The Superboy Destroyer adds another superboy clone slave to his collection; this time an arrogant jock with grudge against the super hero.

The Hunt for Superboy - Chapter 11
by Todd Fleming
Series: The Hunt for Superboy

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hunt-superboy-titleSuperboy was filled with guilt as he listened to The Superboy Destroyer tell his sadistic story. This was all his fault. Six promising young men were all captured and enslaved all to get to him. He knew that when he started his heroic career that he would make enemies and they would try to hurt him anyway possible, but he was not even close to being prepared for the likes of Dr. Sven Cardoso.

The Superboy Destroyer landed on the top of the Daily Planet and dropped the weakened hero who collapsed in a heap. He was still weakened with whatever chemical concoction that the evil doctor had made him breath.

“Look at it, Superboy,” The Superboy Destroyer ordered. “Your precious city is being destroyed by my loyal pets as we speak.”

The Boy of Steel gasped as he looked up to see thick billowing clouds of smoke. All six of the young men who were enslaved were now endowed with his very own powers. Now they were on a rampage of destruction while wearing his face and costume. The hero paled as he imagined what kind of damage that they would inflict not only on his name and reputation but in the world in general. Since he made his heroic debut, other heroes had started to work against crime across the world. Their reputations would be stained as well.

“Please stop this!” Superboy begged pathetically. “You already defeated me. Please don’t make Metropolis pay as well.”

“This is punishment for your precious city and their reliance on aliens like you!” The Superboy Destroyer snarled. “Mankind has the intelligence to take care of themselves, yet we turn to freaks like you instead of thinking of ways to do it ourselves. The world will be punished for this sin and so will you!”

Superboy could not watched helplessly any longer. He gathered up his strength and managed to pick himself up to his feet. With a running start, he ran towards the edge of the building and leaped up in the air. At first, the hero thought that he managed to regain his powers through sheer force of will, but in just a few seconds he started pummeling down towards the street below. He was quite pathetic as he started to shrilly scream afraid of the death that waited for him. How could this be the end for him?

As he braced himself for the death of the impact, Superboy closed his eyes and prayed to Rao that someone will come to fix this mess and bring Dr. Cardoso to justice. Yet the impact never came. The hero opened his eyes and saw himself looking at the pavement just half an inch from hitting it. The Superboy Destroyer floated above him holding him by the golden belt around his waist.

“Trying to commit suicide already?” The villain chuckled. “I didn’t think that my opinion of you could get worse, but it has. I’m not even close to being finished with you, boy!”

Superboy didn’t even try to explain his intentions as he was back in the powerful arms of his enemy. He felt so helpless and weak that his shame threatened to destroy what was left of his mind. To add to his confusion, his cock had come back alive and throbbed like steel in his cum stained tights and briefs.

“You will have to hear the rest of my story before you can taste the final taste of defeat.” The Superboy Destroyer said firmly.

It was the last thing that Superboy wanted to hear. Each new chapter and development was a painful realization that he had been defeated before he even knew the existence of The Superboy Destroyer.

“I knew that you would not be kept in jail for long so I need to act quickly.” The villain explained as he flew back up to the roof of The Daily Planet. “After I enslaved Eugene I immediately went after my next victim, Erik Weber. Erik was the star baseball player and was fast tracking to the Major League. Unfortunately for him, his grades weren’t doing so well and that was the opening that I needed.”


Erik smiled as he passed a window and saw his reflection. Damn, he was a great looking stud. His muscles bulged through his blue polo and khaki pants. There wasn’t a girl in all of Metropolis that didn’t dream about sleeping with him. As he looked as his reflection, he smiled flashing his dimples that made all the girls melt. His friends said he was vain because he always had to look at himself when he passed a mirror, but they just didn’t understand. If they were as sex as he was, they would be doing the very same thing.

As he walked into the library, Erik nodded to the older librarian and noticed that she was staring lustfully at him. Even old hags like her wanted him. He flashed his dimples at her as he passed by and knew that her boney knees shook with desire. All his life, Erik used his looks and charms to get what he wanted from life. Few could resist him when he focused all his attention on them. In fact many have said that he looked almost exactly like Superboy.

Superboy. Now that would really make him perfect. He admired the hero just like anyone else, but he found it a little insulting that people that he looked like Superboy. The truth was that Superboy looked just like him. Just because the do gooder had amazing powers doesn’t mean that he was better looking than Erik Weber. In fact he was much better looking that Superboy could ever dream of.

As he walked into the private study room, the baseball star stopped dead in his tracks. Instead of his nerdy tutor, another young man sat in the chair. The young man gasped when he saw that this stranger looked almost exactly as he did. The wavy raven locks and piercing blue eyes were just the same as his own.

“What the fuck is going on?” Erik demanded.

“My name is Dr. Cardoso and I wanted to talk with you privately.”

What kind of sick shit is this? The hunk thought as he turned to walked out the door. He suddenly coughed as some kind of smoke went up his nose. Was the building on fire? Why would there be smoke in the library?

“Now, now Erik, we must remember to mind your manners.” Dr. Cardoso chided gently. “I just want to talk with you. In return I will help you pass your midterms.”

Erik was feeling lightheaded as he turned slowly and faced the man who looked just like him. “What do you want to talk about?”

“Why I want to talk about you. Your body is amazing. I bet you hear that all the time.”

He did hear it all the time, but that didn’t mean that he got tired of hearing it. The baseball hunk felt more relaxed as he listened to the compliments. The doctor might look just like him, but it was clear that he was the better looking stud.

“Why don’t you flex your arms for me, Erik?” Dr. Cardoso asked gently.

It seemed like a simple request and one that Erik could not fault the other man for asking. A slight smile broke out on his face as he raised his arms and flexed them. His biceps bulged up showing the mass of muscle that was an art of perfection. The more he flexed, the more relaxed and the larger the grin on his face.

“WOW! Your muscles are amazing! Now place your hands on your head and flex your arms.”

Erik was feeling too good to even think as he immediately complied. His polo raised up a little bit revealing just a little bit of his rock hard abdominals and the waistband of his briefs. The thrill that he felt from flexing grew even more.

“I think that is enough for now,” Dr. Cardoso ordered.

The young hunk grinned as he lowered his arms and stuck his hands in his pockets. “Couldn’t take much more of me? I understand. There is no one as sex as me.”

The doctor raised an eyebrow as he listened to the vain statements. “FLEX!” He snapped.

Without even thinking Erik flexed one of his arms as he leaned forward to show the doctor had great his guns are. “Oh ya!” He grinned as pleasure flooded his body. Without even realizing it, the bulge of his pants started to grow slightly.

“Oh my,” Dr. Cardoso exclaimed softly. “You just might be the best looking guy at school.”

“What do you mean, might be? I AM the best!” Erik arrogantly stated.

“Lift up your shirt so I can be sure.”

This request seemed to be a bit strange, but Erik was determined to have the doctor admit that he was the best looking guy of all time. He lifted up his polo to reveal his rock hard abs. “Look not an ounce of fat! I bet even Superboy’s abs can’t compare.”

Dr. Cardoso smiled as he took the young jock’s other hand and placed it on his bulging khakis. Now Erik had one hand lifting up his shirt while his other hand cupped his very generous bulge. Normally this would have sent alarm bells going through his head, but he was far too gone in his own arrogance to notice.

“Am I not the best?” The hunk asked impatiently. When not getting an immediate answer, he lift up his shirt even higher to reveal more of his torso. Without even realizing it, his other hand was softly massaging his bulge causing more pleasure to flood his body. “Come on! Tell me how great I look!”

Still there was no answer from the silent doctor. Erik started to panic as his hand left his bulging crotch and flexed his arm while still holding up his shirt.

“Did I saw that you could stop touching your crotch?” Dr. Cardoso asked firmly.

“Oh shit! Sorry!” Erik apologized as he stopped flexing and cupped his crotch again.

“That’s a good boy,” The doctor complimented and the hunk felt a surge of pleasure. Pleasing the man that he had just meet only minutes before was now the most important thing for him. “You may relax now.”

Erik dropped his shirt and stood at ease as he faced the strange doctor. He felt that something was missing and realized that the pleasure that he was feeling while flexing had left a void in his soul. “Are you convinced now that I am the sexiest hunk in school?” He asked hoping to get confirmation that even the doctor was immune to his charms.

Dr. Cardoso shook his head. “I’ve seen a lot of great looking young men here on campus. Perhaps you need to take off your shirt so that I can see how great your body really is?”

His pulse started to race as Erik hesitated. He was vaguely aware that he was in a small private room with a strange man and he was just asked to remove his shirt. He started to cough as again as he inhaled more of the smoke that seemed to come out of nowhere. Little did he realize that he was walking right into a trap.


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