A tough undercover detective endures an electro-torture session with his sadistic captors in a new story from Torture Him. Art by Cavelo.

The Interrogation of Grasso & Mendoza: Intro
by Torture Him
Series: The Interrogation of Grasso & Mendoza
Art by Cavelo
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Grasso“Ah. Awake now. Good.”

Detective Paul Grasso heard the cool voice as he came out of his unexpected slumber. It was all hazy. His vision wouldn’t clear up so he tried to rub his eyes. He couldn’t. His hands were bound. It took him a moment to realize he was suspended in air, suspended by his wrists. A tall man stared at him. He was in his fifties. His scarred face probably looked imposing to most but given the way this gang operated, there was nothing intimidating about him at all.

“Who do you work for, Mr. Smith?”

Smith. That was the name on the title of the cabin. Fuck. What was the first name? “I’m not Smith. Andrew lets me use the cabin sometimes.”

“Thank you for not lying, Trevor.” They’d obviously already looked in his wallet. That identity too was, of course, fake. They could trace it to Nashville, the same place Andrew Smith supposedly resided but that was it. If they called his last employer they’d learn he was on an extended vacation. That was it. He nodded in the direction of a smaller, mousy kind of man. “This is my assistant, Thompson. You’ll find he has very specific ways of hurting you.”

“Now, Mr. Carter?”

The tall man shook his head. “Perhaps Trevor will be cooperative.” The tone of his voice indicated he hoped Grasso would resist. What about Mendoza? The men caught Grasso but perhaps Mendoza's cover was still intact. "I won't ask again, Trevor."

Trevor. Jesus. Why the hell had he chosen such a stupid name? Why had he...?

The sudden impact across his cheek shocked him. It shocked him at first because he wasn't sure the group actually had the balls to do anything. It shocked him more because it didn't hurt as much as he thought it might. "That all you got? My wife has kindergarteners that hit harder than that."

They took the bait. He didn't have a wife. "Ah. You have a wife. Perhaps you'd like her to feel something like this, then." With that, Carter tore at his shirt, exposing his chest. A moment later, Grasso had to hold back a scream as something clamped down on his right nipple. He fought it back though and only grunted.

The other nipple got the same treatment and he said, "You call this torture? Fuck. I had a whore in Hong Kong once who was into all this shit. You got nothing on her, and she had a cuter ass."

Carter smiled. "I haven't turned on the juice yet." He nodded at Thompson as Grasso looked down and saw what looked like mini jumper cables clamped to his nipples. Thompson threw a switch.

This time, Grasso screamed.



  1. mashatakeno - May 20, 2021, 2:37 am

    Very interesting intro. Straight to the action!

  2. scotts60143 - May 22, 2021, 8:47 pm

    Always interesting to see and hear a total straight “tough-guy” getting worked over. Let’s see how tough he stays once the juice is turned on!!

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