A hot jock gets blindfolded & tied down for a fraternity's tickle initiation from a horny complete stranger.

Jock Tickle Initiation
by R.J.

jock tickle initiationIt was 9 PM on Dec. 26, when the knock happened at the hotel-room door. I opened the door only to see before me one of the finest examples of boy-next-door Jocks around. He stood there in his t-shirt, jeans and; baseball cap, not sure exactly what to expect. All he had been told was that he was to meet this former fraternity member at the hotel and; do what ever he was told. This is what he was told. What I was told was that I was to tie him down, blindfold him and tickle him for 2 hours, eventually making him climax.

I invited him in the room, asking him to remove his sneakers at the door. They were damp from the heavy snows of the day (at least that is what I used for an excuse). We sat and talked a little. After about 10 minutes I asked "You think you're ready to proceed?". He said "I really don't have much choice in the matter, do I?". He was quite right. If he didn't go through with it, he would not get into his fraternity. "Strip down to your briefs and; socks." He did so with no hesitation. "Lay on the bed and; put this blindfold on." Again he followed orders to the letter. I took each wrist and; tied it to the post of the bed, wrapping the wrist with washcloths so not to get rope burns. I tied his waist in place, and also his knees. Then I went down to his feet in white socks. Probably a size 9. I tied 1 ankle down. As I tied the other 1 down, I let 1 finger drag up the sole of his foot just a bit. His foot wiggled and he said "Careful, Dude!!" That was the reaction I was hoping for.

Once he was securely tied, I pulled a feather duster out of the bag of props I'd brought along and hung it over his belly. He shivered a little as I made 1 pass with it, but still didn't know what was about to happen. Then I made a pass with the duster on the nipples. Again he flinched. Still he had no clue. I went back down to the belly and let the duster go continually back and; forth on his belly. He bit his lower lip, trying to fight the feeling, but after a few minutes I began to hear a giggle escape from his lips, which finally erupted into a full-fledged laughter. I had a real winner in this one. "OK Buddy! Quite messin' around and get started. I ain't got all night. I put down the duster and put a hand on each of his sides. "Buddy, we've all ready begun. This is it."

I let my fingers scurry on his sides as he started to buck on the bed. The laughter was full and; loud. "Oh man!!! No way!!!! Mike, I'm gonna get you for this!!!!!!" Mike was the frat brother who had set all this up. I moved up to his pits and; dug in. "You want me to stop? Is it too much?" I knew he couldn't refuse without failing his initiation.

After about 25 minutes of this, I decided it was time to move to the lower portion. I stopped and; stood. "Thanks dude. I couldn't take much more." I walked down to the foot of the bed and just stared at his feet. Remember, he was blindfolded and had no idea where I was. "You gonna untie me now?" I put each hand within an inch of his feet and prepared.

"You still there Buddy?" Suddenly his feet wiggled a little and bumped against my fingers. Oh Shit!!!! He knew where I was now and; what was going to happen. Letting the fingers fly up and; down his soles, he laughed unlike anyone I'd encountered before, and I must say I've had my share of tickle/torture scenes, but this guy was more sensitive than any I'd EVER encountered. The time flew as I realized another 20 minutes had passed. Slowly, I peeled each of his socks off.

"Oh shit!! Dude!!! How much more?" I grabbed the duster and; lightly dusted each of his feet with the feathers. He laughed, wiggled and; jumped, but never did he beg me to stop. Kind of nice having such an obedient slave. Rarely have I found a man who the feather duster worked on. This was a real treat.

Another 20 minutes elapsed. I put down the duster and; pulled out a bottle of baby oil and poured it on his feet. It was kind of cold. "Shit!!! What the fuck is that?" I put the bottle down and began to massage his feet, letting my hands glide up and; down. "That feels great Dude." Then I started quickly running my fingers all over the bottoms of his feet. I forgot to mention. This only makes the fingers move faster and makes the tickling that much stronger." It was true. My fingers were literally flying along the skin now. He was bucking wildly, but now his attitude changed. He was making more erotic sounds between his laughs.

After another 15 minutes, I decided he was ready for a little more, so I pulled his briefs down to his knees. I would have had him take them off from the start, but didn't want to give him any clues as to what was to happen. I once again picked up my trusty duster and; ran it on what had become a very large erection. "Oh!!! PLEASE!!!! Then I stopped. "Should I stop?" Half laughing and totally out of breath, all he could say was "Keep going." And so I did. I continued to apply the feathers to his crotch as my free hand worked his right foot. HE laughed and; moaned and; moaned and laughed, trapped somewhere between pleasure and; torture. Another passage of time and he asked "Can you untie 1 of my hands? "You want me to stop?" I asked. "No, but I gotta get off."

I untied 1 hand and went back down to his feet and tickled his feet as he stroked away. He was getting closer. I continued to tickle 1 foot as I grabbed the duster and; began to tickle his balls. He hadn't expected that, I guess. He shot quickly, then laid there catching his breath.

"Thanks dude.. That was great. Gonna tell Mike I passed with flying colors?" I just stood there and said No one said we were through yet." He had gotten off, but I was still totally aroused and of need of release. "No way Dude!! Taking my pants off, I lay on the bed next to his feet and; once again began to tickle. For those of you who don't know it, after a guy has cum, he is even MORE ticklish. This guy was no exception. I must confess, it didn't take long for me to cum, not with his being so sensitive. Once through, I untied him and let him get dressed. I led him to the door, shook his hand and said "Welcome to the Fraternity."

I still think on that night. After a few months I was on the computer 1 night and received an Instant Message from someone called _____ (You didn't think I'd give the name, did you). It was my ticklish initiate, He was searching for someone to tie and; tickle him. Not only had he become a fraternity brother, he had become a convert.


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