An inexperienced college student submits to his first gay bondage session with an older man he met online in this first submission from member Briballus.

Internet Predator: Part 1
by Briballus
Series: Internet Predator

internet-predatorI was excited but nervous as we exchanged emails. I had been surprised to find someone so close to me who was willing to introduce a complete novice to bondage games. I couldn't believe I had actually agreed to meet. I never thought I'd let it get this far.

I appeared to be a normal college student getting ready to graduate and move on with my life. I had girlfriends before. I even thought of myself as straight. Despite that I'd often find myself at night locked in my room desperately reading stories online about gay domination, guys getting tied up by other guys, forced to cum, and even raped. This had been going on for years quietly and privately until I finally started entertaining the idea of trying it for myself.

I parked in the driveway of a decent looking suburban home. Despite years at the nearby college I had never been in this area of town. Somehow I was still worried of being recognized by someone so I hurried up to the front door. I couldn't shake the feeling that what I was about to do was somehow shameful. With a quick glance around - no one was on the street - I rang the doorbell and waited restlessly.

The door opened and a very average middle-aged man appeared with a smile. He stepped aside and welcomed me inside.

"Hello, I'm James." He offers his hand and we shake as I step inside. His welcoming smile doesn't actually make me feel any less nervous since I keep thinking about how crazy I must be to come here. I introduced myself. We already knew our names but it just seemed the polite thing to do since we were meeting in person for the first time. As we step into his kitchen I take a better look at him.

He's in his mid-fifties - old enough to be my father. He's about as tall as I am around 6 ft. He seems to have kept himself in decent shape - certainly not what I would call fat by any means. His brown hair is greying but not thinning and he has a very short, scruffy beard as if he let his 5 o'clock shadow grow out for a few extra days.

When he turned around and offered me some water I suddenly thought about all the things I had revealed to him through email. I had told him things about my fantasies and desires I had never told anyone else. This man was practically a stranger but he knew so much about me. I gulped down the water quickly and stood there fidgeting.

After a few minutes of him pulling awkward conversation out of me he said, "Let's go into the bedroom." I actually felt relief that things would get started since I found it difficult to chat while constantly thinking about the things that were about to happen.

The bedroom was dimly lit and I could see there are some leather cuffs tied to the 4 corners of the bed along with a zipped up bag at the end of the bed. On top of the bag was a blindfold that he put on me very quickly before telling me to strip. The blindfold instantly made me less nervous. Somehow without sight everything felt less "real." I take off all my clothes and leave them in a little pile next to the bed while he guided me into the middle and began strapping my arms and legs down. The ropes feel tight and I couldn't move too much but I was physically comfortable.

"I'm just going to play with your dick for a while with you tied up," he said with his hand resting lightly right on my shaft. I was instantly as hard as I had ever been before.

His hand moved down to lightly fondle my balls. He massaged them and pulled them down. He wrapped his hand around the sack pulling my balls to the bottom and very lightly tickled and scratched at them. I jumped around a little bit but he backed off each time the sensations started to actually tickle. I was making little gasping noises and my cock kept flexing and felt almost painfully hard.

He kept massaging my balls but used his other hand to pull and twist at my nipples. He started off gentle but got more intense until they were right on the edge of painful. This type of attention continued for a while and except for that very beginning part he didn't touch my cock again. When he took his hands off my balls and nipples my cock kept bobbing up and down and my hips moved just slightly seeking out any kind of sensations.

After a brief of pause with him off the bed somewhere I hear him say "Let's make this more interesting," as he strapped a gag into my mouth. Wide, soft straps got tightened around my chest just below my nipples and more pulled at my legs just above my knees. I was held down much tighter to the bed and my thighs were pulled apart very wide. I got this deeply vulnerable feeling and for the first time since we were in the kitchen I was nervous and even a little scared. My nervousness came through in a grunt and that's when I realized how effective the gag was at muffling my speech. My position had me so exposed I could feel the slight air currents all around my balls and even on my asshole.

I heard rummaging and could feel things being dropped onto the bed near my side and between my legs. There were thuds and clinking sounds. I had no idea what they could be.

"The simple stuff is over. Now that I have you here I am going to give your cock a good workout." I could only grunt in response. I had no idea what he meant by that.

"I love it when my boys realize they can't get away. You can't stop me from doing whatever I want."

I felt the bed shift and he got on next to me. He very lightly touched my balls. Unlike before he didn't bother backing off when the sensations started to tickle. The sensations definitely tickled and they just got more intense. My legs flexed as they tried to close but I could barely move at all. My whole body convulsed and I grunted. I tried to shake back and forth by I could't make the tickling of my balls stop.

"Now you see. You can't go anywhere." He chuckled to himself. I completely lost track of time but I'm sure I'd never been tickled for as long as this ever. Not even close. I thrashed around uselessly for a long time until he finally stopped. I sunk back into the bed and felt completely exhausted. I felt his hand close around my shaft and I realized my cock was still rock hard. His hands moved very slowly up and down the shaft twice. I could feel it twitch several times as my muscles convulsed involuntarily.

He liberally poured lube all over my cock holding it lightly around the base. He didn't grip it hard at all and just moved his hand smoothly up and down the shaft. It felt like he was pumping at maybe 1 stroke every 2 seconds. It felt way too slow for me and I found myself moaning pitifully before I could stop. It felt almost hypnotic after a long time of this slow stroking. I couldn't tell if I was getting closer to cumming but I felt like my NEED to cum was increasing. Sometimes he fondled my balls at the same time. It must have been nearly 2 hours since I had arrived and the slow stroking had been going on for at least 45 minutes. I was sure the entire thing would have been over by now.

At this point my skin felt so sensitive every time he touched my balls I writhed around. Every time his hand slowly ascended my cock I was lifting my hips as far I could - which wasn't very far. I could't help the responses my body kept doing it on its own.

As he let his hand one more time go up my shaft he kept going. He'd avoided my cockhead this entire time. It was tingling at this point. His lightly gripping fist went up and over the head for the first time and my stomach muscles jumped and my whole body flexed. I let out a loud grunt almost like a scream. I was definitely not expecting my cockhead to be that sensitive. I'd never felt like that before whenever I was stroking my cock. I was stunned by the feeling. I couldn't call it pain but it was just far too much sensation to handle.

"Ah yes, I see you have a sensitive head. Today is going to be even more fun than I thought." It took a second for the words to penetrate through my haze. He couldn't possibly make me feel those sensations again. They were way too much. I pulled against the straps desperately but unsurprisingly they didn't give at all.

He went back to very slowly stroking my cock. In fact it might have been even slower than before. But this time he went all the way up to the head each stroke. When he very slowly rubbed his hand over my ridge and up to the tip my body involuntarily jumped. I jumped and I grunted into the gag every single stroke without fail. I even tried to suppress my reactions - to hold still and not make any noise - but every time my body betrayed me. I couldn't stop myself. As his hand went down my shaft towards the base I started to think about what it will feel like when his hand reached my cockhead again on the upstroke. I had more than enough time to contemplate what the sensations will feel like. I was terrified of them but my cock also lurched and flexed in anticipation.

The bed shifted slightly and I could feel his head move down next to my ear. He was softly whispering into my ear but his very slow strokes up to my cockhead kept going without any change in pace. His words filtered slowly into my brain through the moans and grunts and twitches.

"Your cock is pumping out so much precum. Every time it pulses in my hand more comes out. You know what a juicy cock like yours needs?" I couldn't answer his question of course. I might not even have wanted to give him the satisfaction even if I could. "It needs a good polishing. That precum is your cockhead begging to get rubbed and teased." I thought he was already rubbing and teasing it but I whined pathetically at what new torment he could be thinking about.

He moved away from my ear and I felt his hand very lightly grasp the base of my cock. He used only as much pressure as he needed to keep my cock in place and since I was so immobilized he didn't need much. The hand that was slowly stroking me before closed around my cockhead and started twisting and rubbing back and forth right on the tip. His fingers curled around to scrub against the flange while his palm polished all around the glans. My grunts and moans turned into screams and my body jerked upwards. I tried to twist to the side but the straps kept me held down. Before when his hand would stroke over my head the overloading sensations were like quick zaps. Now the sensations were overwhelming and constant.

I thought he polished my head for about 1 or 2 minutes but it felt like a lifetime. He then went back to a very slow stroke. The first stroke up my cock after all the polishing I thought I felt a huge wad of precum ooze out of my dick. He confirmed this when I heard him laugh and say "See? So much precum. Your cock LOVES being polished. It's asking for so much more." My cock may have loved it but I couldn't handle it. I whimpered in response and braced myself. He kept stroking slowly up and down for another minute milking more precum out of straining dick. When his hand was at the tip of my cock during one of the many slow upstrokes he closed it around the end and started viciously polishing again. The whole cycle continued on and on. Polishing, then slow stroking with my cock practically weeping precum, and then back to polishing. I felt like I was going to go insane.

After about 15 minutes of this alternating method he changed things and fondled my balls with one hand and firmly rubbed under my balls and around my taint with the other hand. When he firmly pressed into my taint it felt like he was pushing more precum out the end of my cock from deep inside.

The interlude lasted only a few minutes before he went right back to the polishing and slow stroke alternating method. Somehow my cock felt even harder than before. I'm not sure how close to cumming I was but felt as if I would do anything to cum at this point. The need was overwhelming. He tortured my cockhead like that for at least an hour.

"Would you like to cum?"

I screamed "YES" into the gag during one of his wicked cockhead polishing periods. He just replied "Not yet." With that I felt him move around so he was sitting between my legs and I wondered what else he could possibly want to do to me. I'd been there way too long already but I couldn't get out, and no one was expecting me anytime soon, and no one knew I was there. I couldn't possibly imagine telling anyone in my life about these shameful desires and my need to act them out.

He settled down and gripped my cock just like before - lightly right at the base - and started polishing me just like before. I writhed and twisted and begged. The minutes felt like hours and I was expecting him to switch to his slow strokes at some point but he didn't. He just continued to polish my cockhead. He moved his hand around polishing different areas, sometimes fast, sometimes slow so I didn't ever get used to it. The sensations were intense and despite being exhausted the straps worked overtime to keep me in place as I thrashed around. This time there's no way for me to keep track of time. The constant polishing had me in tears. I finally felt like I was nearing a climax but as I got closer my cockhead just got more sensitive.

Finally, he stopped and asked, "Would you like to cum now?" This time I just whimpered smally into the gag "...please."

His finger pushed into my taint and rubbed little circles. Every few seconds he polished my cock again and I convulsed. His finger kept moving around my taint lower and lower. I tried to grind my hips down into the bed to keep him from my virgin asshole but every time his hand rubbed my cockhead I thrashed and lost all control of my body.

"I'll let you cum, boy, but you have to ask for my finger in your ass."

I couldn't stop myself from reading stories about assplay online, especially stories about straight boys getting forced into it. I couldn't remember if I had told him about that part of my fantasies. But I was sure they were just fantasies. I didn't actually want my ass played with. I liked to read about other boys having their asses played with. I groaned at the idea. Just as I groaned his hand tortuously scrubbed around my cockhead and it came out more as a screech. I had been so close to cumming and that only made my cockhead more sensitive. Being on the edge for a while - being played with so intensely for so long - I felt like my balls were churning. They were aching. I NEEDED to cum.

"So, do you want it or not?"

Every few seconds he rubbed my cockhead, then my taint, then my cockhead. I didn't even think that I consciously answered. I resisted for only a few minutes of this continued alternating assault. Finally my desperate need made me say "OK."

"No, no, no. You have to ask for it."

"Put your finger in my ass," I said sullenly through the gag.

"Ask nicely, boy." He polished my cockhead viscously with fast twisting motions that had me nearly hyperventilating.

When the punishment polishing was over and I sensed him waiting expectantly I said "Please, sir, put your finger in my ass." My voice trailed off a bit at the end from an overwhelming sense of humiliation.

"OK, boy, since you asked so nicely..."

I started babbling into the gag that I didn't really want it and please don't put his finger into my ass. It all sounded like gibberish through the gag but I was sure he knew exactly what I was saying. I once again was feeling scared and nervous but my dick was still rock hard. I still felt the dull ache of needing to cum but I was no longer right on the edge.

One of his hands grabbed my balls and tugged them both to the bottom of my sack. He then lifted them up and pulled with just enough force to cause mild discomfort. My body went rigid trying not to tug too hard on my stretched out nuts. I felt his finger with fresh lube covering it plunge into my crack and circle around my asshole. Since I had been tied on my back I had assumed my ass wasn't very accessible but I quickly realized that with my legs spread so wide it was quite easy for him to slip a finger up under me and into my hole.

I tried desperately to clench my cheeks and tighten my hole but it didn't really seem to slow him down at all. His finger easily found my hole and rubbed the lube into it. He circled it for many minutes pushing lightly then teasing it with just his nail. Somehow it started to feel good. A thought crept into the back of my head that maybe this wasn't so bad. I felt his hand let go of my balls and grabbed around the end of my dick like a doorknob and he started a twisting and polishing motion that I was frantic to escape. There was no escape.

My body was tensing and my hips jumping around trying to get away from his polishing hand. At the same time my ass was clenching and releasing rhythmically. Every so often while he polished his finger would push a bit further up into my ass. As he penetrated I tried to lift my hips to get away from it but that only pushed my cockhead into his hand which intensely polished it causing me to grind my hips back down onto his finger. At some point it was obvious his finger was no longer teasing outside my hole but had started to work its way inside. I cried out "no, no, please..." Perhaps the straight part of me was still rebelling and holding onto this one last thing.

"But this is what you asked for. I'm just giving you what you wanted!" He pushed his finger in hard the next time I ground my hips down from the tormenting polishing. Any notions I had that having my ass played with would feel good disappeared as it felt like a hot pain shooting up into me. My clenching kept being interrupted by his hand on my dick and despite the sudden pain I could tell I was as hard as ever. I could also feel his hand getting freshly lubed by more precum. My cock was betraying me. It was aiding my tormentor in tormenting me.

I could tell his finger was only about an inch deep into my ass. He started to move it at a moderate pace back and forth. He kept pushing it just a little deeper. I grunted and moaned and whimpered "please" into the gag over and over but my attempts to resist kept being thwarted my his polishing hand. My ass felt like it was burning and his finger felt like it was gigantic as he pushed deeper and deeper. After about 10 minutes I could feel his finger all the way in my ass as far as it would go. He pulled it out just a few millimeters before pushing it back in maybe 1 stroke per second. He might also have been wiggling his finger tip deep inside me because I felt a strange sensation deep in my ass at about the same pace. It was hard to concentrate before he would continue doing terrible things to my cockhead. He'd corkscrew his fist around it and made me try to jump away. Sometimes he'd do a motion like revving a motorcycle across the top of the glans. Other times he'd scratch around the flange and then over the flat of the glans with his fingernails. I never knew what was coming next but every time I would be shocked and horrified by the intense sensations. Just when I thought my cockhead was getting the worst of it I felt my ass clench around his finger and moan at being uncomfortably full. Then when my ass was twitching and protesting my cockhead would suddenly explode in sensation. I couldn't keep up.

For a while this went on until his finger pull out much further than before - almost all the way out. I gasped at the sensation of going from feeling too full to suddenly empty. Then he'd slide it all the way back in making me squawk and try to get away. I wasn't used to getting penetrated but he didn't seem to care. The polishing intensified and the fingering picked up speed. 2, then 3 overwhelming finger jamming strokes each second. My groans were now one continuous scream.

"Yeah, bitch, now I'm fucking you." The fingering hurt. The polishing was killing me. Somehow the combination had me at the edge of cumming. Somewhere deep in my brain I was terrified of how sensitive my cockhead was getting and confused that these two brain melting sensations were about to make me cum.

At that point instead of convulsions from the cockhead scrubbing my whole body was rigid and tensed. I was moaning loudly into the gag. I was right on the edge of cumming. The finger still hurt. The polishing was still too intense, but my body was going to cum and I had no control anymore. I could feel my cock start to pump cum out and every time my body tensed to shoot another wad his finger jabbed into my asshole. It felt like he was pumping the cum out with his finger. My orgasmic moans got ragged as he continued polishing even as the cum was dribbling out of my cock. My muscles were so tightly contracted I started quaking as my whole world contracted to just my cockhead being ruthlessly stimulated and my ass being mercilessly fucked. He kept alternating the patterns of his polishing so I couldn't predict it and my cockhead didn't get used to the sensations.

As my orgasm faded he pulled his finger quickly out of my ass causing me to screech once again and grabbed the base in what was a very familiar light grip. I had only a second to try to beg him before he continued the polishing. I'm not sure if his technique was more powerful or I just became so much more sensitive after cumming but the feelings in my dick tip were the strongest I'd felt yet. Somehow despite being totally exhausted I was once again jerking and twisting trying to get away but he just kept his palm perfectly rubbing around and around my glans. Fresh tears streamed down my face from under the gag as I desperately tried to tell him this was too much. How I couldn't take it. After about 15 minutes of complete torture he abruptly stopped and got up off the bed. I could feel just how tired I really was and I sunk into the bed. I almost felt like I was floating.

I heard the sound of a sink and then him returning to the room. If I wasn't so out of it I might have gotten scared again but I just laid there in my daze as he took out the gag, wiped my cock with a wet cloth, and released the straps. Little was said as I got dressed. He told me I did well as we made our way out towards the front door.

When I got into my car I could feel that my cock was almost numb now, my ass had a dull ache, but the biggest feeling was the ache in my jaw from the gag. Funny how during the torture my cock and ass were the most intense but now the biggest feeling was my sore jaw. I could see from the clock in the car that it had been hours since I arrived. I drove back to my apartment with the events replaying over and over in my head. It had been way more than I had expected but even before I got home my cock was hard again from the memories. What was wrong with me?

I was too scared to contact him again but a week later I got an email from him.

"Would you like to come over and try some more stuff? I have so much more to teach you. You did alright for your first time but I think you can handle more. I have this electric toothbrush with some really stiff bristles that you will just love."

I just reread the email over and over again not sure what to do. I really couldn't handle what he did to me the fist time and now he was talking about doing MORE? I thought about the things he could do with that toothbrush he mentioned and a shiver ran up my spine. If I just didn't respond it would all go away. I realized that my cock was super hard just thinking about another meeting. Seriously, what was wrong with me?

As if compelled I responded "OK, let's meet again. Can you go a little easier on me this time? Last time was intense." I put my head in my hands like I couldn't believe I had just sent that.

Only a few minutes passed before the response came: "We'll see about going easy. Get here in 1 hour. You'll be here a while. Expect to stay overnight."

My chest tightened reading that. Overnight? Last time took so long what could he possibly plan to do that would take so much longer? I was so scared of the possibilities. Maybe he actually would go easy on me. It said "we'll see" after all. I couldn't deny my cock was as hard as it had been in the midst of our last meeting. I trudged to the shower and prepared for the coming evening.


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