Horny Old Fag takes us to a Hollywood sex party where every man has his price...

Every Man Has His Price - Scene 1
By Horny Old Fag
Series: Every Man Has His Price

Armand shoots Hot Chocolate fucking Trevor

Every man has his price and Trevor Hartley was no exception. The sandy blond tennis pro lay sprawled naked across the arm of my sofa getting his straight ass rimmed by Hot Chocolate, the muscular rent boy I’d hired for five grand. For five times that amount, Trevor had sold me his lean, tan body for the weekend to pay off his gambling debts, and I intended to get my monies worth.

Lanky Armand Heymer in his black hoodie and skinny jeans videotaped the steamy scene. Armand’s grandfather had revoked his trust fund, so the sexually fluid gigolo entertained rich, lonely old men and women to pay the bills and support his drug habit. He also showed off his furry size fifteen feet, and posed restrained and gagged in various stages of undress, including twice in his birthday suit, for a gay fetish website. Anything to tarnish his family’s reputation.

For ten grand and all the cocaine he could snort, Armand had sold me his ass for the weekend. The oversexed gigolo had fucked a lot of dudes, and rear-ended his fair share of chicks, but never bottomed before. I looked forward to popping his cherry.

Armand zoomed in on Hot Chocolate lapping Trevor’s asshole. Trevor quaked and whimpered. His slinky dong stiffened. Hot Chocolate tongue fucked the writhing tennis pro. Trevor clenched his fists and toes and moaned long and low. His sleek boner dribbled pre-cum.

Eduardo strolled into the room wearing a black spandex tank top and running shorts that left little to the imagination. Any guy with a dick that small should never wear an outfit that tight. Eduardo could not legally work in the states, so I paid the closeted Mexican wannabe movie star cash to manage my household, and spoiled his cute ass with presents he could never afford. I had a special surprise planned for his thirtieth birthday this weekend.

“Scotch, sir?” Eduardo asked, paying Trevor and Hot Chocolate no mind.

“Make it a double, neat.”



Eduardo snipped, lit, and passed me a Panama Red, and handed me my drink. I groped his buttocks and gave his ass a smack. “You’ve been doing your squats.” He winced and thanked me for noticing. I massaged his crotch through the spandex. His stubby cock stiffened.

Settling into my recliner, I adjusted my ample junk inside my royal blue silk lounge pants, and crossed my pale size twelve feet at the ankles. Unwittingly, I shook ash from my cigar onto my chest hairs. I brushed the mess off with my fingers.

Hot Chocolate slathered Boy Butter between Trevor’s dimpled buttocks and lubricated his virgin asshole. Trevor shuddered and moaned. Hot Chocolate guided his turgid boner inside the anxious tennis pro’s tight ass. Trevor’s vacuous baby blues flew wide. Armand zoomed in for a close up. Hot Chocolate sank deeper inside the squealing jock and increased his pace.

Trevor gripped the arm of the sofa. “Not so fast,” he wheezed through clenched teeth.

Hot Chocolate scoffed. “We’re just getting warmed up here, Malibu Ken.”

I hadn’t thought about it before, but with his sandy blond hair and bronze tan, Trevor resembled a human Malibu Ken doll.

Hot Chocolate plunged deep inside Trevor. Trevor shot off Hot Chocolate’s boner with a shrill squawk. Hot Chocolate dragged Trevor back into position and pounded the jouncing jock. Trevor bit the arm of the sofa, stifling his shrieks, and thrashed his tendinous feet.

“I know you’re getting paid more than me, bitch,” Hot Chocolate snarled. “And you’re gonna earn every penny.”
Hot Chocolate wasn’t wrong. His thirty-seven-year-old ass wasn’t booking that many dates anymore, so he’d sold out cheap.

“Turn the horny jock over,” I said. I toked on my cigar and sipped my scotch. “You can fuck his ass deeper on his back.”

Hot Chocolate pulled out. Trevor sank against the sofa cushions and gasped for breath. Armand zoomed in on the winded tennis pro’s flushed mug. Hot Chocolate flipped Trevor over, pitched back his legs, and rammed inside his guts.

“Not so deep,” Trevor whined. The overwrought tennis pro should have kept his pretty mouth shut.

“Don’t tell me how to fuck,” Hot Chocolate said. “I’ll show your ass.”

Hot Chocolate pinned Trevor’s knees against his chest and screwed his tight ass. Trevor shrieked and clutched the sofa cushions. Hot Chocolate jackhammered the dumbfounded tennis pro. Trevor yowled and flapped his tendinous feet about his ears. His grimaced mug flushed a dozen shades of pink.

The doorbell chimed.

“That’s probably Leo,” I said.

Eduardo went to answer the door.

Hot Chocolate sat up on the sofa and bounced Trevor on his lap. Trevor rode Hot Chocolate’s boner up and down, whimpering and moaning. Hot Chocolate jounced Trevor faster. Trevor wrapped his arm around Hot Chocolate’s neck. His sandy blond head bobbled. He warbled grunts and groans. Hot Chocolate nibbled on Trevor’s neck and suckled his earlobe. Trevor moaned and tugged on his shriveled dick.

Leo sailed through the door, looking dashing in a crisp white linen suit. The disgraced Hollywood producer wore his sleek chestnut brown hair swept back off his forehead, and his pink silk shirt unbuttoned to the navel, exposing his smooth, tan chest. My dear friend had turned forty last month, but his youthful heart-shaped face looked ten years younger. Knowing I did not allow shoes inside my house, he’d painted his well-manicured toenails a glossy hot pink.

“Dick, old pal.” Leo embraced me.

“Leo, buddy, I’m so glad you could come.”

“Well, I haven’t yet,” Leo said. “Come, that is.” He chuckled at his double entendre. “But I hope to remedy that soon.”

Leo had not worked since four male Hollywood stars accused him of inappropriate groping last year. The prosecutor on the case had interviewed dozens more victims who feared they’d ruin their careers if they took the stand. Leo had acknowledged guilt, spent sixty days behind bars, and settled for an unspecified sum. The plain truth was, my charming psychopath friend had flown too close to the sun and gotten burned.

Eduardo strolled into the room. “Your usual, sir?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Leo said.

Hot Chocolate shoved Trevor off his lap and demanded the flabbergasted tennis pro blow him. Trevor tapped the tip of his tongue against Hot Chocolate’s ruby shaft and recoiled. Hot Chocolate seized the reluctant cocksucker by a fistful of sandy blond hair and slapped his flushed cheeks. After a few smacks, Trevor opened wide, and swallowed his first dick.

Eduardo handed Leo his martini. “Just the way you like it, sir. Very dry. Stirred, not shaken.”

Leo took a sip and passed back the drink. “Needs another stir.”

“Yes, sir,” Eduardo said.

“This time, use your fuck stick,” Leo said.

“In that case, perhaps Armand should stir.” Eduardo flashed a coy smile. “His dick is much bigger than mine.”

“Is that true, Armand?” Leo groped Armand’s crotch through his skinny jeans. “Are you bigger than Eduardo?"

Armand shrugged. “Probably.”

“Let’s find out,” Leo said. “Whip out your dicks, boys.”

Armand and Eduardo pulled down their pants. Neither wore underwear. Armand’s slinky dong had several inches on Eduardo’s uncut weenis.

“Eduardo was right,” Leo said. “Armand should stir.”

Eduardo passed Armand the drink. Armand plunged his dong into the cold gin, shuddered, and stirred. His sharp nipples swelled inside his shirt. “Say when, sir.” The shivering gigolo swirled the ice cubes around. His flesh erupted in goosebumps.

“That will do,” Leo said.

Armand passed Leo his drink.

Leo took a sip. “Just the slightest hint of musky ripeness.” He smacked his lips.

Armand tucked away his shriveled dong.

Hot Chocolate plunged his boner down Trevor’s throat and crammed his balls inside the choking tennis pro’s mouth. Trevor’s flushed cheeks chipmunked. Tears pooled the corners of his wide baby blues. He beat the tops of his feet against the floor. Hot Chocolate seized Trevor by the hair and humped his slurping lips.

“I told you the tennis tramp would sell out,” Leo said. “What about Chippendale’s?”

“You mean, Finn?” The doorbell chimed. “Speak of the devil.”

“First time I saw that kid strip, I thought he’d lost his penis in a tragic accident,” Leo said. “But then the punk got turned on and his micro dick grew ten times bigger.”

Hot Chocolate pinned Trevor’s face against his crotch. Trevor choked on the hung rent boy’s turgid boner. Hot Chocolate pinched Trevor’s nostrils shut. The panicked tennis pro’s baby blues bugged. Sweat beaded his flushed brow. He thrashed his sinewy limbs. Hot Chocolate let go of Trevor’s nose and pumped the gurgling tennis pro’s mouth up and down over his rigid dong.

Eduardo escorted Finn into the room. The husky stripper wore a loose white poet’s shirt with a plaid kilt and white knee-high socks. Armand abandoned his camera and hugged Finn. Before Chippendale’s hired Finn, he and Armand had posed bound and gagged for the same website several times. Finn had gone further, though, wrestling nude, and shooting a few rough spanking and bastinado shoots before retiring from porn. For ten grand, I’d bought his beefy booty for the weekend.

“You ready for action, Finn?” I asked.

“Sure thing, Mr. Whitman,” Finn said. “Where would you like me to set up?”

“As much as I look forward to seeing your Scottish jig strip tease,” I said. “Right now, Trevor needs your encouragement.” I indicated the gagging tennis pro with a nod of my head. “A dick up the ass might inspire the lousy cocksucker.”

“Sure thing, boss,” Finn said.

Finn lifted his kilt and tugged on his dinky weenis. In seconds, his thick shaft swelled to impressive proportions. The husky stripper rolled on a condom and entered Trevor through the back door. Trevor shot forward with a shrill squawk and gagged on Hot Chocolate’s boner. Hot Chocolate snatched Trevor by the hair and pumped the drooling tennis pro’s mouth up and down. Finn humped Trevor’s engorged asshole. Trevor bounced back and forth, gagging and squawking. The beleaguered tennis pro’s fingers and toes fisted and splayed in time to the relentless thrusts.

“Maybe Trevor will finally come out of the closet this weekend,” Leo said.

“Or the bonny bonehead will troll for dick on the down low. Either way, we’re introducing his cherry ass to a whole new world of possibilities.”


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    Great first chapter, definitely looking forward to more. Enjoy the “intro” or bio of each of the players and how each fits into the fun weekend! Finally, the truth about Hollywood revealed!!! LOL!

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