Hunky 'Lot 218' is captured on the battlefield and brought to auction at The Emporium.

The Fundraiser - Part 1
by Amalaric
Series: The Fundraiser
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Lot 218 was correctly forecast as a ‘sleeper’ hit of the lengthy auction. A battle-field trophy of the seemingly endless Hemispheric Wars he exuded a sense of raw, condensed masculinity (unlike the run of ultra-smooth [often completely shaved and even waxed) twinks in their late teens that had preceded him to the block). This, in itself, would have been saleable but not all that remarkable if it weren’t for his personal, very physical charisma, and the practiced eye of his trainers and handlers who immediately recognized the big male’s potential and structured his pre-sale processing accordingly.

Six months earlier he had been a seasoned combatant on some nameless front. At the ripe age of twenty-four, he had, nevertheless, seen and experienced what most men twice his age never would. Handsome and virile, the young soldier, brave to the point of foolhardiness, acted as if he would live forever…which, of course, was impossible.

They brought him down in a classic ambush during which around a third of the cohort was killed outright. The future ‘218’, though dazed and disoriented, had barely received a scratch. He was quickly rendered helpless by the gleeful enemy- disarmed, stripped to his khaki boxers, hogtied and tossed unceremoniously onto the bed of a desert-camouflaged pick-up. Three days later he was sold to a cartel active in the area and, rumor has it, the price kept the faction that had brought him down flush (and stoned out of their respective brains) with designer drugs for over a month.

‘218’s’ training began almost immediately upon arrival at the processing camp. Usually kept stark naked, he was worked hard -both manually and by forced calisthenics- fed well, and thoroughly disciplined with whip, strap, and paddle, to grudging obedience. Though, naturally, ‘218’ was unaware, his trainers and handlers were true artists; striving for a perfect balance of acceptance and obedience without, however, breaking or even damaging the muscular young buck’s character, thus maintaining his masculine appeal. Finally, ready to mount the block, ‘218’ had been left in full possession of his own will, free to openly lament his fate…but utterly certain and grudgingly willing to accept what he had now become, and, as part and parcel of his new, degraded status, to obey every command and submit to every act of those in authority without question or hesitation. The combination, added to ‘218’s’ very impressive physical demeanor, hit the gathered bidders like a freight train.

‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ the auctioneer’s oily, somehow breathless, voice was trained to carry, ‘I am proud, even honored, to invite your consideration of our next lot- 218!!!’ Though accompanied under the bright lights by a burly attendant wielding a live cattle prod, the goad proved unnecessary as 218 strode onto the stage, as lithe and graceful as a cat, and, fully aware (he thought) of what was expected and what awaited him, mounted the raised platform euphemistically referred to as the ‘block’. The auctioneer noted with approval as many in the crowd surrounding the stage jostled for a better view of the strapping young male, barefoot and stripped to the waist, but teasingly clad in a pair of faded, beltless levis sagging over white undershorts. The wily salesman was gratified by a low swell of murmured anticipation as potential bidders evaluated the depth of their pockets. There were also, however, some scattered cat-calls, ‘STRIP HIM DOWN!!!!’ and ‘Let’s see what the brute’s PACKING!!!!’ The auctioneer seemed completely unfazed.


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  1. 31118azti - November 7, 2023, 8:52 pm

    I wonder if he had been stripped naked if his price would have been higher?

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