Superhero Captain Blaze is abducted by his arch-nemesis and subjected to a humiliating session that includes forced shaving and a cum control game involving electro-torture on his nipples. Another hot story by Matty Schmatty! Part 1

The Humiliation of Captain Blaze - Part 1
by Matty Schmatty

blazeWith crime on the rise and the terror in the streets, every town needs a superhero. For the city of Mannford, OK, that superhero comes in the form of Captain Blaze. Not only endowed with super strength and speed, he is able to light fires with his eyes. Weird, yes, but true.
I know you may be asking if he was born that way. The truth is, he wasn’t. He was born as Jack Nettles. Though he had an inherent desire to help people, his physical stature caused him to lack the ability to follow through. However, he was smart.

Graduating MIT when he was only 17 years old when a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, he then went on to get a PhD in Biochemistry from Harvard University. It was there that he began to develop a strategy to become what he had always wanted. He would develop a serum that would turn him into a superhero.

It took him several tries. Unfortunately, many mice lost their lives, but, in the end, he had a working serum that he could inject in himself and become Captain Blaze. It gave him the super strength he needed to lift heavy objects as well as the speed he needed to reach any situation quickly. There was one feature, however, he added for the sheer fun of it; he could start fires with his eyes.

It’s not what you think. There wasn’t a beam that came out of his eyes. All he had to do was concentrate on it and he could start a fire. He was the supreme hero, at least while the serum was in effect. He could still remember the feeling that flowed through his body the first day he used the serum on himself.

IT wasn’t like the movies, where immediately his arms bulged out and his shirt ripped into pieces. However, it gave him results he had never dreamed of. As the serum worked through his blood stream, he could feel his muscles strength all over his body. Slowly, his muscle mass increased and his arms and legs became more defined.

He didn’t look like Popeye, at least not right off, but the longer the serum stayed in his body, the more his muscles grew. Regrettably, he soon found out that it would wear out after a couple of days.

Because of this, he began a regiment of injecting himself every day. Much to his surprise, the longer he injected the serum, the longer it seemed to last. HE was finally becoming the superhero he had always wanted to be. Now, his muscles looked to be those of a body builder. His abs had even became more chiseled, as the serum replaced most of his body fat with muscle. He even noticed he had grown several inches.

Though his facial features resembled that of his old self, that was where the similarities stopped. Once he was satisfied with the results, he moved back home and began his career as a crime fighter. He quickly became popular with the locals, causing the crime rate to plummet. He was able to lock up most of the notorious crime leaders that had plagued the city of Mannford since before he was born.

He even became popular with the ladies, able to have his pick from any woman in town. Married or not, he could get them in his bed. Hell, most of the men in town dreamed of their wives being with the Captain. It gave them a thrill knowing their wives were that hot. Thankfully, nobody knew who he once was; all they knew him as now was Captain Blaze.

Unfortunately, with the increase in his popularity came the desire of vengeance in those he had locked up. With that desire came what every hero hates; villains. One, in particular, had been giving Captain Blaze a run for his money recently. The villain he couldn’t seem to contain was Doctor Android.

Perhaps it was because he wasn’t truly human. Instead, he was the creation of his arch-nemesis Professor Marlo. Professor Marlo, though Jack had never seen him in person, had haunted him ever since he busted a drug smuggling scheme a year ago. Since then, he has been receiving threats in the form of audio files that only have a voice belonging to the man claiming to be Professor Marlo. This voice claimed to be the creator of Doctor Android.

This android/human was created with an overwhelming amount of artificial intelligence, causing him to appear human. However, when he moves you can hear the actuators rotating and the quiet hum of his processors. He is incredibly strong, too, sending the Captain packing on more than one occasion. It was only a matter of time before the war between the two would cause one of them to succumb to the other.

One day, as Captain Blaze was sitting in his study, he heard the alarm sound over his police scanner. There was a robbery in progress at the United National Bank in town. From the description of the robber, along with the account of the crime as reported by the office, he could only surmise that it was the doing of Doctor Android. Having already had his injection for the day, he quickly ran outside and sped towards the scene.

In just a few moments, he was standing on the same block as the bank. As he headed towards the scene, there was a mob of people waiting for him to get there. How they formed that quickly he will never know. As he walked towards the mob, they parted down the middle, allowing him access to go through.

He felt like a rock star. These people weren’t here to witness crime fighting; they were here to see him. And he loved it. Passing through the crowd, many stuck the hands out to get a touch of their hero. One lady even got a little to touchy and grabbed his cock through his pants. Her reaction let him know she liked what she felt. After all, his arm muscles weren’t the only thing the serum caused to get bigger.

Finally making it through the crowd, he walked up beside the officer on duty.

“Hello, Officer Daniels. What do we have going on?”

“Well, Captain, your friend is at it again. He has 5 people hostage in the bank and won’t release them until he talks to you?”

“Talk to me? Why?”

“I don’t know. But he said he won’t let them go until he talks to you.”

“Hand me the radio, Officer.” He grabbed the radio from the officer, perhaps a little more strongly than needed. “Doctor Android, It’s Captain Blaze. I need you to release those hostages, now.”

“I cannot do that, Captain. I need you to come in here.” The all-too-familiar robotic voice answering back of none other than the Doctor.

The Captain then handed the radio back to the officer, puffed out his already bulging chest, and strolled towards the bank’s entrance. Sounds of cheering erupted from the onlookers as they watched the superhero go to face off with the town’s villain.

Once inside, there was no sign of anyone in the main lobby. “Doctor Android. It’s the Captain,” he called out, hearing nothing but an echo bouncing off the high ceilings. “I’m here, now. Why don’t you go ahead and release the hostages?” There was no answer. It seemed as though the android wanted to do things the hard way.

Turning the corner, Captain Blaze heard a slight whimper coming from one of the offices. Heading in that direction he could hear more faint sounds of the hostages coming from up ahead. Getting to the office where he thought they were being held, he was able to peer through the office window and, sure enough, the stood Doctor Android with what appeared to be 6 hostages; 4 women and two males.

Confident he would be able to take on his adversary, the Captain quickly opened the door and lurched inside.

“Alright, Doctor. Time to let these people go.”

Instantly, the people disappeared. All along, the Android had been using holograms to depict hostages when, in fact, there wasn’t anyone there. Before the Captain could deduct that he had been tricked, he felt a metallic net fall around him and squeeze him tight.

“What the hell is this, Android? You lied?”

“You are too trusting, Captain.” The robotic voice seemed to laugh, if that was even possible.

The captain tried to struggle against the netting, to no avail. The more he struggled, the tighter the metallic strands seemed to get. When his strength failed him, he turned to another one of his attributes.

Perhaps I can melt the metal, he thought.

As if the android had read his mind, the robotic human swept over to where the Captain was entangled and slipped a pair of dark-tinted glasses over his eyes. “No use in struggling, Captain,” the robotic voice boomed in the office. “These glasses had been specially designed by Professor Marlo to block your ability to ignite objects. You have been caught.”

“The hell I have, you damn robot. Why don’t you release me and fight fair?”

“Professor Marlo has something special in store for you, Captain.” The humanoid grabbed the net that was holding the Captain and slug it over his shoulder like a ragdoll. He walked out of the office and down the hall opposite of how Captain had walked in.

“Captain Blaze. Is everything alright in there?” Officer Daniels was trying to reach him.

“Everything is fine, Officer. The hostages are ok and will be coming to you shortly. Be prepared to meet them.” As if the Android hadn’t had enough surprises for one day, he answered the officer using the Captain’s voice.

“What the hell was that, Android? Why did you use my voice?”

“Why do you think, Blaze? Don’t be an idiot!” There was almost a human quality to the android’s response.

He carried the Captain out the back entrance of the bank where a black cargo van was waiting. As if he were luggage, the android tossed the Captain into the back before jumping into the driver’s seat. The Captain could feel the tires spin as the android pressed the gas pedal all the way to the floor.

TO the Captain’s surprise, their exit route was unblocked; the officers had seemingly pulled back after the android gave the false report. Captain was tossed back and forth on the cargo hold of the van while to robot/human whipped around tight turns, occasionally causing all four wheels to leave the asphalt as he flew over hills.

He was powerless against the metallic twine-like net around him. “Android, it would be in your best interest to let me go. If you pull over now, I will leave and forget this ever happened.”

“I can’t do that, Captain.” The robotic voice really did get on the Captain’s nerves. “Professor Marlo wants you at his lab for something special.”

“What is it he plans on doing to me? Is he going to kill me?”

“I don’t know. Not immediately, I don’t think so.”

“That’s the problem, Android. You can’t think. You are a robot.”

“I am capable of thought. In fact, I have more aptitude for intelligent though than the average human.”

“Considering the average human is quite unintelligent, that’s not saying much.” The Captain tried breaking through the metal ropes once again, to no avail. He finally relented to the fact that he was caught and would be unable to get loose.

If felt like an eternity had passed before Captain felt the van slow down and come to a stop. He heard the driver’s door open and then, a few seconds later, the back cargo doors, flooding the dark bay with the sunlight. The robot picked him up and flung him back over his should, carrying him as if he were Santa Clause delivering a present.

Ironically, he was like Santa; he was delivering a present to Professor Marlo. Captain watched as they entered a warehouse. The robot carried him across the concrete floor and into another corridor, which soon led them to enter a laboratory of sorts. Oddly enough, the android was quite the entire time he packed the Captain; not even sounding out of breath. What the Captain wouldn’t give for that ability.

“Where are we, Android,” Captain finally asked as he was dropped roughly to a table.

“We are in Professor Marlo’s lab, of course. He will be joining us shortly.

Just then, The Captain sensed another presence walk into the room. He tried looking around, but the net prohibited his movement so much he couldn’t even manage a turn of the head.

“Why, what do we have here?” The voice of the newcomer was deep and hollow. Without even seeing the man, Captain knew he was going to be a big fellow. “It’s none other than Captain Blaze. Or should I call you Jack Nettles?”

The Captain was amazed that someone knew his true identity. He was certain no one in town had figured him out. Who was this Professor MArlo?

“How do you know who I am? And you’re not going to be mad at me forever, are you? After all, you were the leader of the mob in Mannford. I stress were.”

“I don’t get mad, Mr. Nettles. I get even. Android, why don’t you get our little friend on the table to we can begin. Don’t forget to strip him first.”

“What the hell do you mean, ‘strip me.’ There isn’t anybody here that can get my clothes off of me.”

“Don’t forget who you really are, Mr. Nettles,” Marlo snarled at him in his deep voice.

The Captain felt the strong hands of the android grab his wrist. At the same time, he threw the Captains body back, causing him to lay prone on the table, back down. He pulled his hand through the net and used a leather strap to attach him to the table. Once the android relieved pressure off of his write, Captain tried to break his hand free, but somehow couldn’t manage.

“I wouldn’t even waste my time trying, Jack,” Marlo’s voice boomed from behind him. HE still hadn’t seen him yet. “That strap has the same type of alloy as the net that binds you. I only put the leather around it so that it didn’t hurt you prematurely.”

The Captain stopped struggling and let out a sigh of contempt. “Who are you? Why don’t you show yourself?” While they were conversing, the captain tried to implement a strategy of removing the glassed off his head. The android must have noticed his intentions and set in to stop him.

Before he knew it, Android had tied a band around his head that caused the glassed to be held firmly onto his head. They had thought of everything. The Captain realized he was going to have to think out of the box. As he still was unable to turn his head do to the way the netting had him confined, he was able to hear as Android walked to the other side of the table and felt him as he grabbed his other wrist. Captain decided not to fight it this time, content with saving his energy to figure a way out.

Sequentially, he felt the android’s firm grasp on both of his ankles, tying them down with same straps. “Good work, Android,” Marlo’s voice boomed again, this time from behind Captain. “Now, let us get this net off so we can strip him.”

“Yes, sir,” the robotic voice replied.

“I don’t know what your plan it, Marlo, but you had better let me go. I will give you one more chance to let me go and I’ll forget about all of this.”

“Ha Ha Ha. I thought you were smarter than that, Jack. Atleast you were at MIT!”

MIT. How did MArlo know how smart he was at MIT?

“Who the hell are you?”

“It shall be revealed soon. For now, I’d recommend not fighting us.”

Soon, the android got to work at removing the netting the bound the Captain. Seeing an opportunity to get free, he mustered every ounce of his strength and fought against his restraints. Unlike the last chance at escape, this time he felt the restraints on his left hand give away. Suddenly, instead of fighting against all four corners, he focused his might on that one restraint. TO his surprise, and the surprise of his captors, it broke free.

He quickly threw his arm to his head to remove the glasses. At the same time, the android noticed what was happening and called out. “Sir, he broke free!” Marloa must have been turned away at the time because the captain heard him quickly turn and inaudibly curse. Just as the Captain’s hand was almost to the glasses, he felt the crushing grip of another hand around his wrist and the push of strength against him to put his arm down.

For a few long seconds, the two forces battled each-other in a mid-air arm wrestling match. It wasn’t long, however, before his captor was able to overtake him due to ability to put his whole body behind the push. “Quickly, Android. Tie his wrist back down. We need to get him more secure before we finish.”

The captain still struggled but was unable to break free from the vice-like grip of Marlo. Looking up, he got his first glimpse of Marlo’s face and instantly recognized him.

“Adam? Adam Sigler, is that you?” Adam Sigler was the name of his rival at MIT. The Captain had beat him out of the top spot in their engineering class.

“Wow. You’re not as dumb as you were acting, Jack.” Adam had definitely grown since the Captain had last seen him.

“Why are you doing this? You’re still mad over me beating you? It was fair a square; I was better than you.”

“You cheated on the final and you know it, Jack.” The grip tightened on his wrist as Android stretched another band across it. He didn’t know that Adam had held a grudge this whole time.

He didn’t cheat on the final. Because he had finished lightyears before everyone else, Adam had assumed he had cheated. IN reality, The Captain, Jack back then, had a photographic memory. That’s why he was so smart.

“I didn’t cheat, Adam. I promise.” The captain tried to reason with his captor, but it didn’t work. He was only rewarded with a punch to the face as Adam released his hold on his wrist.

“Damn, Adam. I don’t remember you being so violent.”

“Finish him up, Android. I’m going to go get the shaving kit. I want him completely tied up and naked by the time I get back.” He didn’t acknowledge his prisoner before walking back the way he had come.

He felt the hands of the robot tug at his elastic-based shirt. He attempted to tear it into, but was unsuccessful due to the expanding feature of the Captain’s uniform. Relenting, the android grabbed a knife and cut away the shirt, exposing the captain’s naked, but hairy, chest. Faster hair growth was another side effect of the serum.

Once his shirt was pulled away, the android began to wrap a strand of rope, similar to that on his wrist, around his chest. He threw it over the captain’s body and then grabbed it under the table, doing that multiple times until he got to the end of the strand. If he had any hope left of escape, it dwindled as his he counted the loops around his chest. At the end he counted 8 times the rope was tied around him.

Next, the android started to remove his pants. Noticing the same material, he started with the knife and cut the away from Captain’s toned legs. Once he pulled the pants away, he stated to pull his boxers down.

“Is that really necessary, Android. Why do I have to be naked?”

“It’s the boss’s orders.” Unceremoniously, the android yanked the boxer towards the Captain’s feet, revealing his engorged manhood. The serum really caused growth in all places, including his dick. Hanging at an impressive twelve inches, limp it was 5 inches around. When hardened, it grew to 14 inches by 7 inches wide. He was rather pleased watching each of the women he had fucked walking bow-legged the next day.

Without even so much as a smirk, the robot continued on his task. This time, he ran a rope around his waist, skipped his groin, and started back on his thigh. He finished on his calf, which just happened to be the tip of his boots, as well.

“The boss wanted me to leave your boots on, sir.”

Just then, he felt the same presence walk back into the room. This time, though, he walked directly in front of the Captain, giving him his first glimpse at the true form of Andy. He was a beast of a man.

Definitely taller than Andy, he muscles looked more like those of a giant instead of a body builder. There was definitely more fat on Andy’s body, but it didn’t show. This man had grown impressively since their last meeting.

“What the hell have you done to yourself, man?”

“What? You think you are the only one smart enough to make special juice? Think again. Mine is evidently better than yours.” Though he was boasting, there wasn’t an ounce of humor in him. “Let’s get down to business, shall we? When I am done with you, you will both love me and hate me. I’m going to humiliate you and then, expose you to this grand city and let them know what you truly are. And I’m going to start by shaving your body, taking away every ounce of your manhood.”


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