Doctor Mark Walsh considers an intriguing offer while giving a hot young jock an uncomfortably invasive physical exam in Part 1 of this classic Amalaric tale that was one of my absolute favorites from the old Chained Muscle site. Thank you Amalaric for sharing it with us!

Interrogation - Part 1
by Amalaric
Art by Amalaric

interrogation-1Dr. Mark Walsh cruised through med school twenty-five years ago with honors. By any measure he was a good doctor and one of the reasons was because he truly enjoyed his work. But there was something different about Mark; something he couldn’t explain. He became aware of it the first time he put a cold stethoscope on the chest of a patient...and noticed how the patient jumped. “Excuse me doc, damn thing is cold,” said the middle aged man. He had felt something strange that at his young age could best be described somehow as ‘sexual’. Why? He had no idea and put it out of his mind…until the next time. During the following routine exam it happened again. But this time he was watching for the reaction. Same tingle. “I did that! I just caused this patient to feel something he didn’t want to feel.” Puzzled, he filed the knowledge away, but it both bothered and excited him at the same time. Doctors enjoy a certain authority over their patients, and Mark found that he enjoyed his new found power. He laughed to himself as he thought, “How many people can tell someone to take off their clothes and be obeyed with no questions asked?” One day a young college student came in for a physical. When Mark entered the examination room he was taken back by the striking good looks of the twenty two year old. The kid looked vaguely Hispanic, but not quite, with black-brown crew cut hair, au latte complexion, puppy dog brown eyes (with just the slightest glint of dangerous bravado), straight nose, thick, slightly quizzical eyebrows and a wide, masculine jaw. He was dressed in the typical college uniform- a white T shirt, tight faded jeans and tennis shoes- calculated to turn the girl’s heads. Mark thought, “This guy would turn heads wearing a space suit!” The tingle made its presence known, and he shifted about a little as his cock thickened. “What’s your name?” Mark asked in his best professional bedside manner. “Ah...Sean,” the kid mumbled as if he had to think about it. “OK, Sean, let’s get started. Strip your shirt off.” The kid gave Mark a bored look and in typical jock fashion pulled the shirt over his head flexing his muscular torso in the process. Mark approved of his cocky attitude but was determined to change it. “My form says you need a complete physical exam in order to be on the team.” “Yes sir, coach sent me over. I’ve got to get back to practice so can we hurry it up?” He shuffled uncomfortably sitting on the edge of the exam table. “OK...let’s start with your breathing,” Mark said and something in his voice caused the kid to look up quickly, brow creased with nervousness. The stethoscope never failed to get a reaction and the half naked jock was no exception. He slowly moved the head of the instrument over the chiseled slab of pec, watching the young stud’s reaction in the process. Sean backed slightly away but, really, he had no choice. “He had to let me do it,” thought Mark, noting the jock’s mild discomfort. “This guy was ordered here and doesn’t have a choice. He’s basically under my control.” He felt a rising tide of adrenaline as his cock stirred hungrily in the confines of his neatly pressed trousers.

“Kindly remove your sneakers, and spread the fly of your jeans.” He noticed that the cocky young buck was slightly uncomfortable. Sean looked around the office and seemed hesitant. “Good,” Mark thought. He gave the kid a stern look and said, “If you want to get back to practice, I suggest you hurry. The sooner you get moving, the faster I can examine you.” The kid tried to put on a relaxed face but there is nothing relaxing about removing your clothes in front of a stranger, especially when he is fully dressed. Mark felt his heart speed up perceptibly and a fine sheen of sweat peppered his forehead. He wondered if the jock could sense his excitement.

“Shit, I hate this,” thought the kid. He finally got around to unzipping his jeans and desperately tried to act as if nothing was unusual. Even so, the silkily abrasive sound of the descending zipper seemed louder than his boom box back home and Sean felt warm fire suffuse his handsome face like a blushing girl as his trousers loosened and sagged, spreading wide over the thin fabric of his cotton shorts. “Yes,” Mark thought to himself gleefully, “a very well put together young man, not like those fat middle-aged patients I’ve been treating lately. I intend to make this very uncomfortable for you, boy!” He had no idea where that thought came from; he only knew he was determined to make the kid squirm, and he would do it without attracting any suspicion- just doing his job. “Apparently you work out quite a bit. Tell me about it.” The jock was feeling really vulnerable but he didn’t want to let it show. He was glad for an opportunity to talk about something, anything to get his mind off his near naked state. “Yeah, I’ve been working out since I was fifteen. I lift a lot of weights and do some track, but football is what I like best.” The kid felt relieved at having spoken, as if he got back some control; some dignity. Mark casually broke the reverie. “Well, I’ll have to do the examine you for possible hernias, stuff like that. Then, we’ll have a nice long look at your testicles, just to make sure there aren’t any problems down there. Guys your age have to be careful.” Sean tensed as Mark was speaking, but the doctor pretended not to notice; he was savoring the view of the stud’s ample package all wrapped suggestively in the loose confines of the scanty shorts. He reveled in the fine physique- tanned and buff- and the contrast with clean white boxer briefs was giving Mark more than his usual tingle.

“Might as well get those pants off,” Mark said in a matter of fact way, “kind of drooping anyway...” Sean was breathing hard and, interrupting the doctor, he gripped the waistband of his unzipped jeans all the harder. All of his instincts cried out that something wasn’t quite right. Though he realized he was only stalling for time, Sean said, “Uh, it’s ok, doc. I can hold ‘em up!” There was just the slightest waver of doubt in his deep baritone. Mark glanced at the jock’s white knuckles and chuckled to himself, “Yeah, I’ll bet you could hold those pants up till Judgment Day.” He put on his best ‘patronizing’ look and said, “Listen, boy, this is a physical examination. I’m a doctor and you have nothing to be embarrassed about (Sean blushed, if possible, a deeper shade of red), but even if you are...ah, a little shy (the rich crimson color spread down the humiliated jock’s corded neck) doesn’t matter because I’m not your girlfriend (Mark squirmed in pleasure as the big stud hung his head in shame).” He softened his tone, but it was no mercy; rather a more subtle form of torture, “Listen, Sean, there’s no part of you that’s going to remain a secret. See these hands?” he held them out, “They are explorer’s hands, and what they will explore are the ridges and valleys of your ‘track and football’ hardened muscles, and everything in between. Got it??” The panting jock slowly raised his head and stared at Mark like a trapped animal. The doctor’s versatile tone changed again, “Now, drop those pants and stand up straight, facing me! I want to see you stripped down to your shorts in ten seconds flat. DO IT!” Sean took a deep breath and relaxed his desperate grip on the denim waistband. His pants slid languidly over his furry thighs. With a graceful shake the descent was complete and the jeans pooled around his ankles. He kicked off his sneakers and gingerly stepped free, draping the warm material neatly over a chair. Mark repressed a smile, but nodded approvingly as Sean peeled off his white socks without being asked. He stood up straight, as ordered, and faced his tormentor; broad shoulders squared, deep chest streaked with nervous sweat, arms slightly bowed with twitching hands hanging uselessly at his sides. Mark felt like he was drunk and, realizing that he really shouldn’t be so obvious, nevertheless threw caution to the winds. He was becoming a master at psychological torture (so akin to the physical) and so, locking his gaze with the wide chocolate colored terror in the young jock’s eyes, he slowly pulled both his and his victim’s glances downward...over the wide planes of twin muscled pecs crowned by rosy nipples, past the rippling expanse of eight packs that only a twenty something year old could possibly have, following the feathery treasure trail of dark hair below the deep navel to the dipping elastic of scanty underwear; finally coming to rest on the inviting bulge nestled there. Both Sean and his doctor contemplated the same thing; one with head bent in fear and humiliation, the other with eyes riveted straight ahead lit by a hungry fire...

“Mark! Mark...” Startled at this intrusion, the young doctor quickly came back to the present. “Yeah Dave, what?” The doctor collected his thoughts and said, “Why would the Russians recruit a young gymnast to be a spy? It doesn’t make any sense.” “Oh my friend, how wrong you are. Think about it. These gymnasts leave their homes at young ages, totally impressionable. Mom and dad are replaced by a coach; he becomes their mentor, their confessor, kind of like the ‘go-to-guy’. Now, these young athletes are put through the most rigorous training sessions, building their strength. Because it’s a subjective sport, only the best looking make it- you know, gotta impress those judges.” “Yes, but I still don’t get it.” Mark shook his head doubtfully. Dave continued relentlessly, “Look, these guys are super motivated and more important, super disciplined. After awhile, subconsciously, they come to accept that they belong to someone else; their coach, town, and even their government. And they’re comfortable with themselves; hell, they spend so much time half naked. Why even major corporations stage gymnastic events where the men come out shirtless and the women dress in skimpy outfits. You’ve seen men’s gymnastic meets; their bodies are prominently on display in front of hundreds of thousands. Shit, you can count their eight-packs, see the size of their nipples and even tell their religion. It makes good sense to recruit a gymnast.” Mark thought about how many of the routines on the various apparatuses were analogous to some of his favorite bondage positions. He always marveled at the finely muscled physiques, honed from years of hard, strenuous and, yes, torturous training. Dave reached for one of the photos of Gregor at his most recent meet. “This kid is going to be tough to break. Mark, can you do it? Can you find out if he has any information?” Mark picked up another photo and looked at it. Quietly and with a cold confidence he said, never looking up from the photo, “Yes, yes I can, and I won’t leave a mark.” This time, the tingle felt more like an electric shock.

Mark rolled a small stool over to his patient and sat down. His face was at the height of the kid’s stomach. He gripped the waistband of the boxer briefs and paused savoring the slight nervous tremor in hairy thighs and the pounding femoral pulse point that broadcast the jock’s hyper-nervousness like a frantic SOS. Sean jumped as he felt the doctor’s hands on his body, digging into the briefs to get a grip. “No more secrets. I’m going to show you just how uncomfortable this little physical can be”, Mark thought happily. As he pulled the briefs slowly down, he glanced up at the handsome stud and noticed he was looking away, head down and bent to the hiding under the sheets to fool the monsters, but Mark wasn’t fooled.

interrogation-2He didn’t know, exactly, when it started, but he enjoyed the discomfort in his patients as they lost their last shreds of dignity. “Do you have a girlfriend?” he casually asked. “Yes sir,” the jock said with some relief (he was beginning to have certain strong suspicions about the doctor). “I bet she’s one happy young lady,” and Mark smiled brightly. The kid turned beet red. This guy was talking about his tackle and it made him really uncomfortable. Mark went on as if blissfully unaware of the effect the conversation was having. “The doctor who circumcised you did a fine job. I’d say a nearly perfect cut.” Mark knew very well how this talk would affect the boy. “Ahhh!,” the kid jumped as Mark touched him, “Cough. Good, no problems. Now I’m going to do a testicle exam to check for any abnormalities. I need you to look at what I’m doing so you know how to do this yourself.” He cupped his hand paternalistically behind the jock’s head, marveling at the soft yet wiry feel of his short hair, and bent it forward forcing Sean to look down at the coming spectacle of Mark’s hand firmly gripping his sweaty balls. He was going to take his time, to really get a good feel. The kid looked down and saw Mark’s hand slowly coming up to cup his balls. His nuts must have had minds of their own as they frantically retracted into the hanging sack dangling helpless and exposed between slightly spread legs, but it was no use. By this time, the doc’s cock was hard as steel. He got a firm grip and thought how wonderful the kid’s balls felt in his hands; all that young virility and so vulnerable. A surge of power flowed through Mark’s body. He felt as if he owned this guy’s balls and every other part of him. “In a way,” he thought, “I do, and I can do anything I want to him...(he sighed) within reason.” Yes, each patient, each exam, each procedure acted on Mark like a powerful seduction, turning him into someone else, fine tuned and...focused. “You see how I’m rolling them around my hand?” His voice was all innocence. “I’m checking for anything that feels unusual. These are a nice size. We doctors call them ‘walnut sized’,” and he laughed. He marveled at the warm, hefty feel of the stud’s huge testicles and thought how nice and full they were. Sean’s mind was reeling, staring as if hypnotized at a strange man’s hands playing- yes, playing!- with his balls. He felt unbearably hot and, this time, it was not only from a sense of humiliation.

Mark’s intention was to turn the kid on and he knew from the stiffening of the young stud’s thick cock that he was getting to him. The kid was in a panic. It felt so fucking good and he couldn’t explain it. After all, this was a man and it shouldn’t feel like this. “Son, do you see how it’s done?” “Yes sir, I do.” and his voice quavered, wanting it to stop so bad, but maybe not wanting it to stop. “Fine, now would you kindly grasp your balls and show me how it’s done?” “What??!!” That got a reaction from the mesmerized victim. Mark was patient, “I want to see if you know how to examine yourself. This is very important. Now, come on, this is no time to be embarrassed.” The kid grabbed his nuts as if for the first time. “Come on, you’re more than a dozen years past puberty; is that how you grab your balls?” Mark laughed and the jock shook his head back and forth like a dumb animal. “Now roll them around like I did. That’s it. Do you feel how smooth they are?” “Yes,” the kid said nervously. “Fine, that’s how they should feel. If you feel anything else, you need to get it checked out. OK, you can stop now.” Mark was impressed at Sean’s progress; he was so under the doctor’s control that he obediently waited until he was told to stop. When ordered to desist, the jock dropped his sweating balls as if they were hot...

Mark was very excited about the interrogation and questioned Dave further. “Dave, suppose this Gregor has no information? What happens next?” “Look Mark, the Russians know we have him. They will make demands that he be released in about ten days. We do the same when they capture one of ours.” “You mean this is a game?” “Shit, Mark, it’s always a game; always was and always will be. All we do is try to get the better of each other. As to your question, the director doesn’t need the kid for ten days.” “Just what are you saying, Dave?” Mark’s heart was pounding with dawning joy. “I’m saying that for the next ten days he’s all yours; all yours! No sense in wasting your fine facility. Just one question; can I stick around?” Dave flashed the doctor a conspiratorial smile. Mark knew that he secretly enjoyed the interrogation of good looking male prisoners, but that wasn’t the way Mark liked to work. “Dave, you know I prefer to work alone. I like to establish a one on one with the prisoner. I’ve found out over time that it makes him feel more vulnerable. Occasionally, a prisoner finds strength if someone else is present; he cops an ‘I’ll show them’ attitude and I can’t have that. No, when he feels pain he knows I’ve caused it. When the pain stops, it’s because I stopped it. If he feels pleasure, I’ve given it to him. But, my old friend, I will video the proceedings as always.” Dave’s eyes sparkled at Mark’s words all the while looking at Gregor’s photo. He figured he might just drop by anyway. “Now, have another scotch.” Mark sighed in contentment, filled with a soft surge of pleasurable expectation. This was going to be a really good one. Sinking into a fragrant expensively padded leather chair he sighed deeply, cracked a smile and said, “Forget the scotch. Give me a single malt Irish whisky, straight up no ice, and make it a triple. You wouldn’t by any chance have some Jameson?” His mind drifted comfortably; backwards to some cherished memories.

Mark lingered a long time over the jock’s exposed dick. He just couldn’t resist. The guy was at that perfect age; so packed with spunk that he was likely to explode, with a healthy cock like a well oiled gun- ready and willing to shoot; as fast and crazily irresponsible as Jesse James. He roughly fingered the thick shaft, whistled theatrically, and exclaimed, “You must be quite the stud, Sean!” His hand moved up before his horrified victim could respond and he twirled thick curls of dark pubic hair around his index finger. “You know, there have been a few studies published recently linking young men’s body hair density to virility...” Mark rolled his eyes. It was a lie, but the kid was listening in a dazed sort of way. Sean mumbled something incoherent under his breath and continued, desperately, to look away. The doctor tweaked the wispy treasure trail running from Sean’s navel to the luxuriant pubic bush, then began to massage the relatively smooth expanse of his hot abs and chiseled chest. “Not a whole lot up here though,” Mark said, noting, however, the soft fuzz in the deep cleft between Sean’s pecs and the first tentative growth of dark silky hair around the wide bronze aureoles of his full nipples. This stud would have a fine hairy chest in a few years, but Mark was in a devilish mood. “Oh well,” he sighed, “you’re still young. How old are you anyway?” (Of course, he already knew- it was written on the kid’s chart). Sean looked up and surprised the doc by replying in a steady voice, “I’ll be twenty three in October.” “Right,” Mark sighed, “I guess there’s still some time.”

The diversion was over and his questing hand moved back to the jock’s impressive penis. Grasping it firmly, he moved it upward and out, stretching to its full flaccid length, measuring and noting in imaginary boxes on the chart before him. Sean bore it all stoically, resigned now (he thought) to the hellish humiliation; the urgency of a fast exam and football practice afterward all but forgotten. Nevertheless, he perceptibly winced when Mark circled the velvet rim of his penis’ sensitive head and began a subtle, rhythmic stroke. “Wha..what are you doing???” Sean squeaked, reflexively trying to back away from the tingling grip. “Have you ever had sex, Sean?” Mark asked and nearly burst out laughing at the look of stupefied horror on the guy’s handsome face. Sean stared, mouth half open, as if uncomprehending. “Are you a virgin?” Mark pressed on. “, sir,” Sean stammered. “Well, my boy, I have to say that I am a little suspicious. You seem very sensitive as if...” Sean interrupted for reasons he wasn’t entirely sure of. He had a girlfriend, had for over a year, and they got it on at least three times a week. Hell, he didn’t even have to think about the moves anymore! This was different, though, and he knew something bad was barreling toward him. He tried to stop whatever it was, “Really, sir! Everything’s A-OK in that department. I swear! It is...” he trailed off. Mark shook his head and put on a skeptical expression. “Sexual dysfunction can be a terrible thing, Sean. I’m not saying you have a problem in that area, but I think it would be wise to conduct some tests...just to make sure.” He continued to stroke the sensitive tip of the helpless jock’s thickening penis. “Ahh, please man, don’t do this to me. I swear I’m ok...really I am!!” Sean was suddenly very articulate. “Maybe not,” Mark said enigmatically. “Put you hands behind your head, spread your legs, and...please! Try to relax!” He lightly slapped the jock’s pendulous balls swinging back and forth between quivering thighs (as if this would have a calming effect). “This is just a routine exam, Sean, but I hope you understand that I have to be thorough.” Sean slowly complied, stretching massively muscled arms taut behind his head and shuffling his feet wide. He stared at the doctor in stark fear, broad back arched in tension, waiting for the humiliation to proceed.

“What are you gonna do to me now, doc?” His request was plaintive, like a condemned prisoner. “Well,” the doctor replied in a pedantic tone, ‘first, it’s important to be certain that you are capable of achieving an erection. Then, of course, we will need a sperm sample.” “Ahhhh, no,” Sean groaned, but it was only a whisper. He found himself in a conflicted hell beyond what he could have imagined mere hours before. This couldn’t be right, but there was no going back as he stood in his muscular glory, stripped naked and helpless, before the man in the all powerful mantle of the White Coat; his dick firmly grasped, kneaded balls ripe and ready to burst. Mark felt a hot droplet of rich sweat splash from the jock’s matted armpit onto his left hand as it rested on the shaking muscle of his skittish buck’s narrow hip. His right hand worked the rapidly stiffening penis, expertly stroking the thick shaft from the hairy root upwards to the reddening head. He probed the slit with his little finger and noted the slick dew of precum dribbling out even before a full erection was attained. Three or four endless minutes ticked by, marked by the soft slapping of skin on skin, velvety dry at first, then segueing to a satisfying wet squish. Sean’s dick, hesitant at first, roused itself at last and throbbed in ten inch hungry expectation; oblivious to its owner’s deep shame. Blinded by tears, the enslaved jock panted a heady mixture of frustration, unwilling servitude, childlike obedience at an impossible task...and raw, animal lust. The powerful smell of alkaline musk invaded the tight confines of Mark’s office and went straight to his head like a drug. Sean began to sob and grunt at the same time. “It’s ok, boy,” the doctor cooed, “Your erection is quite respectable. No problem there. Now, let it all go.” He spoke dispassionately, the consummate actor, but it was wasted; the gasping stud couldn’t hear him. Mark’s heart, pumping a heady adrenaline mix of pure sadistic passion like a blood engorged nuclear reactor, nearly went into melt down as the jock raised his sweat-spiked head and caught his eye. “Please, sir, I’m sorry...I can’t...” but it wasn’t true. Hips thrust frantically forward as the rippling muscles of Sean’s belly convulsed cutting his plea off in mid-sentence. The doctor barely had time to reach for a small plastic dish before the jock’s jutting cock let loose with a scalding cannonade of ropey cum shooting in monotone splats against the unyielding plastic with a sound like hard rain on a tin roof. Mark let go of Sean’s burning penis and noted the unrequited demands of his own sticky, rock hard dick. Wishing he could run to the bathroom and aim for the light bulb, he calmly capped the dish instead, and handed the jock a wad of Kleenex. “You were right, boy. I guess everything is in working order down there. Now, clean yourself up.” Sean lowered his aching arms and, once again lacking the courage to meet his tormentor’s gaze, turned away and swabbed awkwardly at his sticky dick.

Mark amused himself with perfunctory aspects of the ongoing examination and discovered some interesting facts; Sean’s feet were very ticklish and his ears were nearly wax free. The jock’s reflexes were worthy of the sports that he played. He made the boy lie flat on his back as the rubbery muscles of his belly were probed and he took special delight in burrowing deeply into Sean’s slick armpits; testing the lymph glands... Everything- as expected- seemed all right. Mark pretended to be absorbed in his patient’s chart, back turned, carefully waiting for his victim to commence the end game. Right on cue, his meaningless scribbling was interrupted by a shy request. “Are we almost finished now, doc?” Mark turned, smiling ear to ear, and repressed a smile at the sight of the eager stud clutching his boxers in one hand while the other modestly cupped his chaffed penis. “Well, almost Sean!” he said cheerfully. “There is one more thing that we have to do,” and not bothering to explain or wait for a response he wrenched the stud’s pathetic shorts from his hopeful grip, wadded them up and tossed them in a corner. Draping an arm around broad naked shoulders, he guided the perplexed young athlete back to the examination table. The relentless doctor walked over to one of the counters and ordered the naked young student to get up on the table. As he said this he turned around and snapped a white latex glove on to his hand. The sound made the kid jump again and Mark approved; he worked on his victims’ minds like an artisan with fine sand paper. “Down on all fours, Sean. Keep your head low and your ass in the air,” he said in a voice full of authority...

“Now I want you to take a deep breath and don’t tense up or it will hurt,” Mark said, as he looked at the incredible young virgin ass bent over his table. He knew how to give a digital exam with as little discomfort as possible, but had decided to give this kid the slowest most erotic exam that was humanly possible. As his bare hand made contact with the jock’s warm ass, he marveled at the contrast between soft smooth skin and hard supple muscle. The kid was doing everything in his nearly exhausted power to take his mind off what was happening, to somehow deny this last, most awesome humiliation but Mark was hell bent on preventing that. He slid his hand over the lightly furred contours of rounded muscle and gradually parted the stud’s ass. There, between the white globes of succulent young flesh nestled in a fine mat of moist dark hair, was the object of Mark’s attention and desire; a tight flawless opening winking in surprise as if stirred from a deep slumber. “OK, I’m going to use my finger now to rub your opening so it will be easier to penetrate you.” Mark chose his words for maximum effect. The young stud cringed at the word ‘penetrate’ as the sweat rolled down his heaving sides in fresh torrents. “Nothing like the smell of a clean jock as his testosterone and sweat start to get all mixed together,” Mark thought. “This bad boy is primed for only one thing- sex. And I’m happy to oblige...but maybe not quite in the way that he’s used to!” Slowly, Mark’s finger stimulated the tight moist hole. “How does that feel?” he asked in his most professional way. The jock found it hard to speak but managed to mutter, “OK, I guess.” “Now, I’m going to… stick my finger up your ass and feel around for any abnormalities. Ready?” “Uh, yes sir,” came the muffled response. “Will it hurt?” “That depends on you, boy, so just try to relax.” Mark slowly pushed against the tight hole, twisting his finger until the first joint entered the warm interior of the tensed up stud. Every muscle in Sean’s perfect young physique seemed flexed and his breathing was ragged and labored, body glistening seductively. “This is your prostate. I’m checking to see if it is enlarged, or has any unusual growths.” Mark was rubbing the prostate in a most teasing way, not rushing, content to enjoy the jock’s sexual suffering. The lubricant allowed him to smoothly finger his victim’s ass; Sean moaned softly, trying to be as quiet as he could; to resist the resurgence of sexual arousal. Mark reached between spread legs with a free hand and fingered the impressively thickening cock. “Oh, don’t worry about your erection; it’s normal for a healthy young man like yourself. Besides, we’ve been there already, so just do what comes natural,” and he laughed at his little joke, imagining the mortification on his helpless patient’s face as the subtle slur sank in. Mark knew a number of patients who would pay him to have a crack at the kid’s ass, and right now, that didn’t seem like such a bad idea. The young jock was actually thrusting back to meet Mark invading finger. “I have you again kid,” he thought, amazed at the stamina of youth; reflecting that Sean had already come explosively a mere forty five minutes before. “I have you and if I want to I could take you right here and now up your tight, never-before-used virgin hole.” A dewy drop seeped out of Sean’s well-exercised dick; stiff again and begging for action. Mark smiled and probed deeper.

Back in his office, the doctor reflected on the almost-twenty three year old jock’s exam, his mind slowly digesting what had taken place. He had gained control over his big, strapping patient in a remarkably short period of time. Suppose he had more time? What if he were able to use all of his skills and intimate knowledge of male anatomy along with the most effective ways to cause pleasure…and pain! Yes, Mark felt as if he was on to something. By using pleasure and pain in the right combination, it was possible to control another person. “I’ll be cautious, but from now on my patients, at least the good looking ones, are in for one a hell of a time.”



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