Secret Agent Jake is forced to watch his two young sons tortured to get him to talk in this hot interrogation submission from Rangar1963.

Jake and his Sons
by Rangar1963

sons-torturedSecret agent Jake, betrayed by an enemy spy, has been captured. The crime boss not only wants information from Jake, he wants revenge on him as a personal enemy. He knows Jake's reputation as a man of superhuman endurance, able to withstand any torture. But the Boss has a fiendish plan to make Jake suffer.

The spy has reported the current whereabouts of Jake's two sons, and the Boss has sent a team to kidnap them. Joey is 19, cocky and daring; Danny is 21, more serious, the strong silent type; both handsome and athletic, well-built young men. They were last seen driving deep into the backwoods, where Jake and his boys are building a getaway cabin. The Boss's thugs spy on the young men from a distance: Hard at work under the afternoon sun, the two hunky young men are stripped to the waist, wearing only jeans and sneakers. Their muscles ripple and their bodies glisten with sweat as they perform hot construction work on this summer day. The boys think they're alone, not knowing they were followed.

Surprised by the abductors, outnumbered, Joey and Danny fight hard and bravely but are overpowered by the gun-wielding thugs. They're soon hogtied, gagged, forced into the back of a van. "Take their shoes so they can't run," says one of the thugs, and the boys' sneakers are pulled off, leaving them barefoot. Windows covered, the inside of the van is pitch dark as they drive away.

The Boss is cruelly excited to see the two muscled young captives. Dragged before him, the two struggle uselessly to get away. They always knew that because of Jake's dangerous missions, they were under threat of being kidnapped as pawns. Their sweating bodies give the Boss a sadistic idea." Take them to the Sweat Box," he orders the thugs, "while we prepare his father for their arrival." The boys curse through their gags as they're led off.

The Sweat Box is a small sealed chamber with a temperature control, used for heat torture. A hook in the ceiling is used to suspend the victims, and a window in the side allows the Boss to watch his captives suffer. Joey and Danny are forced back to back and have their wrists cuffed together: Joey's left to Danny's right and vice-versa. The cuffs are raised and attached to the hook. The teenagers hang helplessly, wrists high in the air, bare feet just touching the Box's floor. The brothers' muscled backs, slick with sweat, are pressed together as they hang.

The Boss orders the heat turned up, and sits back to watch his enemy's all-American stud sons suffer as they cook together, shirtless, bound, unable to move, muscled torsos dripping. He can see the effect of the heat on their handsome faces: hair plastered with sweat to their foreheads, heads lolling in the heat. They begin to wince as the heat is again turned up. An hour later, the Boss smiles cruelly. They are ready. "Bring in Jake," he orders his thugs.

Jake, 40, awesomely muscled and powerful, stripped to boxers, is brought in. Signs of a severe beating mark his buff body. Though weakened, he's enraged to see that his two sons have been captured! "YOU BASTARDS!!" he shouts frantically as he's forced into a bondage chair. Biceps, wrists, thighs, ankles, abdomen, neck, forehead: thick leather straps are buckled around all these parts of Jake's body to hold him tightly in place. Escape is impossible. He can only rage and struggle as he sits immobile in the massive torture chair--which has been sadistically placed to offer him a view of the Sweat Box window and his two heat-tortured sons. Inside the completely soundproofed Box, Joey and Danny have no idea their father is watching them sweat and suffer.

Jake knows, though, just how tough his sons are. His relentless, even brutal regimen of strength and endurance training has given his muscled boys awesome stamina. Weight training, athletics of every kind, hard labor, even whippings for punishment, all gladly endured by the boys in the quest for strength, have built his sons into powerful men and made Jake as proud of them as they are of themselves. But that couldn't prevent them from being taken captive and trapped in the interrogation chambers of the cruel Boss.

Jake watches in anger and fear as Joey and Danny sweat, nearly fainting from the intense heat. "Do you expect me to talk?!" he bellows.

"Yes, but even after you do, your boys will continue to suffer," gloats the Boss. "You will pay dearly for the trouble you've caused me. But first you will tell me what I need to know."

"FUCK YOU!!!" shouts Jake.

"Very well, if you won't cooperate, then you will endure the agony of watching your beautiful sons tortured."

"Bring them out," the Boss orders. The Sweat Box heat is turned off, the doors unsealed, and thugs enter and bring down the weakened boys. "How I have eagerly waited for the chance to inflict pain on their handsome bodies," gloats the Boss. The shock of seeing their father in the torture chair is a cruel one. "JAKE! NO!!!" But there's nothing they can do.

With a gesture the Boss orders Danny brought to one end of the room. A section of chain-link fence eight feet by eight feet, is bolted to the wall. Danny tries to put up a fight, but there are too many thugs manhandling him to resist as his jeans are pulled off and his body backed up to the section of fence. Arms spread wide overhead, legs forced apart, his wrists and ankles are quickly handcuffed to the fence, and a thick leather strap tied tightly around his waist presses his body against the metal. Young jock Danny stands spread-eagled, nude, panting, sweating, bound inescapably to the fence.

At the same time, Joey is dragged to a concrete post standing floor to ceiling near where Jake sits bound. Forced to his knees, Joey is shoved against the pillar. His arms are yanked behind him around the pillar, his wrists cuffed together. His ankles too are cuffed together behind the pillar. A strap around his neck holds his head in place as he kneels, bound to the post.

Then a guard takes a pair of jumper cables. . . clips one end of each to an electric generator. . . and clips the other to the metal fence. Joey and Jake watch in horror. Danny yanks at his chains, muscles flexing. No use. A switch on the box is snapped on.

"Yes, Jake," says the Boss. "Electro-torture. I believe you have experienced that? The agony? The feeling that your muscles are on fire, being torn apart?" Jake defiantly says nothing. "Talk now, or witness this strong young man suffering under that very torture."

"NO, JAKE, DON'T TALK!" Danny bravely yells.

"Ah, such a courageous boy, to suffer torture for his father's sake, even to welcome it." Jake remains silent. "Last chance. Give me the details of your Mission."

"NO!!!" Jake and Danny yell at the same time.

The Boss nods. The guard clicks a dial up three notches. . . and presses a button.


"NO!! DANNY!!!!"


Instantly the room is filled with yelling. Danny thrashes wildly in his bonds as the current surges through the metal fence and into his body. Arms yanking at the cuffs, he cannot escape the torture.

The button again. Danny's naked body writhes in agony under the brutal torture of the electroshock as Joey and Jake watch helplessly. The two men are driven mad with anger and fear as the young stud is tortured. They watch his sweat-soaked body thrashing insanely as the current tortures him again and again!

Eventually, Danny's body went limp. "Fainted," said the guard. "Very well. Revive him. We shall continue to torture the young man for as long as it takes to break his father's stubbornness. In the meantime," said the Boss, "we will work on the young one."

"FUCK YOU!" shouted Joey as the thugs came to free him. They uncuffed his wrists and ankles and pulled him to his feet. Joey was strong, but the thugs were stronger. They dragged him struggling to the center of the room, roughly unzipping and pulling off the boy's jeans. Soon he too was nude. Chains with thick iron cuffs at the ends were lowered from the ceiling. Shoved to the floor, Joey's legs were pulled up and his bare ankles swiftly locked in the manacles. Joey's body thrashed helplessly as the chains were raised by a pulley, lifting his legs and his whole body into the air. The thugs pulled Joey's arms to each side and with rough ropes tied his wrists to iron rings embedded in the floor. Soon the muscled teenager was hanging naked upside down in an inverted Y shape, facing Jake, wrists roped, head about two feet from the floor. He thrashed and struggled, but escape was impossible.

All this happened in a moment. Meanwhile, the Boss picked up a wicked-looking strap and brought it to where Jake was strapped down. Lovingly he fingered the strap, showing it off to Jake. It was a strip of rough rawhide, two feet long, three inches wide, and a half-inch thick, mounted on a heavy wooden handle. "This lash was used in Southern prisons on the most uncooperative inmates," he said cruelly. "No man has ever been known to survive 30 blows." The Boss paused to let this information sink in. "Your son is strong, however. He may very well last that long."

Jake was frozen with shock. "Speak now or watch as your handsome young son is whipped to death in the most brutal manner." Silence. The Boss said nothing but walked around to the back of the suspended lad. Joey's breathing became panting in anticipation as the Boss raised the lash. . .

SSSSSCRACK!!!!!! Joey gasped for air as the unimaginably heavy blow, landing on the center of his powerfully muscled bare back, knocked all the wind out of him. A moment later the gasp turned to a roar of blistering agony and anger as the pain of the impact spread through his torso like fire. ""AAAAGHHHHHH!!!"

"NO!!! NO!!!!" Jake shouted maniacally, thrashing at the chair bonds like a wild animal.

SSSSSCRACK!!!!!! Another blow! Joey's choked roar sounded inhuman, unable to breathe but forced to scream under the torturous blow.

SSSSSCRACK!!!!!! The pain drove Joey nearly insane as the young stud's beautifully muscled back reeled from the lash. It did no good to struggle against the ropes, flexing his thick sweating biceps. He only managed to chafe his bare ankles trapped in the irons, supporting the entire weight of his muscled body.

SSSSSCRACK!!!!!! SSSSSCRACK!!!!!! Five strokes the brave nineteen-year-old suffered! His back felt like it was being held over a flame.

SSSSSCRACK!!!!!! "AAAAAIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!" Joey shrieked in agony as the whip connected with his firm bare ass.

SSSSSCRACK!!!!!! "AAAAAGHHH!!! AAAAGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Joey began to sob uncontrollably as the burning lash struck his bare cheeks.

Still no word from Jake, stunned into horrified by the nightmare of seeing his teenage jock son tortured. The Boss strode around to Joey's front and without warning, raised his arm high and laid the strap on Joey's bare chest!

SSSSSCRACK!!! "AAAAAGHHHHHHHH!!! OH, GOD!!!!" Joey's hard-muscled pecs were ablaze with agony!

SSSSSCRACK!!! SSSSSCRACK!!! Faster and faster the blows landed on Joey's naked chest as the young man writhed wildly, insane with agony. SSSSSCRACK!!! The whip struck Joey's abs, and the hanging lad gasped and gurgled for air. It felt like he was drowning. Pain burned every cell in his muscled buff torso.

The Boss paused for breath. "Boss," said the guard manning the electric generator. "The older one is awake again." Jake heard Danny moan softly. The Boss looked at the weakened young man dangling from the cuffs that held him to the fence. "Hit him again!" he said forcefully, and raised his arm.

At the same moment the guard pressed the button, sending current into Danny's tortured young body, making him jerk and thrash hideously, another brutal blow from the whip landed on Joey's vulnerable pecs. The simultaneous screams torn from the throats of the two stud brothers echoed from the torture-chamber walls and deafened everyone.

Tears rolled down Jake's cheeks, near to fainting himself. From here on the Boss and the guard coordinated their tortures, and the two brothers screamed in tandem in a hellish duet. Their throats were raw, sweat-drenched bodies on fire, muscles straining, the two naked menthrashing under the tortures.

"STOP!!!!" Jake screamed. The Boss turned to look--and just at that moment, the door burst open! Masked men in military uniform rushed in, rifles drawn, firing wildly but hitting their targets without wasting a single bullet. Seconds later the Boss and all his thugs lay dead on the concrete, and hands were unstrapping Jake, lifting his beaten body out of the chair; lowering Joey's tortured body slowly into waiting arms and unbinding his hands and feet; unlocking the cuffs and helping Danny down off of the metal grid of torture. Quickly, smoothly, the men were helped outside and into a waiting van.

Even after those brutal tortures, it didn't take very long for the powerfully built, heroically tough men to recover. Soon Jake and his sons were back at their construction project, enjoying good hard work under a hot sun, stripped shirtless and sweating hard, admiring each other's muscles and proud of the hellish tortures they had survived without breaking.



  1. adrk - October 3, 2014, 11:50 am

    very hott!

  2. ragnar1963 - October 4, 2014, 9:19 am

    Glad you liked it! Loved writing it. More where that came from—

  3. 31118azti - March 11, 2018, 9:59 pm

    Great story but did not care too much for the ending….thanks.

  4. ragnar1963 - June 23, 2023, 7:29 am

    Thanks for the repost! I hadn’t read this in a while!

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