When Agent Alex von Raft travels to South America to investigate a human trafficking ring, he becomes much more involved than expected in this hot series from new author Dixon!

Male Trade - Chapter 1
by Dixon
Series: Male Trade
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The Covid-19 pandemic took the world’s breath away, interrupting every culture and giving light to a vulnerability humans face without realizing it. It elevated awareness of the importance of science, as well as wild animal trade with ties to organized crime.

With that awareness came increased attention to another aspect of the trade business – human trafficking. New wealth in a couple oriental countries, with the not-so-gentle nudging of criminal money, had tapped demand for not only young women, but men as well.

Jumping on the increased interest in tracking down and capturing human traffickers, the World Health Organization promoted inter-agency cooperation. A Scandinavian officer who suspect several missing men had been abducted, possibly caught up in human trafficking, was connected with a South American agent who was active in the same pursuit.

Alex von Raft made the trip to South America to see if he and the local officer, Carlos Bedago, could identify key players and make some arrests. Bedega had a rich resource of background files, including testimony of two men who had been transported from South America but escaped, one in Thailand, the other in the U.S. Both men had similar stories.

Both were abducted by two men they had never seen before. They were in remote locations with no witnesses, and quickly transported in a van to a warehouse.

Both were tied up, gagged, and given some sort of drug that knocked them out. When they awoke, they had been stripped. One was bound with his arms behind his back, on a cold floor; the other had a chain cuffed to one ankle which allowed him to crawl 3 or 4 feet to a toilet.

Bedago interviewed more than 45 people, all who knew the victims and their habits. Both had been to the locations before, so he suspected they were followed – targeted. The fact that both were stripped immediately told him their captives wanted to discourage them from trying to escape.

“It also suggests sex trade to me,” von Raft observed.

“You’re right,” Bedago confirmed. “Both men described being handled – nothing sexual, but like they were being measured, vital statistics taken down.”

“They measured their height, their chest & waist,” he explained, “and their genitals -- flaccid and erect.”

“Neither reported being sexually molested at that point but both were on guard for it. It wasn’t until they were handed off – one in the U.S., the other somewhere in south-eastern Asia that their handlers got sexual.”

“The U.S. handler raped his captive daily. He eventually said something about training his ass to be a ‘worthy bitch’, but the victim said the first rape was pure violence.”

“You think they had the client already identified?” von Raft asked.

“Probably. Both men were sold within 10 days of being abducted. Neither of them said they were auctioned off, but simply handed over to a new person with money changing hands.”

“The guy who had been raped brought $500, American. The other victim was sold for the equivalent of $750, with the oriental who bought him dickering the price down from $1000.”

“What’s the highest price you’re identified in this male trafficking?”

“Well, a hunk like you would bring in $1000 minimum,” Bedago said, a grin suggesting that he was paying von Raft a compliment. “We’ve heard of one arrest in China where the buyer said he paid $5000, but he specified the individual he wanted abducted. Lucky for the victim he went to China. He was recovered when officials entered the home on another charge, and one of the officers understood Spanish enough to believe the victim’s story of being kidnapped.”

Officer von Raft thumbed through the stack of files Bedago had. It was clear he had been investigating, with contacts in three other country. Begago suggested they get lunch, where he shared more of what he felt sure was going on.

“There is definitely a network. I believe some guys are abducted at random, with thorough preparation. Others are targeted because of their physical attributes. There’s definitely a market for athletic men between 25 – 35 – men who frequent gyms and pay attention to their physiques. You work out much?”

That was the second time Bedago had made a comment about von Raft’s physical appearance. He ignored it.

“You have any leads on who’s pushing the athletes? I think we’ve had at least a half dozen men like that go missing. No trace,”

Bedago didn’t think any traders limited themselves to one market. All of them knew they could sell any male, and that healthy young hunks would bring top dollar. But he had another idea about how quickly some of these victims moved.

He believed the measuring the two victims had reported was some kind of grading – rating the fellow. He also believed some guys were held for up to a month, and that some traffickers had a crew who’s job was to conduct B&D – training to make the captives easier to manage and to sell.

“Think about it. The buyers are likely males, and what do they w ant? A sex toy, a man servant, or at least a trophy boy that won’t be defiant – broken, you’d say.”

Von Rath didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t imagined such things.

“They aren’t snatching gay guys, at least not that many. So how do they sell of a straight guy to some pervert who wants a man, but can’t pick up one? He’s got to be “disciplined” as the BDSM guys call it, and he’s got to be trained to not put up a ruckus when he’s fucked.”

“Any victims confirm any of this,” von Raft asked.

“A few.” Bedago didn’t elaborate.

“Recovered victims, or what’s your source?”

“Would you believe a sex trafficker?”

Bedago went on to describe arresting a suspected trafficker who, after realizing they weren’t going to let him walk, made a deal to help identify kingpins in other countries.

“Before you ask, no, we didn’t snag any of his leads – they had left the country they did business in, and I’m sure they popped up somewhere else.”

Back in the office, he pulled a file to show von Raft the guy in question. One look and he was more likely to believe this dude knew plenty.

“So this fellow said he was a trainer?”

“I’m pretty sure he trained three of our missing men. All three were brought to him by the same goon, who never identified who sent him, but provided the cash to purchase “the special” as it was coded. He’d keep the men restrained in his private ‘dungeon’ – I saw it and it was equipped for light to heave BDSM.”

“He provided food and water, issuing both as motivation for the men’s progress or lack thereof. He broke their resistance and established the dominant role.”

“You sure he’s not just a sadist who made up the whole story, including king pins who didn’t really exist?”

Bedago liked von Raft’s distrust of suspects. He almost didn’t volunteer any more of the info he had collected.

“Tell you what, if we ever recover any of those three men and they confirm any of his story, you owe me $20.”

“I hope I get to pay you that – make it $50.”

“He described one of the men he broke in less than 2 weeks as white collar, fitting one of our missing bankers. He said he turned him into a 100% submissive – probably a closet queen who already knew how to give decent head, and learned to love a dick.

Another missing man was a bulky body-builder type, in his late 30’s. The trainer described his close cropped hair and build, and said he spent a week ‘breaking down that big-muscled butt. He described stretching his sphincter to accept dildos up to 3 inches in diameter, then turning a black dude loose on him. Both men were trained to specifications in about 2 weeks.”

“Did he tell you how much he earned as this ‘trainer’?”

“Five hundred each. Sound too high?”

“I don’t know. I guess not if these men were special orders, or had a specific market.”

“His understanding was they would be auctioned off, so someone had to have some high rollers to make a decent profit on these two.”

“He was proudest of how well he trained the third guy, whom we’re certain was our missing bar bouncer. He had to convince this man that his cock was useless from here on. Lots of cock abuse, and ass play.

He gave a lot of detail about how you ‘disconnect a man’s dick from his brain.’ You can take notes if you like.”

Von Raft wasn’t sure he wanted to know, but knew Bedago was going to tell him. Having a full understanding of what these kidnapped men went through in the male trade could be important.

“Okay, he said he used CBT, tying off the guy’s genitalia and preventing him for having any erections. The only time he was allowed to ejaculate was with something up his ass – if not a dick, then an over-sized dildo or fuck machine. He had a hand-held fuck machine with a lot of attachments on the premises.”

Bedago seemed to get aroused describing the abusive treatment. Von Raft was imagining men who had lost hope, resigned to behaviors they didn’t necessarily enjoy, but had to endure to survive. He wondered how they fared once they were sold.

It had been a long day, and von Raft was ready to check into his hotel and get some rest. Bedago offered to show him around town, or take him to some of their best night spots, but von Raft didn’t feel like a night owl.

“Maybe tomorrow night,” he said.

Bedago took him to the hotel, and they agreed he’d pick him up the next morning at 8:30. “Don’t eat, we’ll have breakfast on the way to the office.”



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