A straight Marine gives his best buddy his most desired Christmas present - himself!

Gary's Christmas Present
by MaddoxJ
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There really wasn’t any way to refuse Gary. We’d served together and he saved my life twice, once after I was shot, he dragged me off the battlefield and guarded me until help arrived. The second time, we hit an IED and I was stuck in the Humvee. He used his K-bar to cut the seat belt away and pulled me out of the vehicle. We were about seventeen feet away from the wreckage when it exploded. So, when he said he wanted me helpless and tied up for Christmas, I said I would do it. I’d never engaged in any kind of sexual activity with another guy. I wasn’t opposed to it in any way but I’d just never experienced it and the thought didn’t appeal to me the way sex with a girl did. On the whole, it seemed like a pretty simple and easy thing to do for the man responsible for me even being able to breathe. I also imagined there was an outside chance I’d even enjoy it.

We were at a Christmas party of sorts when he told me. Gary was a traditional macho military type with a very cut body and short hair. Since our return from overseas, though, he’d let a beard grow and so he was macho with a perfectly trimmed beard. He held the thick red ropes, and as they wrapped them around my body, I found it interesting how well they knew how to tie them. The rope came around my shoulders and then around my chest with a hitch tie over each bicep, keeping my arms right against my body. Gary took my forearms and bent them at the elbow behind my back and the rope came down to connect there as well and then looped around again and down.

It was like they were trussing up a roast for the oven. It went around my thighs and somehow ended up framing my penis, which during this process ended up hard as hell. Both of them seemed to specifically avoid saying anything about the erection as they worked. When they were done, though, I stood in front of them and Gary said, “You’re helpless.” He suddenly dropped to his knees and I never could have imagined how difficult it would be to balance with my legs and arms tied so tightly together while standing as a mouth went deep over my cock.

Peter walked behind me and his mouth reached my neck. He kissed me and whispered, “Is that the first time you’ve felt a man on you?”

“Fuck!” I couldn’t get words out. I didn’t know if it were just that Gary was a man and knew more what a man might want or if the situation was so out there but I could feel my orgasm surge to the surface. I’d never cum so quick.

And I didn’t then.

Somehow, Gary knew it was happening and backed away. He tugged on my balls and as my orgasm subsided, he said, “Look who’s all eager.”

“Fuck!” I cried again. Peter, whose hands hadn’t stopped running over my chest, whispered, “Don’t you know you don’t get to cum until we say you can?”

Gary stood up and turned me. Then, he just pushed at my chest. I fell backward with a shout, right onto the couch. “The fear of the fall seemed to make my cock twitch. Peter knelt next to me and put his mouth over my nipple, nibbling as he reached down and gently stroked my cock. I groaned as sensations from his tongue at my nipple seemed to shoot right down to my cock. In only twenty or thirty seconds, I was right on the brink again.

And he stopped!

“Oh, come on, man!” I groaned.

He just laughed and moved his mouth to my neck, kissing and licking. Gary ran his hands up and down my legs, and there was something really amazing about his fingertips on my legs, interrupted by the ropes. “Do you want to cum, Paul?” he asked.

“God yes!” His mouth plunged over my cock, going deeper than I could have imagined. He rubbed my balls and just kept his mouth all they way down. I could feel the head of my cock in his throat and it had to be the best thing I’d ever felt in my life. “Fuck! Yes!” I cried.

So, of course he yanked on my balls again and pulled his mouth away.

“Holy shit,” I breathed out. I really thought it was going to be easier but this was three times so far I’d been brought right to the edge of orgasm only to have it denied me. I’d blue balled before, and once I actually got interrupted in the middle of a blowjob so it never finished. This was far, far worse. This was some kind of torture I’d never even imagined before, a terrible kind of torture that seemed enhanced in so many ways. With my hands behind my back and tied the way they were, I couldn’t do the one thing I wanted to do more than… well, more than I could recall ever wanting to do anything in my entire life! I couldn’t grab my cock and jerk like crazy until I came.

The strange thing about it all was that I didn’t even think about the fact that two guys did this to me. In the past when I’d idly considered having a gay experience, I always thought it would be some dramatically significant thing, like the fact I was with a guy would be the primary thing about the situation that characterized it. None of that went through my mind except noting that it wasn’t that way at all. I felt driven by lust, pure and simple. I wanted to cum, and I wanted that desperately.

The thing I couldn’t have possibly imagined was how the ropes on my body accentuated all of the sensations. They were… Well, there was so much about them. Of course, there was the simple fact that I was restrained. In addition, though, the fact that the rope was a festive red made it seem like I was Christmas present, which I suppose I was. There was something dramatically erotic about that. Mostly, though, the thing that really struck me about the ropes was that the sensations of them rubbing on my chest, my arms, my legs, under my balls and over my abdomen served as a constant reminder of the situation. It was all so inescapable and it seemed like it brought me right front and center. I was fully present.

“Oh, fuck!” I said as Peter’s mouth closed over my cock from the side. Gary’s hand moved to my balls as Peter sucked and Gary smiled at me. It was a knowing smile, the kind of a smile that told me he understood they were in complete control and he understood everything happening in my head and in my body. That made me feel even more vulnerable than the repeated almost-orgasms!

I didn’t know if Peter was better than any woman I’d ever experienced just because he was a man and therefore knew more what it took to please a man or if maybe he just had more practice than any woman who’d ever blown me but my body felt instantly ready and I groaned and move my hips upward as much as my restraints would allow me. “God,” I breathed out. “God, yes!”

And then his mouth was off.

I still thought I was going to cum but he tugged on my balls, firmly, and though it didn’t hurt at all it definitely ended the progression toward the orgasm. “Jesus!” I breathed out. “Fuck. I was so close!”

Peter laughed and said, “You don’t get to cum until we decide you get to cum.”

Gary added, “We’re gonna make you so desperate you’ll do anything we ask just for permission to have an orgasm.”
Naturally, that brought on my competitive nature and I said a lot more confidently than I actually felt, “Bring it.”

Suddenly, Gary’s mouth enveloped me again and I felt Pete’s breath against my ear as he whispered, “I can’t wait for you to beg to suck my cock.” I wanted to protest but I could only groan. “Or maybe I’ll fuck that tight little ass of yours and watch you suck my boyfriend’s cock.”

Again, I couldn’t understand why my response was to let out a moan instead of clamming up. I couldn’t help myself, though. The entire situation had me desperate to cum and also desperate to do a great many other things. Needing to cum made a lot of sense under the circumstances. Feeling like it was only reasonable to suck Peter or Gary off or let them fuck my ass didn’t make any sense at all to me even though that was exactly how I felt.

Gary’s hand moved over my cock and Peter kissed my neck as his hands moved over my chest and abdomen. Peter started softly singing, “Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane.” I had no idea at all how in the world somebody could take a Christmas song and make it erotic but as Gary’s hand moved and his tongue flicked over the underside of the head of my cock, I found myself rising right to orgasm again and moaning as I thrust into my buddy’s hands.

“Fuck yeah!” I cried and then I groaned in disappointment as once more the orgasmic feelings disappeared as Gary stopped the stimulation and chuckled. “Oh God!” I breathed out. “Jesus, Gary… Let me cum.”

“Awwwwww,” Peter said. “Does the little Christmas princess want to cum.”

“I swear to God, when I’m out of these ropes I’m gonna pound you,” I said.

Peter laughed and ran his hands over my chest, stopping at my nipples to give them a pinch. “Where’s your Christmas spirit?” he asked with a laugh. He chuckled and I realized how surreal the situation was with the smell of a fireplace in the air and the unmistakable smell of cinnamon and pine cones in the air. God, I needed to cum!
Peter’s hands moved down to my abdomen and again I was struck by how the ropes interrupted the feel of his fingers on my skin and how erotic that interruption really was. I moaned and lifted my hips a little bit, desperate now. As though he knew, Peter’s hand kept moving down and his hand wrapped around my shaft, moving lightly up and down while Gary moved his mouth down to my balls. Softly, Peter sang, “Come, they told me… pa rum pa pum pum.”

I was a trained Marine. I had undergone disciplined training that made me into more of a machine than a man. If there was one thing about me, or any Marine for that matter, that could be said it was that I could endure anything and come out the other end fighting.

But Gary and Peter had me turned into a quivering mess!

I couldn’t recall a time since basic training where I was so willing to give up, to just give in completely. Actually, I couldn’t recall a time even before basic training when I felt so ready to throw up my hands and just accept a loss.

It all felt surreal, too, with the strains of Christmas carols filling the house so the entire atmosphere was festive rather than overpowering. It was kind of difficult to hear about sleigh bells ringing and ting, ting tingling too when all I wanted was to pass over the brink and cum so hard I might strain a muscle!

“Aw, what’s the matter, princess,” Peter said. “Does the little princess want to cum.”

“God, yes, please!” It was so strange to say that even after he addressed me the way he did. Princess. The word suggested a level of weakness and femininity that wasn’t at all what I tried to present in my day to day life. For the love of God, he could have called me anything at that moment as long as it came with assurances I would cum.

Peter moved his mouth down and circled my nipple with his tongue and it probably had a lot to do with the circumstances but I couldn’t recall any time in my life anything had felt as erotic as the sensations emanating from my nipple as he did. Gary moved his hand very lightly over my cock and kissed the tip, his lips threatening time and time again to open up so his mouth could drop down and envelop me but never actually doing it. I felt almost like crying! I couldn’t believe how masterfully the two of them had me so utterly desperate.

“How would you like to cum?” Peter whispered.

“Please!” I said. It was strange because I had believed the guys couldn’t really get me to this state despite their threatening assurances that they could. Hell, if they were the enemy, I would likely have given up every strategic position we had!

I couldn’t believe how desperately I wanted to cum and especially how masterfully Gary and Peter had managed to bring me to the point where I was a desperate and quivering mess. I not only felt willing to suck their cocks or have them fuck my ass if that was what it took to get to have an orgasm. I actually wanted to do those things. It had never appealed to me before but I wanted it almost as desperately as I wanted to cum. “God!” I cried. “Please. Please let me cum!”

Peter leaned close to me and let his hand run over my chest. There was something particularly erotic about how his fingertips slid over my skin and then the rope would interrupt his touch before it returned. The process reminded me that I was bound and, essentially, helpless and at Gary’s and Peter’s mercy. I didn’t understand why the helplessness turned me on but it did. “Poor Baby,” Peter whispered. “Poor Baby needs to cum?”

“Oh God, yes! Please!”

“I don’t know,” Gary said as he kissed the tip of my cock, sending spiraling desperation through me. I pulled hard at the ropes. I couldn’t have imagined feeling more desperate than I already was but exactly that happened from the touch of his lips. “Why should we let you cum, Robbie?”

“Let me cum!” I screamed. “Jesus!”

Peter bit my ear and said, “But why, sweetie. Why should we?”

“Let me cum and then do anything you want! Fuck me! Anything!”

Peter laughed against my ear and there was just a tinge of humiliation as his laughter but it was a strange kind of humiliation. I liked it. It was like having hot sauce on food. I wouldn’t have liked it without the rest of what was going on but I really liked it in context. With one hand holding firmly to my balls and the other sliding up and down my shaft, Gary said, “Cum for me. Cum for me, Marine!” He snapped it like an order, and though I certainly didn’t need any particular encouragement, it was like all my training stepped in and switched on.

“Jesus!” I cried as my body jerked. I felt the pleasure shoot through me and my cock jerked. It felt almost like slow motion as pleasure shot through me. I saw my cock erupt like some kind of firehouse, and a jet of white exploded from the tip. It landed on my neck and chest. The second spurt seemed just as powerful.

Peter moved his mouth to where the cum landed on my neck, licking and kissing there, and it felt especially erotic and sexy. I groaned as the orgasm just kept going. There was something about being trussed up the way I was that kept me from being able to react as I might. So, I couldn’t thrust. I couldn’t do anything other than experience no matter how much I strained. It seemed like I just kept spurting. I couldn’t even begin to contemplate an orgasm as powerful as the one I experienced before it actually happened.

Finally, I stopped spurting and, breathing hard, noticed Gary’s hand moved only very lightly and very slowly. I looked down at him and he said, “Merry Christmas, Paul.”

I let out a sigh in a long, low whistle. “What about my Christmas present?” I asked.

“What would you like?” Gary asked.

“I believe we said something about fucking and sucking,” I said through labored breaths.

Gary looked surprised. He asked, “Are you sure?”

Peter didn’t seem surprised at all. He just turned my head and pressed his cock against my lips, singing softly, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

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