The author kidnaps a hot lifeguard and ties him down for an intense tickle torture session in this story by EvilGuy23.
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Fun With a Lifeguard
by Evilguy23

ticklish lifeguardI was strolling along the beach. Suddenly my eyes fell on the most sexy and handsome lifeguard I have ever seen in my entire life. He was 6ft 4inches tall, had dark hair and deep brown eyes. His stomach was firm and hard, his abs looked very beautiful. He had strong and long legs and two very lovely feet. I have been a tickle freak since I was a child. I walked up to him and asked him if he would like to join me at my house for some drinks and dinner. He agreed. So we drove to my house. I offered him drinks and some snacks. I had drugged those drinks. After he took a few swigs, the effect of the drugs could be easily seen. He began to swoon and finally he became unconscious. I carried his unconscious body to the basement of my house (which was now a torture chamber.) I tied him up to a rack. I put his feet in the stocks that were attached to the foot of the rack. Then I tied his toes with a thin string to eye hooks which were attached to the stocks. Now his toes were separated from each other. The gap between his toes was exposed and vulnerable. His feet and toes were restrained so tightly that he could not move them even an inch. His hands were pulled over his head and chained to a ring in the wall. Then I decided to start the action. I waited for him to come to. After some time, he began to show some movement. He slowly opened his eyes and tried to pull his arms and legs. But he realized he was tied up and started cursing and yelling at me at the top of his voice.

"Lemme go, you fag. I will kill you for this" he said. I was quite amused at this guy. There he was, tied up and completely at my mercy, but he still had the cheek to curse me! I gave him a wicked smile and walked up to him. I told him that he was my slave and would endure lot of suffering at my hands. I picked a bottle of my favorite oil and poured the oil on his body. I applied the oil on his hard-muscled body. I caressed his thighs and his chest as I rubbed oil onto the lovely hunk. His body shone due to the oil applied on the body. This oil was no ordinary oil. I invented it after a lot of research on the human body. This oil renders the human body very vulnerable to tickling. In other words, it makes a person 100 times more ticklish than he is.

I picked my electric toothbrush and began to run it between his toes. The tickling made him with and scream in pleasure as well as pain. It was like electric shocks being passed through his body. He pulled at the restraints on his hands but the restraints were too strong for him.

"P-p-p-please ... hahaha, ha, ho, haha st-st-stop. HAHAHA, ha, ho HA,HA STOP pppplease, ha, ha, hee, HA, HO, AHAHAHAHA" was all he could say. Now I began to tickle the soles of his lovely feet. He was most ticklish on his feet and really went crazy with the tickling of his feet.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO, HA,HAHAHAHAHA,ho, ha, HAHA, ha ha. WhWhy are you doing this to me. Hahahahaha. Please stop. I will do anything you tell me."

But I had no intention of stopping and losing my fun. This was just the beginning. I tickled his feet like that for almost an hour. I ran the feather up and down the arch of his soles, around the balls of his feet and on the heels. He wriggled and squirmed like a worm under my intense attack of sadistic tickling. After an hour, his voice was hoarse from the shouting, laughing and pleading. He also had gotten a hardon, which showed that, although he hated tickling, he also loved it!

"Enough of feet tickling," I said to myself. How about tickling his upper body? I dug my fingers into his ribs and began to move them round and round. By now he was too weak to laugh loudly. All I could hear was faint whimpers. His massive body was sweating profusely. I managed to bring tears into his eyes. His eyes closed and he passed out. I had not enjoyed myself sufficiently and my victim was already unconscious.

I won't tickle him for time being. I poured water on his face to revive him. He woke up with a fear in his eyes. Now I get a thin bamboo rod and begin to cane his chest. I apply moderate strokes. He screams in pain and begins to weep. Red streaks appear on his chest. I go on to cane his thighs. The thighs are softer than the chest and caning the thighs causes more pain to him. His agony is written on his face. After making his thighs nice and red I get on to his feet. I strike them hard. The cane bites into the flesh of his feet and causes intense stinging. He lets of blood curdling shouts of pain. Finally, I have a little mercy on him and stop the caning of his feet. But his relief is short-lived.

Ten minutes later, I return with a candle. Cooking oil is applied to his feet, and a candle is kept close to it. The heat causes the feet to cook. He begins to shout once more. I hear him screaming and moaning for an hour after which everything is silent. I go to see what's happened. My slave has passed out once more. Well, I guess this is too much torture. I will now stop the torture(for today). I can torture him tomorrow. Good night, slave, and be ready for more intense torture tomorrow.

The End


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