Superboy falls into The Superboy Destroyer's trap and is forced to strip out of his costume with the help of a group of horny Superboy clones in a hot new series by Todd Fleming!

The Hunt for Superboy - Chapter 1
by Todd Fleming
Series: The Hunt for Superboy

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hunt-superboySuperboy gasped as he stepped into the darkened room. He had finally tracked down the Superboy Destroyer right to his lair. He expected a trap, but nothing prepared him for what he now saw. A muscular young man who looked exactly like him sat on a throne. His costume was almost identical as Superboy’s with one sole exception. The ‘S’ shield on his chest was marked with a huge black ‘X’.

“It’s about time, you got here, Superboy!” The Superboy Destroyer mocked from his throne. “Or would you prefer me to call you Clark Kent?”

The hero gasped as he felt like he had been hit with a planet the size of Jupiter. His secret identity has been compromised! How was this possible? He had followed every precaution to make sure that no one would be able to figure out his greatest secret. The brief second of shock was quickly masked with his heroic gaze. “What are you talking about?” He boldly asked trying to sow seeds of doubt in the villain’s mind.

The Superboy Destroyer just laughed. “Nice try but I already noticed your shock. It doesn’t matter either way. Tonight you will be destroyed and I will end you once and for all!”

“Give up quietly and I will go easy on you!” Superboy ordered. He stood in his most heroic pose with his hands resting on the sides of his golden belt. His muscular body very evident under the tight alien material of his heroic uniform.

Before the hero could move, two back side doors opened on either side of the throne. Superboy blinked in surprise as three young men who looked like him wearing replicas of his costume walked through either side of the room. Did The Superboy Destroyer make clones of him?

On closer inspection with his supervision, the hero recognized each lad as one of the missing kidnap victims that he had been investigating. He knew The Superboy Destroyer was behind these abductions, but he had no idea that he would transform each young man to look even more like him.

“Do you like my Superboy harem?” The villain smirked. Each fake Superboy went down on his knees and looked up adoringly at their master.

Superboy felt like he was going to be sick. In his short career as a hero, he had encountered many diseased minds, but nothing came close to what he was witnessing now. It was clear even without his vision powers that each victim was sporting a rock hard erection in their tights. The Superboy Destroyer had completely destroyed their minds to turn them into their slaves.

The hero growled in anger as the villain looked up from his adoring superboys and met his steely blue eyes to steely blue eyes. “Superboy,” he commanded. “Bring me this imposter so that I may instruct him on his new life!”

Each of the fakes got to their feet and started walking towards the bewildered hero. He didn’t want to hurt them, but they stood between him and The Superboy Destroyer. As he took a step forward to take each of the boys out, Superboy felt a rush to his head. He felt a little dizzy and disorientated.

Superboy was still reeling when the boys reached him. The hero clenched his fist and swung towards the nearest fake, but instead of knocking him out like he intended, Superboy stumbled forward as his fist met with empty air.

The fake that easily evaded the hero’s attacked reached down and kissed Superboy passionately. Superboy’s eyes grew wide as he tried to fend off the kiss, but instead he felt himself getting even more dizzy. His whole body felt like it had come alive as every nerve felt that it had caught on fire. It was a foreign feeling that he never experienced before and it scared him.

The other fakes started to massage different parts of his body while Superboy was still caught in the kiss. Each of his nipples were teased by two different boys causing his body to react even more. The front of his tights felt so tight like part of his body was starting to expand. The dizziness grew even more powerful making it even harder for him to fight back.

As the kiss ended, Superboy was released and he fell down right on his ass. The fakes formed a circle around him as they looked down at the distressed hero. His breath was lost as it took almost all of his coordination to just prompt himself up with his elbows. That electric feeling all over his body felt so good but at the same time seemed to drain all of his strength.

“I broke into your dorm room and found your secret stash of Superboy costumes,” The Superboy Destroyer explained from his throne. “You see I easily figured out the source of your powers. It is the radiation of the Earth’s sun that grants your abilities. So I modified each of your costumes with a special chemical that I invested. Instead of absorbing the sun’s energy it had been repelling it. If my calculations are correct, then you are only feeling a fraction of your strength, Superboy.”

That explained his sudden weakness. The Superboy Destroyer’s liar was deep in the sewers where there is no light thanks to the mountain of concrete above. He had known about the source of his powers for a while now, but never thought that some villain would exploit it. His ignorance had put him in a perilous situation.

“I’m afraid the only way to counter the effects of my chemical is to take off your costume, Superboy!” The Superboy Destroyer gloated.

The hero blushed at the thought of stripping down naked. The fakes that formed a circle around him had their tented tights much too close to his face. Although he never had a problem with gays themselves, Superboy never felt any attraction to another man. Something was different now as his body still tingled from that invasive kiss. It was as if his body was slowly transforming to something else.

At their master’s command, the fakes dragged Superboy to his feet. The hero could feel himself slowly getting weaker and knew that it would not be long before they could overpower him completely. He needed to get away before he was unable to stop whatever The Superboy Destroyer had planned for him.

With a mighty force of strength, Superboy pushed all the fakes back and quickly turned to flee. He leaped in the air and the look on his face was priceless as he crashed back down to the ground. The hero had acted too late and no longer had the strength to fly. His desperation was growing rapidly as he scrambled up to his feet and tried to simply run.

The fake who had kissed him grabbed onto Superboy’s cape and yanked him back before he could even get a few steps towards the door. The others had recovered as well as they formed a line. The first fake started to drag the rapidly weakening hero deeper into the room.

For the first time, Superboy regretted having a cape. Without even thinking, he unlatched his famous red cape and rolled across the floor towards the door. He felt strange without his full costume, but he simply could not afford to lose anymore of his powers.

Rolling up to his feet, the hero turned to rush towards the door again. This time he was stopped when one of the fakes raced over to him and knocked the hero back to the ground. Superboy found himself in a professional wrestler’s pin. Normally something like that wouldn’t be able to hold him down for even a fraction of a second, but he was now too weak. Gritting his teeth, the hero used his dwindling strength to toss the fake off of him.

He didn’t had time to recover before he was tackled by another one of the fakes. Superboy struggled and was able to hold his own barely against the muscular young man. Unfortunately for him, the others joined in and soon he was struggling against all of their grips. Superboy moaned with frustration as he was forced on his feet and dragged over to The Superboy Destroyer.

The villain was holding on to the hero’s discarded cape as he mocked the now helpless hero. “How does it feel to be weak like a human, Superboy?”

“You won’t get away with this!” The hero declared. His words sounded empty as he weakly struggled in the fake superboy’s firm grip.

The Superboy Destroyer laughed as he climbed to his feet and faced his prisoner. “Don’t pretend that you aren’t enjoying this, Superboy.”

His hand reached down and before the hero could react, he felt his bulge being tugged on. Superboy growled as he tried to stop this molestation, but couldn’t even more an inch. “Don’t touch me there!” He demanded.

The villain laughed as lightly slapped against the front of the hero’s briefs. “Your mouth says no, no. Your cock says YES!”

What the heck was he talking about, Superboy thought as he looked down. His face went white when he saw his briefs tented with a huge erection. Oh Rao! He thought wildly. He was just as erect as the fake superboy’s who held him. His outrage over his arousal gained him a little more strength, but not enough to break free of their hold.

That explained the electric feeling that Superboy was experiencing. Somehow The Superboy Destroyer had caused him to have an erection. Could this be a side effect of his dwindling powers? Normally Superboy had a strict mental control over his love tools. The nature of his costume made any type of arousal immediately noticed and that simply would not do for the rookie hero. Now that he was almost as weak as a normal man, his cock seemed to be rebelling against him. The pleasure caused by his erection made him feel even weaker and just as mortified to be in this helpless state in front of these perverts.

The hero was starting to feel pain as his invulnerability was quickly vanishing. Soon he would not be able to stop The Superboy Destroyer from doing whatever he wanted with him. He had one chance to turn the tables on the villain and regain his powers.

“Alright, you win!” Superboy hissed. “I’ll take off my costume!”

The look of triumph on The Superboy Destroyer’s face caused a shiver of fear to run down his spine. The fake superboys released their grip on him as they formed a half circle around him. Superboy took a deep breath as he prepared for the gamble of his life. This would be his only chance to escape whatever fate this villain had in store for him.


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  1. scotts60143 - July 5, 2017, 7:56 pm

    Great start, looking forward to more! Rather enjoying that Superboy is taking off his own clothing rather than having it stripped off him. Nice touch.

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