An homophobic star wrestler and his holier-than-thou wrestling coach get their just dues in this epic story of revenge by Richard!


Homophobic Bullies Get Theirs - Page 1
by Richard

Brandon Nelson proudly wheeled his red Corvette into his reserved parking spot on the Sunset Vista High School campus. The darkly handsome 18-year-old high school senior relished the many perks he enjoyed as Student Body President and Captain of the wrestling team, and the reserved parking spot was just one of them. The 6' 2" Stanford-bound Brandon was from one of the town's more well-to-do families and he was the proverbial Big Man On Campus ("BMOC"), who was met, as always, (today was no exception) by a bevy of adoring, mostly blonde cheerleaders and snobby girls from the "cool crowd" at school as "cock-of-the-walk" Brandon alighted from his powerful sports car. Brandon's suntanned, muscular bod was a sight to behold if he did say so himself, his white Izod Lacoste form-fitting polo shirt emphasizing his bronzed, buff physique and aweinspiring rock-hard biceps to the admiring female "in-crowd."

Brandon did not suffer what he considered to be "fools" gladly (and to him "fools" included all non-white students, the nerds, the "fags and homos," the "Special Ed retards," and anyone not considered "cool" enough to be of any importance) and he regularly bullied these "weaklings" and "misfits" which made him feel all the more important and worthy of high praise for having the "balls" to come right out and say what he felt "everyone who was anyone" thought of these "rejects" and "losers" anyway!

Butch stud Brandon had taken to particularly tormenting and bullying fellow 18-year-old senior Nick Howard ever since Brandon happened to have witnessed Nick actually beginning to "make out" with some college dude in the back of a car after (of all things!) one of the high school's important wrestling meets where Brandon had dominated his opponents with ease! "What the fuck!?" thought Brandon- how could a dude be doing something so repulsive with another dude and so disrespectfully right after Brandon's wildly successful bout blew the homophobic Brandon's mind who had rapped on the window of the car the duo were in and yelled "CUT THAT FAG SHIT OUT NOW, YOU FUCKIN' FAGGOTS- GET A FUCKIN' MOTEL!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!???? I SHOULDA KNOWN IT WOULD BE YOU- WHAT'S YER FUCKIN' NAME

Ever since that day Brandon had deliberately hounded and verbally bullied Nick daily and in front of everyone, most of whom seemed to laugh along with Brandon's taunts and catcalls lest they themselves also become victims of his hateful rants, to the point where Nick was almost suicidal.

Worse, after the first weeks of Brandon's bullying of Nick, Nick was summoned by Brandon's wrestling coach MacKesson ("Mac") aka known as "Big Mac" Baker (who was also-believe it or not) the High School Counselor and "Dean Of Men" for the entire high school, not to condemn Brandon's actions but rather to set into motion a plan to have Nick removed from the high school and sent to "conversion therapy" to make Nick a "normal human being" instead of one with "perverse unnatural homosexual desires." The 6' 5" towering hunk of muscle Baker had summoned Nick after the close of school for the day, so at least Nick felt he was safe from any further bullying from Brandon at least for that day, anyway. From framed photos on his desk it appeared that Mac was further the father of 5 handsome, athletic kids as if to emphasize his own unassailably "normal" heterosexuality.

The 6' 5" Coach Baker insisted that his wrestlers (and everyone else for that matter!) refer to him as "Big Mac" Baker and regularly regaled his athletes (and anyone who came into contact with him as coach or as Dean Of Men) with unapologetically boastful tales of his rigorous physical regimen that accounted for his awesomely towering musculature and how that they, too, might just perhaps at least aspire to having such an equally awesome body as he had, but his towering presence and egotistical attitude always seemed to smugly and annoyingly imply that such muscular "perfection" and towering height was something of a "pipe dream" for others, and that no one other than himself could ever fully attain such bodily perfection, Baker generally "icing the cake" on his egotistical self-admiration with muscular poses either in his gym uniform or in his suit-and-tie in the full-length mirrors he insisted on having in both his gym office and his administrative office.

"Big Mac" Baker in his uptight "Dean Of Men/High School Counselor" mode was particularly known for his conservative business suit-and-tie attire, but Nick had to admit that he found Dean of Men Baker (a smarmy Mormon Church Mission President to boot-no wonder he was so uptight and rigid!) more than a little "hot" when Nick had been able to sneak peeks of wrestling practice wherein Coach Baker himself was no longer in his accustomed conservative suit-and-tie mode, but rather wearing a form-fitting wrestling coach singlet that established that 30-year-old Mac Baker was indeed one suntanned muscular stud himself.

Nick had particularly enjoyed seeing Coach Baker, whose manly, close-cropped dirty-blond-hair and more Nordic-type features and fit if somewhat older body was a nice contrast to the younger, more boyish Brandon Nelson's darkly handsome features, as the studly duo practiced wrestling moves, Mac Baker sparring with his star wrestler Brandon on the wrestling mat, the two muscular stud's muscles entwined and getting into the most interesting positions, often with their respective sweaty crotches or tight asses very nearly in each other's faces as they grunted and strained for dominance on the mat. Nick particularly liked it when the duo wore lighter-colored singlets so that when they bent over in all the wild positions one could clearly see the outline of their jockstrap straps as they hugged the outline of their tight asses under their form-fitting singlets.

Nick's brief reverie recalling visions of the Brandon/Coach Mac Baker wrestling duo as Coach "Big Mac" Baker droned on about "declining morals" and "degenerates" in his pristine office was unfortunately interrupted when Nick realized that the prim, judgmental, suit-and-tie clad Baker had just firmly instructed Nick to promise to have his parents contact Baker about transferring Nick to the "conversion camp," Baker piously intoning that "you must see that I simply cannot have, er, persons of your, er 'ilk' in my is a distraction from the normal course of behavior and cannot be tolerated- many of our fine young men are impressionable, and they could be encouraged by- er- your kind- to fall off the straight and narrow path that God created for them- and we simply cannot have that!"

As a dejected and depressed Nick walked down the hall outside the "Dean Of Men's" office, the not-all-that much older-than the-students school custodian, Enrique, who was much beloved by most all of the students, gestured for Nick to come over and speak to him in a remote area off the main hallway. To Nick's surprise and relief, Enrique informed Nick that he had witnessed Brandon's crazed bullying of him on several occasions lately and told Nick that Nick needed to stand up to the bully, that it was the only way to put him in his place. Even better, Enrique promised to help Nick settle the score with Brandon, Enrique informing Nick that he was fed up himself with the way Brandon was always making snide racist remarks to Enrique, and that both Brandon and Coach Baker were forever ordering Enrique to "keep the place 'Spic n' Span'- ya Spic!!" after the wrestling matches, reminding and ordering "the Spic" to be sure to launder all of the team's singlets and jocks which was also part of his job and howling with laughter at their perceived superiority and "cleverness" at their racist remarks and unnecessary degradation of a person just trying to do his job.

The 25-year-old Enrique further quietly let Nick know that he was gay, too, and not to let Brandon or Baker get away with their homophobic bullshit. Enrique also let Nick know that part of his job involved cleaning the locker room areas and laundering the wrestling team's singlets and jocks (the latter being conveniently individually marked in permanent black ink with the team members' names), Enrique offering to get Brandon's sweaty jock and singlet for Nick's amusement in the future and replacing them with duplicates so Nick could have them as trophies.

This was a real turn-on for Nick who knew that there was no way in hell that gay Nick would ever likely get that close to the Greek God Brandon's BMOC's privates any other way, and that if homophobe Brandon had any idea that Nick had possession of those intimate garments he would go ballistic with rage, all causing Nick's dick to twitch in his jeans at the thought.

This not only made Nick feel better about himself, but since Nick had had no idea the "butch-seeming" Enrique was gay (Nick still caught up with society-imposed notions of "gayness"), he previously had not allowed himself to fantasize about him, but Nick realized that he had in fact "checked him out" before, and the 6 foot muscular young Latino dude was indeed a "hottie" himself.

In fact, Enrique was able to get Brandon's sweaty jock and singlet [totally unbeknownst to a clueless Brandon] for Nick's enjoyment a few days later which Nick made good use of as he jerked off to their intoxicating scent right down to the stray pubies which had been caught in them as well, as Nick fantasized of what he and Enrique had planned for hotshot Brandon in the very near future!

Equally as hot, Enrique had managed to purloin a pair of Coach Baker's own sweaty singlet and jock (and replace same with duplicates) for Nick's further enjoyment , again with the uptight homophobe having no idea a gay guy was getting off on his studly scents- the fact that these stolen undies were from an asshole who wanted to send Nick to a fucking "conversion camp" making them even all the hotter for Nick!

Playing perfectly into Enrique's and Nick's plans, since Enrique had full daily access, keys, etc. to pretty much the entire school, this included access to both Coach Baker's gym office (as well as his counseling office) as well as the entire locker room and wrestling ring area of the school, was the fact that Enrique had secretly installed multiple hidden cameras in all of these areas, so not only did Enrique and Nick enjoy watching the "off-limits-to-other-students" views of the entire hotshot elite wrestling team stripping down and showering, engaging in naked horseplay, etc. but also video of Coach Baker himself stripping down and showering separately (unfortunately the cams never captured much more than brief flashes of his ass) in what he assumed to be his ultra-private locked gym office and private showering area, all caught on cam.

Even better, Enrique had captured fantastic blackmail video of "Dean Of Men/High School Counselor" pious Mormon Mission President Mac Baker as he summoned Blanca Torres, a fresh-out-of-teacher-college teacher hired to teach high school courses on a probation-type basis by the school district. Caught on cam was reptilian Baker (throwing his supposedly impeccable morals to the wind!) who falsely claimed that he, as a senior administrator, had the power to ensure that she was hired full-time if she "played along," which resulted in Blanca complying with his sexual demands on cam right on the school district property in Coach Baker's own school-district property gym office. Enrique and Nick enjoyed seeing the hypocrite holier-than-thou Baker naked in the videos even though somehow the coach managed to have lucked out as to where the deeds took place, the camera angles only catching good shots of the coach's bare ass as he forced a blindfolded Blanca to "service" him without catching any clear footage of the coach's manhood. They were otherwise disgusted when they heard from the audio portion of the tapes wherein Blanca managed to verbally document the fact that Coach Baker had forced Blanca to comply with many sexual demands that his uptight Mormon wife refused to perform including blowjobs, rimjobs, and her being sodomized by the forcefully demanding Baker, although only one rimjob actually was documented on the videos of a blindfolded Blanca being forced to "toss the coach's salad." The tape further established that Coach Baker had forced Blanca to yell "OH YOUR COCK IS SOOOOO BIGGGG, SENOR!!!" while the video showed his ass forcefully pistoning into her.

Enrique had only recently discovered the "Blanca" tapes and was determined to put her out of her misery. Baker's abuse abruptly stopped and Baker was scared shitless and totally (if falsely) contrite lest his wife or the school district learn of his blatant sexual harassment and assault of a teacher trainee and on school grounds and on his work time to boot, when Enrique confronted him with excerpts of what he had on Baker.

Enrique used the tapes to blackmail Coach Baker into "throwing BMOC Brandon Nelson under the bus" to save his own despicable ass, Baker agreeing to "play along" with Enrique's plan (and Nick's plan once Enrique shared his plan for the duo's first act of retribution against the deserving homophobe/bully Brandon Nelson). Dean Of Men/High School Counselor and pious Mormon Mission President Mac Baker was further disgusted and outraged by the fact that the lowly "Spic custodian" (of all people- the lowest of the low in Mac's opinion!) had somehow outsmarted!? him and now (figuratively speaking of course!) had him (virtually!) by his manly, multiple-kid-producing Mormon balls! Whoever would have imagined such a thing was possible to have been conceived by such a low-life "beaner"!!!

Enrique's blackmail of Coach Baker over the "Blanca" tapes including getting the Coach to agree to arrange a wrestling match between the studly BMOC Brandon and none-other-than Enrique himself, Enrique having been captain of his own high school wrestling team and an excellent wrestler. Enrique still had his old high school wrestling singlets from his "wrong-side-of the tracks" high school which still fit him perfectly since Enrique continued daily gym workouts at a lowcost gym nearby.

Enrique was able to "bait" a clueless Brandon after Brandon had made too many of his "Spic" and "beaner" comments to Enrique, Enrique announcing to Brandon that he was an "ex-wrestler" himself and did Brandon have "the balls" to wrestle Enrique or was he too "chicken"?

An outraged Brandon took the "bait" immediately [rather like his clueless hero, President Trump], no challenge to his strength, manhood or courage going unnoticed or unaddressed, Brandon even going so far as to challenge Enrique, Brandon making the egotistical boast that the brawny teenager "could fuckin' wrestle the fuckin' pants off you, you fuckin' dumb Spic from some 'shithole country' President Trump detests, and even with my hands tied behind my back!" which was exactly the sort of thing Enrique wanted Brandon to say, Enrique further musing that, if anything, it was President Trump's big mouth that was the world's biggest "shithole"!

To Brandon's shock (Brandon assuming the "dumb Spic" would not have the balls to rise to the challenge which was more theoretical than actual- with his hands tied behind his back? That could make things tricky...) Enrique rose to the challenge and then some going "OK it's a deal- we're gonna wrestle each other with our hands tied behind our backs to even the score- and we'll get Coach Baker to monitor/referee the bout- Deal?"

A flabbergasted Brandon, not wanting to appear weak or concerned, found himself going "DEAL!! IT'S YOUR FUNERAL , YOU DUMB BEANER HAS BEEN!!! PREPARE YOURSELF FOR TOTAL HUMILIATION!!"

A date and time was set for a few days later. Meanwhile, Brandon attempted to try to have Coach Baker intervene and modify the bout to eliminate the "hands tied behind their backs" part but Coach Baker piously informed Brandon "No, a deal is a deal- it would be inappropriate to change the terms of an agreement..." Brandon just chalking this up to Coach Baker's Mormon morality stuff, and shrugging his broad suntanned shoulders at this setback. Brandon, as the studly team captain and favorite of Coach Baker's, had usually been able to convince his coach to assent to his suggestions, so this was an unusual turn of events in Brandon's view, but he was the Coach, soooo- wrists tied behind their backs it was- and to think Brandon himself had foolishly proposed such a crazy thing!

Days later the after-hours evening bout was about to begin- the event actually was to take place in the gym's boxing ring lined with wrestling mats to the edges of the boxing ring's ropes, because the bulk of the walls of workout area and wrestling mat area in the usual wrestling mat area in the next room of the gym was being painted with ladders, paint cans, etc. filling the floor space.

Coach Baker had decreed that the bout was to be private, Baker telling Brandon it was for the best because the school district might disapprove of a public bout for insurance reasons, and, although it would be tempting for Brandon to "cream" Enrique in front of Brandon's legion of fans, that Coach Baker was going to have the entire bout filmed for posterity and bragging rights, so not all would be lost by keeping the bout private.

The bout got underway when Coach Baker in his gym shorts, tee shirt and whistle on a chain mode, blew said whistle whereupon first Enrique entered from one side of the arena in his old high school wrestling singlet and Brandon energetically entered in his own captain's singlet a smug "piece-of-cake" attitude on his face as he jumped into the boxing ring lined with wrestling mats and literally struck a pose, flexing and making his magnificent suntanned biceps wriggle under his suntanned skin, the depths of his jet-black-haired armpits on view as well.

Brandon "unstruck" his powerful pose, however, when he noticed that instead of just Coach Baker sitting in the viewing area that none other than "Nick The Faggot Nerd Howard" was also sitting next to Coach Baker and filming everything with one of Nick's father's expensive HD cameras!


"Because his father's camera is first-rate, Brandon, the better to catch every detail of the bout which you will surely win! We want to have the best evidence of your wrestling prowess, now don't we, Brandon?" was Coach Baker's response.


Coach Baker replied "It has to be, Brandon- and that's that!" as his final edict which Brandon grudgingly accepted.

Coach Baker then entered the boxing ring/wrestling arena himself and set about tying both Enrique's and then Brandon's wrists behind their respective backs.

A further whistle blow by Coach Baker, and the bout was on!



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