Richard's latest work is a fun gang-themed series with a hot cast of gang members, officers, a bill collector, a mafia lord and even a couple of Mormon missionaries. And of course lots of tickling, cum control and other fun scenarios!

The Gang Chronicles: Chapter 1 (Page 1)
by Richard
Series: The Gang Chronicles
Art by Hector Silva
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Chapter 1: Corrupt Debt Collector Taken Down By Gang Leader Morales

Adam Sanderson was a debt collector extraordinaire. Because of his excellent results in collecting debts owed to the collection agency he worked for, Sanderson loved the fact that he had plenty of leeway to reduce or even forgive the debts of those he was collecting from given that the company more than made up for any loss by the accounts Sanderson collected for real. That gave Sanderson a great deal of power over the debtors, and he had become expert in coercing sexual favors from the debtors in exchange for a promised (but not necessarily ever actually fulfilled!) agreement to reduce or forgive a debt. As often as not Sanderson just relished the sex while quite often not fulfilling his end of the bargain, which made that fact all the more amusing for him. However, Sanderson knew the ins and outs of the paperwork and computer entries that could reduce or eliminate a debt without the Company even knowing, and would, if the spirit moved him, sometimes fulfill his part of the bargain and reduce or eliminate the debtors’ debts in exchange for sexual favors.

The 6’ suit-and-tie clad Sanderson felt particularly lucky in that his “victims” were all male, unlike the usual scenario where it is the woman in a debtor family situation who was expected to be the one granting the sexual favors in return for debt relief. Sanderson found it amusing when he would suggest that a debt could be reduced or eliminated for sexual favors, that the husband or boyfriend of his wife/girlfriend would freely offer her to Sanderson to clear their debts, only to finally figure out that it was he who would be the one doling out the sexual favors! While many of the wives/girlfriends were shocked and outraged at handing over their husbands/boyfriends, an equal number found it very amusing that their spouse/boyfriend would be the one putting out for a change, and that her debts would be cleared as well without any effort on her part.

Sanderson’s first visit that day was to the Santiago Morales household, where both the parties were deeply in debt, an excellent prospect for Sanderson whose investigation had also shown that the husband Santiago Morales, was a convicted felon just out of prison, out on parole. If Mr. Morales lived up to Sanderson’s expectations, Sanderson loved the idea of having a “bad boy” gangster type felon just out of prison at his disposal, the undercurrent of danger and menace adding a great deal of spice to the prospect of an encounter with such a person, but on Sanderson’s own terms, of course.

Sanderson’s loud knock on the Morales’ door went unanswered for some time but further annoying banging eventually brought an angry Santiago Morales to the door. “What the fuck do you want, cabron?” demanded a swarthy, 6 foot tall, dark olive-skinned Morales with a shaved head in gangbanger style showing a light stubble outline of where his dark hair would otherwise grow and with full and thick sexy eyebrows over his dark brown eyes and sporting a goatee. Morales was clad in a form-fitting white cotton “wife beater” tank top tee shirt and jeans, his upper torso liberally sprinkled with gang tattoos, and with his darkly hairy, sweaty armpits on full view as well as he held the door open, scowling at the unwanted visitor.

“I am Adam Sanderson from the Acme Collection Agency. It seems that you and your wife have been ignoring the agency’s demands for payment of your substantial debts….”

“Well fuck that shit, asshole- we ain’t got any money to pay, so get your white ass the fuck outta here!’ replied Morales, beginning to shut the door in the doorway that Sanderson had anticipatorily placed his polished wingtip shoe in to impede that action.

“No, Mr. Morales- you don’t understand. I am here to make you an offer to reduce or even eliminate your debt and that of your spouse altogether and it would not involve the payment of any money but rather some, er services…..”

Morales, somewhat mollified by the prospect of having their debts reduced or eliminated came back with “Yeah, well what kind of ‘services’, eh?”

Sanderson replied “Well, the services involved would be of an, er, sexual nature Mr. Morales….”

“Wait- you mean if I let you fuck my puta of a wife, Angela here, our debts are reduced or cleared? Shit, yeah, go ahead cabron fuck her brains out if it’ll clear our debts! Clear ‘em, though, right? If Angela makes out like a bandit with you no more debts? A deal???” asked Morales.

“Er- yes a ‘deal’ of sorts but with one exception…..” hazarded Sanderson.

“What kind of fucking ‘exception’?” queried Morales. “Well the deal would involve you, not Angela….”

Morales then went: “What the fuck? Me? Look, man, I’ve been in prison and all that so it’d be no big deal to fuck you up your tight gringo ass if that’s what ya want? Give ya a thrill to take a ride on my big Latino uncut pinga, eh? Kinda fun to do it with a ‘bad boy’ gangster type like me, eh?” a mixture of disgust and bemusement on his calculating face, him clearly thinking “shit- this’ll be a piece of cake- I get our debts forgiven just by fucking this white boy up his maricon assgetting to literally fuck the goddamned collection agency representative up the ass- fucking fitting!”

“Well…yeah! That’d be great. Of course, I’ll want some reciprocation, too….” hazarded Sanderson.

Morales looked briefly puzzled at that, but didn’t want to let on that his English wasn’t all that great, so simply replied “Yeah it’s a deal then. C’mon come inside, dude, where we can get more comfortable, eh? Angela’s not the best housekeeper, but what the fuck?” Morales led Sanderson into what passed for a living room, Angela busy ironing some clothes and laughing at her husband having to do some sort of “work” for a change and not her, also glad that her hubby had apparently made a deal to forgive their debts.

Morales made some sort of cutting, derogatory comment to Angela in Spanish to which she made a rude face at him in return, including an unseen sticking out of her tongue, all behind his back and literally gave a huge Latin shrug as she shrugged it all off and carried on with her ironing, as Morales led the briefcase-carrying Sanderson to the bedroom to get started.

“So, cabron, why don’t we start with some role play, eh? Make it more exciting for you, eh?” (Morales managing to tweak his own nips through the thin cotton of his white “wife-beater” tank top tee shirt as he said so, as Sanderson’s cock couldn’t help reacting as Sanderson noted how the Latino thug’s nips rose to attention under the thin fabric, clearly knowingly calculated by Morales, who was well aware of his “bad boy” type of appeal to “faggots, ” to arouse Sanderson whose eyes were laser-focused on the gangster’s self nip-play and his nips’ reaction to their expert, practiced manipulation, (no doubt a regular occurrence in prison when Morales was jerking himself off augmented by a little self-nip play to get himself off), continuing with “Let’s say you’re some rich white guy and it’s your first time in prison and I’m your cellmate, and the guards just ordered you to do a strip search!” offered Morales.

Sanderson was amazed at Morales’ creativity and felt a thrill of excitement course through his body at the prospect of his being required to strip naked out of his spiffy suit and tie in front of this low-class badboy gangster-type. Sanderson carefully placed his briefcase so as to catch all the action (since his briefcase was equipped with a hidden video camera to record the entire event). So, Sanderson then played along, going “But, don’t you guards know who I am? Wait until my lawyers hear about this! They’ll get you fired for this outrage!”

“Fuck you, ya fuckin’ rich guy! You better strip now or the guards’ll tear your fancy clothes off for you!” ad-libbed Morales, actually enjoying himself so far, proud of his acting ability, a total ham if he did say so himself.

So, the ginger-haired white boy Sanderson found himself unknotting his silk tie, glaring at Morales like he was low-class shit (which wasn’t difficult for him!) and began unbuttoning his designer dress shirt revealing his gym-toned but pale white chest with a smattering of gingerish/light brown chest hair over its upper portion and around a pair of strawberry-pink nipples, before removing it altogether, before, as Morales made a downward gesture and pointed at Sanderson’s fancy suit pants, Sanderson kicked off his polished wing tips and socks and unbuckled his belt before unzipping his dress suit pants so that he now stood naked save for a pair of tight white Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

“Woo-hoo look at the rich white boy in just his fancy-ass Calvin Klein briefs!” hooted Morales, laughing, clapping and pointing, a sexual thrill coursing through his own studly body, totally getting into the role play and finding the white, high-class dude groveling nearly naked something of a turn-on, but strictly from the “power-trip” aspect of it, of course.

“Now lose the shorts!” commanded Morales, again relishing his role as lord and master of the groveling debt collector, giving him a triumphant, arrogant “thumbs-down” gesture meaning for the rich dude to drop his shorts for his entertainment.

Sanderson pretended to reluctantly do so, lowering and removing the boxer briefs and exposing a merely average-sized (but already half-hard) dick under a patch of gingerish-to-light-brown pubic hair, his pendulous balls swinging freely, and his bare, ginger-hair-flecked ass on view as well.

“Ha!- look at the white boy’s little pecker- but it’s already half hard!!!” noted Morales laughing and pointing at the debt collector’s now total nudity.

“Now crawl over here naked and show your cellmate how happy you are to see him!” ordered Morales.

Sanderson in fact eagerly did so and once he knelt before Morales, Morales ordered him to stand and “lick me all over asshole- show me how happy you are to be my cellmate!” lifting Sanderson up to face him and raising his strong, dark-olive-skinned, gang-tattooed arms, exposing the sweaty depths of his two darkly hairy armpits liberally filled with the bad-boy’s funky sweat.

Sanderson eagerly buried his face into Morales’ armpits’ depths, oneby-one, Morales shoving Sanderson’s head into his pits with Sanderson sniffing and savoring their manly scent and chewing on and pulling the armpit hairs with his teeth and tonguing away, as Morales moaned with lust at the expert pit-licking, going “Ay que rico!” This was followed by Sanderson’s licking and kissing and tonguing both of Morales’ baseballsized biceps, Sanderson praising their firmness and strength, music to Morales’ egotistical ears. Shit, Angela never does any of this shit and it fuckin’ feels great, mused Morales to himself, Morales’ uncut cock reacting in his jeans down below to the intimate, almost tickling contact with the sensitive skin of his manly underarms by the white dude’s searching tongue, sensitive flesh hidden beneath his abundant armpit hairs and only accessible after a deep foray into the forest of “bad boy” Morales’ hairy, sweaty pits, Sanderson’s tongue digging in while also loudly deeply sniffing their aroma, like a pig snorting for truffles, Morales getting off on all of this deserving worship of his studly body, sexily exclaiming in Spanish in his deep, manly baritone- Ay, que rico! Es muy delicioso, no? Eso, eso, eso…

Morales then let Sanderson remove his white “wife-beater” tank top tee shirt altogether, exposing the hunky gang-tattooed Latino felon’s deeply olive-skinned muscular chest mostly covered with gang tattoos and a small heart with “Angela” written in cursive in its center the upper portion of his chest also lightly furred with dark body hair that narrowed to a fine line down to his navel before disappearing into his blue jeans. Morales gasped and moaned as Sanderson locked onto both of Morales’ sensitive, erect nips in turn, licking, sucking and tweaking them both while Sanderson also boldly groped Morales’ blue-jeaned crotch, Sanderson happy to feel the instant reaction, feeling Morales’ giant cock responding in kind.

Sanderson was soon on his knees reverently sucking and sniffing Morales’ blue-jeaned crotch and then boldly unzipping his jeans and tugging them down to reveal Morales’ darkly olive-skinned muscular thighs and calves, liberally sprinkled with wiry black body hairs, and then whipping off his baggy prison-issued white cotton boxers whereupon Morales’ huge erect uncut Latino pinga hit Sanderson full in the face, Sanderson reverently sucking on Morales’ sexy uncut manhood and burying his face in the depths of Morales’ funky jet-black pubic bush, as Morales moaned and sighed at the intimate contact by the naked, submissive debt collector. Sanderson then reverently sucked and tongued Morales’ hairy, cum-churning balls to further moans from Morales.

Morales then surprised Sanderson when Morales whirled around to shove Morales’ bare, jet-black-hair-flecked ass which was only a shade lighter than the rest of his swarthy body into the debt collector’s face, Sanderson burying his face into the Latino felon’s hairy asscrack, licking and sucking from the top of his crack down to his balls and then back up to circle Morales’ hair-haloed asshole and plunge his tongue up the bad-boy’s ass, as Morales moaned and mewled with lust going “Yeah, white boy, eat that funky Latino felon ass, tongue-fuck it, yeahhh!!!” as Sanderson also jacked Morales’ cock to keep him on edge.

Just when Morales was about whirl back around to cum and drench Sanderson with his hot Latino spunk, Sanderson had withdrawn his tongue from Morales’ ass to announce “Now it’s my turn!”

To say the least, Morales was taken aback by this- Morales had come to believe that he might get off easy by letting Sanderson suck and rim him to orgasm and that would be that, or that possibly this maricon Sanderson also wanted him to fuck Sanderson up his ass and the deal would be done.

Morales then asked “Whattaya mean ‘your turn’? Ya mean ya want me to fuck ya up the ass?”

Sanderson replied. “No, not just that. Part of the deal was that you have to reciprocate, remember?”

There was that weird fucking English word again that Morales didn’t understand. “What the fuck do ya mean by ree-sip-row-cate?” queried Morales.

“I mean it’s your turn to service me!” responded Sanderson.


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