Nick DeNunzio is his high school's gorgeous prized jock and a homophobic bully but he makes the mistake of messing with the wrong gay dude and pays a serious price.

The Homophobe - Part 1
by Scott S
Art by Amalaric
Series: The Homophobe
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Homophobe1Nick DeNunzio was captain of his high school baseball and wrestling teams. He had just recently turned eighteen, and was due to graduate in a few months. Coming from a relatively affluent suburban community he had a lot going for him. He was as good looking as any Greek God, and had a body most people were envious of. He stood six foot two, and after hours each week in the gym had biceps most could only dream of. He ran at least ten miles a week, and had the legs to show for it. He had extremely well developed pecs and snakes under the skin abs that even made the other guys jealous. He had his share of women, or girls if you will, over the years and had lost his virginity when he was thirteen. He had the beautiful olive skin tone of his Italian heritage, brown eyes and jet black hair. Not only on his head either. By the time he turned fifteen, his legs were coated thick with the heavy, wiry hair that almost felt like sandpaper when you rubbed it. He had a zipper that ran from his navel down into a thick bush around his cock and balls. And, by the time he turned seventeen, he had a chest full of hair covering his pecs and into the center of them. Also from his Italian heritage, he was very well endowed with a dick that was six inches and fat when at rest with huge, low hanging balls. When some chick turned him on it would grow to over ten inches, and damn near as big around as a beer can. They usually got scared shitless by it, but by the time they turned him on there was no way he would let them leave until he got his nuts off!

As long as he was with his friends or dicking some girl, everyone thought he was a great guy and he had a lot of friends. Unfortunately, he did have a bad side to him as well, but almost everyone tried to overlook it since he was such a ‘great’ guy to be around. Even the teachers and coaches didn’t ride him because he was a pretty good student, and hell, none of them were going to mess with one of the school’s top jocks. His bad side was he not only had no tolerance for anyone different, he showed open hostility to them. He was in plenty of fights over the years, usually because the other person was either a nigger, a spic, a kike or any other of a hundred names he called anyone that wasn’t a white Anglo-Saxon from the ‘burbs’. Anyone that didn’t fit into his white category didn’t have a chance to get to know him because he wouldn’t have anything to do with them. And most of the people who fit into any of those groups learned to steer clear of him to avoid any problems. But if there was one group he hated more than anything, it was the ‘fags’. He would tell his friends, “…the bunch of pervs checking me out in the showers! We should bash all their heads in and get rid of them ... they ain’t worth shit anyway!” Not all his friends shared his views, but they chose to keep quiet so as not to get him pissed at them.

He spent most of his time with a few close friends. Bill, Dave, Mike and Jeff. The five of them had been friends since grade school and had grown up together. Talked about their conquests with the chicks and who could get laid the most. One Friday when they were together, Dave mentioned a party that he heard about in the city from his cousin and thought they should go check it out. The others thought so too, but Nick started right in with the, “what the fuck do you want to go into the city for. Nothing there but trashy no goods anyway.” They talked him into going though when they reminded him that it would be even easier to get laid by some city broad than the girls out here. And, they had all pretty much laid everyone that they wanted to ... all that was left was the B list. So, they grabbed a couple of six-packs out of Nick’s dad’s fridge, and took off. They went to the address that Dave had gotten from his cousin, but when they went in there wasn’t much going on, and certainly no bimbos worth Nick’s time. As they were heading back to the car though, Nick noticed a guy walking down the street towards them. He hadn’t seen them yet, so Nick told the others to duck into an alleyway. They didn’t know what he was up to, but they all had enough beer now to go with the flow, so they darted into the alley, and hid in the dark. When the guy got near Nick, he could see he was checking him out. He knew it! He could tell by the way the guy was walking and dressed he was a fag. Time to have some fun, so he leaned himself back against the building, and put on his ‘sexy-look’ he always used on the cheerleaders. Hell, it worked on them, why not this guy. When the guy got up to Nick, he stopped and faced him. “Hey good lookin, what’s your name? I’m Shawn.” Nick just looked at him and said, “Nick”. The guy looked him over, up and down and said, “yeah, you look like a Nick. You must be new around here; I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” Nick just replied, “yeah, real new to here. See anything you like?” Shawn replied, “what’s not to like ... you look like one of the best models in any mag; you’re a real stud.” Nick just looked at him and blurted out, “I knew you were a fag. Come on out guys, time to have some fun!” Shawn saw the others start to come out from the alley, and turned to try and get away, but Nick just reached out and grabbed him and spit out, “where you going? I thought you saw something you liked.” By now the others were out and surrounded him. Shawn started begging, “c’mon guys ... I don’t want any trouble or nothing.” Nick spun him around and pushed him into the alley and then moved in behind him blocking his way out and said, “you might not be looking for nothing, but we are!” He drew back and punched Shawn hard in the stomach, making him double over. He then kicked Shawn hard in the nuts which made him fall to the ground, and then Nick just started kicking him. He looked at the others and gasped, “what are you waiting for. Time to party.” None of the other guys were really into this type of shit, but they didn’t want to piss off Nick, so one by one they joined in and started kicking and punching Shawn too. He curled up into the fetal position and tried to fend off the blows as best he could, but with five guys there was not much he could do. After a minute or so Dave said, “C’mon, that’s enough, lets get out of here.”

They all took off down the street, with Nick laughing and howling behind them. Shawn was left in the alleyway, bleeding and hurting. He just laid there for a long time until some people walked by and saw him. It turned out to be some of his friends, and he sobbed out the whole story of what happened. They were pissed, but our suburban boys were long gone. They helped Shawn get up, and one of them went and got his car and they drove him to the hospital. They called the cops, and they filled out a report, but they all knew they wouldn’t really do anything about it. As beatings like this go, Shawn was actually pretty lucky. He needed a few stitches and some rest, but he did not have any internal injuries or any broken bones. After a few days he started to feel better, but was still shaken up by what had happened.

Nick meanwhile, back at school couldn’t help but brag to everyone about what had happened. His four companions were not as anxious to have everyone know what they did so they stayed pretty low. Some of Shawn’s friends had gotten together to come up with a plan of their own. They were tired of this kind of shit going on, and decided to put together a plan to make sure the message got out that this kind of stuff wouldn’t go on in their neighborhood. They set up an elaborate plan and prepared to make sure there would be no more ‘fag bashing’ around them. Nick’s friends may have been laying low, but Nick was on a high like he had never had before. Even with all his sports and activities, he never felt this good! The following Friday when they all got together he wasted no time in getting some beer into his buddies and telling them they had to go back to that neighborhood and find another fag to work over. Dave was the first to speak up and say, “no way man. That was a one time deal ... I’m not going back there again.”Before the others could say anything, Nick just looked at him and in his nastiest tone mimicked Dave, “What’s the matter? You gone and turned into a fag lover on us? Maybe your a fag and been hiding it.” The others didn’t want Nick on their case so they answered, “ok, ok, let’s go!” Dave finally said, “yeah whatever. I’m no fag; I’ll go with you too!” So much for peer pressure.

They headed down to the same neighborhood, and parked the car down a side street. Each walking with a can of beer in their hand, they headed back to the same spot there were last time. A little ways from the alley there was an open area where a building had been torn down, and leaning against the streetlight was a young blond guy. As Nick saw him, he deliberately looked Nick over, up and down. Nick noticed, and figured here was his next target. As the five of them approached the guy, they didn’t know there were about twenty or so guys in hiding. As soon as they saw Nick and his friends, they went on alert. When Nick got close to the blond guy by the streetlight, he reached and hit the guy hard in the face. The others started to move in, but then they heard someone yell out, “let’s get them!” They looked around and saw all these guys running towards them from their hiding places. Bill, Dave, Mike and Jeff wasted no time in turning and running for the car. Nick on the other hand was stupid enough to figure he would take on all these guys, until he heard his buds take off running down the street. He knew he couldn’t take on twenty guys, so he turned to run too. The blond kid that he had hit though recovered enough to make sure Nick wasn’t going to get away, so just as Nick turned to run, he felt the guy tackle his legs which made him crash to the ground. Before he could recover enough to turn and try to push the guy off him, four more guys jumped on him. Nick looked down the street at his friends running away and called out to them, “don’t leave me here you fucking assholes ... get your asses back here!” They all stopped running, turned and looked at him and each other. Jeff blurted out, “there’s no way we can help him. There must be at least twenty guys. I’m getting the fuck out of here ... let Nick take care of himself. This was his idea, not mine.” The others looked at him and took one second to nod and take off running for the car again. They made it to the car and peeled out like a race car at the Indy 500. In the car, Bill said, “we should find a cop and get help.” Mike answered, “Oh yeah, and let’s tell them why we were here. We were looking for some fag to bash! I’m sorry guys and you can be pissed at me if you want, but I really didn’t even want to be here I just didn’t want Nick pissed at me.” The others all agreed they didn’t really want to be a part of this either, they just didn’t want Nick pissed at any of them either. Dave looked at the others and blurted out, “fuck Nick. He’s an asshole anyway. It’ll be worth seeing the shit kicked out of him!” The others laughed, and they headed back to the burbs.

Nick meanwhile was pinned to the ground by at least seven guys now, when one of them lifted his head up so you could see his face. He heard someone say, “is this the guy that beat you Shawn?” Shawn took one look and said, “that’s the asshole. I won’t ever forget him!!” The guy he was with yelled, “this is great! We just wanted to teach someone a lesson not to mess around down here with us, and we get lucky enough to get the stupid bastard that beat you up! Fantastic luck!” Then he barked out to someone, “go get the van, let’s get him out of here before anyone shows up.” Nick started to struggle, but with at least seven guys holding him he wasn’t going anywhere. He didn’t like the idea of the van ... he figured they would just beat the shit out of him right here. So, he barked out, “Fine faggots, you got me. Beat the shit out of me ... I ain’t no cherry! I’ve had my ass kicked before!” The guy that had been with Shawn and appeared to be leader of the group looked at Nick and almost whispered to him, “Oh my friend. We want your ass alright, but not to kick it! And, I’ll bet you ARE a cherry!” The others around him laughed, and it started to dawn on Nick that they weren’t going to beat him, they wanted to fuck him. He just looked at them and made one final effort using all his strength to pull away from them, but there were just too many of them even for all his strength. While he was struggling, a van pulled up in front of them and screeched to a halt. The side and back doors were flung open, and five guys came flying out. Nick was smart enough to know that once they got him in the van they could take him anywhere, and his friends wouldn’t be able to find him. He had no idea they were already half way back to the burbs flying down an expressway, and for all practical purposes had forgotten about him. Nick, for the first time in a long time was getting scared now, and yelled out as loud as he could, “HELP! HELP!” The leader of this group drew back and with all his strength punched Nick in the stomach, and even with his abs of steel it forced the air out of him, and temporarily stopped his struggling. The group took advantage of this, and moved him over to the van, and threw him in the side doors. It was a cargo van, not a passenger, and he flopped down hard on the steel floor. Before he could even begin to muster the strength to pull himself up, the five guys who had jumped out of the van were back in it on top of him, and they were joined by five more, including the leader of the group. He turned and looked back at the others and chided out, “You all know the plan. Be at the party tomorrow!”

Nick was trying to throw all of these guys off of him, but there was just too much weight on him and he could hardly move. He started yelling and cursing at them all, but they ignored him, closed the doors, and the van was off. He still kept struggling, but as strong as he was he was starting to get tired. The leader of the group barked out to all them in the van, “Ok guys, time to get a good look at our surprise package!” They got off Nick, but each of them grabbed some part of him ... arms, legs, mid-section, and even though they weren’t on him anymore he still couldn’t move to get up off the floor. Shawn was one of the guys in the van, and the leader looked at him and snorted to him, “You get the honors Shawn ... why don’t you start with his shoes!” Shawn wasted no time in moving to Nick’s feet, and starting to unlace his size twelve high-tops. Nick realized now what they meant by looking at their surprise package, and he knew they were going to strip him. He was not about to let that happen to easily, and he renewed his efforts at struggling to get free. But, there were just too many of them and he couldn’t budge himself an inch much less get free. So he did the next best thing he could as he felt Shawn start taking off his shoes and then socks, he cursed them up a storm. They all just laughed. With ten guys holding him down they could have ripped his clothes of in ten seconds, but they had this all figured out as a part of their plan. They knew that stripping a straight stud like this, very very slowly, would be agonizing to him. And, it would also force him to keep struggling and trying to pull free, all the while wearing down his strength just making him all the easier to handle. He fell right into their trap, and after his shoes went he was fighting to pull free like hell, all to no avail of course. He was working up quite a sweat, but he wasn’t going anywhere. After his shoes, they slowly worked off his jacket. He struggled more. Then, they went for the T-shirt he had on and pulled it off him, leaving him naked from the waist up. As part of their plan they stopped here to ‘Ooh and Aah’ him. Actually, they had no idea they were going to end up with some Italian Stallion like Nick, and they really were impressed with his bod. They each had to reach out and rub his chest, and pull and tweak his nipples. They ran their hands through all his hair, and if they weren’t on such a mission to teach him a lesson some of them thought they could really get off on this guy. Nick in the meantime continued to struggle, but as planned, he was really tiring now and getting winded, and more soaked in sweat.

Homophobe2After an agreed upon time, the leader nodded his head at one of the guys, and he reached out and undid Nick’s belt buckle. Knowing he was about to be loose his pants, he did his best to arch his back and struggle more, still to no avail has he felt his zipper being lowered, and then his pants pulled down over his ankles and off, leaving him in his black Hanes boxer briefs. The leader took them, and pulled out Nick’s wallet. Up until this point he had been nameless to them. He pulled out the driver’s license, and read out loud to everyone in the van, “Nick DeNunzio, from the burbs.” There was some laughter, and then he continued going through the wallet, “Thank the stars, he turned eighteen! He’s legal game boys! What a jock! Baseball and wrestling! Oh My!” Continuing with their plan to humiliate him, they continued rubbing his chest and pulling and rubbing his nipples, and now they started rubbing his legs. One of them spoke out, “Look at all that hair! I can’t believe he’s only eighteen! There’s more hair on him than in my whole family!” They continued rubbing and pulling and prodding, but deliberately not going near his dick and balls. Finally, the leader nodded again to one of the guys, and in an instant, Nick lost his Hanes, and was now totally naked in front of them. They all knew what this guy was like, and were really pissed he had beat up Shawn, but Nick was such a beautiful stud they were all taken back by his incredible good looks. And, they all looked in awe at that monster dick between his legs. They just looked at one another and smiled. Nick at this point was exhausted, which is exactly what they wanted to happen.

Since Nick and his ‘friends’ had gone into the city early, it was only a little after 9PM when the van reached it’s destination. It was an old house in the ‘not such a nice part of town.’ They pulled the van through an alley and parked. The driver got out and looked around to make sure no one was around, and gave the signal it was clear. The doors flew open again, and six guys pulled Nick out, lifted him and carried him towards the house. One of the others went ahead, and opened a door that lead down some steps to the basement, and they followed him in. They went down a hall, and then came into a room that could only be described as a dungeon ... with racks, chains hanging from the ceiling and whips and things on the wall Nick couldn’t even recognize. He tried struggling again, but at this point was totally exhausted. With so many guys around him, even if he had his full strength he would not have been able to get away, but now there was no chance. There was no fight left in him. They quietly waited, and then a door opened, and in came The Master. He was at least six foot four if not more, had jet black hair, piercing brown eyes, and was wearing a black T-shirt with jeans, and black boots. He looked at everyone, then at Nick and quietly spoke, “So, this is a bad boy you want me to teach a lesson to. He looks very good ... I think I will enjoy breaking this one.” Nick just looked at him; this was beyond anything he could imagine happening, especially to him. Master walked over to him, and rubbing here, tweaking here, slowly worked his way all around Nick in a circle ... like a shark circling its prey. Nick could only turn his head so far, but managed as much as possible to follow this man around, at least with his eyes. He was still held immobile by a group of the men that had captured him. Master stood back and looked Nick straight in the eye, then barked out orders to the group. “Get the wrist and ankle restraints on him, and bring him over here”.


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