Gay Camping Adventure

John and his Master head out for a kinky camping trip but things go awry when a horny stranger happens upon them at an inconvenient moment in this sexy story by Alan Baker Charlie. Art by Androscoped.

Gay Camping Adventure
by Alan Baker Charlie
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gay-camping-tripMaster decided we needed a wilderness camping adventure, so we packed our tent, sleeping bags, food, etc., in our backpacks and drove eighty miles to the nearest national park. We left our car in the parking lot near the lake and followed the trail on foot for a mile. The weight of our backpacks and the heat of summer was making us both rather sweaty, but I enjoyed being outdoors. The occasional breeze was a welcome relief.

We stopped to pull out our canteens and some trail mix. After a short break we left the trail and headed up a hill, making our way as best we could through the undergrowth to a more private area.

After going about half a mile up this hill, we pulled off our backpacks and stopped to rest. We stood quietly listening for any sounds and looking around.

“I think this is a good place,” said Master. “Take off your clothes, all except for your boots.”

“Yes, Master,” I said, quickly shucking my clothes. He had been wanting to have a naked adventure in the woods for a long time, and I was excited that we were finally doing it. As I undressed I looked around for any signs of ants or poison ivy, but didn’t see any.

Master pulled out some rope and tied me spread-eagle between two trees. My dick got hard in its chastity cage, and it was pressing against the metal in a slightly painful manner.

“You getting hard in there?” asked Master, noticing the enlargement.

“Yes, Master,” I replied.

“Look what I have,” he said, pulling out his key ring and pointing to my chastity key on the ring. “Do you want me to unlock the cage?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” I replied. “I’d really like that.”

“It’s been almost three months since you’ve come,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

“You’ve been a good boy, and you’ve done everything I’ve asked you to do.”

“Yes,sir,” I said.

He turned the key in the lock and pulled the sheath off, freeing my dick. Then he gently pulled the ring off and set the chastity device on the ground nearby. At first my dick seemed a bit bewildered, like it had forgotten how to get fully hard.

“I was thinking I’d see a full boner,” said Master. “Your dick looks like it wants to get back in the cage.”

“Oh, no sir,” I said. “It totally wants some freedom. Just wait, sir. Please, sir. It will get hard.”

“Okay,” said Master. “I’ll give it another minute or two. In the meantime, I have something in my backpack I want to show you.” Master reached deep in his backpack and pulled out a large strap-on dick. “I ordered this a week ago, and I can’t wait to try it,” he said.

“That’s awesome, sir,” I said. Instantly my dick got really hard.

“I thought that the sight of it might make you hard,” he said.

“Yes, sir. You were right, sir,” I replied. The rope around my wrists tightened as I pulled gently against the two trees I was tied to on either side of me, and I imagined how it would feel to have Master fucking me with that strap-on, with the two of us alone in the woods. I was glad that I had reminded Master to bring his bottle of lube.

“First I need to warm up your bottom,” said Master. He wandered around the area for a couple of minutes and found a flexible branch of a nearby bush he could use as a switch.

“This is going to hurt you more than it’s going to hurt me,” said Master, getting into position behind me.

“Very funny, Master,” I replied. Moments later he began swatting my bottom with the branch, causing me to yelp from the pain. “Tony, that really hurts!” I exclaimed.

“Call me Master,” said Tony. “It’s supposed to hurt. Count out loud and thank me each time.” He continued hitting me ten more times, and I counted him and thanked him as he ordered. “There now. Your bottom is red, so it's ready to be penetrated.” Master pulled off his clothes and draped them over a bush. My dick had gotten soft during the punishment, but now as he was stepping into the strap-on and positioning it on his body, my dick got hard again. Master applied the lube and began pressing the rubbery dick against my ass. I leaned over and willed my ass muscles to open up for it. My heart started beating fast, and I shook a tiny bit.

“Relax, John,” said Tony. “Let’s take this nice and slow.”

“Yes, sir,” I said.

“This feels great,” he said. “It has an irregular surface inside, so any slight movement brings me pleasure.”

“Cool,” I said. Master began pressing against my ass in a rhythmic fashion. Each time the pressure eased, I focused on pushing the dick out. A moment later, it would come back in, but a tiny bit further. This went on for a few minutes until I felt my ass opening up and taking the full diameter of the dick. The sensations were painful but satisfying. The further he came in, the more pain I felt, and my dick began to get soft. I could tell Master was enjoying himself, because his thrusts were getting more heated, and he began exclaiming in a way that made me think he might actually come inside the strap-on.

Just then I caught sight of a young man walking straight toward us holding a gun. He was about 24 years old, blonde, shirtless and muscular. His hair looked like he needed a haircut, and his jeans had holes in them. His boots looked expensive, though.

“Sorry to interrupt,” he said. “I heard some panting noises, and I had to see what was going on.”

“Okay, kid,” said Master. “It’s okay if you’re curious. We’re just having a little fun in the woods, as you can see. There’s no need to point a gun at us. We’re not hurting anyone.”

“You have this man tied up, and you seem to be hurting him,” said the blonde guy, who continued pointing his gun at us.

“I’m perfectly fine,” I said. “This is consensual sex. We are here on a camping trip together, and we have kinky sex sometimes. I’m sure you can understand.”

“Yeah?” said the kid. “Maybe I have a kinky side too.”

“Do you want to join the fun?” asked Master.

“Maybe I do,” said the kid. “But in a different way than you might imagine. Untie this man.” Master hesitated. “You heard me,” he said, pulling a long hunting knife out. “When I give an order, I intend for it to be obeyed.”

“Okay, okay,” said Tony.

“Say ‘yes, sir,” said the kid.

“Yes, sir,” said Tony. He untied my wrists, leaving the rope still tied to the trees on either side.

“What’s this?” asked the kid, pointing to the chastity cage on the ground.

“It’s my chastity cage, sir,” I answered.

“It has a lock?” asked the kid as he gently touched the cage with his boot.

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

“Why would you wear a chastity cage? Does this guy think you’re going to cheat on him if you don’t wear this thing?”

“No, sir. When I wear it I’m constantly horny, and I become very obedient to his orders. I do chores for him. I make meals. I do the grocery shopping. I keep the house clean. I do the laundry.”

“That’s messed up,” said the young man. “Fuck! This guy forces you to wear this thing and he keeps you locked up?”

“No, sir,” I said. “He doesn’t force me to wear it. It makes him happy for me to wear it and do all these things for him. When he’s happy, I’m happy.”

“That’s fucked up,” said the young man. “You two should share the household work. Actually, now that I think about it, I guess it’s his turn.” The young man looked at Tony. “Pick up that chastity cage and put it on.”

“Oh, no,” said Tony.

The man made a menacing gesture with his knife. “Put it on or I’ll cut you,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” said Tony, picking it up off the ground. The young man watched with interest as Tony put the ring on and then connected the sheath. I couldn’t help smiling a bit when I saw the look of distress on Tony’s face when he locked the device on his privates.

“That’s better,” said the young man. “Now hold your arms out.” He looked at me. “Tie his wrists just like you were tied.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, feeling a bit excited. My heart was pumping hard, and I felt my cheeks flush. Tony looked at me but didn’t say anything. I tied his wrists as instructed, and then I stood back to enjoy the sight of him naked and tied spread-eagle in the woods.

“Good job,” said the young man. “Now, find something I can tie you with,” he said to me. I looked in Tony’s backpack and pulled out some more rope. “Good,” he said. “Tie one end around your left wrist.” I did as ordered. “Now come over to this tree and stand with your back against it so I can tie your two wrists together.” I followed his orders and allowed myself to be tied to the tree. I knew he had to put the gun in his pocket in order to tie me, but it didn’t seem like a good time to try to fight him. I had a feeling he was much more powerful and agile than I was. While I was thinking about the challenge of fighting him, he was tying my wrists together behind the tree. The moment he finished, my dick started to get hard. I was his prisoner now, and my pounding heart and rising dick told me I was excited about this new adventure.

Seeing my my dick getting hard, he reached over, grabbed it with one of his large hands and squeezed it. “You like being tied up, don’t you?” he said.

“Yes, sir,” I said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“You're a sick puppy,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” I admitted.

He looked over at Tony, who was pulling against the trees, wishing he could get free somehow.

“What are you trying to do?” the young man asked. Tony just looked at him and didn’t answer. “You know what I think?” he asked. Tony shook his head no. “I think you need to be whipped like you were whipping this man,” he said, pointing to me. Tony and I looked at each other with fear in our eyes.

“No, sir,” said Tony. “I wouldn’t like that.”

“But you think this other guy likes it?”

“We both enjoy it,” said Tony.

“Are you sure?” said the guy. “Or does he just pretend to like it because you like whipping him?”

“We both enjoy it,” repeated Tony.

“Maybe I should whip you so you know what it feels like,” said the young man.

“I know what it feels like because I see how it affects him,” said Tony.

“I want you to have some first-hand experience,” said the young man. He bent down and picked up the same branch that Tony had used on me, and he began whipping Tony with it, which caused Tony to yelp in pain and cuss like I’d never heard him cuss. Tony was still wearing the strap-on, so it was waving in the air each time his ass was impacted.

“Okay, okay,” said Tony. “It hurts! It hurts more than I realized.”

“I’m not finished,” said the young man. “Count now. I’m going to do ten more. Thank me each time like this other guy did.”

“Yes, sir,” said Tony. He did as instructed, and the intense pain caused his eyes to water. I watched with awe at the amazing experience of seeing him whipped in this manner.

After the tenth impact, the young man dropped the branch and came around in front of Tony. He unbuckled his pants, unzipped his fly, reached into his underpants, pulled his dick up and rubbed it briefly. The tip of his dick stretched above the waistband of his briefs.

“I’m not gay, but something about this is getting me hard,” he said. “We’re going to pull this thing off you,” he said, grasping the strap-on. He pulled it down low, and Tony stepped out of it. “It has some gunk on it,” he commented. He rubbed the rubbery dick of the strap-on against Tony’s abdomen to clean it. “Now, hold it for me for a minute,” he said, handing it to Tony’s right hand, which was still securely tied to the tree. With some effort young man removed his boots and shucked his pants and underpants. Inwardly I gasped at the sight of his naked body. His blonde pubic hair was a huge turn-on for me. His dick was a normal size, and it was partially erect.

The young man pulled the strap-on out of Tony’s grasp and pulled it on. He picked up the bottle of lube and used it both on his dick and on the strap-on. “My dick barely fits in the tube,” he commented. “Okay, you guys, I want you to know I’m a total virgin when it comes to gay sex.”

Fuck, I thought. This is so awesome. The young man went behind Tony and positioned himself with the strap-on against Tony’s ass. “You know what comes next, right?” he said, beginning to press the strap-on into Tony’s ass.

“Yes, sir,” said Tony. “Go easy. I’m not used to being fucked.”

“I can see that,” said the guy. “This is harder than I thought it would be.” He continued pressing as Tony groaned. “There’s something about this that is satisfying. I’m feeling powerful. I’m feeling mighty.” He pushed harder, and Tony yelped as his ass was penetrated. “Oh, fuck yeah,” said the guy. “This feels good.” He pushed rhythmically in and out of Tony’s ass, taking obvious pleasure in the pain he was causing. He increased the tempo and continued the motion for several minutes. He looked over at me. “Are you enjoying this?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” I replied. “This is a big turn-on for me.” Tony look over at me with an annoyed expression on his face. “I can’t help it,” I said to Tony. “You’re really hot like this.”

Finally the young man got tired of all the thrusting and pulled out. “That was fun,” he said. He pulled off the strap-on and tossed it on the ground. He bent down and retrieved his knife, and he lifted it to Tony’s throat. “Do you know what I’m going to do with you?” he asked.

Tony shook his head no. “Don’t hurt me,” he pleaded. “We’ve just been having some fun in the woods. You don’t need to hurt us. We won’t cause you any trouble.”

“I might hurt you and I might not,” said the young man, still holding the knife to Tony’s throat. “Now, just shut up and let me concentrate.” The young man used his other hand to rub his dick. “It’s too bad your dick is stuck in a cage,” he said. “This feels great.” he continued rubbing until he shot his load. His semen landed in spurts on Tony’s abdomen and legs. After the spasms subsided he came over to me and hugged me, naked body to naked body, not caring that my hard dick touched his body and still holding the knife. “That was awesome,” he said. Feeling the warmth of his body and his breath on my shoulder, I wanted to hug him back, even though he had just held a knife to my boyfriend’s neck. However, my hands were still tied behind the tree, so of course I couldn’t put my arms around him the way I suddenly wanted to.

He stepped back for a moment and looked at me. “When was the last time you came?” he asked, pointing at me with the knife.

“Three months ago, sir,” I replied.

“Okay, well that’s three months too long,” he said. “Here, hold up one foot behind you.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, lifting up my right foot. He came around behind the tree and unfastened one of my wrists. Within seconds my right hand was free, and my left hand was tied to my right ankle behind the tree. My weight was supported on my left leg, and I was still his prisoner. He retrieved the lube and poured some into my hand. Then he held his knife to my throat. “Okay, guy. Start rubbing. Just don’t shoot your load on me.”

“Yes, sir, er, I mean no, sir. I won’t shoot it on you.” I began rubbing my dick as his blade pressed on my throat. His gaze moved back and forth from my dick to my face as I began to feel intense pleasure from the interaction. My dick grew harder and harder until it reached its climax and shot silky strings of semen, the first of which landed three feet away and the last of which dribbled down my leg.

“That felt great, didn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes, sir. That was awesome,” I replied.

“Do you want me to rough up your boyfriend some more?” he asked.

“No, sir. You don’t need to.” I replied.

He looked over at Tony. “Are you going to treat this man right?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” said Tony.

“Okay, well, make sure you do. Where’s your wallet?”

“In the outside pocket of my backpack,” said Tony, motioning over to where it was sitting on the ground.

The young man fished in the pocket and pulled out the wallet. He looked inside it and found some cash. “You’ve been to the ATM, haven’t you?” he said. “You’ve got $100 here.”

“Yes, sir,” said Tony.

“You don’t mind it I take it, do you?” he asked.

“You can have it,” said Tony. “Take it. It’s yours.”

“Okay, thanks,” said the young man. “You can keep the wallet and the credit cards.” He looked over at me. “Do you have money in your wallet also?”

“Yes, sir,” I said.

“You can keep it,” he said.

“Thank you, sir,” I said.

He looked in Tony’s backpack and pulled out some more rope. He walked over to me, still naked, and tied it around my neck and the tree, but the knot was placed in front under my chin. He double-knotted and triple-knotted the rope there. He walked back to where his clothes were and dressed himself in his underpants and jeans again. Then he came back over to me and untied my ankle.

“I’m sure you can untie yourself now, so you two are free to go whenever I’m out of sight.”

“Yes, sir,” I said. “Thank you, sir.”

“No problem,” he said. “It was fun meeting you.”


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  1. scotts60143 - February 9, 2018, 12:46 pm

    Very much enjoyed this story. One of my favorite turn on’s involves a little turn about from what is expected, and we don’t really expect a master to be at the receiving end so great touch. Enjoy the artwork by Androscope and Charlie’s stories are almost always perfect. This one did have a break in continuity that made it more difficult to imagine, but still good! Thanks!

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