A BDSM-curious straight man arrives for a hook-up hoping to dominate a submissive female but instead learns all about submission from an older male Master in this hot new story from Briballus with art piece by ULF.

Forced to Play - Page 1
by Briballus
Art piece by ULF

I had been talking to this girl, Cindy, online for a few months. I had started intensely reading stories of bondage, domination, and sexual slavery about a year ago and it completely took over my fantasies. I kept imagining myself with a beautiful girl who I could completely dominate and subjugate. I read so many stories from both the dom's and sub's perspective and the more I read, the kinkier and wilder the fantasies got, and the more I craved taking control of a girl. Then, I started to go into chat rooms and message boards. That's where I met a small community of people who talked about domination and submission, did some roleplay, and I think sometimes met up for real-life play. I hoped for that last part but it took a while until I started talking to Cindy.

I was so nervous but slowly we started talking more and more about our wild fantasies. She seemed perfect. Every time I'd open up and share a more extreme sexual fantasy she would reveal that she had secretly been thinking about it too. We both admitted to each other we were inexperienced at this, and I did my best to act the dominant role, but it was comforting feeling as though I was learning about my desires with someone else who was as inexperienced as I was. Eventually, we started talking about actually meeting. We discovered that she lived in the city I was going to be transferring to for college soon for my sophomore year. Suddenly things got very real, and I started to feel even more nervous that before. However, my horniness and my desire to actually experience a BDSM session with a real live slave girl was too powerful for my nerves to get in the way. She eventually agreed she wanted to try being my sub for a session and that once I was settled in from my move we would plan a time for me to come over and I would finally fullfil my fantasies of spanking, tickling, stimulating, torturing, and fucking a girl while she was helplessly bound. Visions of my upcoming conquest fueled my furious masterbation sessions as I counted down the weeks until my move.

Several weeks later, I was finally moved in and settled in my new apartment. It was small, and I only had one roommate and I was pretty happy with the arrangement. It didn't matter too much to me, since all I could really think about was getting over to Cindy's so I could do all the intense kinky activities I had been reading about for months. It took a lot of willpower, but once we set a date - Friday night (hopefully going into Saturday) - I decided not to jack off again until I saw her. That way my first load would be huge no matter where I decided to shoot it. She was going to get drowned in it for sure. The coming weekend was going to be ideal, since she said her roommates were going to be out of town and so we'd have the house to ourselves. That was going to be good, because I planned on making her make a lot of noise.

I got to the house at just after 6 and I was practically shaking I was so excited. I took a moment to compose myself outside, since I figured a real Dom would be calm and cool and I wanted to really project confidence. As I approached the door I saw there was an envelope waiting for me tucked just under the mat. I opened it and read the note inside, which said, "Come inside, the door is unlocked. Come into the living room I've made myself ready for you." My cock was so hard in my jeans as I opened the door. It took a lot of willpower not to run into the living room. I walked in and saw that no one was there. I cocked my head to side, confused, and then heard footsteps behind me by the door.

I turned around and saw a man standing there. He was about my height and I would guess in his late fifties or maybe in his sixties. He had a simple button-down shirt on with some jeans and he looked not at all surprised to see me. In fact, he smiled at me as he reached over and locked the door. We stood there looking at each other for what felt like minutes, but was probably only a couple seconds, before he said "Welcome to my home, boy."

I didn't answer for another couple of seconds, because I couldn't think of anything to say. My confidence had disappeared. "Umm... I think I made a mistake. This, um, must be the wrong house. I'm just gonna go."

He cross his arms and stood directly between me and the door and told me matter-of-factly, "No, you aren't going to leave. You really need to learn about dominance and submission and I've decided I'm going to be the one to teach you. Really, you're going to learn all about submission. I sensed a lot of submission in you when we talked online, despite you trying to hide it. I'm going to draw it out of you."

I looked at him confused. "I don't think we talked online... I'm, um, supposed to meet a girl..." Looking back, it should have been more obvious to me what had happened, but I maybe just didn't want to believe what I knew to be true.

He laughed at me. "Don't you realize yet? Cindy isn't real. I was pretending to be her the whole time. I wanted to get a straight boy caught in my trap and you flew right in. I know you were looking forward to dominating a nice hot girl today. Don't worry, there will still be a master and a slave. You might even like it, you know." He chuckled a little bit. "Well, probably not at first, but you'll come around eventually."

"Look, I need to go. Just get out of the way and let's forget about the whole thing." I started to move towards the door, but he kept blocking the way through.

He didn't move out of the way but he did raise his hands as if he was giving in. "Ok, you can go. Just know that if you walk out of that door, I'm going to message all your friends, your parents, and your teachers all those messages you sent to 'Cindy' and all those pictures too."

My mouth dropped open. Of course, he had everything I had sent to Cindy. He must have sent me fake pictures of some random girl. How could I have been so stupid? I should have checked to make sure the pictures were real. I suddenly felt completely trapped. I could have pushed past him and walked away, but that seemed like an impossible option. I couldn't even imagine my parents seeing those things I had sent. My teachers? I was stuck in a nightmare. I stared at the floor imagining the horror of people at school finding out everything I had done. Seeing all my pictures.

I tried to speak but no words came out, so he took the initiative. He grabbed my arm gently and walked me to the other side of the living room, towards a hallway. He tells me, "We're going to a play a game. A game of dominance and submission. I love playing games like this because even I don't really know what the outcome will be. It'll be a pleasant surprise for us both. Well, pleasant for me no doubt."

I stopped moving when he let go of my arm. I could see several dark doorways down the hall and then one dimly lit at the end. It sounded like there was soft, low music drifting out of that door like the kind you'd hear at a spa or massage parlor. He moved down the hallway towards the dimly-lit door and turned to me. I didn't move towards him at all and instead looked back over my shoulder at the locked front door leading outside, to freedom. My heart was pounding. I couldn't leave. He'd ruin me. I looked back at him and I realized in that moment that my cock wasn't completely erect, but it was definitely still a bit hard. It had never really softened all the way since I'd entered the house. That made me pretty embarrassed since there was an obvious bulge in my jeans. I gulped and shifted uncomfortably.

"Come along, boy. We need to get the game started." He beckoned me down the hallway.

I said the first thing I could think of. "I don't even know your name..."

"My name is Master, boy. You should know that. You know quite a bit about submission. Remember, we've been talking a lot lately. I know all your secret desires." He pulled out his phone and looked at it briefly and then said more firmly, "Now come here. We're wasting time and I'm about to send all your fun contraband to your classmates. Then, if you keep disobeying I'll send it to your teachers, next." I saw him unlock his phone and suddenly I lurched forward, desperate to avoid the social ruin that he was threatening me with.

I arrive at the doorway he is standing in front of. Looking inside I see a padded table. There are several other pieces of furniture with sheets over them. There are cabinets and counters. There is also a sling hanging from the ceiling in one corner. He reached into the room and pulling open a drawer he retrieves padded handcuffs and walks around behind me. I feel like my mind is in a fog and I don't react as he pulls my hands behind me and cuffs them. I suddenly realize that he has me. I'm physically vulnerable now. My heart pounds a little harder. I also feel me cock twitch a bit as I think about my vulnerability.

He pushes me into the room and closes the door. He opens a laptop on a nearby countertop and tells me we are going to play a game tonight. The rules are fairly simple, and that even he doesn't know what tasks might be dictated by the game. All he knows is that it is a game for Masters and their subs to spend a fun, and challenging, time together. I look at the laptop nervously.

"I'm going to roll two dice." He takes those out of the drawer where the handcuffs were and sets them beside the laptop. "First, I'll roll for the special rules we both have to follow tonight. Then the game has several phases. Each phase I roll the dice and I get to pick which one I like. After all, the game should be skewed in the Master's favor, right? Whatever the game says we have to do, we must do. It is my responsibility as your Master to make sure the task is completed. That means if I have to make some new rules or hand out punishments to incentivize you to play along, then I will do that. If no matter what I do, you are incapable of completing the tasks, then I will send out all of the material I have from you to everyone. Including your parents."

He paused and let that sink in. I was truly stuck. I had no idea what was about to happen, but my mind couldn't stop imagining all the things I'd told "Cindy" I wanted to do to her and then having those things done to me. Oh no, what exactly had I revealed to this man about my fantasies over the last several months? Was I about to have the tables turned on me in the worst possible way?

He continued, "Finally, if any of the dice rolled during any phases come up doubles - the same number on both - then there are some special rules that we have to follow for that phase. Don't worry, we'll figure that out if it happens. I know it sounds complicated, but I think it is actually rather simple."

He stepped behind me while I stood near the padded table. His arms snaked around me and he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the fly, then quickly tugged them down to my ankles. I sensed him bending down behind me and he roughly snatched down my underwear right after. As he stood again he stepped on the garments and nudged me forward so I would step out of them leaving them crumpled on the floor and me naked from the waste down. Before I could react he wound up and spanked my ass hard with one powerful slap on each cheek. He grabbed my bound wrists to steady me as I lunged foward and cried out from the sudden pain. "What the fuck?" I looked behind me but he tersely said, "Eyes forward, boy, or you'll get more."

I reluctantly stared straight ahead again. I awkwardly tried to rub my ass cheeks which were still stinging. "Come on, man, can you just go easy." He grabbed my hands and held them up high on my back away from my ass and then I felt 4 more powerful slaps making me yelp again.

"No speaking without permission and when you do speak to me, you address me as Master. Isn't that what you told Cindy she had to call you?" I was about to say something angrily but thought better of it. I had made "Cindy" call me Master. I had even told her that if she forgot when we were together I would punish her for forgetting. I guess I was getting a taste of my own medicine.

"So, you want to try that again?" he asked.

I hesitated because actually saying it out loud seemed like a big step. My mind was made up very quickly when he threatened me with ten more spankings if I didn't do as I was told.

"Can you go easy, please, Master?" I said, almost like a whisper. It was hard to make myself say it.

"There you go. Don't you worry, boy, I'm going to take good care of you. Really, I'm trying to help you in a way." He probably was trying to sound reassuring, but I didn't feel very reassured.

He stepped in front of me now and picked up the dice and he bent over the laptop looking at the screen. He told me there would be several rolls at first to determine the special rules for this game that we would have to follow. Without looking back at me he rolled the dice on the table and looked at them quickly, then back at the screen, before turning towards me with a smile.

"Turn around and come over here," he ordered me as he guided me to the end of the padded table. He pushed me over it so I was bent over the end at the waste and he reached under the table and pulled a wide leather strap around the table and over my back so it pressed my upper body down against the padded surface. He then pulled me feet apart and attached those so they were slightly spread and attached to the table legs. Next he released my hands from behind my back and then pulled them under the table and fastened them under the table so now it was like I was hugging the table, bent over, with my legs spread, and zero ability to get up or move my body.

"Hey, wait, you're not gonna..." I started to say, but then he grabbed my hair and pushed my face down against the padded surface hard.

"Just shut your mouth, slave, or you are going to get punished really hard."

I stopped talking but was now trembling with fear.

He walked around behind me so I couldn't see him at all. He announced, "You got a 4 and 1, boy. The 4 says that 'the slave must be spanked before the cycle begins.'" I tried to turn my head as far as I could so I could see him, but I just caught a glimpse of him standing right behind me before he started smacking my ass with his hand. He was hitting me even harder than he had before. I immediately winced and grunted.

After five sharp smacks he paused and said, "Feel free to make some noise, I don't mind." He continued with the spankings coming even faster but just as hard. I pulled desperately on the restraints but they didn't give at all. I shouted out, begging for him to stop. I tried pleading and bargaining, "Please just give me a quick break. I just need a minute. No! No! Stop! I can't take it! I can't! Please! I... I... AHH!" I stopped forming words and just screamed in pain as my ass felt like it was on fire.

After around five minutes of spanking I was crying, every so often tugging pathetically at the wrist restraints, and telling him I'd do anything if he stopped. When he finally did I laid there crying for a few minutes while I heard him moving around behind me. I heard some water splashing. I didn't really care because my ass was so sore.

I next felt his hand gently touch my back and it made me jump. He leaned down and said, "Pay attention, slave. The other number I rolled was a 1, remember? That means 'the slave's ass hair must be shaved.' I need to make you ready for the rest of the game." I shook my head thinking that I couldn't have any part of me shaved bare like that, but I couldn't actually make myself say anything. I was still quivering from the spanking. I winced as he spread my ass cheeks with one hand and then I felt him spreading shaving cream all around the crack of my ass and around my asshole. It felt very weird and it made me squirm, but of coarse I couldn't really struggle very far.

"Hold still," he commanded. "You don't want to get any cuts down here. If you jerk around and make me slip I swear I'll pour alcohol on it and make you really regret it." I stiffened and forced myself to sit very still. He started shaving all around my asshole, working very carefully, slowly, and methodically. It took several minutes, and the whole process was strange and made me feel humiliated, but seemed far more preferable than the spanking.

When he was done he washed down the area with warm water, then dried everything with a soft towel. The towel on my hairless ass felt weird, but not as weird as when he ran his bare hand down my crack and swirled his fingers around my asshole. It made me jump in the restraints. He chuckled at that. Something about his hand touching me when I was that smooth felt extra sensitive.

He stood up and cleaned up from the shaving process but left me tied on the table. When he came back I heard him toss the dice again. He said, "Last two rolls for our game rules here. Oh damn, double sixes!" He sounded very excited, which made me nervous. Anything that excited him should make me nervous, I decided. He was consulting the laptop for a moment before announcing the results. "The 6 means that you will be referred to as 'slut' for the remainder of the game. And I think that fits, you are a slut. Look at you, presenting yourself to me with your shaved ass and your dick is even getting hard. A good slut would love to get his ass shaved smooth." I realized with embarrassment that my dick had chubbed up slightly since the spanking. I was facing away from him so he couldn't see, but my face got red from the humiliation.

He continued, "And since it was two sixes that means you get to wear a blindfold and a gag for the rest of the game. That'll be fun, so you can't really see what's about to happen. It'll make everything a bit more intense. I remember you wrote to me how you love it when girls moan behind gags. I agree, gags can be very sexy. I think you should experience what that's like."

He approached me with the blindfold first, which he easily slipped over my head and tightened. It was a pretty serious blindfold and I couldn't see anything. Then I sensed him beside me and he said, "Now, open your mouth, slut." I hesitated for a moment thinking that this might be a step too far. That hesitation seemed to be too long for him, because he said, "OK, then more spanking I guess."

I quickly cried out, "OK, I'll do it!" I belatedly added, "Master."


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  1. scotts60143 - September 17, 2021, 8:43 pm

    Great first chapter and looking forward to the next! Love that idea of a straight guy planning to be the dom only to find he is now…well, the slut! Add shaving, spanking and the great nip by ULF so we are off to a good start!!

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