Captain Invincible is taken to the Zytracxian command center where the captive super hero is molested by the emperor and witnesses a Zytracxian birth.


Captain Invincible and the Planet of Doom – Chapter 5: The Spawn
by Wolfpek
Art by Amalaric
Series: Captain Invincible and the Planet of Doom

Fight as he might to regain control of his body, the paralyzed super stud passed in and out of consciousness as he was borne, luscious ass aloft, to an unspeakable fate. It had all been a diabolical trap. They had brought him to this planet, and used his superpowers to locate the last rebel settlement. He felt the warm breeze upon the exposed naked curve of his meaty ass, blowing into the helpless open hole, as the long alien hand closed around his thigh, its brittle nails tickling the swinging balls and blond hairs ringing his dark chute. He realized the final stage of the plot; it was happening to him! The most powerful super hero in the galaxy was now carried like a slab of raw meat to be another slave, his superhuman body used for some bizarre reproductive ritual. He understood that the bonds around his wrists and ankles must be merely decorative, no trouble at all for any hero to break with his super strength, if only the secretions of the strange plant would wear off, and he could regain control of his body.

Just as Atreu had been taken. He surmised that only the most choice and strongest captives were to be transported in this humiliating fashion on the long road to the emperor's palace, bound and presented. Blood rushed into his head, and to his throbbing unsatisfied cock trapped painfully against the bony clavicle of the Zrytacxian. The motion of the marching alien over the rough rode made it slip and rub against the scaly flesh, the hair still blocking his slit preventing release. He sighed, and pressed his need into his captor's neck, arching his hard ass up, and then back into the bone.

"I think he's coming to."

"Relax, we're almost there. These hunks always start squirming right about now, delicious isn't it?  The emperor loves to see a little struggle. I haven't lost a catch yet."

He could make out a murmur of voices nearby, and then a burst of cheering as an overpowering sent of man sex, a change of light, and a click of Zyrtacxian claws upon stone indicated that they had entered a structure. Except for the distant soft gravelly moaning of a chorus of young human males, a hush fell over the surrounding area, as he felt himself borne up a set of stairs. "Your majesty, I bring you the super human!"


After an unbearably long moment of silence, he heard the familiar hissing of the Emperor's voice. "Ahhhhh yessss. Exquisite!" Long fingers came to rest on the cool hard muscles of his ass, gently pulling them apart. As if with a mind of their own his hips seemed drawn to arch toward the hot breath that breezed through his open hole. "So much more beautiful than I dared hope." The voice spoke directly into his raised asshole. "Welcome to Zytrox IV, my helpless hero. Thank you for coming to save us. You will do so much more for us than you can possibly have imagined."

The Emperor nodded to his guards: "By the ankles for him, I think."

He felt his body finally slide out of the painfully embarrassing position, and left to drop roughly on the stone tiles. A claw kicked him face down to release his wrists. Long Zrytacxian hands attached a hook to his bound ankles. The jarring sound of a winch invaded his reeling brain, dizzy as he felt himself pulled upward, his limp weight hanging painfully from his bound ankles, like a butcher shop carcass, swinging fingers grazing the flagstone that covered the floor. His already pert glutes and pecs were given added curve by the pull of upside down gravity. Krulok stooped to stare into his face. A long hand cupped the Captain's round left pectoral over his beating heart, the way he would a woman's breast, the other gently stroked his stubbled cheek. Breath, like rotting lettuce invaded his nostrils as he felt the tentacles which surround a Zyrtacxian mouth latch on to his square jaw, and pull his face forward. He gagged as a vibrating serpentine tongue darted deep down his throat, and a lipless fanged maw closed around his parted mouth into a prolonged kiss. It took all his strength to pull away, and the slap shot his eyes wide open.

The first thing he saw was Atreu, hanging like a sleeping acrobat in a series of ropes. Even the base of his cock was tightly constricted by a wet rope which cut off circulation and turned his ball sack a frightening shade of blue. His arms pulled high behind him, a strip of bloody fabric around his waist raised his ass up which in turn was held high by a metal hook lodged deep in his hole. His bent legs and ankles spread at a slightly uneven angle. Atreu's long hair obscured his hanging head and dripped sweat and blood onto the ground. They had let him keep his primitive gold jewelry but he was otherwise naked.

A shot from one of their ray guns sent him into violent convulsions, the light turning to ooze as it puddled in the crevices between his defined and shivering muscles. The creatures had obviously tortured him in this a way so as not to scar his beautiful bronze flesh. The super stud tried to call to him, "Atreu! ATREU!!!" The rebel chieftain struggled to lift his head. Through the hanging hair, Captain Invincible could see the barbarian's defiant square jaw. Drool dropped in long lines from his slack full lips. "Unngghh.... uhhhh…" The hand that gripped his jaw pulled him forward, far closer to a revolting Zyrtacxian face than he would wish on anyone.

"I am sorry my beauty, but your handsome friend appears to be somewhat indisposed, you'll have to talk with me." A cruel push to his shoulders sent him into a sickeningly rapid spin, like a child's top, to the riotous laughter of the surrounding aliens. Captain Invincible's brain kept spinning, trying to hold back the bile in his throat as he was righted to a stop. Another suffocating kiss; this time the snake tongue wound around his in spirals, pulling it into the fanged vortex until  the Emperor pulled away, and gestured with a welcoming motion,  "Welcome to my command centre!"

The super hero's drugged eyes struggled to focus. What he saw was an immense coliseum, surrounding an oval of vast open sky, with an audience made of rows of thousands of naked young men bound in various ingenious positions and tormented by Zyrtacxians. Below him was a band of blinking space age equipment, and below that a series of stone beds upon which more young men were tortured and raped in sickeningly creative postures. He saw a struggling Iuli bent over the rough stone.  The Captain hadn't had a glimpse of a Zyrtacxian without it's toga before, and the sight was terrifying. The member was thicker and longer than a strongman's forearm, made of hairy wormlike bands that began green at the groin, and then to yellow, to brown, and finally to a sharp black tip, like the stinger on a wasp. Iuli screamed as it entered him. The bound super hero looked away to see what  occupied the open air centre of the stadium, and was horrified to see wriggling, like a million headed snake far into the sky, an impossibly huge Manthrax!!!! He could see that some of the pods were occupied and others empty. Still others plunged to swallow up struggling hunks laid out on the slabs which surrounded it. The Zyrtacxian finished with the ginger haired giant and stepped back as a bloom swept down and engulfed Iuli's squirming naked form.

5cCaptain Invincible winced as one of the mouth tentacles slithered into his ear.  He shivered as the others joined the darting tongue to tickle the sensitive skin at the back of his neck; long fingernails flicked the erect nubs of the wine red nipples which crowned the apex of his heaving man tits. The Zytracxian had only begun the exploration of his writhing new plaything. "I'm so glad that you are starting to come round my super helpless beauty, I want to explain exactly what's going to happen to you as I acquaint myself with your delicious body." The darting tongue, tentacles, and long fingers were everywhere on his swaying body now. His inverted form spun slowly while the tongue and tentacles explored the bottoms of his feet, his ankles, nibbling down the insides of his ankles. "You see, in eons past we struggled to survive without the female of our species; exploring with our newly developed space travel technology for beings with which we shared sufficient genetic coding to reproduce until one day, quite by accident, we happened upon this planet, and discovered the Manthrax, which shared the coding that we required. We were fascinated by the method with which it captured its prey, and used its energy to reproduce and feed its young, keeping the prey alive for incredible amounts of time in case of a dry season. While it gives its victims preternatural long life, it is not forever. Eventually the prey is dissolved and consumed by the plant as nourishment for its young." Captain Invincible noticed the podlets hanging from the vines, one of them shaking vigorously. Krulok nodded in its direction. He turned a winch connected to a pulley elevating the plant's victim to provide a better view. Goose bumps tingled as the various appendages began to explore his sensitive ribcage and nibble at the blonde under arm hairs.

"Ahhh we are in luck. You are blessed to witness the glorious miracle of Zyrtacxian birth!" A cocoon seemed to be unfolding. Long strands of goo drizzled from the opening pod. A small slim covered head and claw breached upside down amid the increasing flow of clear, red, and green ooze. Tiny locust like limbs began to unfurl from the egg shaped form. 'My God!!" thought the imprisoned super hero, "This is how they are born!' A tiny Zyrtacxian fought its way out of the oval membrane. It looked hungry. The little mouth opened and, with a reptilian cry, a tiny serpent tongue darted forth. The aliens lovingly gathered it up and placed it between the legs of the struggling youth, who was its 'father'. He was bound up in tight bands of rope, a band above and below his already ample pecs made them look almost like breasts. The hatchling began to suckle on the young warrior's cock. Another of his offspring had dropped from the vine and was placed at his nipple. The unfortunate young stud grimaced and cried out as they fed.


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