An arrogant American citizen of Middle-Eastern descent enjoys abusing his wife's family when they visit the region including his vengeful nephews who decide to teach Hakem a serious lesson with the assistance of the local police.


Hakem Learns Respect - Part 1
by Pencil
Series: Hakem Learns Respect

Hakem was born in the Middle East. He immigrated to the US with his family as a child and they did well. His father managed to send him to a prestigious University and he eventually graduated as an architect.

Although he was a successful American, he was proud of his Middle Eastern heritage. He attributed his macho demeanor to this heritage as well as his good looks. He was tall, muscular with a dark complexion. He had handsome face which always seemed to sport a 5:00 o'clock shadow, seemingly within hours after shaving. He like to wear his shirts unbuttoned at the top just enough to allow a few tufts of chest hair to poke out. He figured this was sexy, especially with an expensive gold chain around his neck. He took as proof of this that he never had a problem getting chicks, which he loved to fuck the hell out of. In, fact he loved to fuck them so much that he didn't let getting married last year get in his way of this. He suspected his wife might even know about his infidelity but that didn't really bother him. She was also from his parent's country and there was no question in their relationship of who was in charge. For example, despite his promiscuity, he let his wife know, in no uncertain terms, that she could not even dare look at another man. On one occasion he even had to make this point physically. He didn't feel guilty about hitting her; it was only a slap after all. Some guys he knew did a lot worse.

He didn't put up with any disrespect. Not from his wife and not at work. He had to fight to the top of his firm and sometimes that required stepping on others. “Hey, its the American way” he thought, “that's how you become a success”. He loved to gloat over his successes making sure all his subordinates knew their place. He learned that by showing people that he is boss, they will do what he wants. He liked when others did what he wanted. He didn't like it, if they didn't.

His firm decided to send him on a project in his originating country. He was best suited not only because he was the best architect they had but also because he was familiar with the local language and culture. For most of his trip he stayed in expensive hotels but as a favor to his wife, he agreed to spend the last weeks his sister-in-law's place with her 3 teenage sons. He was certainly doing these people a favor to stay in this, less than western standard, accommodations. There wasn't even a telephone! No doubt his hosts sensed his disapproval by the condescending way he referred to everything and everyone in their humble little lives. He never missed an opportunity to brag how much better every thing was back in his rich American life.

His sister in law and her husband politely ignored these comments. His own wife was clearly embarrassed by his attitude but wouldn't dare say anything about it. The 3 boys however, were a bit more daring and would often challenge him. “You know life here is not all worse than in the US.” said Hasan the youngest at 18. “We have a good family and plenty of friends“.

”Yea whatever“, Hakem answered, disinterestedly, thinking how soon he could get away from these losers. Seeing the hurt in his little brother's eyes, Baz added”you shouldn't be so disrespectful of our country. You are from here yourself.“

”Watch how you talk to your Uncle!” Hakem warned.

Asil the oldest at 20 then butted in ”Your not that much older than us and you are not our blood uncle; Your just some guy our Aunt married.“

Hakem smiled to himself. He was going to have some fun teaching these punks what kind of man they were dealing with.

One day when the rest of the adults were out and he was at the house trying to catch up on sleep, the boys were making noise and he had to tell them to pipe down a few too many times. Finally he threatened them with physical discipline, grabbing the collar of Baz's shirt to make his point. That was too much to bear for Asil who started mouthing off at Hakem.

“Hey you listen, you are a guest in our house and who do you think you are....”

“Blah blah blah” thought Hakem. He couldn't tolerate this shit anymore so he grabbed Asil's arm and twisted it spinning the young man around and bringing him to his knees. He held the boy down with his arm twisted behind his back and pain in his face. Hakem was happy to get this boy to shut up and then while his two brothers looked on, Hakem felt the duty to teach Asil some respect.

“Now you listen you little fuck. You are a pathetic little peasant in a pathetic little country. You will never amount to anything close to what I am and you better learn not to talk to me like that. Now apologize to your uncle and I may decide not break your arm.”

“Fuck you” Asil managed to squeak out from his clenched teeth. The 2 brothers started begging Hakem to let go of their brother.

Hakem laughed “Oh, a real tough guy” and twisted the arm more. The boy still wouldn't give. “You know boy; I have no problem breaking your arm. There is not much your parents could do about it. I am an American citizen working for a prestigious firm and I don't think the authorities would fuck with me. So why don't you loose the macho attitude and realize who you are and who I am.” The 2 other brothers tried rushing Hakem who just pushed them away with his other hand and laughed more.

“OK I am sorry, let me go! Asil cried.

”What?“ Hakem answered,”I can't hear you beg“.

”I am sorry, please let me go“he begged.

With a satisfied chuckle, Hakem let him go. Then Asil got up clutching his arm and glared at Hakem.

“You have something to say?” Hakem goaded. The boy looked like he would say something and then shut his mouth. Hakem smiled and Asil quickly walked off followed by his 2 brothers.

“Hakem, well done” he thought and went back to bed.

A similar event occurred a few days later when Hakem and his wife were having an argument in the public courtyard outside the house. As usual Hakem was getting aggressive and raised a hand to her. He was interrupted by Baz who was playing soccer with some boys.

“Leave my aunt alone!” Baz said angrily. Hakem couldn't believe the nerve of this teen. He grabbed Baz by the back of his neck And pushed him down over his lap. “What the hell are you doing?” Baz exclaimed. Hakem didn't answer. The boy started squirming trying to get up but Hakem held him down with a vice like grip on the back of Baz's neck. With the other hand Hakem started pulling down the teen's loose pants and underwear.

“Hey, you can't do this!“ the boy protested with panic in his voice,”I am a man. There are women here! There are children here!“

Hakem's wife put her hand to her mouth to stifle a sob, turned and ran back to the house. Hakem raised his hand high.”OK man, now you are going to learn some respect!”

BOOM came down the hand. Baz didn't make a sound. This infuriated Hakem and he struck again. Still not a peep.

SMACK...SMACK.....It continued until the teen's smooth ass cheeks were bright red. Baz wouldn't scream out but Hakem could feel him starting to silently sob. Tears were rolling down the teen's stoic face. Finally Hakem got tired and thrust his victim from his lap. Baz regained his balance and quickly pulled up his pants and glared at Hakem.

”Want more?“ Hakem asked.

”I hate you“, Baz yelled and darted off. Hakem watched him go and then saw 2 dumbfounded boys with mouth open staring at him.

”What are you looking at?“ he asked. This broke their trance and they turned and fled as fast as they could. Hakem watched them go with a satisfied look.”There are some things better here“, he thought. Here physical disciple was acceptable. He could go to jail for having so much fun back home.

A few days later Hakem decided to drive to the nearby town to use the internet café for work. The boys, who seemed to have forgotten all about the unpleasant incidents a few days earlier, begged to come.

“We haven't been there for so long and we have friends there” they pleaded. Hakem's wife asked him to take the boys along and finally he agreed. But not before he gave them a lecture about the consequences of not behaving themselves. They were amazingly obliging.

“Guess, I taught them a thing or two”, Hakem boasted to himself.

When he arrived at the internet café he told his nephews to leave him alone to get his work done. They asked him if they could take the car; it was their families after all. Hakem refused and with a stern look he preempted any argument. The teens left and he got to his work. After about a half an hour he was interrupted by a young police man asking for identification. Apparently, there was a law here requiring everyone to carry ID at all times. That a cop would be patrolling an internet café was rather surprising. When he reached for his wallet it wasn't there. He must have left it in the car. When they came out to the street, the car was gone. Those bastard nephews of mine must have taken it.

The police man informed Hakem that he would have to come down to the station. Hakem looked at the cop as if noticing him for the first time. Hakem was clearly more physically capable. “Hell no!” Hakem said; “I'm not going to the station just because I have no ID! I have important work to do.” The police man looked confused and repeated his request. Hakem refused again and the young cop became clearly flustered and left. “I guess they are not use to people talking back to police here”, Hakem thought.

A short time later, as Hakem was deep in his work, he was interrupted by the same police man. This time accompanied by 3 others with rifles. With a rifle pointed at his head he was order to go with them. Hakem wasn't scared, he knew nothing could happen to him here but he thought it was best at this point not to argue.

The lobby of the shabby police station was crowded and chaotic. People were lined up. Some were shouting at each other. There was a lady clutching a gobbling chicken trying shush some crying children. Every man seemed to be smoking and the air stunk. Hakem was ushered to a receptionist to fill out forms. Many questions were being asked and Hakem was getting quite impatient. Then someone realized it the wrong form and he was ushered to someone else who started asking all the same questions again. Hakem was getting angry at their disorganization.

“Take me to the one in charge” he demanded.

The four police man led Hakem into a smoky office around the corner. It was an uncomfortably hot but large room with a young neatly groomed officer sitting at a desk. At a smaller desk towards the back of the room a female secretary was clacking away at a typewriter. Hakem sauntered up to the young officer and again demanded to speak to the one in charge.

“I am in charge” the young officer answered coldly.

“Are you sure”, Hakem asked, “You look awfully young”.

“I can assure you I am”, the officer answered with a hint of irritation.

Hakem started telling his story again, explaining who he was, where he was staying and why he didn't have ID. Hakem couldn't hide his annoyance at the inconvenience they were causing him. This was clear by his tone. The officer looked as if he was considering Hakem's story. He took a file from one of the guards and opened it. Hakem looked at the secretary who met his gaze. She was attractive with long dark hair, not covered by a veil as most of the women here.

“Maybe something good can out of this after all”, Hakem mused, and then winked at her. She went back to her typing.

The officer, put down the file and looked at Hakem. “The brothers you claim to be your nephews are well known to us. We are looking for them to come in and corroborate your story.”

Hakem was annoyed, “What are you worried about?” he asked.

The officer explained; “How do I know you are not just another one of traitorous refugee claimants who ran off to America and then deported back here?”

“Do I look like a refugee?” Hakem asked gesturing to his obviously expensive clothes.

“Maybe you stole those? Maybe you are a terrorist” the officer answered.

“Give me a break”, Hakem shouted banging his hand down on the desk for emphasis. The secretary stopped typing. The on looking guards gasped. The officer's eyes widened with surprise and then furrowed angrily.

“Sir, please take off your clothes.”

“What?” Hakem asked indignantly.
“You heard me” answered the officer.

Hakem looked at the 5 armed young police men and the secretary. He felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. “Why?” he demanded. The officer coolly explained that even by Hakem's own admission he was also a citizen of this country and in this country “We respect the police.” One of the guards lifted his rifle threateningly.

“Well if I can have some privacy, I will” Hakem said as if he was negotiating.

“You are a security threat; we all need to be here” the officer said taking a relaxed drag on his cigarette. Hakem looked at the open doorway, people were walking by.

“Well at least shut the door, Hakem demanded.

The officer slowly tapped the ash from the cigarette. He walked over to Hakem slowly, looked at Hakem up and down and then looking right into Hakem's eyes and said”No“.

”Why on earth, not?“, Hakem asked, crossly. The cop smiled knowingly and then turned to the other guards who were also smiling. He turned back to Hakem and said ”Because I don't want to.“

Hakem's face flushed with anger and his fists clenched. The cop continued. ”You can start by taking off that expensive shirt. and then take off everything else. Now don't make me loose my patients or we will beat you and strip you ourselves. And besides, the more you piss me off, the more likely you will be spending a long time here.“

Hakem's eyes widened at this last comment.”How long would he be staying here?“

He started to unbutton his shirt.


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