Superboy is broken in the torture chamber by one of the Superboy clones using whipping, nipple torture and CBT.

The Hunt for Superboy - Chapter 7
by Todd Fleming
Series: The Hunt for Superboy

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hunt-superboy-titleSuperboy listened in horror as the Superboy Destroyer told the story of his plan. To think that he took a sweet guy like Nick and turned him into a perverted asshole sent waves of terror through his now vulnerable body. A few hours ago, he would have scoffed at any type of chemical weapon having an effect on him. As he sat naked with his already spent cock still leaking from his powerful orgasm, the hero began to fear what his fate would be.

Nick dressed in a replica of his costume and granted a portion of Superboy’s powers glared at the shivering Boy of Steel. His blue eyes were hard as steel with no hint of mercy in them. A complete opposite of his natural personality. The revelation that it was this young man’s actions that led to his arrest was mind boggling.

The hero decided that he was not going to give up. His powers might have been stripped away from him as well as his dignity and pride, but Superboy was going to fight The Superboy Destroyer’s plans with every fiber of his being. Gathering his strength, the powerless hero leaped off the villain’s lap and started to race towards the exit. Running was awkward enough when he felt weak as a baby, but his huge erect cock slapping against his stomach made it even worse.

Superboy cried out as he felt something slam against the small of his back. Like a klutz, he stumbled and fell right on his face against the hard cement floor. Turning his head, the hero almost screamed in terror. It was Nick who knocked him down and was dragging him across the floor back to the Superboy Destroyer.

“Please!” the hero begged pathetically. “Let me go!”

There was no mercy from the star swimmer as he dragged the weakly struggling hero out of the room and into another. Tossing Superboy around like a doll, he slammed him against the wall and with a burst of super speed, the hero was in chains.

Superboy pulled at the chains with all of his might, but in his weakened condition he couldn’t even make them move very much. His face paled as he looked around. The room looked like some kind of medieval torture room. The walls had every kind of whip, flogger, and paddles hanging from thick nails. There were a couple of tables scattered in the room with many other kinds of torture devices. What did Nick have in mind for him?

There was a very evil smirk on the jock’s face as he grabbed Superboy by the throat and slammed his head against the wall. “The time of fun and games has ended, Clark!” he snarled. “You will give an oath of loyalty and obedience to the Master!”

The Boy of Steel felt his throat being crushed. Just a little more pressure and he would be killed instantly. Yet the feeling of excitement and lust didn’t diminish by an ounce. There was a thrill that Superboy never felt before. The loss of control opened a new door of pleasure that he never knew existed. Yet his heroic code still dominated. The Superboy Destroyer might have captured him and stripped away his powers, but he would fight until the end.

Nick saw the glimmer of defiance on his prisoner’s face and smiled. It was almost as if the jock wanted Superboy to fight against him. Releasing the powerless hero’s throat, he walked over to the table and grabbed a chain. Turning back to his victim, Nick showed what he had picked up. Superboy paled when he saw the steel jaws attached to either end of the chain. As Nick clamped each jaw on the hero’s tender nipples, the swimmer seemed to relish the screams of pain coming from his victim.

Superboy finally got control of his screams as his body trembled in pain. Unlike the tenderness of Daniel when he played with the hero’s quarter sized nipples, this was nothing but pure pain. He tried to suppress it but it was just too much for him. As Nick grabbed the chain and started to yank on it, the hero started to scream again. It felt like his nipples were going to be ripped right off his chest.

Eventually Nick got bored and stopped pulling on the chain. The jock smiled as he looked down and saw the throbbing hard erection that the helpless hero was sporting. “It looks like someone is enjoying his torture.”

The hero looked down and paled when he saw his arousal. How can this be? Was he some kind of sick pervert that got off on pain? His strict conservative morals seemed to ravel apart as he moaned in lust. Nick slapped his shame causing precum to fly everywhere. Deep down inside, some part of Superboy was loving this domination.

As Superboy struggled with these new feelings of lust, Nick turned and walked over to the wall where the whips and floggers hung. The hero paled as the jock picked one of the biggest ones. Bracing himself, he tried to prepare for the onslaught of pain that was coming. His mental preparations did little as Nick lashed the flogger right into Superboy’s balls.

If the hero were at full power, his shrill screams of agony would have completely destroyed the walls of the room. This was the most intense feeling of pain that he ever felt in his life. His screams continued as Nick flayed every part of his nude body. There was no mercy in the formally nicest guy in Metropolis. In fact his tights and briefs were tented with a huge erection as he tortured the once invulnerable hero.

When the flogging finally stopped, Superboy hung from his chains in exhaustion. His voice had given out from his intense screaming. His body was bruised from the ordeal. His pale pristine white skin was now black and blue with no hint of the original pigmentation. His face was streaked with tears as his sobs caused him a lot of pain. Yet despite all his torture, Superboy’s cock was still hard as steel leaking precum like a drippy faucet.

His break from torture was short lived as Nick went back to the table and returned with several clothespins. Still feeling the pain from the steel clamps that bit into his tender nipples, Superboy shuddered with fear of what was coming next. The jock knelt on the floor and started to apply the clothespins to his balls! The poor powerless hero thrashed in his chains as his spent voice tried to scream. He tried to double over in pain as it radiated up from his tortured balls into his stomach, but the chains made it impossible to do.

When there was no more room on his balls for any more clothespins, Nick started to attach them on the hero’s sides. From his waist all the way up to his armpit, a row of clothespins clamped onto his naked flesh. Superboy thrashed around in pain as he closed his eyes in denial. Hours ago, he was the most powerful being on the planet and now he had been reduced to the tortures of a very sadistic chemically drugged college kid. The humiliation almost hurt as much as the physical pain. To make it worse, the Boy of Steel was still so very hard with desire. Part of him loved every second of his helplessness.

Satisfied with his work, Nick stood up and looked at his masterpiece. The once proud and powerful hero had been reduced to a sniveling crying mess. If his public could only see how their hero had been transformed. He started to lock the chains holding his victim on the wall. Instead of using this opportunity to flee, Superboy instead collapsed on the floor. His tortured mind could not see past the fog of pain to see he was free of his bondage.

Nick grabbed his prisoner by his sweat matted raven locks and slammed him back against the wall. This time Superboy was facing against the wall as his backside was no complete exposed. The chains were quickly attached once again, but the hero didn’t have the strength to even struggle anymore.

There might have been dread in the Boy of Steel’s mind if it weren’t shackled in a thick cloud of pain. His pleasure grew as his erection was no trapped between the wall and his body. More precum rolled down his rod even as the pain from his tortures overwhelmed his mind.

The sadistic jock returned with a huge paddle. A large letter ‘S’ in the style of Superboy’s emblem was engraved on the paddle. Nick smiled as he took the paddle and started to slam it against the hero’s naked ass. Superboy’s body bounced off the wall from the force of the blow as a hoarse scream exploded from his lips. Again the jock slammed the paddle on his ass giving his victim no time to recover.

The intense spanking seemed to last for an eternity until Superboy just could not take it anymore. There were no more tears to cry out and every single part of his body was wracked in pain. On each of his ass cheeks was a fiery red ‘S’ imprinted on the muscled globes. It looked like someone had branded him with the very symbol of his heroism. What made it worse is that his cock kept slamming against the wall over and over again. The wall around his groin was stained with his precum as he came closer and closer to humiliating himself again with a powerful orgasm.

Nick stopped and grabbed Superboy by his hair yanking his head back. “Are you ready to submit to the Master?”

With no voice left, the hero could barely croak a pathetic ‘yes’. The tortures had completely broken him and there was no more fight left in him. All he could think about was the need to cum and the intense pain that seared his body.

With Superboy’s stolen powers, Nick unchained on of his hands and turned him back around so that his battered ass was pressed against the wall. “Cum for me!” The jock ordered harshly.

Afraid of more tortures, Superboy took his purple cock and started to jerk. By this time, he was so close to cumming that it only took a couple of second for him to reach the point of no return. As a powerful surge of pleasure shot from his tortured balls to his cock, Nick leaped into action. Using his superspeed, he ripped the clothespins that were still clamped onto his prisoner’s body.

As the first shot of cum exploded from his cock, Superboy almost passed out from the pain of having the clothespins ripped from his body. His body spasmed as his hand fell from stroking his cock to fall limply at his side. It was too late to stop the orgasm as shot after shot of cum leaped from the mushroom head like it was a machine gun.

Nick saved the chain with the clamps for last and right when Superboy was at the height of his powerful orgasm, he yanked the chains off his tortured nipples. The hero’s eyes grew wide as his mouth screamed soundlessly. Then he slumped against the wall passed out even as his cock was still shooting. Nick never felt turned on in his entire life. As Superboy was passed out against the wall still cumming, he took out his own throbbing cock and shot his load all over the bruised and limp body of the hero.


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