19 yo Jamal is lured to an apartment on the promise of earning quick cash but he soon finds himself in bondage watching his big black cock receive a long slow edging that leads to begging his captor for permission to cum.
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Edging Jamal
by Stud Stalker

This story is based on the video Jamal's Massage & Milking.
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I chose my apartment for the view and it's the best decision I ever made. It's the corner unit on the top level of a 4 story building and offers me a wide view of all the comings and goings of the entire neighborhood. I love to sit looking out my window and watch them go by. Sometimes I feel like a spider sitting up in its web just waiting for the right moment to strike its next victim. Of course I've never really considered them victims. And they've never really resisted THAT much. They're just hot straight men who need a little encouragement - a little push, some rope, a paddle if they deserve it - and I'm happy to be of service.

JamalTest2I'd seen Jamal around for a couple of months. Most mornings he'd be waiting for the downtown bus and upon his return in the afternoon he'd always stop by the local market for a Gatorade and a pack of smokes. It was summer and the days were long so he'd meet up with a groups of friends for basketball at the local court and they would play for hours even on the hottest of days. I'd often stop by the court to smoke a cigarette and watch them. Most of his friends would strip off their shirts but not Jamal so I’d never seen him shirtless but I could tell he had a nice body under those layers of baggy clothes. On one of these afternoons I was smoking a cigarette and enjoying the view when Jamal starting walking my way.

"Got an extra cig?" he asked flashing a white smile.

I reached down into my pocket and pulled the almost empty pack revealing the sole remaining smoke.

"Last one."

"Damn. Sorry man. I don't wanna take your last smoke."

But of course I insisted and he quickly accepted with an even bigger smile as I offered him a light. I learned a lot about Jamal in the few minutes we spent together while he puffed away. He's 19. Just moved in with his older brother who found him a position in the shipping department at his job. He was missing his girl back home and I swear if his complexion wasn't so dark he'd have turned deep red when I mentioned that his cock must be missing her too. Like many young men just starting out in life, the money often runs out too quickly and Jamal was dead broke until his next paycheck in three days. So the promise of an easy $100 and some smokes just for moving a few boxes in my apartment was an easy sell and I quickly had plans for the next day.


The next afternoon was another hot one. I was already exhausted from searching my apartment for anything heavy to pack into boxes for Jamal to move but I got a surge of energy as I watched Jamal get off the bus and head in the direction of my building. I quickly closed all of the windows and turned off the AC to keep the apartment extra hot.

It wasn't long before Jamal was working up a heavy sweat and complaining about the heat. I apologized that the AC was on the fritz and recommended that perhaps he'd be more comfortable if he took off his shirt. He hesitated for moment looking at me suspiciously but relented slowly pulling off his shirt revealing his tight lean body and slightly hairy pits. My cock immediately sprang to life in my shorts!

JamalTestB1I sat watching Jamal work for the next hour as the sweat ran down his his tired muscles. It wasn't long before his jeans were off giving me the even more stimulating view of Jamal working in just his boxers. It was easy to see that the boy was exhausted and when he stated complaining about his sore muscles I knew that my opportunity had arrived.

"How about a massage, Jamal?" I asked. "I think you've earned it. I'm actually quite a talented masseuse."

"A massage from a guy? Isn't that kinda gay?" he asked with a suspicious look.

"Nonsense." I replied "Nothing wrong with a guy helping out another guy. Sit here." I pointed to a green armchair in the corner. Jamal nervously made his way over to the chair and took a seat. I sat down at his feet at began to massage them through his black socks. He sat there pensively watching me massage his feet but soon he began to relax a bit and I could see that he was beginning to enjoy the experience. I continued to work his feet and it wasn't long before he closed his eyes and the ooohs and ahhhs of total bliss started coming from his mouth and his big black cock sprung to life sticking out of the pee hole of his boxers.

I reached up grabbing the waist of his boxers and firmly pulled them down in one quick motion before Jamal even knew what was happening. His black cock flopped back & forth.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Jamal protested cupping in his big cock and balls with his hand.

"You were looking a bit constricted there. Besides it's hot as fuck in here." I laughed and continued the massage. He gave me a suspicious look but soon leaned back and went back to enjoying my masterful foot massage. His hand moved away revealing his full hard cock standing straight up. My own cock was as hard as a rock and leaking as I massaged Jamal's feet and watching his cock dance as he moaned away.

JamalMassageTest1I knew he was ready for the next step so led him to the massage table in the second bedroom and helped him up laying him on his back. I sprinkled oil all over his naked body and began massaging his pecs taking the liberty to pull and pinch his erect nipples. It was obvious that Jamal was in heaven by his still rock hard cock. He grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. Within a couple of minutes he announced that he was about to cum. But I wasn't ready for the show to end. In his distracted state he didn't even notice as I attached the restraints I'd prepared to his hands and feet. By the time he realized what I was doing, it was too late.

"What is this?" he asks nervously struggling against the bondage.

"Relax," I said.

"What are you going to do to me?" he quizzed.

"Oh nothing you won't enjoy, I'm sure. I'm going to edge your cock." I replied.

"You're going to what????"

"I'm going to edge your cock. I'm going to play with your body and tease your cock until it's dripping wet. But I'm not gonna let you cum until I'm good and ready. I'm sure you'll be ready much sooner than me but I've got you tied up here so there's really not much you can do about it. You're all mine until I'm ready to let you go."

"Please let me go!" he begged "I don't want to be edged."

"Relax," I said "And you might as well get comfortable. We're gonna be here awhile."

Jamal4I grasped his big black cock with my left hand and began to lightly tease it's swollen head with my fingers, "Oh and don't even think about cumming until I give you permission. There will be a punishment if you don't follow my instructions."

He tensed and tried to resist but his cock betrayed him remaining hard and responding to my every touch. I made a loose fist around Jamal's engorged cock and softly began to stroke it's full length from the thick base to the tip of his leaking cock. When my hand descended back to the base of his cock, it would brush up against his sac and he'd jerk and beg me not to touch his sensitive balls. I leisurely continued the tortuous teasing & stroking of Jamal's cock and Jamal was in heaven.

Eventually, I began to speed up the motion. Jamal's cock continued grow. His body tensed and he bit his lip.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum!!!" Jamal moaned.

I quickly stop stroking the boy began fucking the air in vain.

"What are you doing??" he asked in a distressed tone. "I was just about to cum!!"

I gently massaged his chest. "I told you. I'm going to edge your cock. I'm not going to let you cum just yet."

I grasped his cock and began to play with his head again. Jamal gave me a very frustrated look. It wasn't long though before Jamal was back with the angels as I tightened my grip and began slowly stroking his cock again. I would purposely brush my hand up against full ball sac again and he'd protest in between his moans. When I sensed he was getting closer to cumming I sped up the pace.

"Ready to cum, Jamal?" I teasingly asked.

"Oh yes sir. Thank you sir. Please let me cum!"

I was getting much closer. He was fucking my hand!

"Ohhh I gonna cum!" he screamed.

And of course, I immediately stopped.

"OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME????" he screamed.

"I told you what I'm doing Jamal. I'm edging your cock! You're not going to CUM until I'm good and ready."

"Well I don't want to be edged! I need to cum!! My balls are aching!"

He began struggling in earnest trying to escape his bondage. I could tell he was getting angry now and I worried about exactly what might happen he did break free. But soon his struggling stopped and Jamal let out a defeated sign. I rubbed gently rubbed his chest then grasped his still rock hard cock and started the game all over.

Jamal5I enjoyed the whole evening teasing and edging Jamal's big cock. He spent the evening going in and out of a state that now seemed like somewhere between heaven and hell. When he'd drift back into the world of the living he only had the capacity to softly beg, "Please let me cum."

Eventually, I did. I tightened my grip and began to work his cock like a machine. Jamal was breathing hard. His entire body tense. He bit his lip and lifted his hips.

"OHH FUCK!!!!!!!" he screamed as his big black cock throbbed in my hand and a huge white load came following out!!

Jamal was frozen in place for a moment while he recovered. Then he fell flat back onto the massage table. I continued to play with his now even more sensitive cock. He struggled and begged for me to stop which I did....eventually.

When I release Jamal he suddenly became very shy and embarrassed. I paid him the $100 (he definitely earned it!) and he made a quick exit. I didn't expect to see him again but still I wasn't really that surprised the next day as I watched him walk toward my building and heard his knock on the door.......

God I love my view!

This story is based on the video Jamal's Massage & Milking.
MEMBERS: Watch the full video in our MEMBER VIDEOS section.
NON-MEMBERS: Download the full video from MaleBondageAndFeet.com

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