Manny the Cop – Page 1

A college student gets a humiliating spanking when he gets caught throwing a party in his cop landlord's house.

Manny the Cop - Page 1
by Al Spank

manny-spankI decided to move out of the dorm at the beginning of my junior year of college. I didn't like dorm life at all and wanted to live on my own even though I had made a lot of friends at the dorm. I found the perfect setup; two rooms with a bathroom in a house that was owned by a cop named Manny. It had its own entrance but was connected to the main house through the kitchen. I only needed to go into the main part of the house to use the kitchen and visit if I liked so I had a lot of privacy. The Manny's wife had died and his kids had moved on, so he was alone in a fairly large house and I think he wanted to rent it out as much to have the company than for the money.

The first semester went really well; my friends came over a lot to my new pad, my girlfriend liked the privacy and stayed over a couple of times a week. When I was alone, I often went into the main house and hung out with the Manny. He was a tough older guy, somewhere in his early fifties, but really nice and I think somewhat lonely. Manny liked me. I didn't make too much noise or cause any problems, and he liked my company when I came over. He was an interesting guy; I could listen to his cop stories for hours, though he could talk about many subjects besides his adventures in the force. We would sometimes watch TV together, or just sit drinking coffee or beers and talking.

During the second semester I wanted to throw a party. Since Manny was going away for a few days, I figured I could use the entire house. The party was a big success. Too big in fact with more than a hundred people showing up. It didn't end till almost noon on Sunday and then I crashed in my room. I slept a lot longer than I had planned, finally waking at midnight to find Manny standing over my bed. My first thought was, "Oh Shit," I didn't expect him home, and the house was still a mess. I didn't plan to sleep this long, I was just going to take a nap and call some of the guys to come help me clean up.

He'd been standing over me waiting for me to wake up. I looked up at him and feebly said, "Hi," knowing that he was pissed.

"What the fuck went on here?"

"Shit, sorry, I had a party. I was going to clean up before you got home."

"Kid, this place is a wreck! Who told you it was ok to have a party? How could you let them make such a mess?"

I knew he was fuming, and, I had no idea how to calm him down. I got out of bed. I had only my shorts on and went over to him touching him lightly in hopes of calming him, "Manny, I'll clean everything up, it'll be as good as new."

He looked me up and down for a bit, not sure what he what to say. He was obviously trying to control his anger but having a hard time doing it. "You sure as shit are going to clean this place up kid, no doubt about that, but first, you are going over my knee for having a party without my permission and making a mess like this." He said this dispassionately, which I knew was not how he was feeling, but, after being a cop for so long, he had learned how to control his emotions in tense situations. I was quiet for a bit, mostly because I wasn't sure what he was implying, then, it hit me, he was going to spank me!

"Come on Manny, I'm an adult, you can't spank me!" I almost screamed, but I knew he was going to spank me and I knew I deserved it. That was the only protest I made.

He took hold of my arm, he had a very serious expression on his face as he said, "You take over my house when I'm gone. You have a big party without my permission. You leave a huge mess. I come home furious. What would you expect me to do? The least you deserve is to be taught a lesson."

I said nothing, but my body slacked showing him that I'd given in and would not fight any more. He looked at me for a bit, took hold of my arm and said, "Come on," as he led me out of my room. He brought me into the dining room, pulled a chair away from the table, took off his jacket and his shirt and sat down on the chair, now only in his undershirt, pointed to his lap for me to come over and get my punishment.

I looked at Manny for a minute. He was a big man, very strong, very tough. I felt I owed him this but I was scared shitless. He gave me the time to think while continuing to point to his knee. I got over his knee.

He clamped one arm across my back and then he tore my shorts off. I could feel anger course through him as he did this. The first swat surprised me with its force; he was holding nothing back. After only a few swats, my ass was on fire and I wanted this to be over.

"Don't ever fuck with me again. How dare you wreck my house." He said this and other things at intervals. I was embarrassed when he said this, guilt ridden, afraid when I heard the anger in his voice matched with the ferocity of the blows his hands were making to my ass.

Manny held me down and continued his assault. I let Manny spank me, but I wouldn't let Manny see how much this was hurting me; I pulled up everything I had to not move around or squirm, not moan, cry or scream. I was determined to show him that I could take whatever he had to give. It was enough that he was doing this, he wasn't going to get the satisfaction, damn it! I alternated between being embarrassed, being angry, and hurting. My humiliation was real and complete. For the few seconds when I got used to the pain enough to think, I remembered exactly what was happening to me, how I was naked over this man's knee. How he held me down and spanked me relentlessly.

Soon, I was having a hard time taking it and tried to get out of his grip. He was much stronger than me and put his leg over my legs to keep me down as he continued to hit me full force with his hand. I began to whimper. With each stroke my body jerked more and more violently. Even though Manny held my legs down with his, my feet left the floor with each hard swat on my exposed ass. I had my hand clamped to his lower leg holding it so hard trying to keep my balance, trying to transfer the pain somewhere. My whimper turned into yells as he continued, I begged him to stop, but his hand spanked me full force over and over without relenting.

I felt like a child, helpless to stop this beating. Every so often, I felt humiliated that I was over Manny's knee, naked, getting a spanking. I was feeling guilty every so often. The sound of his hand hitting my ass thundered through the room followed by the pain I felt when it hit my ass. There was no other sound for a time, just his hand coming down hard on my ass reverberating throughout the house. As time went on, I was feeling submissive to Manny; this was an odd feeling, like he somehow was taking control of me. The spanking went on till I was screaming, and finally crying that started with quiet sobbing, but soon became tears flowing freely, and then, no matter how I tried to hold it in, I was crying loud and hard. Manny's hold on me changed when I started crying, he pulled me in very close to him and spanked me faster than before, the sound was deafening now with no real break between blows and my own crying in my head.

He let me up a few minutes after my full out crying began. I was fully naked now, my shorts having been torn off, my ass on fire, I was humiliated from what just happened, humiliated to be standing naked in front of Manny knowing what he had just done to me, having spent the last twenty minutes in such a prone position, having him see and spank my ass.

He sat calmly watching me rub my ass, crying, trying to get control of myself. Once I stopped crying, and I was standing steady, he got up, but I was too afraid to do anything without his command so I stood still.

He stood in front of me and said, "I got called in to take over a shift, that is why I'm home early. I have to get ready and go soon. I'll be home sometime after 8. I expect this house to be sparkling by then."

"Yes sir," I said, I could not look in him in the eye, I wished he would give me some reassurance that everything was ok now. I could feel the heat in my butt.

"I'll be by to check in the night that you are making progress. When I get home, you will get the rest of your spanking, that is, if the house is clean, you don't want to know what you will get if it's not."


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