Casey and Satch indulge in a visit to Leatherland. A classic art and story series by Etienne!

A Trip to Leatherland - Page 1
by Etienne
Series: A Trip to Leatherland
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Ever since Leatherland first opened I had been meaning to check it out. The place sounded just a little too good to be true, and I couldn't help but wonder if it could possibly live up to its reputation. So I was a bit apprehensive when my buddy, Satch, and I finally decided to pay a visit to the notorious theme park.

As we approached the gates, I heard masculine laughter and whoops of delight mingling with the sounds of slaps and whacks and moist slurpings. The down-and-dirty music being piped through the sound system did not entirely drown out the muffled cries and yelps coming from inside Leatherland's walls. 

My dick began to stiffen in anticipation and push against the buttons of my Levi's. Satch grinned at me, his teeth flashing against the swarthiness of his skin. He rubbed a large hand over the bulge that was ballooning between his legs.

"Hey Casey," he said, "sounds like a real party goin' on in there."

I pulled the beak of my cycle cap down lower over my eyes and returned the grin. "Well, what the fuck're we watin' for man?" I said. "Let's get ourselves a piece of the action."

After paying our admission fees, we entered the park grounds and followed signs directing us to a large locker room. It seems customers were given the option of stripping down, the better to enjoy the many attractions of Leatherland. As one of the attendants explained, "That way you've always got your pecker out and ready and you won't have to bother with constantly unbuttoning and buttoning and unbuttoning you pants." I knew right then and there that I was gonna like this place a whole lot.

The attendant who told us this stuck around and watched while Satch and I peeled down. Can't say I blame the guy, 'cause if I do say so myself, both Satch and I are choice lookin' dudes. I'm 6'2 of solid, all-American muscle, cleft-chinned, blue-eyed and sportin' one of those rich California tans that perfectly sets off my wheat-blond hair. Satch is a powerfully built black stud with a dick the size of Colorado and balls that just won't quit. The two of us together make one helluva potent picture.

The attendant was eyeing us real appreciative like. That always turns me on, having a hunky dude droolin' over my bod.. My semi hard cock dropped the 'semi' and reared outwards and upward from my flat, rigid belly, a thick, heavily-veined column of rigid, throbbing man meat capped by a juicy, plum sized, dripping head. Staring hard at the guy, I arched my hips forward suggestively and spread my thighs, bending slightly at the knees. I took my cap off and hung it on the end of my pecker whiled I peeled off my t-shirt slowly and sensuously like some goddam stripper. The attendant licked his lips; he obviously was enjoying the show.

Meanwhile, Satch, seeing the direction the game was taking, entered into the spirit of the thing. Dropping his leather pants, he turned around and leaned forward to display his big, chunky, chocolate colored buns for the attendant's inspection.

One thing naturally led to another, and before long the three of us were getting better acquainted, fondling and caressing and stroking each other's private parts, and probing clutching assholes with eager exploring fingers.

Reluctantly, the attendant disengaged himself from the 3-way tangle. "Better save some of that for the 'rides' in the park," he said.

"Hey, there's enough to spread around," Satch protested.

"See how you feel after you've sampled Leatherland," the attendant insisted. "If you're still interested, I get off at 4:30."

With that he left the locker room, and Satch and I finished undressing. We stored most of our stuff in the free lockers, but we kept our caps and boots, Leather on top, leather on the bottom, and nothing but naked skin in between! Our cocks were still swollen and erect as we walked out of the changing rooms to get our first taste of Leatherland.


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