A male chastity slave attempts to satisfy his Master's long list of demands in hopes of earning his cock's release in this hot story from new author Locked Slave. Art by Rodinart.


Earning His Release: A Male Chastity Slave - Page 1
by Locked Slave
Art by Rodinart. Visit is Tumblr page or Deviant Art page.
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Branden set the hot mug of coffee before his Master and waited with his hands behind his back as he'd been instructed to do. He was new to being a male chastity slave but eager to please. His Master, Liam, blew into the steaming cup before taking a sip. He enjoyed making Branden wait. Waiting was something Branden still struggled with—patience had never been his virtue. That's why all of the tasks which Liam had planned out were going to test that very deficit. His slave had to learn, and Liam would be the one to teach him.

"It's good, Branden. Thank you."

Branden smiled and took a seat across from Liam.

"Did I tell you to sit?" Liam barked.

"Shit," Branden muttered, standing quickly back up. He'd been doing so well.

Branden's right hand absently scratched at the male chastity device that he wore beneath his jeans. It was securely locked around his cock—a tight fit, but that's the way his Master wanted it. If he didn't start doing better at his assignments, he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to earn his release. Liam always told him that it was attention to detail which mattered the most. Details and patience.

It still shamed Branden that he'd resisted the idea of the chastity device when his Master had first presented it to him. Now, he thought of his device as a sort of trophy. His Master could have decided he wasn't worth the effort. Instead, he'd presented the device to Branden in order to train him to perfection. And Branden was grateful every day that he wore it.

"I have something new for you today," Liam said, pulling the list he'd painstakingly created from his pocket. "Something which I hope will help you to learn faster and better."

Branden's heart beat in anticipation. "Will it earn my release?" he asked hopefully.

Branden hadn't been allowed to cum in weeks, and his cock was slowly starting to itch for the feel of Liam's smooth golden skin or his tight muscular ass. Branden no longer cared whether he was bottom or top—Master had broken him of that many months ago—all that mattered to him now was that he be allowed to let himself go. Holding back was making his cock hurt.

Liam stood and handed his list to Branden. Liam was naked. He always took his breakfast naked. Branden knew his Master did it on purpose to tease him. To test him. To remind him of what he was missing by not following instructions to the letter.

Liam's tanned skin was almost iridescent as the morning sunlight streamed in through the windows. It hit the curve of his arm muscles, which had grown to the size of cantaloupes since Liam joined the gym. His rock-hard abs were tight and chiseled. He looked like he'd been Photoshopped. The light purple tip of Liam's cock glimmered as the sun hit it just right.

Branden's cock tried to swell inside his chastity device, but the stainless-steel ribs that lined his shaft like a jail cell restrained him. His balls tightened but did not grow—there was no room for them to swell. He winced as he was struck with a thunderbolt of pain. He would have done anything his Master bid him to do so long as it got him out of his cage. Earning release was his top priority.

Liam held out the paper for Branden to take, conscious of the fact Branden was suffering. Good. He needed to suffer until he finished learning his lessons. It was the suffering that would teach him. Even after he was done, the suffering would not stop. Not completely. Learning was a lifelong process.

"Read the list out loud," Liam told his slave. "When you have completed the assignments listed, I may decide to allow your release."

Branden read. "One, I shall be in bed by ten p.m. every night and awake no later than six a.m. every morning. There will be no naps. Two, I shall wear a collar from eight a.m. until five p.m. every day, without question. The collar signifies that I belong to my Master and my Master alone."

Branden looked up briefly as he read from the list. He'd always been a night owl and did not care for the idea of retiring to bed so early. He arose early already each morning in order to prepare his Master's breakfast, but he always took a nap. He didn't understand why Master was forbidding him from taking a nap.

The collar sounded easy, but he knew his Master better than that. An easy task would not benefit him in any way. Whatever his Master had planned, it would no doubt teach him something valuable. He reminded himself once again that his top priority was earning release. That meant he would do whatever Master bid.

"Continue reading," Liam said. Branden looked back at his list.

"Three, I shall clip Master's toenails." He paused. Clip Master's toenails? Was that a joke? "Four, dinner shall be prepared and ready to eat by six p.m. each night. Five, I shall not move from the submissive position when Master pounds his cock into me, no matter how hard he thrusts."

"You begin today," Liam said and began to walk away. He had to get ready for work.

"May I ask how long I have to complete these chores to perfection?" Branden asked, stopping Liam before he'd reached the stairs.

"You may not. Since you do not have the same standards of perfection as I do, you cannot accurately judge when you may have reached them. Giving you a time frame will only hinder your development in patience, since you will learn none."

Branden bowed his head, afraid he'd displeased his Master.

"Hold out your hand," Liam told him.

Branden held it out, knowing what was to come.

Liam went to a drawer and removed the riding crop.

"Next time, you do not speak unless spoken to," Liam said, then slapped the crop hard against the back of Branden's hand. Branden tried not to wince and failed. Liam smacked his hand again, leaving a large red welt.

"You may put your hand down," Liam said. Branden did as he was told. "Now come here and kneel down."

Branden knelt before his Master, who towered over him. Liam reached down, stroking his own cock until it was rock hard. The veins in it bulged as Liam pushed it into Branden's mouth. Branden opened as wide as he could. Liam's thick golden cock began to pulse against the back of Branden's throat.

Branden tried to stay in the submissive position despite his Master's increasingly hard thrusts. The pain in his hand from his punishment made it that much harder not to move. Liam rammed his cock into Branden's mouth again and again. He alternated between short shallow bursts and long hard ones that almost sent Branden falling backwards.

Liam's massive shaft was thick and tasted of clover honey. Branden's mouth warmed each of Liam's nerve endings. His cock was on fire and his testicles were hard as tennis balls. Branden had a way of sucking him that made Liam's eyes roll into the back of his head. His mouth was a warm wet cave that pulled him in like a tornado.

He pumped harder and faster, trying to make Branden fall back off his haunches. Branden stuck to the ground like his feet and knees were glued there. Branden's teeth scraped the tip of Liam's cock and Liam relished in the pleasure of it.

Finally, Branden tasted the sweet cum spurt from his Master's cock. It was hot and slimy and Branden swallowed it quickly, knowing his Master hated it when Branden let any escape.

"Now," Liam said as he helped Branden up, "you may ice your hand and rest before you begin your chores."

"Thank you, Master," Branden said, bowing his head. "Was that the first of my tasks? Did it please you?" He thought Liam was perhaps starting backwards on his lists of tasks, with number five—do not move from the submissive position.

Liam laughed. "You think that was a task? Sucking my cock is a chore for you, is it?"

Branden stepped back, horrified. "Oh no, Master. It is a pleasure and privilege."

Liam kissed Branden gently on the lips. His slave still had so much to learn. "When I fuck you hard enough to account for task number five, you'll know." He left Branden to clean up while he finished getting ready for work.

Liam brushed his teeth and did a quick shave. He knew the first chore on Branden's list would have to wait. He could not rush the time of day. However, he wanted to begin Branden's collar training right away. He dressed and removed the special collar he'd purchased for Branden from his dresser drawer.

It was almost eight and Liam had to leave for work. He presented the collar to Branden in the living room. It was black leather with silver spikes circling it.

"You will wear this every day until I get home. Only then may you remove it. Understand?"

Branden nodded eagerly. He had never cared much for collars, but this meant he was one step closer to earning his release.

"Stand straight," Liam commanded. Branden did as he was told and Liam wrapped the collar around Branden's neck, leaving just enough room for him to breathe.

Branden took a deep breath and looked at Liam. "The spikes..." he said, surprised at how uncomfortable he felt.

"Yes?" Liam asked. He'd anticipated this.

"They're poking into my neck."

"Yes." Liam waited to see if Branden would say anything else. He had checked with the manufacturer before ordering the collar. After all, he wanted to train Branden, not hurt him.

"The spikes will not break your skin," Liam assured Branden. "It is a special type of choke collar. If you stay calm and maintain the same level of composure throughout the day, you will not even feel the spikes. You will only feel them if you begin to grow agitated or over exert yourself. The spikes respond to you. Do you understand?"

Branden nodded. He tried to relax and the spikes backed off.

"Can you breathe?" Liam asked.


"Then you will be fine. I would not leave you in danger. You are my slave. I only do that which will teach you, not harm you. Do you trust me?"

"Of course, Master," Branden replied, and he meant it to. He trusted Liam completely, he just didn't like the idea of having these stupid spikes poking at him all day long.

"I shall leave the collar unlocked, in case of emergency. But," Liam cautioned, "it is only for emergency that you may remove it."

"Of course," Branden repeated. "Thank you, Master."

With that, Liam went off to work.

Branden began his day by washing the breakfast dishes. The collar poked at him over and over. He got more and more frustrated as the minutes ticked by. It wasn't that he was in pain, he was just... uncomfortable. The collar was driving him crazy.

He lasted until ten. Then Branden decided that the spikes felt like they were digging into his skin and he had better check and make sure. Master had already told him that he did not wish for Branden to be injured from the device. Surely, this constituted an emergency.

Branden removed his collar and looked in the mirror. His neck was a light pink but otherwise okay. He went to put the collar back on but knew it would only frustrate him again. He did not have the patience to wear something like that all day long. He left it on the bathroom counter, resolving to put it back on before his Master returned home.

Liam arrived home at five and found his dinner was already in the works. It was served promptly at six.

"Did you enjoy your collar today?" Liam asked.

"Yes, Master."

"Good. You will wear it every day from now on."

That night, Branden went to bed at ten p.m., but he could not sleep. He played a game on his cell phone until Liam came in at midnight, then attempted to fall asleep. He awoke at six, tired, and got his Master's breakfast ready. The collar ritual was repeated.

Branden found himself exhausted by noon. He removed his collar and lay down for a nap. He knew it was against his new rules, but surely what Master did not know could not hurt him.

When Liam arrived home that evening, dinner was again promptly served at six p.m. The rest of the week progressed much the same way. On Friday, Liam arrived home, the weekend ahead.

"Follow me upstairs," Liam told Branden after they'd eaten. In their bedroom, he told Branden to undress and sit at the edge of the bed.

Branden eagerly did as his Master instructed, certain he was to be rewarded for his good behavior.

Liam unlocked the chastity device and Branden's cock sprung free. Just the feel of the air around him made his shaft tingle. Liam began to stroke him.

"Do you think you have earned your release?" Liam asked, sitting beside him on the mattress, holding the rope.

"Oh yes, Master," Branden said.

Liam knelt down and tied Branden's ankles tightly together with the rope. "Lay back and stretch out," he ordered.

Branden lay with his back on the mattress. Liam took Branden's left hand, stretching his arm out so that it reached the top of the headboard, where he cuffed him. He repeated the process with Branden's right arm.

When Branden was secure, Liam began a long, slow tease. He removed a feather from the side dresser and ran it up and down Branden's body from his toes to his head. He then exchanged the feather for his fingers, running them along the length of Branden's body, barely touching him. He paused at Branden's cock and slowly began to move his thick fingers lightly up and down Branden's aching shaft. His cock began to grow. It had been so long since he'd cum he didn't need much prompting.

Liam began with a slow massage. He touched Branden's testicles, rubbing them in a methodic circle as Branden closed his eyes. His testicles hardened and turned a deeper shade of pink. Branden's cock expanded even wider. Liam's hand was hot. He played with Branden, teasing his cock by running one featherlight finger along his shaft, then grabbing hold of it so tightly it began to ache.

Branden squirmed on the mattress.

"Lie still," Liam commanded. The squirming immediately ceased.

Liam leaned over and pulled Branden's cock into his mouth, wetting it so that his hand would slide more easily over him. He ran his thick pink tongue along Branden's shaft from balls to tip. Branden shivered with excitement. His massive shaft was rock hard and began to throb. Liam circled his soft thumb pad around Branden's dark pink tip while licking his testicles. The coarse hairs caught on Liam's tongue and he lapped at them like they were a saucer of milk.

"Ohhh," Branden moaned.

He loved the way his Master's hands felt on his body. His pulse quickened as Liam squeezed Branden's testicles lightly the way he liked. He felt like he was going to explode at any moment.

Liam quickly moved his hand back to Branden's cock, rubbing his enormous shaft hard and fast, as if his cock was a genie's lamp and Liam was trying to claim his three wishes. Branden inhaled sharply. His cock was hard as a brick and wide as a beer can. Liam stroked his hand faster and faster over it. Precum began to ooze out of his hole. Branden was about to explode.

Then, it all stopped. Liam released his grip on Branden's cock and rose from the bed.

"M-master?" Branden asked uncertainly. His cock was throbbing. He was so close.

"You have not earned release," Liam said.

Branden's heart sank. "But, Master, I—"

His words were cut sharply off as Liam pulled the whip from their drawer of toys and began to lash the leather fronds over Branden's bare skin, turning him pink instead of the light bronze he normally was.

Branden's chest muscles rose and fell as he was whipped again and again.

"The only task you have done correctly," Liam said, "is serving me dinner. At night, instead of sleeping, you are on your cell phone playing games." He whipped Branden again, harder than before. It stung his chest and his cock ached that much more.

"I know you are not wearing your collar as instructed," Liam said.

Branden's shock was obvious.

"This is the age of technology," Liam said. "There is a special counter in the collar which I check nightly. It tells me whether it has been worn or not."

Liam looked at Branden with disappointment. Branden felt the weight of it and knew his Master was right. He had not earned release.

"I apologize," Branden said, knowing now that he deserved what he got.

Liam put the whip away and put his chastity device back on. He left Branden cuffed to the bed. He did not know how long Master meant to leave him there and it was with grateful relief when Liam finally released him hours later. Branden ran to the bathroom and when he came out, Liam was waiting.

"Monday marks a new week. You will do better, or you will again fail to earn your release."


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