A high school senior with a shoe and bondage fetish abducts a young Marine recruiter and subjects him to forced shaving, tickling & cum control in the privacy of his bedroom.

Jason Bags A Marine
by Chris Mitchell & Jake Wolf of Sneaker Bitch

jason bags marineMike had been in the Marines for three years. He joined the USMC immediately after high school, and now, he found himself volenteering to attend a college information event at his old high school on behalf of the Marines. Mike was extremely excited and enthusiastic about being able to help other "misguided" students to find the Marines and encourage them to join.

The day of the event Mike meets hundreds of students, in batches of about seventy-five at a time. Mike thought a lot of them had potential for becoming Marines, but none stuck out as particularly special. Most of the jocks of the school visited the event together. When Mike saw the group of basketball players and football players come in, most of them in uniform, he thought of how much potential they all had physically, but what most of them probably lacked was mental fortitude. He spoke with a lot of young men during the event, mostly football jocks. The basketball players seemed to be less interested in the military. There was one basketball player of note that Mike met, Jason. Jason is an 18 year old senior. He plays basketball, runs track, swims on the school team and last year he was also on the wrestling team. In addition to Jason's athletic abilities, his grades are also superior and most people say he has the best personality in his class. Mike thinks he is a nice, intelligent guy who would do well in the Marines.

Several more groups of students come and go after Mike meets Jason. At the end of the day, Mike is alone in the gym, finishing up breaking down his display table and packing everything away to leave. Once everything was packed away, Mike sat down on the bleachers behind where he had been standing all day. He pulled a pair of black Nike basketball sneakers and a pair of low cut black socks out of his dark olive bag, sitting them gently beside his booted feet. He reached down and pulled the laces on each of his boots, untying them. He stretched his feet and wiggled his toes, breaking the sweaty seal that had built up between the socks, his boots and his feet. He grabbed each of his boots by the heel and pull in the direction of his toes, removing them. He then laid his boots on the bleachers behind him. He unrolled his sweaty socks from his feet and shoved them down in the boot shafts. He quickly put on the short socks and basketball sneakers, lacing them, and tying them with the precision of combat boots. Mike then stripped off his BDU jacket and threw it beside his boots.

Mike grabs a basketball from a rack in the corner of the gym, and dribbles it a few times, letting the sound of the ball hitting the hard wood echo through the empty gym a few times. Mike shot the ball a few times, he missed some, he got some. He was just as bad at basketball as he remembered being in high school. As he was shooting and cursing every miss, focused entirely on basketball, Jason opened the gym door behind him. Jason realized that Mike was in the gym alone before the large wooden door had a chance to slam. Jason caught the door and closed it very gently, then crouched down to slip in to the gym unnoticed. He slid in the opening below the bleachers and reached up to grab the Marine's boots.

Jason laid back in the darkness of the bleachers. He put one hand in a boot, feeling the warm dampness still present from Mike's foot. The other hand was busy holding the other boot over his nose. He sprang a boner within moments, which he rubbed briskly with the boot on his hand. He moaned as the pressure from the sole provided pleasure to his bulging crotch. Between the euphoric strokes Jason didn't notice that Mike had stopped playing basketball and was going back to the bleachers to switch back to his boots. Mike noticed that his boots were missing and also heard a bit of moaning from beneath the bleachers, he reached under the bleachers and pulled Jason out. Jason tried to run from Mike as soon as he was caught, but Mike pulled him back and attempted to question him as to what he was doing.

The eighteen year old basketball jock and the twenty-two year old Marine fought for several minutes. No punches where thrown, just attempts at varying holds. First Mike was on top, then Jason, then Mike, going around for many rounds. Finally, Jason kicked under Mike's legs, dropping him to the floor. Jason placed his knee on Mike's chest and reached over to get Mike's dark green bag and began digging around in it. Jason found exactly what he was looking for, a pair of handcuffs and some rope. Jason quickly secured Mike's wrists into the steel cuffs, and then dug around in his own gym bag to find his jockstrap from practice to shove in Mike's mouth.

Jason pulled Mike to his feet, grabbed his boots and his bag and rushed him out to the parking lot behind the gym. Jason pushed Mike across the parking lot until they reached Jason's truck. As soon as Mike saw Jason lower the tailgate of the black truck, he knew his fate. Jason pressed Mike to the tailgate, lifted his legs and then slid him in. Jason jumped up with Mike to tie him to the bed of the truck. Jason tied a web of rope to keep Mike from rolling anywhere, or being able to wiggle out of the ropes. The bright green military issue rope clung tightly to Mike's entire body. The rope around his ankles quickly reminded him that he was missing the key component of his uniform. Jason covered his victim with a blue tarp he had in his truck. He hopped into his truck and drove home with his newly captured Marine struggling in the back.

When Jason arrived at home, he checked all around his house, checking to see if anyone was around who might see him escorting a kidnapped Marine into his house. Jason didn't expect his parents home for several hours. Jason was nervous that he had captured a United States Marine. He managed to make himself calm enough to finally uncover Mike, and just as his did, the boner appeared through his basketball shorts again. He adjusted his cock down one leg, so that it wouldn't be as visible, but who was he hiding it from? There was no one around, and its not like his bound victim would mind, right? He untied Mike from the side of the truck first, and then untied his bound ankles. He pulled him out of the truck and pushed him through the front door and up the stairs to Jason's bedroom.

Mike fought being forced into Jason's bedroom. He had no idea as to the boy's intentions or desires. The resistance caused Jason to become more aggressive with his pushes and more proactive in maintaining the captivity of his captive. Jason shoved Mike into his closet, then tied a rope to the handcuffs, pulling his arms above his head and forcing Mike to stand on his toes. Jason closed the door to the closet, leaving Mike completely in the dark.

With Mike safely away in the closet, Jason laid on his bed with Mike's boots. He closed his eyes and began licking on the boots, picturing himself licking them while having his Marine stand over him. Jason then let his mind wander to thinking about Mike in the basketball shoes as he had seen him today. What an odd sight he thought. Mike running around the court playing basketball, sweating in his olive green t-shirt, dog tags, camo pants and black basketball sneakers. Jason's erection grew stronger, making him feel as though his cock were about to burst on the spot. Jason opened the closet door and yanked the basketball shoes right off of Mike's feet with such a passionate strength, that for a moment, Mike was oblivious to it happening, although he felt a slight tickle as Jason also pulled his socks off. Jason knew that Mike felt vulnerable, he could hear him whimpering and begging into the jockstrap in his mouth. Jason returned to his lair on his bed, within sight of Mike. He pulled his shorts down and let his cock be free. He placed Mike's still hot basketball sneakers over his face, breathing in the smell of sweat, and leather, and Mike. Jason rubbed his cock with his hand, and placed one of Mike's boots near his cock. Jason stuck out his tongue and rubbed the sole of Mike's basketball sneaker over it. He loved the taste of the sole, but even more he loved the taste of the leather as he let his tongue run across it, making it shine. Mike watched Jason and reacted as though he were totally humiliated by having this jock worshiping his sneakers and boots. Jason kept jerking his cock, making it more plump, full of cum and getting closer to orgasm. Jason soon got himself to the point of being ready to cum, making a lot of noise with his moans of pleasure, to ensure that Mike would be watching. He shot his load directly into Mike's boots, trying to throttle his orgasm to get half of his load into each of the boots. Mike's face turned to disgust, he thought to himself that he were happy that Jason had waited until the boots weren't on his feet to do that.

As soon as Jason could clean himself up using one of Mike's socks he took the boots over to Mike and put them on his feet, pulling the laces tight and tying the knots as strong as he could. As the cum spread over Mike's still inclined feet, his face reacted in horror. He was very unhappy and turning a little red in the face from the embarrassment of having a high school jock's cum all over his feet. Jason scurried off across the room, looking through some drawers until he found what he was looking for. Two small locks with long shackles, designed for luggage. Jason threaded the shackle through the top two D-ring eyelets on Mike's boots, securing his boots to his feet. The foreign feeling of having his boots locked on his feet caused him a great amount of fear, which was apparent when he looked down and began staring at the locks on his boots.

Jason tied ropes around Mike's boots to hobble him, then he released the cuffs from his wrists and pushed him to his bed. When Mike hit the bed, he made an attempt to struggle as Jason tied ropes around his massive biceps and flailing wrists. Jason tied his arms apart, and then retied his ankles to mirror the same. Jason grabbed the olive t-shirt that was so neatly tucked into the Marine's trousers, pulled it out and ripped it straight up the middle, separating it, exposing Mike's chest, abs and vulnerable nipples which were rapidly becoming hard with the cool air of the room. Jason ran the tips of his long fingers down the side of Mike's body, causing Mike to quiver and shake. Jason looked down at his bound Marine. Mike couldn't stand just being looked at like that, he laid perfectly still for a moment before thrashing violently against the ropes, trying to break free. The ropes held firm, tensing as Mike pulled, but never giving in. Mike's trousers are unzipped and opened, revealing a small peak at his briefs, with a small portion of the upper-right corner of the USMC seal peaking out from the left leg. Mike seemed like he might want to say something, this caused Jason to cautiously approach to remove the jockstrap from Mike's mouth. When the gag was removed Mike let all of his anger and frustration out, "What the fuck are you doing to me? Let me the fuck up NOW!" Jason laughed at the futility of Mike's verbal struggle. He looked him in the eyes, grabbed his nipples and twisted as he informed him "I'll do whatever the fuck I want with you, and you aren't getting loose until I'm ready to let you go". Mike returned a glare with a scowl through his clenched teeth, trying to not let the pain show. Jason punched the marine's hard abs, he couldn't hold back, he let out a brief grunt of pain. Jason knew he had him right where he wanted him; bound, on his bed with his most sensitive parts of his body no longer protected by his uniform, and his boots locked on.

The room was quite cool, but Mike was very obviously sweating, and wishing he were anywhere but on Jason's bed. During the moments that Jason was gone to gather some supplies for his next planned task for the bound Marine, Mike was left in the room to contemplate his fate. He tried to lay comfortably on the bed to calm himself down, in an attempt to get through the situation with his military dignity still intact. He couldn't let this high school jock get to him. There was no way for him to get calm, or comfortable. The bed felt like a giant blanket of nails to his ego, he struggled and twisted and moved himself to the greatest extent his restrained state would allow, which wasn't very far. When Jason returned, he was carrying some things in a plastic tray, preventing Mike from seeing what Jason gathered. The tray was set across the room from Mike, on Jason's desk.

The two guys were both exhibiting signs of being nervous. For the first time since he captured Mike, Jason was beginning to think about what he had done, he had just kidnapped a marine, and he was certain that if Mike got free, he could kick his ass without a problem. Mike didn't know what to expect. He hadn't been harmed by Jason, but he didn't trust anyone who kept him bound. Jason convinced himself that what he had done couldn't be reversed and the best thing he could do is enjoy the situation. To break the silence and make himself feel better, Jason asked "Hey Marine, are you ticklish?". Mike growled back "hell no". Jason moved closer to Mike and pressed him "Are you sure about that?" In a very strong masculine tone that sounded almost believable, Mike responded "Yes!" Jason bent over Mike and ran his fingers down his armpits. Mike twitched and suppressed all but a moan of a giggle. Jason attacked again and again, until he finally overpowered Mike's resistance and had him thrashing and laughing, causing his muscular abs to expand and contract with a deep heaving motion. Mike yelled out "dude, stop, I'm going to piss myself!" Jason stopped and stood back, admiring Mike's struggling and his inability to resist tickling. He found himself trying to hide his erection, but decided to not worry about it anymore, after all, he had let Mike watch him masturbate into his boots.

Jason grabbed the box from his desk, sat in his chair and rolled to Mike's side. From the box he pulled out shaving cream and a razor. He sprayed the foam into his hand, and rubbed it on both of Mike's armpits, as well as his pubic hair. Mike immediately objected. "What the fuck are you doing? You can't do this to me! Wash this shit off of me and let me go." Jason grabbed one of Mike's socks, balled it up and shoved it into his mouth, warning him that if he spat it out, he would shave his entire body and then tape the sock in place. Mike's face went sour at the taste of his own sock, and had to fight his natural reaction encouraging him to spit the sock out. Mike closed his eyes as Jason brought the blade to his skin. In just a few brisk strokes, Jason was finished with Mike's pits. Jason threatened to tickle his pits further, but resisted. He rolled in the chair further down Mike's body, and began to study the space he was about to shave. The dark brown pubes intrigued him, but not enough to give up his mission. He placed the razor gently at the end of Mike's "happy trail", and Mike tensed himself to keep his body completely rigid. The blade was pulled firmly across the skin. The hair fell away from his body, being pushed with the foam. The blade is moved swiftly, but gracefully along Mike's crotch. In moments, his crotch was bare. Jason used a damp cloth to clean off all of the remaining foam and hair from Mike's pits and crotch. The look on Mike's face indicated a feeling of defeat. What would the other guys think in the showers? Jason ran his fingers gently over the smooth crotch, just above the limp cock. His fingers found their way to being around Mike's balls. He held them gently in his hand, and then gave them a slight pull. Mike's eyes looked afraid, terrified, and pleading to be let free. His discomfort continued when Jason began stroking and massaging the base of Mike's cock. Gradually, Jason's patient touches caused Mike's cock to rise, plump and extend, standing fully erect. Jason was turned on by the moans that came from his victim as he stroked the erect cock. He reached for a bottle of oil from the box, and doused Mike's cock in it, causing it to shine and glisten. Jason rubbed the cock faster, causing more and more muffled moaning. Jason pulled the sock out of Mike's mouth, which caused the moaning to become much louder. Moans coming from the marine were deep and guttural. Mike got very close to cumming and let out a sudden deep "ooh-rah!"

The motion on Mike's cock immediately stopped. Jason moved his hand away from the cock, and smiled as the marine snapped out of his trance of arousal. "What the fuck dude, come on, don't leave me hanging man" Mike objected to the cession. Jason used his finger to rub the underside of the head, causing Mike to moan and the cock to twitch. Jason rubbed Mike's nipples and then grabbed them and pulled hard, causing Mike to yell. Mike trembled when Jason stopped pulling and began firmly rubbing his nipples. Jason then pulled away and pulled his arm back, and punched Mike's hard abs. Mike yelled and winced upon impact between Jason's fist and his abs. Jason repeated the hit several times, enjoying it more and more each time, watching the helpless marine's struggles and reactions, and hearing his pleas for him to stop hitting, and start jerking him off. Jason decided he wasn't ready to stop, but he did want to get away from the resistance that the bed was providing.

Mike was untied from the bed, cuffed and lead by his cock into the closet. His arms were pulled up above his head and tied to the closet, leaving him on his toes again. As he was lifted upward, the cum ran down his feet towards his toes. Jason picked up his boxing gloves, put them on, and started back in on his new military punching-bag. He punched Mike fast, and accurately, until he was sweating, feeling a slight burn in his muscles, and Mike was almost to the point of crying from the pain in his abs. When the assault on his abs ceased, Mike was quite limp, pulling against his restraints. Jason reached into Mike's pants and began fondling his cock, getting it firm again. Once again, Mike was moaning from pleasures to his cock. Still mostly limp against his restraints, his cock was rock hard and begging to cum. Jason stopped just short of letting Mike cum, and repeated his denial several more times, keeping Mike's cock on edge. Jason then got on his knees in front of Mike, putting his mouth around Mike's cock, swirling his tongue around the head and taking almost the entire cock in his mouth. This caused Mike to moan out a protest "I'm not a fag, stop doing this to me". With that, Jason backed off, smiled, looking up at Mike and said "okay".

Jason untied the cuffs from the closet, and pulled Mike down. Mike was thrown to the bed; he was too beaten to attempt escape. Jason threw Mike's gear, including his basketball sneakers, into the closet. Then, Mike was escorted downstairs and guided carefully back into Jason's truck. Jason tied him in the bed, just as he was before. Jason hopped into into his truck and drove his prisoner to an open field near the high school.

Jason moved Mike off of the truck and put him in the middle of the field, removed the handcuffs and tied Mike's hands behind his back. Jason then backed away from Mike and headed back to his truck. He rested himself standing against his truck, watching Mike squirm. Mike's cock was still craving release, and he was attempting to hump the ground, just as much or maybe more than he was trying to get free. Mike flails around with all of his limbs and joints bound by rope, severely limiting his movement. When it looks as though Mike is getting close to getting free, Jason hops in his truck and heads home; leaving Mike topless, bound and horny in the late afternoon sun, struggling for his freedom.

Chris Mitchell and Jake Wolf

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  1. scotts60143 - July 9, 2024, 2:12 pm

    I have read this story before, and it has always been one of my favorites!! It is still as hot as ever to have the hs school guy Jason grab the hot young marine Mike and then take him home to have fun. And, for us reading what fun it was. Also love a guy left mostly naked outside! HOT.

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