"The Conglomerate's" latest straight jock victim Billy suffers through his gay bondage hell as straight guys line up to fuck his mouth and ass.

The Forced Milking of Ryan Connolly - Part 5
by GuysGoNakieForMe
Series: The Forced Milking of Ryan Connolly

Billy FuckedBilly Lonnergan couldn't believe what he'd just seen projected onto the giant screen of the darkened arena -- footage of his idol, Xtreme fighter Ryan Connelly being force-fucked by mechanical copulation device. Wrists and ankles bound, muscled legs forced apart, the lean, copper-haired fighter had been lubed before having a 9 inch rubber dildo forced into his virgin ass again and again by a mechanical rutter. To add to the athlete's humiliation a milking sleeve had been attached to his seven-inch, uncut cock. The sleeve pulled and caressed Connelly's dick, sending conflicting waves of orgasmic bliss coursing thru him as his ass was breeched.

Now Billy Lonnergan stood, nearly on tiptoe, his own wrists bound to a chain link fence at shoulder level, his ankles tethered to the fence at shoulder's width apart, and he had a pretty clear idea of what was about to happen.

The dense golden curls framing Billy's face dripped with sweat, rivulets trailing down his forehead over white-blond brows. Thick flaxen lashes blinked the salty wetness from his ice-blue eyes -- eyes determined not to show any fear. All he could remember from the night before was meeting his idol at the Xtreme Fighting competition, being invited back into the locker room, the bitter medicinal taste of the beer Connolley had given him … and then darkness. When he'd awoken, he was here -- wherever "here" was.

"Did you enjoy the film, Billy?" the mechanical voice in the darkness asked.

"Fuck you faggot!" Billy defiantly returned.

"Now, now Billy, it's homophobic statements like that which got you targeted for punishment in the first place," the voice said with mock disappointment.

"Dude, you're not shoving a dildo up my ass, for real!"

"Fair enough, Billy. We'll acquiesce. You won't have to ride the fuck machine as long under one condition…"

Now, with the threat of anal penetration removed, a grateful Billy gave in. "Sure, man! Anything. I swear!"

"For the next hour or so, Billy, you'll be sucking cock."

"I'll be… what??? What the fuck kind of bargain is that???"

"Unfortunately it's the ONLY bargain we have to offer you. And luckily, you've already agreed to it. We have, waiting in the next room, three servicemen… no, not just men whom you'll be servicing, but some actual young heroes directly back from overseas. These men haven't had any contact with a woman in months, and their balls are, understandably, quite full. Today Billy, YOU will be the lucky girl who gets to service them."

"Fuck no, man!"

The voice went from friendly condescension to anger as it barked the following order, "Attach the ten inch dildo to the fuck machine, fire it up to full power and shove it up Billy Lonergan's unlubricated ass!"

"No, no, man, don't do that! All right…all right. I'll be a cocksucker for you."

"Very good Billy. Now, we need to do a little bit of preparation, because our servicemen will be seeing your face. Now Billy, you won't have to worry that anyone will recognize you -- we'll be disguising you a bit."

A battery of men stepped forward in the dark to prep Billy Lonnergan. One smeared hot wax onto his cheeks, upper lip and neck, removing any evidence of male stubble. Another used wax to shape his brown into a narrower arch. when they stepped away, a team of makeup artists glued false eyelashes to him and curled curled them, shadowed his eyes, lined and colored his lips a deep inviting shade of scarlet, attached clip-on earrings and doused Billy's neck and ears with cheap scented perfume. Nothing needed to be done to the shoulder-length surfer-boy's blond curls. When the team stepped away, Billy looked like a cheap two-dollar whore. A cheap two-dollar FEMALE whore.

An unseen guard unhooked Billy's wrists from the fence, one at a time, attaching the each free hand to an adjustable longshoreman's hook-and-chain, whose length could be controlled via mechanized pulley. The shadowy silhouette of the guard looked familiar, but Billy couldn't figure out why.

A wall lowered from the ceiling in profile to the crowd, with a perfectly cut hole at waist level that allowed Billy to insert his face through. His face and ONLY his face could be seen by those on the reverse side.

"Billy, you are to say nothing to the servicemen. Non-verbal communication is the key, for if they discover that they have a man sucking their cock, well, you know how it is with straight guys. They're liable to get … violent."

Billy Lonergan thought back to the incident he'd bragged about .. breaking that fag's nose in the school locker-room when he caught the kid checking him out while he was getting changed. Billy nodded, silently.

"Very good! You learn quickly! Bring in our guests."

Three strapping young military men were ushered onto the stage accompanied by the sound of applause from the crowd. It was clear that each of the men had been selected because of his extraordinary good looks, phenomenal build and uber-masculinity. The military guys squinted in the bright lights but could not make out their audience. Still, they smiled at the applause.

"Gentlemen, welcome!" the voice began. "As you know we wanted to show our appreciation to you for risking your lives overseas but under one condition -- when we approached you we asked if you were shy about showing off in front of an audience. Do you remember what you told us?"

The first guy, a muscular strawberry blond marine with a high-and-tight, said, "Fuck no! I don't care who sees me as long as I get some prime head!". The others nodded in agreement.

There was applause and laughter.

Billy looked down the line -- a Latino soldier, a Black sailor stood beside the first guy. Each looked to be well over six foot tall and their uniforms stretched over well-muscled physiques. Worse, they each showed massive bulges in their pants indicating that Billy would more than likely be choking on at least 9 inches of cock apiece.

"But where are my manners, gentlemen?" the voice announced, "I haven't introduced you to the beautiful young lady who has volunteered to give you a heroes' welcome."

A spotlight shone on Billy's face and in the high intensity light, he truly did look like a beautiful woman. The military men could not believe their luck, high-fiving one another and throwing the hot girl winks. The warning not to speak rang in Billy's mind, so he responded by running a tongue over his lips to make them even more inviting, and the crowd exploded in approval.

The strawberry blonde was moved into place beside the wall, and encouraged to take out his cock. When he revealed 9 inches of thick uncut dick, the crowd applauded and he took a bow. Then, facing the girl he instructed her, "Kiss it, bitch"

Billy puckered his lips as the marine brought the huge knob to his mouth. Billy planted soft wet kisses on the head, leaving little red lip-prints which instantly got the marine rock hard. "Open wide, honey."

Billy let his lips part and extended his tongue, providing the perfect hole for the young marine to plug. As the huge cockshaft pierced Billy's mouth, the marine began unbuttoning his uniform shirt. "I'm gonna work up a sweat honey," he said with a wink.

The crowd applauded, as much for the marine's attitude as for the smooth, freckled body-builder's chest he revealed. Humping his hips forward and pulling them back as he mouth-fucked the hot little babe, his abs tightened into plates of pure muscle. "Fuck yeah, sweetie, slurp on daddy's dick," the nineteen year old marine sighed. Spit oozed from the corner's of Billy's lipsticked mouth and onto the marine's balls. The marine started to go rigid, pulled his cock from the girl's mouth and said, "Shit baby, I'm gonna come. Where do you want it?"

Silently, Billy extended his tongue to indicate he wanted the cum in his mouth. With two hands the marine began to furiously beat his meat, the head appearing and disappearing from the folds of foreskin a little bit redder each time. The marine held still for a moment, and then with an intensity not to be believed, hosed months of stored cum across Billy Lonnergan's tongue. Billy struggled to swallow and extend his tongue in time for the next blast… and the next… and the next. "Atta girl, swallow it all." When he was done, the marine presented his cock to be tongue washed and then staggered back in line.

"How was that?" the voice asked.

"Fucking AWESOME," the young marine responded with a goofy grin.

The make-up crew stepped up to re-apply some lipstick to Billy's mouth -- the first application had been virtually fucked off. Next, the latino stepped up.

"Mami, you gonna like what I got for you." He pulled off his shirt, dogtags jingling against the caramel-colored skin of his rounded pecs. Unbuttoning his pants, he fished out a huge, dark, uncut cock… fat and curved.

"You gonna have to work to get all this. Get that mouth on here."

He shoved his fat knob into Billy's mouth, and Bill's lips and tongue peeled the foreskin back. The latino soldier began piston-fucking his knob in and out of the hot wet chasm, resting his palms against the wall for leverage. Each fuckstroke caused his balls to BOUNCE against the beautiful cock-sucker's chin. Salty pre- cum glazed Billy's tongue.

"I'm getting your tongue nice and wet with my cock-sauce, baby, 'cuz when I cum, it's gonna be down your throat!"

Billy's eyes went wide, and there was laughter from the audience.

"You ready, mami?"

Billy tried to shake his head, "No" but the latino didn't care?

"Can I grab this bitch's head?" he asked.

"Anything you like, hero," the voice over the loudspeaker responded.

The latino knotted his fingers through the dense curls. "Whew," he exhaled, "I'm glad no wig came off in my hands. For a second I was worried this was a tranny or a faggot. Now that I know she's a girl, she earned this load."

He began fucking the mouth with all his might, and from behind the silhouetted guard gripped Billy's hips to prevent him from moving from the face-hole. The Latino began muttering in Spanish, the volume getting louder and louder until it was clear that he was force-feeding a thick load of protein directly down Billy's throat. Billy choked and gagged, much to the delight of the crowd. After seven or eight blasts, the latino pulled out, wiped his dick clean in Billy's hair, and said, "You a great cock-sucker, baby."

Once again, the make-up team re-did Billy's make-up as the Black stud stepped into place. Wordlessly he undid his pants and fished out ten inches of ebony cock, as thick around as a wrist. The knob was a beautiful pink mushroom that stood in contrast to a jet black shaft.

"You better hold this cunt still back there…she gonna try to get away."

Reacting to the instructions, the guard behind Billy tightened his hold on Billy's hips. The black sailor began to feed his cock into the mouth of his prey. "Girl, you best relax, cuz your throat IS gonna get fucked." In a long steady thrust, the black sailor fed his dick right down Billy's spasming, choking throat and held it there for a moment, to show him who was in charge. Billy's body began to convulse desperately for air, and the black sailor laughed before withdrawing a few inches allowing him air. "Now you be a good girl, and suck ALL of this big dick, and we'll both have some fun. " Billy nodded. "And back there, you make sure she don't move too much".

From behind, Billy heard movement as the silicon milker was attached to his cock. An electronic whir, and suddenly the silicon sleeve began to heat up, squirting lubricant over his enslaved dick, and beginning a rhythmic grip-and-release just as the black cock in his mouth began its next descent into the depths of his throat.

Billy still choked on the cock, but now the hot wet pleasure around his cock made the gagging almost tolerable. "Yeah girl, that's the way to do it," the black sailor moaned. "Imma have to get your number after this, so you can suck this dick all the time."

The black stud began to pick up speed, and the guard flipped a switch that matched the speed on Billy's cock-milker. "Ooh girl, you keeping' up with me good. Imma have to feed you some dick-sauce baby girl."

Billy was too delirious with the pleasure on his own dick to care about swallowing another salty load of cock-milk. He heard the tearing of a rubber packet behind him, and peripherally saw the metallic golden flutter of a tea-bag sized wrapper fall through the air. The sound of rubber being rolled over skin, and before he could react, the feel of hot cock invading his anus. He tried to scream but had ten inches of black cock down his throat. From either end he was being impaled as his own cock was being electronically manipulated towards orgasm.

Billy's nose was pressed into the musky, nappy curls of the sailor as the black man nutted down his throat. "Good gawd, yes…" he heard as the sailor flooded his throat. From behind, the pounding of his ass sped up too. He heard sighing… a familiar voice barely heard…and he know it was his idol Ryan Connolley. Ryan's cock was deep in his ass, fucking him with the same strength that the fighter applied to his opponents. Connolley laid his sweaty chest across Billy's back, fucking him with greater leverage, and the fighter felt his opponent weaken and submit. Claiming his victory, Ryan blasted 9 thick cumblasts into the hot tight hole. As he did, he reached around to tease Billy's sensitive titpoints with his rough hands sending Billy blissfully over the edge. Billy filled the silicon sleeve with thick potent cum. The sleeve fed into tubing and was collected into a beaker -- his load to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The black sailor pulled his dick from the beautiful girl's mouth and cock-slapped her a few times as he said, "Good job, ho'"

The audience applauded as the military men were ushered out, and the wall was lifted out of view revealing Ryan Connolley balls deep inside deflowered ass of his vanquished young fan.


Billy Lonergan's cheeks blushed crimson. But then, his soft, androgynous… almost pretty face… would have had a natural blush, even if his captors hadn't painted the slim blond Xtreme fighting fan's face with cosmetics. His full lips were painted the scarlet color that whore's wear, his lashes enhanced, and crystal blue eyes lined with coal. Billy had been chained into a bent position by his unseen captors in an arena of some kind, his face inserted into a wide glory hole, and mouth-raped by a trio of horny young military men on leave as entertainment for a stadium full of faggots intent on punishing him for his homophobic comments and actions. Worse still, they had somehow convinced his idol, Xtreme fighter Ryan Conolly to sodomize his ass while Billy's cock had been inserted into an automatic milking machine. Much as he fought to resist it, his balls had been forcibly emptied as Ryan emptied his own nutsac into Billy's virgin hole.

Now, in the harsh glare of the lights, Billy dangled from the chains, his biceps and traps glistening with sweat as they ached under the strain. Ryan Connolley still stood behind him, the Xtreme fighter's fluffy copper nest of pubes pressed against the perfectly rounded globes of Billy Lonergan's freshly deflowered ass. Seven inches of steel-hard cock still pulsed within his assails. Billy moaned slightly as he felt his idol's creamy seed leak from the stretched hole and down his tanned thighs making a thick river through the golden hairs on his muscular legs.

"Good job, Billy," the disembodied voice on the loudspeaker said. "Ryan, how was that ass?"

"Prime," the slender, copper-curled Irish thug groaned, using the same word Billy had heard him use time and time again when the athlete had been asked about each fighter he'd conquered. Now Billy Lonergan knew that Ryan Connolley OWNED his ass.

"Yes," the voice snickered, "that's what our high bidder said about Billy's creamy load after he'd swallowed every drop."

Billy remembered that the milker was attached to a collection beaker and the none…no ten strong blasts of cum he'd ejaculated had nearly filled the glass, which was then auctioned off to an unseen bidder.

"Well, no rest for the weary, Billy! It's time for phase two. I'm afraid you're going to have to slip your cock out of Billy's ass, Ryan. We have some guests who's like to use it."

Before Billy could protest, Ryan's cock slipped out of his hole and he was spun around on the chain so that he was facing Ryan and his ass was level with where the glory hole had been. Once more the wall came down, and the perfect, hairless globes of Billy's freshly abused ass were pressed against the opening.

"You know the rules Billy. No talking while you're being fucked or you'll give away your little secret. To insure that you don't make a sound, Ryan, why don't you stuff something into Billy's mouth."

The audience had a clear view of the ripped athlete, his cock still rock hard and level with Billy Lonergan's perfectly pouty lips. Billy, defeated began to ask why his idol had sold him out like this, but before he could utter a sound, his mouth was stuffed full of cock. First, just the knob filled the gaping cavity and Ryan whispered, "Suckle on it… keep it nice and wet." There was something unspoken in this…the tacit implication that if Billy did a good job, he would soon be choking on a mouthful of cum.

Once again, the loudspeaker announced the arrival of some guests, and as the stage lights got brighter, Billy could also hear three guys being ushered onto the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the voice announced, "we have two young men here straight from their graduation ceremonies! We thought it would be a nice way to congratulate these young scholars, by giving them the hottest, sweetest, tightest ass to fuck and the beautiful young thing behind the wall over there, has volunteered. Isn't she gorgeous guys?"

Billy heard two young male voices agree, and there was no hiding the excitement in their voices. "That's the prettiest ass I ever saw," one of them said, and to Billy's horror he realized it was his friend from the neighborhood, Tonio. Tonio was Italian -- tall, lean, jet black hair with an olive complexion. Billy had heard Tonio brag a bunch of times about how he'd ruined a girl's pussy with his fat italian salami. Today, Billy Lonergan was going to be on the receiving end.

"Fuck yeah," another voice agreed, and Billy realized that was Big Mike, the body- builder. The guy could bench press 350, and had 19" guns, and a 48" chest that tapered down to a 30" waist. Billy had seen Big Mike in amateur competitions, and he was like a statue of a Greek God. What was worse, his posing strap did little to hide his 8" dick.

They tossed a coin to see who was going to go first, and Tonio won.

"Go easy on her boys," the voice chuckled.

"Fuck that!" Tonio answered, "I already see she got fucked today. I'm showing this bitch no mercy."

Billy shuddered, both in anticipation of the long, dark, fat cock that was about to eviscerate him and in fear that he'd somehow be discovered by these neighborhood boys, his friends. If they knew it was him, he'd forever be their bitch.

He felt Tonio's rough-calloused hands on his smooth butt. "This ass is perfect, mami. It's a shame what I'm gonna do with it."

Billy felt the fat cock SLAP against his cheeks and the crowd went wild. Tonio got all goofy, playing to the crowd. "You think I should feed this dick to this chick?" he asked.

A chorus of "yesses" rose through the air, and Tony placed the burning knob of his dick against the pink hole. He felt it pucker and release. "Oooh, you want it, huh baby?" Billy puckered his hole again, in response. "You got it!"

Bracing one hand against the wall, and the other guiding his massive cock into the tight little opening, Tonio pushed forward…steadily…steadily…til a dark black bush of hair was pressed against the beautiful ass mounds. He could hear soft moaning, muffled by…something.

"This bitch got a cock in her mouth on the other side?" Tonio asked

"Yes she does, Tonio," the voice replied, "we knew there'd be some screams to muffle."

"You fucking got THAT right!" Tony laughed as he took a deep breath and started to ride his long fat cock in and out of the breeched hole. "So sweet…he moaned….so tight….it's like this cunt is milking my cock."

As if on cue, the milker was slipped over Billy's cock, and Billy was overwhelmed with sensations. Sucking on his idol's dick, being fucked in the ass by the neighborhood pussy-hound and having his own cock pneumatically caressed let Billy breathless and snorting thru his nose.

"Fuck baby girl, I can't hold back. You ready for some ass-babies?", Tonio grunted as his nuts tightened. Before Billy could answer, Ryan slipped his cock deeper, his knob pressed up against the opening of Billy's throat. He began to force-fuck Billy's mouth just as Tonio BLASTED deep within the captive ass. When Tonio cummed, so did Billy -- shooting thick cream into the collecting beaker. "Shit girl, you are cumin with me, I can feel it. This shit is hot!"

Tonio pulled his cock free, and the crowd applauded.

"Big Mike, you are up at bat…and that's a pretty big bat!", the voice chortled.

As Billy panted, in between Ryan's fuck-thrusts into his mouth, Big Mike stepped up. "Get that ass over here, whore" he moaned, grabbing each cheek as he brought his dick forward.

Big Mike's cock was SWALLOWED by the freshly fucked ass, and in appreciation, Mike moaned, "Girl, you want this dick so bad? I'm gonna split your ass open."

With both hands braced against the wall, the body-builder SLAMMED into that ass with full force. Again and again he used 225 lbs of muscle leverage to pond forward, making the wall shake with each fuck-thrust.

"Take my dick, whore," Mike groaned as he picked up speed, jack-hammering his cock into the "girl's" tiny hole. Meanwhile, Ryan Connoley was matching Mike stroke for stroke. Mike could hear slurping, moaning, gagging, and it only made him fuck the slut harder.

"Dude," Mike called out over the wall to Ryan, "cum in her mouth while I hose her ass.

Ryan called back, "You got it man…you ready?"

"Fuck yeah, I can cum on cue," the bodybuilder laughed. "5…4….3…2….1"

Billy Lonergan began to choke on a hosing of cock-milk filling his mouth from the front just as Big Mike let loose with cannon-blast after cannon-blast of jizz right up his hole.

When Big Mike heard the gagging, he called out "Fuck yeah man, give it to her. Her ass can barely take my cock AND my load."

It was true. A flood of white cream was overflowing the perimeter of Big Mike's fuck-stick, glazing Billy's ass-cheeks and thighs. Big Mike pulled out in mid-blast, shooting one, two, three stripes of thick white cream across the mounds of Billy Lonergan's ass. This triggered Billy's second load, which filled the beaker nearly to the top.

The neighborhood ass-fuckers were quickly ushered out to applause, and the wall was raised revealing the suppliant Billy Lonergan, ass painted white with jizz, his lips still wrapped around Ryan Conolley's cock.

The voice immediately started bidding for the nearly full beaker of Lonergan Cum, and it sold for nearly $10,000. Billy was too busy to notice, licking Ryan Connoley's cock clean. As his tongue lapped up the last of the sweet cream from Ryan's cockhead, he looked up at the sweat-streaked body of his idol. Up, past the deeply ridged obliques; past the eight defined plates of abdominals; up over the round smooth peeks capped with rock hard nipples the color of cinnamon; into Ryan Connolley's unwavering green eyes. Billy Lonergan wrapped his lips protectively around Ryan's still-hard cock, and Ryan Connolley nodded and smiled.


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