Jared and Nathan meet up with a new master who has a very painful evening planned including bondage, whipping and fucking in this true story by Jared Christopher.

Jared’s New Master
by Jared Christopher

Jared's New MasterI'm going to just dive right into what happened on Monday afternoon. Nathan came with me because Dave had to work. I had to do a little begging and he finally agreed and now admits that he liked it.

Just a quick note on the guy who did this for me: I'm not going to use his name at all. I'm just going to call him sub/master, because normally, he is a sub but he agreed to take me on a journey as my master and mentor me along.

Here we go.

He held tightly to his stiff riding crop and slapped it against his palm as he watched me strip. Nathan was next to him awaiting any instructions. I felt the draft of the room hit my naked flesh. It was cold outside and not much warmer in the makeshift dungeon he had set up in his garage. My cock had already grown hard and stood at attention, begging to be beaten. I love having my cock whipped and hoped he would take advantage and spank it until I couldn't take it anymore. Even more so, I hoped he would have Nathan do it.

He took my clothes away and came back. "Stand with your legs spread shoulder width and clasp your hands over your head." I did as I was told. He brushed his hand against my chest and abs, making his way past my cock to my balls. He gave them a light squeeze and then pulled down on my cock and let it go. It snapped back into its erect position and hit my abs. It was a little weird seeing Nathan and this stranger next to me fully dressed and me naked and hard in front of them.

With the riding crop, he began the torture by spanking my right nipple over and over. With each stroke, I turned further and further away from him. "Move back into position, boy." I obeyed and he continued on the same nipple increasing the intensity harder and harder until I shrieked, unclasped my hand and covered my nipple. "No!" he shouted and really pounded my hands with the instrument. Sharp pains raced through my arms. "Put your hands back," he commanded. I obeyed. My hands really hurt now and I wasn't about to do that again. He went back to the same nipple, pounding it with the crop. I screamed and yelped until he finally moved on.

"Bend over, boy and keep your hands clasped on your head." He inspected my ass by opening my cheeks and exposing my hole. His fingers swirled around my hole and then entered me slightly. "You got a nice ass for fucking, boy." He continued to rub his fingers over my anus and insert them. "Let's shove something bigger in here." There was a pause and then I felt a large object being shoved into my hole without preparation and without warning. My anus contracted violently around it causing me great pain. I thought I was going to lose consciousness. He retrieved a paddle and began whipping my ass. I couldn't hold myself up anymore and put my hands on my knees. The paddle landed on my ass ten times harder than before. "Put your hands back on your head, boy, or the spanking will continue to be this hard." I put them back for several strokes but put them down again to hold myself up. "All right, boy, you are going to pay for that." He stopped paddling and retrieved rope, tied my arms behind my back and attached the rope to something on the ceiling. Still bent over, I felt the rope pull my arms up high.

"Nathan, take this and give your boy ten licks . . . and make it count." Nathan moved into place and put his hand on my back. Whack! "Fuck," I screamed. My legs were shaky already, and this was just the first one. Then again, whack! "Damn, fuck." "You like that, Jared?" Nate said. "Don't talk to him, just give him his licks." Ten times Nathan spanked me. I screamed every time but I was so turned on. Pre-cum was leaking out of my cock and onto the floor. I felt really hot; sweat was pouring off my body and my ass was on fire. Nathan handed the paddle back to the sub/master and moved underneath me to lick up my pre-cum off the tip of my cock. "Sorry," he said. "I just fucking love the taste of Jared's cum." They both laughed a little and then got serious again.

I heard the sub/master fumble around with something, come back toward me and then felt this pinching, stinging pain on my hamstrings. I tried hard to move around to see but the damn rope was keeping me in position. One after another, what I now know was laundry pins were being attached up and down my legs. They were attached together with twine. The pinching hurt a little as he put them on and hurt more and more as time went on. "Ouch, fuck, pull them off. Fuck." "Be careful what you ask for, boy." Slowly and steadily he pulled on the twine. I felt the pins pulling on my legs and then excruciating pain, snap. "That's one." "Count the rest for me, boy." Pin after pin, I think there were twenty but I don't remember, snapped off my legs. It was like slowly pulling hair out of the most sensitive part of your body. "Your boy's cock is leaking again." Nathan knelt under me again and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked on it and licked it a few times while the sub/master played with and pulled on the thing up my ass. He kept sucking and sucking. I was getting excited and came close to spilling my seed. Nathan pulled away though and said "What's next?" That fucker was really enjoying this.

The sub/master yanked the plug from my ass, released me from my bondage, repositioned me, bound my wrists together and then hung me from a beam. With a makeshift wooden pole and rope, he spread my legs wide apart. I could barely stand on the balls of my feet now. He slapped my cock a few times and pre-cum flew everywhere.

He retrieved a small whip from his limited instruments, moved behind me and began beating me with it. I arched my back and began shaking as the leather strands crossed my body. I screamed and begged for him to stop but it was in vain. The strands criss-crossed my back over and over again, from my shoulders to my ass. Sometimes the beating went quickly and sometimes it slowed. It was so hard for me to brace myself for the next one. My legs were shaking and it was hard for me to stand up anymore.

He called Nathan over and told him to beat my ass and legs all over. Nathan took the whip and proceeded. I could take it on my ass ok but as he moved down my legs I screamed in pain again. He instinctively let up and handed the instrument back to the sub/master.

The sub/master moved in front of me, looked me in the face and pinched my nipple, twisting it really hard. I just stared at him furiously, panting until I couldn't take it anymore, then cried out again. He backed away, retrieved two pins and clamped them on my nipples. Then slowly, he began beating my abs and chest. The pins tore into my nipples as the whip passed over them. My cock throbbed as the beating continued. I looked down again and saw that it was drenched in pre-cum and leaking again all over the floor. I was also still drenched in sweat and that amplified the pain of the whip. Faster and faster he beat me. My legs trembled so much I couldn't stand on them anymore and gave up, now hanging from my arms. He went up and down my torso and then down the front of my legs. My arms were so tired and I was ready to stop. He sensed this, received confirmation from me and let me down. "I can do more," I said. "I just can't hang." He was done though and began picking up his tools.

"You can fuck your boy now," he said. "No mercy though. Shove it in and fuck him hard." Nathan looked at me. I nodded, giving him permission. "Fuck me, Nathan. I want you to fuck me." He helped me up and bent me over a wooden bench nearby. I heard him unzip his jeans and then, with little warning and no lube, he shoved his cock deep inside my hole. "Fuck!" I screamed. The cock master moved behind Nathan and began beating him with the whip on his ass. In and out he fucked me, pounding my hole. His balls were slapping my ass. "Take that, Jared. Fuck, take all of my cock." He slapped my ass hard and pounded away. "Oh fuck, fuck yeah," I heard him say. The sub/master continued to beat Nathan's back and ass. Nathan was wincing in pain and it made him fuck me harder and harder. "I'm cumming dude, I'm cumming." He pulled out. The sub/master pulled away and I turned around and knelt in front of him as he was stroking. He shot his load all over my chest and face as I jerked myself off. It wasn't long before I was shooting my load on the floor.

So that was my Monday . . . How was yours?

Jared Christoper

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