When new police recruit Marko goes deep undercover to take down a crime boss, his cover is blown and he SUFFERS through an intense interrogation and electro torture session that leaves him a changed man in this hot new story from Guyonet with art by Alpharithm9!

The Interrogation of Officer Marko
by Guyonet
Art by Alpharithm9

Captured police officer in bondageMarko was a young man, barely twenty five. When he was a child, all he desired was to be a policeman or a soldier, anyway to serve his country. So after completing primary school, he attended the police academy and during these years, he studied very hard and was very much appreciated by his buddies and chiefs. He was well fitted with lean hard muscles though not overly muscled. He liked every type of sports and his body was a reflection of this; beautiful pecs and chest, solid arms, drawn abs and muscled thighs. And as if that were not enough, he boasted a handsome face that was often lit up by a smile. He had a great success with women.

By the time he'd graduated from the academy, he had been noticed by his chiefs who offered him a place in an elite police force that was charged in the fight against the worst criminals in the country. The worst and of course, the most dangerous. But Marko was especially courageous and he accepted the position immediately.

His first mission was particularly dangerous one; to infiltrate a criminal group who up until that point evading all sort of investigations.

Within a few days, he was recruited by members of the organization and quickly they recognized his aptitude and cleverness and as usual, his kindness beneath a strong will to do the right things. The Boss of the organization was rapidly informed of this new recruit and as he has lost several good men in the past months, he asked his lieutenants to bring Marko to him. The Boss was a rude but clever man. By fifty years old, he had eliminated or killed anyone who wanted to prevent him from reaching his position. His reputation was legendary, both in the criminal world and even with the Police. He was cruel and ruthless with his enemies and those who betrayed him but generous with those who served his interests. And a lot of political men was aware of that...

Immediately, the Boss had felt an affinity for this new young man, so clever and cute too. Rapidly - much too rapidly in the opinions of most the Boss' lieutenants - he gave Marko his trust and soon the boy was near the top of the organization. He was close to reaching his goal of finding enough evidence to permit a judge to arrest this untouchable criminal and all those who made profits with him. But at the same time, he knew his mission was becoming more and more dangerous as he approached the top management.

Marko regularly transmitted the information he had gathered to his chiefs. But one day, they told him that it was much too dangerous as some very infamous names in the city had appeared. But Marko told them an important operation was planned and that all of the staff was involved, including the Boss; a very rare thing as he was meticulously careful not to appear in any documents or operations. So the police couldn't miss this opportunity!

Two days before the special operation, Marko arrived at the headquarters of the Boss to participate in a final meeting to organize the operation. He did not notice the strange, suspicious look from the guards as he was focusing on his goal to finally bring down this criminal and avenge all his victims.

He was greeted by the Boss with his usual large smile. Other men seemed to be waiting for him. Some smiled at him too.

"Marko, we have a problem..."

Marko tried not to react. He stayed calm but all his senses were awaken. All the men were watching the Boss.

"There is a traitor in my staff..."

All of the men in the room looked at each other with surprise and fear as they knew with this man, life could be very short if he had any doubt about your loyalty.

"And you know his name, don’t you??"

Marko felt a fearful pain rising in his gut but tried to stay calm. He quickly racked his brain trying to remember any mistake he might have made but found nothing as he had been very carefully until now.

"Why would I know his name?" Marko replied. He tried to sound firm and confident.

"Because I know it is you, Marko. You work for the police department of criminal investigation."

The moment the Boss had made his pronouncement, three men roughly grabbed Marko and immobilized him. He was helpless to escape or fight. He tried to resist but it was useless.

"Handcuff him properly!"

Charles, the first lieutenant, handcuffed Marko who was stood up, arms behind his back, his hands tightly handcuffed.

The Boss approached to his new prisoner with a wicked, cruel smile. "I have given you my trust, Marko, and you betrayed me cruelly. Now, you are going to tell me everything you know."

"Go to hell! You and your band of criminals!"

The Boss gently touched the handsome face of the policeman now at his mercy and said, "No, it is you who will soon be in hell! Take him to the Center. We are going to interrogate him."

Some of the men in the room smiled cruelly as they knew the Boss was skilled in making a man talk. Suddenly, there was a violent blow to his head and all became dark for Marko...

Captured police officer interrogation in bondage***** In the Interrogation Room *****

Marko awakened slowly and he immediately realised two things. First, he had a bad headache and second, he was tied on a chair in the center of an empty room only illuminated by a meagre bulb. He tried to free himself from his bonds but the bastards knew perfectly how immobilise a man, even one as strong as he was. He tried to examine the room to find a way to escape from this trap but there was only one door and nothing else.

"What are they going to do?" Marko thought to himself. Numerous stories of the practices of the Boss were running through his head. Extortion, intimidation, blows, murders were all common place for him. But Marko had even heard that there was a secret place where special methods of interrogation were used. And the thought that he was now in such a place made the panic rise inside of him. "Will they use torture to make me talk?" He was well trained to resist a hard interrogation but these men had many techniques and resources to make a man suffer and squeal. He was determined not to reveal anything but would he actually be able to resist without betraying his buddies? He tried to convince himself that he could bear anything rather than being a traitor.

As he was regaining his confidence, he heard noise outside and the door suddenly opened. Two men, Carsten and John, entered the room. Followed by another one with a hospital style trolley on wheels. Marko had just enough time to see that plenty of materials were on it, clamps, a hammer, electric cables...a perfect do-it-yourself kit!

Then, Marco saw the Boss slowly enter the room, his eyes fixed on the prisoner and a cruel smile on his face. He locked the door behind him, took a chair from the corner and sat down squarely in front of the young policeman.

"How could I have not been deceived by such a brilliant subject?" he said to Marko. "You could have been one of my lieutenants, one of the most powerful. Instead of that, you chose to betray me to my worst enemies. You will pay severely for that. But, perhaps, you’ll all see how generous I can be. Maybe, against the advice of my men, maybe I can forgive you if you agree to tell me everything you know. Perhaps, I’ll spare your young life in memory of the good times we've spent together."

"I would never betray the justice against the evil, old fool. I will never tell you anything!"

Marko spit a long stream of drool in the face of the Boss who was so surprised that he could not avoid it. He had a sudden desire to kill the young man for the insult.

"I'm sure you'd rather me kill you rather than reveal anything. But I have other plans for you!"

He turned his eyes to the men who were watching the scene with greedy anticipation of what was coming.

"Prepare him for the first interrogation!"


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