A college football coach and his star quarterback with some serious competitive issues are abducted by a mad scientist who uses the jocks to answer the question of the effects of age on sexual performance. A fun gay milking story by Doctor Odd based on artwork by Franco!


Competitive Jocks Get Milked - Page 1
by Doctor Odd
Art by Franco

For most of the guys growing up in his small town in Kentucky, there were only two ways you could ever get out; join the military or get an athletic scholarship. For Jamie Carter, his eyes had been on that scholarship since the first day he felt the hard pigskin hit his hand. By the time Jamie was approaching his high school graduation, he had university scouts from all over the country knocking at his door.

But like his resolute determination to play college football, Jamie only dreamed of playing for one school; the University of Kentucky. In fact, the fantasy of running out on the field wearing that blue and white uniform had always been his last thought at night as he drifted to sleep and the first to cross his mind in the morning. So, when the head coach of the Wildcats, Jack Moore, came to visit him, his decision was already made.

Jack Moore had been a star athlete himself. In fact, he still held on to many of the university’s athletic records. And after spending some time in the pro league, coming back to coach at his Alma Mater was a dream come true. Jack knew right where he belonged.

Jamie was to be Jack’s star recruit. He knew that with Jamie at the helm of his new team, his first year as head coach would be a resounding success. Despite his desire to have the kid on the team, Jack couldn’t help but feel a bit of jealousy. After all, who wouldn’t when you know the records you have held for so long are bound to be broken.

That night, sitting on the couch in Jamie’s parents’ home, was nearly a year ago. Now, as Jack stood in his office, staring at the mirrored service of his Super bowl MVP trophy, his dream of a successful first year of coaching was coming true. His team, led by his good-looking all-star freshman quarterback, was undefeated with only one more game to win before they reached the championship game. Unfortunately for Jack, that also meant that almost every one of his records had been shattered.

Standing there, gazing at his reflection in a relic from his yesteryears, he didn’t feel so bad for himself. After all, what 44-year-old could say he could still keep up with the young crowd? His years spent as an athlete, and now a coach, allowed him to stay in impeccable shape. As he admired the handsome image that stared back at him, he heard his team coming in from their final drills for last practice before the game.

Just as the water turned on in the showers, Jack stepped out of his office to begin his routine inspection of the team. Something he had learned from his coach while he was playing here. After every practice, as the team showered in the locker room, Jack would walk the showers and visually examine his players. Of course, there was nothing sexual about it. At least that’s what he told himself.  Rather, he knew that if he could spot a problem, such as a pulled muscle or sore shoulder early on, he could treat it before it got worse. What better way to do that then to see how his players reacted in the showers? Those who were injured would favor the part of their body that was hurt, signaling to Jack that something was amiss.

As he strolled through the players, he came upon Jamie. Jack saw a lot of himself in Jamie. Good looks. Washboard abs and chiseled muscles. Standing at just over 6 feet tall, Jamie was easily the most athletic on the team, spending countless hours in the gym. It had obviously paid off, too. Jamie could always make a career as a Calvin Klein model if the football thing didn’t work out.

“Hey, Coach,” Jamie called out as he saw Jack go by. “Did you see me out there, today?”

“I did, Jamie. That was one hell of a throw you threw to Sanchez. Keep that up and I know we will win.”

“So you aren’t upset that the only record you hold will be shattered tomorrow?” Jamie laughed as he turned to face his coach, putting the full girth of his cock and balls on display.

Jamie knew all too well how the coach felt about his records. The two had a special relationship, spending quite a lot of time together though usually that time was spent trying to outdo each other. Figurative pissing contests, you might say. Like when they worked out in the gym together, they’d always be competing to see who could lift the most. Or who could do more reps. Sometimes Jack would win, but most of the victories went to the younger Jamie. That didn’t stop Jack from trying to keep up.

“Naw, Jamie. I’m not upset in the least,” Jack said as he strolled past, staring at the quarterback’s naked body and making a mental note that at least his own cock was bigger than that of his player. “I bet I can still throw further than you, though.”

“Ha. In your dreams, old man.” Jamie laughed. In truth, he respected his coach. Still, that didn’t stop him from giving him a hard time.

Jack finished his inspection of the team without saying another word. Deep down, he knew that these little competitions between the two of them only served to make Jamie better. So, in the end, it was alright with him.

To say that the next day was a success would be an understatement. Jack’s young squad came away with a massive win, giving them the first-place spot and sealing their place in the big dance. To celebrate, Jack took his entire team to a private bar near the stadium. As always, Jamie always rode with Jack.

“Sorry about the record-shattering night I had,” Jamie laughed, holding the game ball.

“Ah don’t worry about it, Jamie. You deserve it. Plus, I’ll make up for it tonight.”

“Oh yeah? How’s that?”

“I bet you a beer the girl I get tonight will make yours look like a troll.”

“Ha. How do you expect to pick up a woman at your age, old man,” Jamie laughed.

“If you’re so sure, let’s make it two beers.”

“Ha. You’re on. You don’t stand a chance when I’ve got a body like this.” Jamie lifted his shirt, showing off his toned abs and chiseled chest.

“Yeah. We’ll see.”

The two continued their playful ribbing the entire way to the bar. When they arrived, the party had already started. There were people everywhere. For a private bar, there sure wasn’t much privacy.

The two men, able to pass as father and son if you didn’t know better, strolled through the eager crowd, splitting it like the red sea as they walked through. It was like they were royalty. As such, neither one paid for a drink the whole night. And the drinks flowed to them like a never-ending river. It wasn’t long before the effects of the alcohol hit both men hard and they needed to go out back for the relief of a piss.

“Say, Coach,” Jamie jeered. “I bet you another beer that I can piss further than you.”

“Haha,” Jack laughed in response. “My dick size alone gives me the advantage.” It was evident that the alcohol was dulling Jack’s professionalism.

“You’re on.”

Both men stood side by side and faced what they thought was the back wall of the bar. Jamie, with his cocky attitude, was the first one to pull out his cock. It didn’t take much effort, seeing he was wearing his elastic shorts and a t-shirt, with no underwear beneath.

The coach took a little bit longer, seeing as though he still had on the same clothes he had coached in that afternoon. After a considerable amount of fumbling around with his belt, his inebriated state causing him to have to work that much harder to concentrate, he was finally able to unfasten and unbutton his pants. Slowly, he reached his hand into his boxers and pulled out his cock, revealing it to Jamie for the first time.

Jamie’s eyes were immediately drawn its impressive size. Though he always considered himself to be hung, it was evident that the coach had at least two inches on him in length alone and maybe even more in its girth. Even from where Jamie stood, he could see the huge vein that ran the entire length of the coach’s shaft. Holding on to his own dick in his shorts, Jamie felt a slight twitch as his eyes refused to look away from his coach’s monster.

“Ha. What’s wrong, Jamie? Never seen a big dick before?”

“Come on, coach. It’s not that big,” Jamie replied, finally tearing his eyes away from his coach’s crotch and looking back at the wall.

“Yea, ok.” The coach shrugged back. “You ready?”

“Oh yea!”

Instantly, the two men unleashed their piss streams. The sound of the liquid hitting a metal door resonated through the tight alley. Laughter rung out from each man as they joked about writing their names on the door. To say the least, they were being extremely loud.

So loud, in fact, that Doctor Von Bustonut could hear their ruckus over the loud whirring of machines from the other side of the door. He turned the apparatus off so he could hear it better, trying to figure out exactly what it was. Once he deduced that the sound was indeed coming from the alley, he quickly approached his back door and peered through the peep hole for an unobstructed view of Jamie and Jack with their dicks in their hands, each unleashing a steady stream of piss.

“They’re perfect,” the scientist said to himself as he watched the pair. He let them finish their business before opening the door, knowing if he didn’t, he might end up wet.

Jamie was the first to finish, followed soon after by Jack. “Ha. I told you I could beat you, Coach. You owe me another beer.”

“Yea, yea. You’re…” Jack was unexpectedly interrupted by the metal door suddenly swinging open.  And out of the darkness of the room stepped a man whose hair looked like it hadn’t been brushed in a month. He wore a white doctor’s coat, yet it had several dirty spots all over it. He face was unshaven, covered in stubble that was anything but kept. He wore round glasses with thin frames that sat atop his nose.

“Hello. I’m Doctor Von Bustonut and that’s my door you just relieved yourselves on.” The doctor’s voice was quiet, yet pronounced.

Jack, stunned momentarily by the opening of the door, quickly stuffed his dick back into his pants. Jamie, on the other hand, left his hanging free, the alcohol increasing his level of cockiness.

“I’m so sorry,” Jack stated, visibly taken aback at getting caught in such a state. He glanced over at his quarterback and noticed he had yet to put his cock away. Instead, he noticed that Jamie was even standing a little straighter like he wanted his cock to be noticed. “Put that away, Jamie,” the coach demanded.

“Oh no, It’s alright. The boy is fine.” The doctor said as he stepped out further into the alley, closer to where Jamie was standing. “I must say, young man. You must be a strong and virile boy to have such big cajones as these. I’ve never seen someone so cocky as you to stand with your penis in the open like that.” The doctor is walked around Jamie as he is spoke. “Not to mention that it really is a nice specimen.” The doctor stopped and turned towards Jack. “Are you as strong and virile as the young man? After all, you are what, in your mid-forties?”

Jack stuck out his chest as far as he could get it. He knew his dick was bigger than Jamie’s, not to mention his experience made him stronger. “Of course I am, Doctor. This kid’s got nothing on a real man.” Jack turned to Jamie and laughed.

“Good. Perfect. You’ll do just perfect. Ok guys!”

Suddenly, a group of four men, dressed in black from head to toe, came busting out of the doorway. Two men grabbed Jack while the other two grabbed Jamie and carried them inside the dark room. The two men tried to fight them off but their ability to quickly respond was hindered by the alcohol that still flowed through them.

The four men carried the coach and his player through a corridor of doors until they reached a room so well lit room that it nearly blinded the confused duo. They continued to fight and scream as their eyes adjusted to the light but neither was able to gain their freedom. The two men carrying Jack roughly dropped him on a table while Jamie was carried to a chair that sat nearby.

Both men struggled as their attackers began to remove their clothes, stripping the pair simultaneously; seemingly unconcerned with saving their garments as they ripped and tore each piece away revealing the athletes’ well-formed naked bodies.

Jamie was the first to be stripped completely. He continued to fight but his drunken state had rendered his strength no match for his attackers as one man held him down while the other placed a strap across his waist then attached leather straps on each wrist and ankle, tightly securing Jamie’s body to the chair.

Meanwhile after Jack’s clothes were ripped off with the same disregard and left lying in a pile next to the table, the outraged coach noticed that this was no ordinary table. Instead, it supported a system of bars configured in a big rectangle. It didn’t take long for Jack to learn the exact purpose of the apparatus. His attackers placed him over the bars so that each leg straddled a bar, forcing him to stay on all fours as his attackers tied each wrist and ankle to the contraption making it virtually impossible for him to move with the exception of his cock which hung unconstrained towards the tabletop.

The men quieted down and surveyed the strange, high-tech looking room. There were several machines that looked more at home in a hospital than an office. One located directly next to Jack’s table appeared to be some sort of collection system with a series of tubes and cups connected to a mainframe by several wires. A similar machine sat next to Jamie’s chair.

Silently, the doctor entered the room with an evaluating gaze over his subjects secured at their stations. “That will be all, gentleman. Thank you for your help.” The four henchmen quickly made their silent exit. The doctor turned to Jack and Jamie.  “It’s so kind of you to join me…”

“Join you?” Jamie screamed out. “You have forced us here.”

“I did no such a thing, young one. Now, where was I? Oh yes. I am so happy to have you here.” The doctor started to walk around Jack’s table. “You two are the perfect specimens for my experiment.” The doctor picked up one of the tubes that were attached to the collection machine.

That’s a really crazy looking machine Jack thought to himself as he intently watched the doctor approach him.

“What I do here, gentlemen, is study the ability of men to perform sexually. There has always been the puzzling question of whether a man’s age effects his ability to perform. That is just one of the many questions that today’s experiment will answer.” Jack felt the doctor take a firm hold on his cock as he began to slide it into a cylinder that was attached to the tube. Though it was a big cylinder, the doctor had to struggle to get Jack’s cock to fit. However, with a little bit of pushing, he was finally able to get the member inside the cylinder which felt like silicone on his dick.

The doctor then approached Jamie and grabbed another cylinder that was similar to the one just placed over Jack’s big cock.

“I tell ya, guys. When I looked out of my door and seen the two of you, I thought I had hit the jackpot. Now I am able to truly study the difference between a young stud and an old pro.” The doctor bent down and placed the contraption over Jamie’s dick.

“What is this for?” Jamie asked, his attitude clearly showing through his voice.

“This, young lad, is to collect your sperm.”

“Hell no!” Jamie bellowed out as he renewed his fight against the restraints.

“Don’t worry, son. It’s not going to hurt at all. All I am going to do is to see which one of you can produce the most seed in a single night.”

“Doc, do we really have to do this?” Jack tried to hide the panic in his voice. “Surely there’s another way for you to complete your experiment. Wouldn’t it be better science if the subjects were willing?”

“Aww, you do make a solid point, my old friend. But alas, you two are already here! Why would I want to waste such a great opportunity.” The doctor turned back towards the machines flipped a switch, causing the apparatus to begin emitting a low humming noise. “I hope you guys are ready. You’ve got a long night ahead of you.”


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