A gay jock has a kinky hook up with a hot dominant personal trainer in this fantasy from Strong.

Long Beach Gym
by Strong

longbeachgym2Back Story: I have a habit of making friends with hot strait or bi guys. One recently works at my gym in long beach this is a fantasy I have about him and I after he told me he is also into bondage.

Bret was tall with a tall defined lean swimmers body. He had a 40 inch smooth chest and well defined arms and legs, his eye blue and face boyish, he had a short military style cut hair. Strip was a trainer at the same gym in long beach CA. Strip was named that because he use to be a dancer, he had dark brown eyes fair skin, with short cut brown hair. Strip was tall with a chiseled body. He grew a small fan following that followed him everywhere. But unlike a lot of dudes that did this for work with his body, Strip was not a punk but nice kind of dude.

One night after swimming laps in the pool Bret made his way to the showers, at this time of night the gym was dead as was the men’s locker room. When in front of his locker Bret opened it then started to undress so he could shower. Bret was wearing a tight black Speedo; the Speedo hugged his tight firm butt. Being that Brett thought he was alone he did not bother to put a towel on as he pulled his Speedo off. When this happened he did not see Strip standing behind him. When Bret had the Speedo at his knees Strip whistled in a mocking way, Bret was startled and stood up still with the Speedo around his knees. Strip had a different look on his face, for usually it was a pleasant nice one but this one had a look of sternness. “What up bro?” Strip asked. “Just did laps man, am at 2 miles now” Bret responded. Brett felt awkward for he had always had a little crush on his gym friend, but even so he always wanted to be a good friend and not an awkward gay one. Bret started to get a slight hard on which he tried to cover with his hands. Strip though quickly reacted and slapped Bret’s hands away. This contact made Bret even harder. Bret said nothing, Strip looked quickly at his “friend” then turned into Bret’s locker he quickly grabbed Bret’s jock strap and balled it up he then pulled Bret towards him and pushed the jock into his mouth, when in he placed his palm around the front of his mouth and said “Listen I am horny and I have not had action in a while, I am going to use you your ass as my relief and you are going to be my bitch, got it?” The firmness Bret saw in Strip’s brown eyes was something enchanting and animal like. Bret nodded. Quickly and moan yes. Strip smiled and tapped Bret’s face gently and said “That’s a bitch”

Bret then was turned quickly around by Strip, when this happened his hard cock hit Strip on the leg. Strip did not care and reached in and pulled out two long socks from Bret’s locker he then used one and tied Bret’s writs firmly then used the other and tied it around his mouth so that he could not dislodge the jock from his mouth. When it was firmly tied Strip slapped Bret on his firm ass and said “showers now bitch” . Bret moved best he could with Strips grip on the back of his neck over to the shower stalls.

The shower stalls like the gym were new and remolded each had a glass door and tiled walls. Bret was lead by Strip into the showers to the back stalls and was then pushed firmly into one of the back two. When in the stall Strip pulled the Speedo’s off Bret’s legs then placed it on the end of Bret’s throbbing cock. “Now turn, spread and squat” Strip ordered. Bret turned then spread his legs best he could and squatted to the point his knees were against each of the stall walls. Brett’s firm ass was now pointed in the air in a stress position. Strip then wetted his right finger then pushed up into Bret’s hole. Bret who was a top had a nice smooth tight hole. “Now I am going to be right back bitch stay like that” Bret moaned yes sir and nodded, Strip then tapped Bret on the face and pulled his finger out and left Bret waiting.

Bret sat waiting in the stall hands bound behind his back and gagged with his long socks. “Strip” the nice hot strait guy showed a different side to Brett one he had fantasized about but did not see coming. Brett was ordered to sand and squat in a single shower stall. Bret moaned through his gag as his legs tensed and but strained from the stress position. Minutes past, Bret heard a few other members take showers in stalls next to him. If by some chance they would not see his feet they would open and find Bret the humiliating position that he is in.

Bret then heard the door behind him open slowly and a cool presence of steam float into the shower stall. Bret then felt firm hands rub his firm, smooth, lean body. First his shoulders then his butt. Bret flexed it when the other persons hands moved there. Strip’s grip was strong and firm, Strip who also was a trained masseur loved to tease Bret’s body. The control he took over Bret was something new to him. Hearing and seeing Bret moan and grunt gently like a boy got his big cock even bigger.

Strip closed the shower door dropped the only thing he was wearing which was his towel, he then turned Bret around and forced him to the wall in the stall with his size 11 foot. Bret moaned as this happened. Strip looked at Bret up and down, Bret who was hard, eyes squinted in fear and lust. Strip then walked over to Bret and kissed him and rubbed his nipples. He then sucked Bret’s ear with his lips and kissed his neck then made his way down Bret’s firm chest and then sucked his nipple gently. Bret started to hump Strip and opened his legs. Strip then spit on his finger again and started to gently finger fuck Bret’s hole. Bret moaned as his body started to suck Bret’s one and then two fingers. Bret’s hole was smooth and tight. Tighter than any virgin girl Strip had fucked. Strip pulled Bret towards him with a tight grip that he placed behind his head with his free hand. Strip moaned and grunted as he made his way deeply up Bret’s tight hole.

After several minutes of this Strip pushed Bret away and then had him face the wall of the shower stall. Bret then heard Strip start to stroke his large piece of meet. Bret turned slightly but Strip forced his head into the wall then ordered “Beg for it bitch understand, beg for it with your mouth and body.” Bret did as he was ordered to and started to rub the wall of the shower, he used his bound hands to open his but hole more with his finger. Strip smiled as he stroked his large manhood. Brett then heard the sound of something rip open and get placed on Strips cock.

Bret continued to beg for it, he moaned and grunted threw his sock/jock gag. The feeling of this was hot and yet very humiliating for Bret was a top and never had he had to beg to get fucked.

Strip’s cock was very hard and dripping pre-cum with in his xl rubber. Strip then walked close behind Bret and quickly pushed upwards into Bret’s hole. Bret moaned and grunted for Strip was big and the feeling of his huge cock pushing past the ring and making its way into Bret’s hole was painful and pleasurable. When in Bret first shook. Strip’s force of his body and his strong grip did not let Bret move much. Strip then pushed more and more upward causing Bret to slide down more onto Strip’s huge cock. Strip pushed so hard Bret was lifted off the ground and up in the air by a inch. Bret’s cock was now at full attention and being pushed against the wall of the stall making a pain accrue.

Bret moaned and moaned as Strip continued to thrust upward with slow strong movements. Strip’s muscled firmly butt squeezed in and out as he fucked his ass sternly. “Good boy, good slut” Bret heard Strip whisper in a deep masculine way into his ear. Bret’s head was now turned to the side and riding up and down as was his bound body. Bret wanted this feeling to last forever. Strips chiseled, smooth, firm, muscled body was a great force to be felt. Strip loved the feeling his body felt as he pushed against Bret’s leaned framed body.

The smell of Strips body was immense it though did not smell bad but great. Something you would smell from a true strong young man. Bret closed his eyes as the assault of pure lust from Strip continued. This lust was something hot and great that he started to enjoy. Strip though became board with this position and pulled out of Bret. The pull out caused Bret to moan in a bit of pain. Strip then grabbed Bret after he hit the ground with his feet from the upward thrusting position and turned him around. Strip then sat on a small tile bench that was in the shower stall, he then quickly un did the sock and pulled the jock gag from Bret mouth , Strip then forced Bret onto his knees and his mouth onto his hard cock. Strip peeled off the condom then pulled Bret’s head onto his large cock.

Strips large cock tasted great. Bret’S mouth bounced up and down quickly for he liked the taste of Strips great cock Bret’s blue eyes squinted and looked up as Strip’s dark brown eyes looked down. The look of each of their faces seemed to match but not their thoughts. Bret’s gave a look of submission and some fear for he thought he had been found out and after his friend was done using him he toss him aside, while Strip looked down silently in a dominate way, and thought how he could get this piece of meat he knew from the gym.

Strip then pulled Bret off his cock then took again the jock and stuffed it back into Bret’s mouth. “Don’t move or spit that out bitch, got it?” Strip ordered in a deep voice. Bret quickly nodded and moaned “mmsimm”. Strip then used the sock and tied it around Bret’s mouth, Strip then pushed Bret’s head down making him face the ground. Bret sat there as he heard Strip walk around the locker room.

Strip found the locker room was still empty but being they were a 24 hour gym he was not sure for how long so he acted as quick as he could he walked over to Bret’s locker and garbed his gym bag from the locker when he did he noticed it open and inside found a plastic bag. Within it was a bottle of silicon lube, a cb6000 with lock, sweat rags, and butt plug. Not in the plastic bag but with in the gym bag Strip found, athletic bandages, more used long socks.

Bret heard Strip walk back from the locker room, but with each step the sound of a cart being pushed was heard. Shortly after this in view of the closed stall Bret was positioned in was a red towel cart. Strip was behind it pushing it. Strip opened the door and then walked in, when he did this he was dressed in a pair of gym shorts and flip flops. The shorts sagged enough to show is defined cum cutters on that were under his defined six packed abs. Strip had in his hand the plastic bag from Bret’s gym bag. Strip then moved in front of Bret and dropped the plastic bag onto the ground then gently lifted Bret’s head by his chin, he then looked down on him with a small smile but with stern eyes and said “I have decided that you are going to be my bitch for the night and if your good bitch may be the weekend."

Bret nodded slowly, in his eyes was a form of fear and lust he had wanted for such a long time. See Bret was the alpha man in life, star diver and swimmer, good at his job but secretly loved the idea of being treated like a bitch; many men had tried but could not compete physically or mentally. This elitist way gave Bret a false sense of truth. Yes he was good at controlling and convincing people to do what he wanted but he really wanted to be ordered around, craved the feeling of being owned property and not in control. Bret lowered his head down and then rubbed Strip on his defined smooth legs in almost like a pup like way.

The tender feeling Bret was giving to Strip was something new he had not received from a man before. This feeling was nice and for a moment a different sort of desire leaked into Strips mind, this desire though scared Strip for he felt weak by even thinking of this for this desire was not that of a strong man but a softer one, he quickly shook his head snapped back into alpha male mode and grabbed Bret by the back of his neck he then pushed him into the stall of the shower pulled the jock out of his mouth and rapped his mouth with his tongue. Bret was in lust as he felt Strip invade his mouth. As Strip did this he rubbed Bret’s sensitive nipples with his thrums slowly. Bret moaned as this happened. To show even more control, Strip took his large foot and stepped on Bret’s feet, then with his free leg ran his large leg up Bret’s inner leg and separated them, then used one of his hands and started to finger Bret’s hole gently, even after the deep assault Bret’s hole still felt smooth and tight.

Bret felt Strip push his way up with his finger again this time he was slow and used one finger to massage his throbbing prostate. When Strip made his way to his prostate he felt it almost throb and beat. Strip then pulled away from his kiss, Bret then leaned forward and sucked Strip’s nice tanned nipple. Strip grunted as Bret did this, Bret’s tongue was small, wet and felt great. When Strip grew tired of this he pulled out of Bret’s hole and then pulled Bret over his knee as he sat down again, Strip then moved quickly and grabbed out of the plastic bag the
but plug and pushed it into Bret’s hole. Bret gasped and moaned like a boy. Strip then took the rag and poured a large amount of poppers onto it and then placed it on Bret’s mouth and nose. Bret first struggled but then started to breath in the fumes of the poppers. “Good bitch” Strip said in a commanding tone. Strip then rolled the cloth into a ball and shoved it into Bret’s mouth. The fumes were immense but not in an amount that was too much for him to take. Strip then used the bandage tape and wrapped it around Bret’s mouth and head until the point the rage could not be seen. After this Bret pushed onto the plug that was in his new bitch’s hole. Bret moaned gently as his now watery blue eyes squinted at the feeling of the plug pushing on his prostate. Bret then felt Strip fondle with his cock. Being that the poppers were so strong the hard on he had was now dissipated briefly. Bret then felt the feeling of his cb being locked onto him. Bret then slapped his bitches butt gently a few times, with each stroke the plug was thrust into Bret’s hole more and more. After this Strip pulled Bret into a standing position, when standing he looked at the position his Bitch was in and smiled. For standing plugged, gagged, popperd up and cock locked was an alpha male that he had as a friend who in a way gave up control with no real force. Strip then grabbed Bret and picked him up and threw him over his shoulders and placed him in the towel cart, he then gathered more towels and a few used jocks from his own gym bag and dumped them into the cart. Bret then placed some more poppers on a rag and dropped it onto Bret’s face. Bret was now in a mental space he so craved from a man like Strip. Strip laughed quickly in a mocking way, Bret moaned for he was also in fear of what was coming next. Strip made a shhh motion with his finger then placed his gym bag over Bret’s face. Doing this completely covered him.

In the cart Bret could smell the used jocks and towels from Strip and other men of the gym, he then felt the cart he was placed in move and heard the music from the gym. Meaning that Bret was being pushed through the gym in the cart by Strip, as this happened he also heard a few girls whistle at Strip and make comments about his shirt. Little did they know that his bitch for the night and weekend was with him just out of sight by a few feet.

When in the parking lot Strip gently kicked the side of the cart Bret’s plugged but was on. When he did this Bret moaned and grunted gently. Strip laughed as this happened. Bret felt humiliated and dominated. Bret whistled a bit as he pushed the cart threw the parking lot after a few minutes Bret felt the cart stop moving, he heard the door to a trunk open and then felt Bret’s strong hands reach into the cart, his grip was firm and strong from his hands, First he felt it move and fondle his body then rub his locked cock and plugged butt. Bret moaned for he was in fear and lust with a popper high, in a way he was sort of begging for mercy in a way for he was hard now and the firmness of his cb was causing some slight pain. When the coast was clear Bret quickly picked Bret up and placed him into the trunk of Bret’s car, Bret then looked up with his blue eyes and moaned, Strip looked down and smiled in a dominate way not saying anything with his mouth but with his eyes. The words from his eyes were “got u bitch”. Strip slowly lowered the trunk hood as Bret moaned in a pleading way. When the trunk was closed Bret
moaned more. Strip heard nothing until he opened the door and threw his and Bret’s gym bag into the car. Bret then pushed the towel cart back into the gym then closed the door quickly. Strip then started the engine of the car, which was a very nice ford mustang. Strip heard Bret’s pleads for help and mercy as he looked at the clock which read 8pm, meaning Friday night for the both of them had just begun.



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