After a rough night of cock polishing, ass play and orgasm denial, the curious college student's new Master fits him with a chastity device that drives him crazy for days. When he finally returns to his Master begging for release, the poor boy learns that he must earn it. A HOT continuation of Briballus' story!!

Internet Predator: Part 3 - Page 1
by Briballus
Series: Internet Predator

internet-predatorI was in the shower at home after a tough night and difficult morning. He had done exactly as he promised and tortured my sensitive cockhead for hours until we were both too tired to carry on. I was left sore and my cock throbbing but he went to sleep and I was left in bondage to try to sleep with a raging hard dick.

In the morning I was given some water and we sat in the living room. He cuffed my hands behind my back and started edging me on his lap. I was wiggling around and he kept me right on the edge for about an hour. He eventually pushed me off his lap and stood up and put a blindfold over my eyes. I was expecting he would finally let me cum but instead he retrieved some items from the kitchen and came back and with the help of some ice got my cock soft and strapped a plastic chastity cage on me.

I was told to dress, go home, and return in a few days when he would take off the cage and finally let me cum. If I found a way to remove the cage myself then I was told to not bother returning at all.

Back home in the shower I inspected the cage and saw it had a small padlock holding it closed. It was strapped tightly around my balls and then encased my cock in plastic. There were slots and holes along the length and at the end so the water had no trouble washing over my genitals. Just the brief inspection of the device had caused my cock to start swelling but the cage was small and tight and my cock quickly filled it and then painfully was compressed by the plastic. I groaned and tried to think of something else to get rid of the erection. I hadn't cum at all after all that teasing and torture and everything felt tense and tight and swollen. I needed to cum so bad.

When the master emailed me and asked me to return I told him I had to focus on classes for a bit. The reality was that I was scared. I ignored his later messages and tried to keep my attention on school. The chastity cage was a constant distraction. Not only was I hornier than ever before I was always worried that the other students around me somehow knew or would find out about my situation. By the time midweek rolled around I felt like I couldn't possibly continue. I finally emailed him and told him I needed to get the cage off. He responded that he would but that I would have to wait until he was ready for the weekend. I was disappointed I'd have to wait several more days. I tried pleading with him to let me out sooner but he persisted. I told him spring break was starting that weekend so I would be free too and we settled on my arriving Saturday morning.

The next few days were impossible. I was swollen and painfully filling the chastity cage almost every day. I would wake up every morning having leaked precum all over my sheets. I had been in this device for a whole week when I finally woke up early Saturday morning and hurried over to the suburban house.

He greeted me warmly at the door. I was jittery, nervous, and impatient as I entered. I was very afraid given how much he had pushed past my boundaries last time, but I was just so horny I could barely think straight. He asked me how classes had been and I told him they were really hard to concentrate on.

"It hurts all the time now. I really need to cum, sir. Maybe I can cum now and then we can do the other stuff..." I was just trying to get him to let me cum as soon as possible.

"Soon, boy. You seem eager to get started. Come with me."

We went into the living room where he had a cup of coffee and a bookmarked book waiting. He had me strip my clothes off and leave them on the living room floor. He cuffed my hands behind my back and pulled me down nestling against him while he started reading the book. He absent-mindedly pinched my nipples and then dipped his hand down to tickle and poke at my balls and my taint. I was soon writhing around as my cock strained inside the cage. I groaned and pleaded with him to let me out of the cage. He ignored me for a few more minutes before putting the book away and pulling me up from the couch.

"I told you last time to return quickly but you didn't and then you ignored me. You only responded once your dick got the better of you. That wasn't very nice. You want me to let you out of that cage?"

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry, it's just that last time..."

"Enough. I'll let you out and we'll play some more today but first we have to take care of a little business. You disobeyed me, slave, so you will be punished."

He pushed me over the arm of the couch so my ass was in the air. I couldn't keep my balance at all with my arms cuffed behind me and he easily held me down with one hand. I tried to plead with him but he cut me off.

"No more talking, slave. Take your punishment or I'll make it worse."

Before I could react he started spanking me. Every time he had spanked me before I hadn't enjoyed it. It just hurt. This time was even worse. He was hitting my ass really hard and he was giving me no time to relax between swats. He was hitting the same spot on my ass 3-4 times in quick succession before moving around to other spots. It took probably 20-30 seconds before I had tears in my eyes and only about 2 minutes before I was crying. At first I shouted at him to stop and I didn't want to keep going. Eventually I just sobbed that I was sorry. After about 10 minutes he finally stopped and pulled me up.

He wiped away my tears and then fondled my balls. It made me realize that my cock was still very swollen in the cage and I still ached for release. He released my hands and I immediately rubbed and tried to sooth my sore ass. It hurt a lot. He guided me into the kitchen and told me to sign a document on the counter. I was a bit confused but started reading it. As I read it he was teasing my nipples and cock and balls. I tried to pull away but he quickly grabbed my neck.

"Do you need to be punished again, boy?"

"No, sir!"

I never wanted to be punished like that again. The fondling got me desperate to cum quickly and I was trying to focus on the document through the horny haze. He pressed a pen into my hand and I signed the document while he urged me to hurry so we could get the cage off my cock. I saw many clauses that worried me. There were lists of things I was going to be expected to do. Lots of discussions of anal training and penetration, oral servicing, and multiple forced ejaculations. I tried asking him about some of the things listed in the document as I put the pen down.

"Sir, you know I'm not really gay, I like some of what you do with my cock, though I think it sometimes is a bit more intense than I can handle. Last time I think you were a little aggressive with the anal. Maybe we can focus less on that this time?"

"Don't you worry," he replied, "that's just standard stuff in there. I'll take good care of you."

He brought me down to his basement. I hadn't been down there before. It was nicely finished. Before entering a room at the bottom of the stairs he reapplied the blindfold. He had me climb into a padded table before strapping my arms down to my sides on both my wrists and elbows. My head was resting on a nice cushioned headrest. He wrapped straps around my chest, above my knees and at my ankles.

"Can I cum now, sir?"

"I will be making you cum, boy, don't worry. Here, open up. I'll tell you everything once you're properly gagged."

I was excited at the prospect of cumming so I opened my mouth and he slipped in a gag that was shaped like a fairly thick, bulbous-headed cock. It filled my mouth and silenced me.

"Like I said I will make you cum, but first you have to prove you can follow directions. So, for now you are not allowed to cum. You understand? No cumming. If you are about to cum you have to warn me. Do you understand?"

I was disappointed I wasn't going to be cumming yet but I nodded my head that I understood.

He got closer to my ear and lowered his voice. "If you cum without my permission I'll have to punish you again. Before, I spanked you for 10 minutes. If you cum before I let you I'll spank you for 30 minutes. Then, I'll whip your unruly cock with my cock whip."

I shivered. I couldn't handle that kind of punishment. I resolved myself to not cumming. It had been a week. I could hold out for another hour or so.

"However, I can't just make it easy for you. I'm going to stroke you nice and slow, base to tip. When you are right on the edge and need me to stop then I will. But, while you cool down I'll have a little of my own fun. I've got some good suggestions written down on slips of paper in this bowl. I'll pick one out and do it to you. Then the slip of paper goes back into the bowl and we can continue. There will be lots of fun for us while you ride the edge."

I grumbled and shook my head. The edging was going to be hard enough. What tortures were in that damn bowl? He seemed to read my mind.

"Here's some of the good ones. Polishing your cockhead with my slick palm. That's a classic, isn't it?" Oh god, he was obsessed with rubbing my cockhead when it was its most sensitive. I absolutely couldn't stand it.

"How about, pinching and chewing your nipples? Oh this is a fun one: spanking your cock with a riding crop. Oh and I also have scrubbing your cockhead with the electric toothbrush. I know that was especially effective last time."

I heard him set the bowl down and he started unlocking and pulling off the chastity cage. My cock inflated to full hardness in seconds. He chuckled at how quickly my cock became giant, red, and throbbing. He pushed a tight cock ring down to the base of my shaft and pushed my balls into a ball spreader which had them stretched out and straining. Then he poured lube over my cock and very slowly started stroking.

It was like my cock was electrified. It hadn't been stroked in a week and it felt like it was on fire. I was so ready to cum but I remembered I had to avoid the punishment. My cock was straining right away but the slowness of the strokes meant my orgasm built over about 20 minutes.

When my breathing started to get ragged and my cock was really straining he got close to my ear and whispered, "You can't stop it, can you? Don't let yourself cum, boy. Make sure you warn me and then we can torture your cock like you deserve."

Somewhere deep down the situation and the psychological torture excited me even more. My cock throbbed and I screamed out that I was about to cum. When he let go my cock shuddered and pulsed. I groaned at how frustrating and painful it was not to cum. I heard him reach into the bowl and then laugh as he read the slip of paper before setting it back into the bowl and mixing them up.

He lightly grabbed the base of my cock and started sliding his palm over and around my tingling cockhead. I shook violently on the table and tried to jerk away but I was held tight. He circling his hand over and over my glans making me scream and cry.

As quickly as it started he stopped and went back to slowly stroking. I felt like I was still right on the edge and it took only a few minutes for me to be straining against cumming again. I realized that if I stayed this close to cumming all morning he'd be torturing me from his bowl of horrors very often.

The next round had him slapping my cockhead with a riding crop. It stung and once again was crying behind the blindfold. It took him about 3 minutes of beating my cock to feel satisfied. This time my dick had slightly wilted from the pain but almost instantly was hard again when he went back to stroking.

After a few minutes my cock felt like steel again and I was right on the edge of cumming. I was shaking slightly as his hand very slowly glided up and over my sensitive cock head. I shouted out through the gag that I was about to cum and he immediately let go of my dick and slapped my balls causing me to back off the edge and howl. I heard the paper rustle around in the bowl and then there was a moment of silence. I wasn't sure where he was around me any more and for about 10 seconds he didn't touch me. Then I suddenly felt him grab my nipples and twist and pull them harshly. I screamed out as my nipples were abused and tried to twist my body away from him but I barely moved at all. He alternated between biting them and twisting them with his fingers but after a few minutes my nipples felt like they were on fire.

He eventually let go of my tortured nipples and stroked my cock back to hardness. Very quickly I was forgetting about my sore nipples as I was back on the edge of cumming. My balls felt like they were churning and I considered just letting myself cum and accepting the punishment. I needed it so badly. In the end I warned him again because I was too scared of the punishment he threatened me with.

It went on and on with him torturing my nipples, then using the damn toothbrush on my cockhead, then back to polishing, then tickling my balls with a soft feather. The whole time my balls felt heavy and full and I needed to cum and I was right on the edge of orgasm. I wanted so badly to just let myself cum but I was too scared of being punished so the tortures continued.

It must have been over and hour later with my mind hazy and completely lost in my need to cum. He was stroking me especially slowly and really focusing on stroking up over my cockhead so I would jump from the sensitivity.

"Are you listening, slave?"

It was like his words were drifting into my mind from really far away. He tapped my balls and I nodded that I was listening.

"Ready to continue your training?" I grumbled that I just really needed to cum. "I'll let you cum for sure but remember I said we need to make sure you can follow my directions."

He pulled out my gag and let me sip some water. He told me I was doing well and I was really passing my test.

"It feels so intense, sir. I get to cum soon right?"

"Definitely, boy," he replied. "I'll let you cum very soon. Just going to put a gag back in here and we'll do a bit more. It'll feel even better when you cum after this."

He pushed a different gag into my mouth this time. Once it was strapped in I could feel it was a ring with a large hole in it. It was really quite large and spread my mouth very wide.

"Good job, boy. Now we've got you nice and horny just like slaves should be. I like when you are this desperate. Do you like being a good slave?"

I nodded my head, hoping to speed along to the part where I got to cum. My cock felt like a steel bar and my balls were aching with the pain of a week's worth of semen. I screamed when he twisted one of my nipples hard.

"Answer me properly, boy."

"Yes, sir." I said and he let go of my nipple. He was getting serious with this master/slave talk. I decided I'd go along with him for now.

"So you know there's all sorts of things good slaves will do for their masters. Like those things you said you'd do when you signed your slave contract upstairs." Was that what that was before? A slave contract. I recalled a few of the unpleasant things listed in there I wasn't keen on doing. "Good slaves love to taste their master's cock. Good slaves love tasting their master's cum. Now, I know you said you were straight but you've come back to see a gay master three times now, boy. It's time for you to be a good slave. I want to train you to take cock now. You probably have never sucked a cock before, have you?"

I tried to tell him no through the gag that I didn't want to suck cock. When we were first exchanging emails weeks ago he'd accepted when I told him I didn't want to do that. He grabbed my nipple again and twisted and just told me to answer his question.

"No," I told him. Of course I hadn't sucked a cock before.

"Great. You'll struggle to swallow mine as I slip it into your throat. Don't worry, I'll go slow but you won't be able to stop it." I was horrified by this. He didn't just want me to suck him, he wanted to push his cock into my throat! That was going to be impossible. I couldn't handle that. "Yeah, slave, I'm going to fuck your throat."


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