Marines taking five lashes. Some howled in pain and held back tears. Others wept openly as the lash cut into them.

Six Marines were tied to a wall
Parlez Vous
Six Marines were tied to a wall
Parlez Vous
Six Marines were tied to a wall
Lashed with a whip then made to bawl
Hinky Dinky parlez vous

After the six Marines had received their whipping, the chief had cold water thrown over their back. There was a good deal of screaming as the water had been salted. The open cuts on the Marines’ backs stung as the water hit them.

The Arab chieftain gave another order and the Arab with the knife appeared again, although this time with it sheathed. He walked behind the Captain and leaned against his body, reaching around to undo the Captain’s belt and open his fly. The Captain’s eyes stared wide open and his pants slid down past his shorts and stopped. His spread legs blocked a complete descent.

A second Arab appeared next to the first and held tightly to the Captain’s right leg. The knife wielder untied the leg and brought it to the right. The Captain’s trousers now slipped neatly down his leg and off his right foot. The Arab retied the right leg and then set about doing the same to the left. At that point, the trousers were removed and captain’s left leg was retied. Now, the two Arabs removed his shoes and socks, leaving the poor officer nearly naked and tied tightly to the wall. Only the flimsy cotton of his briefs stood between him and total nudity. The captain’s teeth were clenched and he was breathing heavily through both his nose and mouth. He didn’t have long to wait for the next action to happen. The Arab slid the knife into the waistband in the back of the captain’s shorts and with a quick move downward along the captain’s ass crack, the cotton yielded and the shorts split, revealing the captain’s well-muscled rounded butt cheeks. The Arab reached around and grabbed the shorts by grabbing his fly with both hands, one on each side, and yanking the briefs apart. There was a ripping sound and the shorts fell away leaving the captain buck ass naked.

The Arab patted the Marine’s butt and rubbed it suggestively. The demolished Marine Captain moaned. His face was bright red for shame, humiliation and embarrassment. He closed his eyes and lowered his head down onto his chest. A few seconds later, he opened his eyes and found himself looking down the front of his naked body. He could see his well-developed pecs and his abs and beyond that his dick, shriveled up from embarrassment.

The lieutenant, bound to the wall next to him, looked straight ahead, not wanting to see a superior officer reduced to the state of a naked bound hostage. One of the Arabs grabbed the lieutenant’s head hair and his left ear and forced his head around to look at the captain. The lieutenant shut his eyes tightly.

“Open your eyes!” demanded the Arab. The Lieutenant tried to shake his head. “Open them!” he screamed again, this time yanking on the lieutenant’s hair. The lieutenant’s eyes opened and he was forced to look at the naked Marine next to him.

“Let’s see if you are really looking,” said the chief “Describe him”.

The lieutenant was on the verge of tears, but began by saying, “He is about 6’ tall and weighs about 190 pounds”.

“And what is that between his legs?” demanded the chieftain.

The lieutenant lowered his head and shook it.

“I asked you a question,” said the chieftain now coming up to the lieutenant.

“His reproductive organs” said the lieutenant trying to be as clinical as possible.

“What? What do you usually call those?” demanded the chief. “Do you want me to cut them off so you can have a closer look?”

“No” shrieked the lieutenant. “They’re his cock and balls”

“Describe them,” demanded the Chief.

The lieutenant looked at the captain’s junk and started to describe them “He's not cut – uncircumcised….”

“We may have to repair that,” laughed the chief. “Keep going”

“It is about 4 inches long right now and maybe an inch and a half around”.

“What about his balls?”

“I don’t know what to say. They are hanging down about 3 inches from his groin”.

“Not bad” said the chief. Then he turned to his “right hand man” and said, “Strip him down too and we can question the gunny about the lieutenant’s ‘reproductive organs'!”

And so the stripping continued. Each of the Marines in turn being stripped buck ass naked and then his neighboring Marine being forced to describe his neighbor’s bared genitals. When the private was finally naked, he was untied and brought to the captain who then had to describe him. Descriptions finished, the private was re-bound to the wall in his original position.

The six Marines now hung naked in the bonds, fastened tightly against the wall, their bellies and chests held tightly against the rough material of the stone wall.

“Abdul” said the chief. “You are up next”.

Abdul, who was nearly the size of Ahmad, stepped out of the crowd of Arabs that had gathered to watch the American Marines punishment. Abdul was also massively muscular. In his hands, he carried a rubber truncheon.

“Five strokes each – across their bare asses and thighs. Start with the Captain this time. Remember American dogs, you are to count the strokes or we start over again.”

The captain looked over his shoulder at the massive Arab with what was basically a rubber hose and saw him draw back his arm and bringing the bring the rubber truncheon crashing down on the captain’s exposed butt.

The captain screamed and the rubber truncheon slammed into his bare ass. “One” he howled in pain. The chief grinned as did Abdul!

Again, the rubber truncheon was swung through the air, this time coming down across the back of the captain’s thighs. The captain felt his legs give way, but there was no way he could fall. He just groaned “Ungh” and then managed to yell out “two”.


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