We are pleased to present a hot new series from Kronmire4 with art by Amalaric! Before the Hardy Boys can set off on a new adventure, they are subjected to a humiliating physical examination by their own Aunt Gertrude....

The Hardy Boys Return! - Introduction: The Family at Home
by Kronmire4
Art by Amalaric
Series: The Hardy Boys Return!
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“I have another case I’d like you boys to help me with — if you’re interested, that is!” Fenton Hardy, internationally famous detective, grinned at his teenage sons. The boys almost swallowed their bubblegum whole, as their father could not have enticed them with a better goal. “Dad!”, the older brother, Frank Hardy, exclaimed. “We’ve just been wasting away the summer so far, wishing for some action. Will we be after some infamous criminals?” “Yeah, Dad — we’ll do anything to get away from this boring house.” shouted the younger of the two, Joe Hardy. Mr. Hardy chuckled again as he surveyed his handsome sons — Frank was just nineteen, a year older than his brother; Frank was also the dark-haired stud, deeply tanned and wearing a tight-fitting knit shirt, a garment which displayed his fine musculature to perfection, and the collar showed a tantalizing glimpse of black, curly hairs peering out from his chiseled chest. He was barely six feet tall, slim-waisted in equally tight jeans which set off his firm and curving ass. His brother Joe was equally well-filled out but with ice-blue eyes, golden skin and wavy blond hair which his father was tousling playfully. “Aw, Dad”, the boy shook his head to shake off the parental touch which only caused Mr. Hardy to laugh out loud.

“Please, Dad, what’s the caper this time?” Frank was particularly anxious as the little seaport town where they lived, Bayport, was too small to contain his excitement any longer. The year was 1950, and aside from riding their motorbikes and plaguing their tutor for help with school assignments there was nothing to do in Bayport — there wasn’t even a movie theater. Their mother had died a few years back, and their father had brought his sister, Aunt Gertrude, to help raise them and keep house. Although the adults never talked about it the boys knew that some kind of minor scandal had caused Aunt Gertrude to leave her old haunts and make her home with the Hardy family — it was something about her time in a big-city school where she coached girls’ basketball but spent a lot more of her time in the boys’ locker room, events leading to some complaints, supposedly from parents of the boys. Neither Frank nor Joe could understand anything about it, and it was soon enough never mentioned again by their elders. Interrupting the boy’s thoughts, Mr. Hardy told them both: “It’s a smuggling ring I’m after — it’s a strange cargo of contraband that keeps getting through customs; the feds have asked for my help since a couple of sealed boxes have been found in this area. I need you boys to find more of those boxes, and there are very few clues.”

“It’s okay, Dad. We’ll solve this case quick.” Joe nodded at his brother — he felt the same way. Fenton Hardy gave a wry smile, and although he loved his boys, and they were hard-working, well-meaning youths, they were not very bright. Still, they were eager. Both boys were still sophomores in the local high school; they just couldn’t make the grades to get ahead, professional tutoring notwithstanding Even so, their good friends, Biff Hooper and Chet Morton, gave them every assistance from time to time when they needed it while working on a criminal case. Mr. Hardy had not remarried and was content with his life here, particularly since he shared some “secret” interests with his sister, Gertrude. That was a mystery the boys had NOT yet solved!

Supper was over, and after the detective had given the lads more details about their upcoming case the two of them started off to the stairs to go to bed, knowing all the while that they would be up late still talking about their sudden plans to fight crime. As they passed the kitchen door, however, a harsh but motherly voice called out: “Hold on there, boys. Haven’t you forgotten something?” Frank and Joe stopped and looked at each other in puzzlement while Aunt Gertrude and their father exchanged another type of glance. “But Auntie”, Joe whined plaintively, “we finished the dishes and have had our baths. What else is there?” Before his sister could answer that query her brother answered for her: “Now boys, have you forgotten we are at the first of the month?” Frank’s heart sank, quickly followed by a cold sweat breaking out on Joe’s forehead. Joe stammered out: “Oh, Dad, do we hafta?” Feigning indignation Fenton Hardy grimly stated: “Yes, boys — you know that once a month — on the first, as it happens — you both must let your aunt give you a basic physical exam. Now look sharp and get ready.” Both young men knew better than to argue as their aunt set about clearing off the heavy oak dining table and wiping it dry. She then looked over at her nephews and, with a sly grin, said, “You know what to do, boys.”

Both boys sighed as they began undressing, taking their time exposing their well-formed young bodies under the penetrating gaze of their aunt — and their father. Although the fellows didn’t know it their elder relatives thoroughly enjoyed these sessions — Fenton Hardy had to fumble and rearrange his trousers to hide his growing erection as more and more of his sons’ bare skin appeared; Gertrude was already breathing rapidly and fighting the urge to lick her large red-painted lips in what had become the high point of her every month since her first stay here. “Get on with it boys — you know your health is important to us!” the father exclaimed as he and his sister exchanged more furtive, lascivious looks. Finally both sons were stripped to their clinging white cotton briefs, and, hoping to make this humiliating session end quickly they assumed their standard positions across the dining table, each lad on all fours and facing the wall, their superb bodies gleaming with nervous sweat in the bright light beaming down on them from the old-fashioned ceiling fixture. Hard exercise had resulted in those fit young bodies, and their “doggy-style” position showed every muscle to its best advantage. Their aunt opened the drawer of the dining room breakfront and removed a small tool kit as both boys watched with trepidation, trying in vain to retain their false composure and a bit of bravado; Gertrude always placed the kit down in front of the boys’ faces as she opened it, all the better for them to concentrate on just what this “physical examination” would require. She smirked at them both as their eyes grew wide with fright in surveying the items revealed in the open case!


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