A stoic red-haired rebel is harshly interrogated by a group of sadistic, horny men in this BRUTALLY HOT new torture story by author Guyonet! Illustrated with art by Cavelo.

Interrogation of a Rebel - Part 1: Captured
by Guyonet
Art by Cavelo
Series: Interrogation of a Rebel

rebel-1bWhen Johnny recovered his senses, the first thing he felt was his headache. He wanted to touch his head to relieve himself of this pain but it was impossible: he was tied up on a chair and he tried to disengage himself, but in vain. It did not take him long time to understand where he was. Although illuminated by a thin torch, it was easy to see that this place was nothing more than an interrogation room, and more precisely, in view of the various instruments and furniture, prisoners were to be subjected to torture. He felt his spine chill at the sight of the various pinchers laid on a table not far from him.

How had he gotten into this bad situation? In fact, he had difficulty putting his ideas into place. He remembered only when he went into the barn where he had to meet the man who was supposed to give him information about the Duke's plans. He was scarcely in it when the guards rushed upon him. He tried to fight and even to flee but he felt a blow on his skull and then nothing more. Until now.

"Cursed be this traitor..." he thought suddenly, "For how much did he sell his friends? And his soul?"

What mattered! Now he is in a bad position. His fate was clear: they were going to do everything to draw from him the information; the names, the locations.... And he knew their methods well. Few of them had gotten out alive from the Duke's jails, but yet they were hawking horrific stories of torture that made even the most courageous shudder. Johnny knew that he would have no pity for his enemies. He closed his eyes and tried to think of his friends that he should not betray and promised strength and resolution.

He tried again to concentrate on his bonds and he felt, without wanting to believe too much, that the rope was a little more loose than before: his guardians would have made a mistake by tying it. The more he contorted, the more he felt the rope relax. Suddenly he heard a noise behind the door: several voices of men and clapping of shoes shod on the ground. He stopped, pretending to be fainting, his head bent over his chest: he had to wait for the right moment to do anything.

The door opened and three men entered: a man dressed in luxurious clothing and two guards in uniforms. The last to enter, a pretty young man, shut the door and stood in front. He observed the prisoner and could not resist a carnivorous smile; his comrades who captured the prisoner and taken him here had not lied to him. This was a splendid specimen. He was about twenty years old, an athlete's musculature, but not too inflated, maintained by the works in the fields, solid legs and a face of great beauty. What was even more appealing was his hair and his rising beard: they were red like fire and it was undoubtedly for this peculiarity that the rebel was nicknamed Johnny the Red.

The Duke, for he was the man of rich clothing, approached his enemy. He made a sign to the guard next to him: the latter took a bucket from the table, and with a dry movement, sprinkled the prisoner. Johnny straightened up, simulating a brutal awakening.

"Welcome home, young rebel," said the Duke, "so finally, we meet. You have given me a lot of trouble in recent months."

Johnny stared at the Duke without saying a word.

"You must understand that it is here that your insignificant rebellion comes to an end, no one will come to your aid. There is only one thing to be done to get out of this perilous situation: give us the names of your accomplices. I can be generous with those who come to my assistance."

Johnny looked him straight in the eyes. While listening to the Duke trying to convince him to betray his friends, he gently moved his wrists, feeling the rope slacken contraction after contraction. In a short time, he could free himself from his bonds, and then...

"I see, I see!" murmured the Duke before thein front of the obstinate silence of his prisoner. He turned to the guard and nodded. The soldier went to a table mounted on wheels and brought it near the young rebel. "You're stubborn, are not you? Others, before you, tried to challenge my authority! Others were on this seat before you..."

Johnny saw the guard unwinding two kinds of cables connected to a strange box.

"And like all of you," the Duke went on, "you think you're stronger than anyone else in the room, but believe it or not, you're wrong."

The Duke approached the young farmer: Johnny could feel his light scent floating around him, almost pleasant even if the proximity of this man repelled him. He grasped the two sides of the young rebel's big canvas shirt, and with a sudden movement, he pulled the two sides apart to expose the young man's powerful chest.

"What a magnificent torso," the Duke said. He put his palm against the man's chest at his mercy and followed the contours, stopping on his wide pink nipples. Johnny was not very hairy and knew that he was magnificently built: he had seen the women watch him as he worked in the fields. He had read the desire in the gaze of some and even once or twice in the gaze of one of his closest friends, which had astonished him and indeed disturbed him more than he would have liked confess.

The Duke continued to explore the fine muscles of his enemy: he followed the drawing of the abdominals, letting himself be guided by the silky red duvet which was disappeared in his pants.

"Give me the names of your friends!"

Silence. The Duke withdrew his hand and moved it behind him to the guard who placed an object in it. The Duke brandished a kind of metal clip before Johnny's eyes.

"You know, I think, how much I love new technology... Do you know Mr. Ampère, Faraday or Gramme? No, of course, nothing of this has happened in our countryside yet."

The Duke turned to the guard. "Show him, Luis" he said.

The soldier took the metal clip and plugged it on a sort of wooden plate on which was placed a ball of glass in which was enclosed a kind of black filament. Johnny saw him plug the second clamp. The soldier then gently rotated a crank set in the black box and Johnny moved backwards as he saw the filament glowing until it became so sparkling that he could not hold his gaze on that supernatural light.

"Edison assures us that this energy will bring us light in the world! Until this miracle, I am sure it will enable me to shed light on this rebellion and on all those who participate!"


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  1. conversation17 - October 31, 2017, 8:32 am

    I cannot believe that you are bringing us back the unique and sensual art of Cavelo with your story. How great is that?!

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