The Superboy Destroyer continues to relay the story of his search for Superboy's secret identity while teases the captured superhero's cock.

The Hunt for Superboy - Chapter 4
by Todd Fleming
Series: The Hunt for Superboy

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hunt-superboy-titleSuperboy could not believe his ears. How could a nerdy scientist like Dr. Cardoso defeat him so easily. The poor hero was defenseless on the villain’s lap while his hard throbbing erection was being tugged ever so seductively. During the story, Superboy thought he would lose control and cum several times, but his captor seemed to know how to bring him to the edge and let the pressure die before starting over again. The effects made it even more impossible for Superboy to think. Each time he was denied an orgasm, his need to cum grew greater and greater.

“How could you hate me for saving lives?” He moaned pathetically as his muscular body writhed in pleasure.

“My research was much more important than a few measly lives!” The Superboy Destroyer snarled as he twisted his prisoner’s bare nipples causing him to cry out in pain. The villain seemed to calm down a bit as he started softly caressing his new boy’s naked body. “What you think doesn’t matter, Clark. Soon I will own your body and soul and there is nothing you can do about it.”

As Superboy felt his now painfully erect cock being tugged again, he knew that the villain was right. He never felt so helpless before and what scared him the most was that he was enjoying it. This was a pleasure that he never thought was possible and it opened new doors to ecstasy that could never be closed again. Even if a miracle did happen and he managed to escape, the hero would be forever changed with his intense need.

“The first step to your destruction was to figure out who you were when you weren’t meddling in the world’s affairs.” The Superboy Destroyer purred softly in his moaning prisoner’s ear. “I knew that you weren’t Superboy full time since there were gasps in your appearances. You see I had been tracking you for months while working at Star Labs. I had all the data I needed to study every aspect of you. The data should have been destroyed when you allowed my research to burn, but I had those files back in my apartment. I couldn’t trust those idiots in Star Labs to know everything about you, and it seems I was right to be paranoid.

I took the data and hacked into the FBI database. You see they don’t just have criminal files, but they have files on every single person in the country. That is of course a very guarded secret, but as you can tell I am good at finding out buried secrets. It took hours of work, but I managed to match seven possible candidates that could have been you. Now the hunt could truly begin.”

Superboy was amazed at the time, patience, and genius that his nemesis had to discover his secret identity. As he listened, the hero realized that he never had a chance. The doctor had everything planned out and by the time Superboy was aware that someone was looking for him, it was already too late.

The Superboy Destroyer smiled as he snapped his fingers once. One of the fakes got up from his knees and climbed on his master’s lap right next to Superboy. The Boy of Steel moaned as he felt another set of hands exploring his naked and very sensitive body.

“This is Daniel,” The villain introduced. “He was a star wrestler at Metropolis University, but now all he wants to do is please me.”

Daniel moaned softly as his master played with his raven locks. The bulging tent in his superboy tights and briefs looked so tight that it was probably going to burst through the fabric at any second. The wrestler looked over at Superboy and leaned forward to kiss him softly on the lips.

Superboy knew that he should have fought the kiss, but he was much too turned on to resist. His full lips opened willingly as their lips touched and their tongues started to explore each other’s mouths. He could feel the aura of power around the young man that once was his own. Daniel could kill him with a flick of his finger and the differences in their strength brought a whole new feeling to the helpless hero. Superboy had never had anyone so much stronger than him. His body melted as his already hard cock grew harder. It was a whole new level of submission that drove his senses crazy.

“Like the rest of my boys, Daniel matches your height, build, and features, however, it was unlikely that he was the real Superboy. To have to suppress that great strength in a wrestling match would be more trouble than it was worth. I decided to go after him anyways since it would be good practice to capturing you later.”

The hero moaned like a bitch in heat as he listened to the story of Daniel’s fall. The wrestler continued to play with him even as his master did. Every touch was like a jolt of pleasure that soon overwhelmed his weak and frail body. Yet there was nothing Superboy could do, but listen to the story as he savored this molestation.


Daniel smiled as a nurse came out of the waiting room. She was an attractive blonde with amazing tits. The athlete showed his dimples as she call his name and he followed her into the examining room.

“The doctor will see you momentarily.” She said briskly as she placed his chart on the door. “Go ahead and strip down to your underwear and sit on the table.”

As she turned to leave, the hunk of a wrestler gently grabbed her hand. “Would you like to help me get ready for my physical?” He asked in his most seductive voice.

The nurse blushed as she took back her hand. Daniel could tell that she was tempted, and he was disappointed when she shook her head. “Maybe some other time,” She smiled gently as she patted his cheek.

Alone in the room, Daniel started to get undressed. It was time for his annual physical which was a requirement to be on the wrestling team. As the star wrestler for Met U, the athlete was used to being the center of attention. Girls always threw themselves at him and he belonged to one of the most popular fraternities on campus.

The hunk placed his shirt on the table and stretched. His muscular chest was completely smooth, but that was because he shaved it. Normally it would be a forest of black hair, but he found it was easier to wrestle when he was completely smooth. His nipples hardened in the cool air as his hand absently ran down the valley between his pecs down the hard ripples of muscles in his six pack. For some reason, his head felt a little fuzzy and there was an ache in his balls.

As he unbuttoned and pulled his pants down his smooth muscular legs, Daniel realized that he was wearing his tighty whities. Normally he wore boxers, but it was past his laundry day and this was the only pair of underwear that he had left. The briefs were low cut enough that if he had pubic hair, it would have showed above the waistline.

Now clad in his tight white briefs, Daniel felt a little embarrassed. He should have realized that he would have to strip for the physical, but his mind was on that hot redhead chick he saw in class earlier. His mind always seemed to turn off when he saw a woman that he wanted to fuck. Coach Wakefield always said that was his biggest problem.

The fuzziness in his head slowly got worse when the doctor finally came into the examining room. Daniel was confused to see that he didn’t recognize this man. Dr. Silvano had been examining him since he was a freshmen. Who the hell was this dude?

“I’m Dr. Cardoso and I will be performing your physical today.”

Daniel took the outstretched hand and smiled in confusion. “Where is Dr. Silvano?”

“Unfortunately he had a family emergency and asked me to stand in. I hope that’s not a problem?”

The wrestler was going to open his mouth to politely object, but he caught a whiff as a very nice scent. The smell made his senses reel as his body started to tingle with pleasure. What kind of cologne was the doctor wearing? It was getting harder for him to focus.

The doctor started the physical and Daniel was finding it harder for him to focus. When the doctor grabbed his wrist to feel his pulse, he felt a jolt run up his arm. Before he knew it, a soft moan escaped his slightly parted lips.

The athlete started to freak out when he realized that he was turned on and horny. Clad only in his tiny white briefs, the boy looked down and saw that the thin material was stretched out by his throbbing erection. What the hell was going on?

Daniel jumped off the exam table and quickly covered his tented crotch. “I need to get out of here!” He gasped weakly.

Dr. Cardoso frowned as he grabbed his patient by the wrist. “You will wait until I am done with the examination.” He ordered softly.

That touch brought another moan of pleasure from the wrestler’s lips. Oh god, he was so turned on right now. Why was the touch of an older man making him so horny. His leaking cock was drenching his briefs with his precum as his knees grew weak with desire. For a brief second, he wanted to throw himself at the doctor and kiss him passionately.

What the fuck? He thought as Daniel took back control of his mind. He was a fucking stud! A womanizer who never had a gay thought in his entire life. Sure, he had no problems with other people being gay, but that just wasn’t who he is. Something fucked up was going on here and he needed to get the hell out of here before he lost control.

Daniel reached for his clothes again only to be stopped by the doctor once more. “Please, I need to get out of here!” He begged as the pleasure of his throbbing cock overwhelmed him.

“It seems like you need to be taught to respect your elders,” Dr. Cardoso snarled angrily.

Before the hunk knew it, he was bent over the table held down easily by the skinny older doctor. Daniel could feel his erection pressing against the table causing more pleasure to flood his body. That sweet smell of the cologne was overwhelming as he weakly struggled. He should have been able to completely out muscle the doctor, but instead it was he who was forced to submit.

“Such a naughty boy!” Dr. Cardoso chided as he started to spank his patient. “I will teach you to respect your elders.”

The slaps on his underwear clad ass caused Daniel to cry out in ecstasy. He hadn’t been spanked since he was a little boy, and now it seemed he was five years old again. There was a little bit of sting to the blows, but the little pain was drowned out by the pleasure from the doctor’s touch. His mind was in a fog of pleasure as his cock grew harder in its cotton prison.

“Please stop!” The wrestler begged as he felt himself losing the war against his cock. His bottom lip quivered as he tried to keep his emotions under control. It was a losing battle as Daniel closed his eyes. Tears started to stream down his cheeks before a wailing cry escaped his lips.

Dr. Cardoso must have anticipated this because he quickly slapped on a ball gag on the young man’s mouth. Daniel’s muffled objections tried to scream through it, but as he bit down on the ball some kind of liquid came out and ran down his throat.

If he thought that he had been turned on before, now his body was bursting with electric pleasure. His cock never as hard as it was now and as the doctor resumed punishing him, each slap on his ass brought him to the brink of orgasming.

The doctor pulled down the athlete’s underwear leaving his naughty patient completely naked. Daniel objected through his muffled cries, but it didn’t last long. As the spanking started on his bare ass, his mind completely shut down. All that mattered was the need of his cock. Daniel wanted to cum so badly. Unfortunately his hard throbbing erection was trapped between his hot flesh and the table making it impossible for him to jerk himself off.

The pressure in his balls grew stronger and stronger until it was too much for the wrestler to deal with. Dr. Cardoso slammed his hand against both of the boy’s ass cheeks as hard as he could. Daniel screamed out in pain through the gag, but his body had other ideas. The athlete shook as he fell off the table and landed on his back. His cock erupted like a volcano spewing his hot seed all of over the room.

It was the most powerful orgasm that he had ever experienced in his life. Daniel was very experienced in the art of sex, but nothing had prepared him for an orgasm of this magnitude. His cock shot cum like a machine gun splattering his face, the wall, and even the doctor. Even after his balls had been emptied, the boy was still convulsing on the floor as these powerful feelings of pleasure overwhelmed him.

Dr. Cardoso watched without any expression on his face. As Daniel’s mind finally focused, he looked up at the older man in feat. What had just happened? He could feel the cooling cum on his face as he shivered in revulsion. He was so dead. If anyone found out about this, he would be a laughing stock.

“Now this was unexpected,” The older man mused softly.

“Please don’t tell anyone about this!” Daniel begged. “I’m not gay. I don’t know what happened, but I will do anything to keep this a secret!”

The doctor picked up the frightened boy and watched as his touch caused the athlete’s spent cock to come back alive. Daniel felt his body betraying him once again as he stared into the eyes of the older man. There was something attractive about him now that made him want to submit.

“I think we can work out some kind of arrangement,” Dr. Cardoso said softly. “But first you need to clean up this mess that you made.”

Daniel nodded as he rushed to the sink to grab paper towels. Before he could take two steps, the older man stopped him.

“Clean up your mess with your tongue.” He ordered firmly.

The wrestler would have normally violently refused, but as he opened mouth he found himself dumbstruck. His cock was now back at full mast as his attraction for the older man grew stronger. “Ya, sure,” He mumbled.

Dr. Cardoso grabbed him by the chin and locked their eyes. “Yes, master,” He corrected firmly.

Those eyes were so beautiful that he could not resist. “Yes, master,” Daniel surrendered.

The young man sank to his knees and started to lick the pools of drying cum. LIke a dog, he crawled around the floor eagerly lapping up the remains of his orgasm. His hard cock slapped against his stomach causing his pleasure to grow.

The last bit of cum left that was not on his naked body were on the doctor’s leather shoes. Daniel lowered his head as his bare red ass went up in the air. There was an aura of reverence as he softly pressed his lips against the stained leather. He had never been turned on in his entire life as his tongue started to wash the older man’s shoes clean.

When he was finished, Daniel looked up at his master with complete love and adoration. He would do anything to pleasure the doctor and any will of his own had been destroyed. Dr. Cardoso petted his hair like he would for a good dog.

“I think we need to continue the examination in a more private setting,” The older man mused.

Daniel was handed back his briefs and he slipped them on but had to struggle to contain his still hard cock. The doctor grabbed the rest of his clothes and handed them to his newest slave. “Get dressed and go straight to this address. When you are there, you will strip back down to your briefs and wait for me. We have much to discuss.”

The hunk of wrestler felt pangs of withdrawal as he realized that he would be away from his master for a time. His shattered mind now only lived to serve and obey his master. As he quickly dressed, Daniel hoped that their time away would be very brief. The bulge in his jeans were a testament to his new life.


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