A pair of high school seniors live out their increasingly kinky fantasies with a cast of available "victims" around their campus in this hot new series from Richard!

Fast Times In and Around El Rancho High Fire Up the “Avengers” - Page 1
by Richard
Series: Fast Times In and Around El Rancho High

18-year-old high school seniors at El Rancho High, Colby Hayes, and fellow senior Jackson “Jax” Evans were relaxing in Colby’s “dream digs,” namely the detached “guest house” over his family’s expansive (and expensive) home’s 3-car garage with its own separate staircase entrance. Colby loved how he had convinced his parents a year or so ago to allow him to move into the space which even had its own kitchenette, citing “an older teenager’s need for privacy” which his parents were wary about, but allowed, since they thought (mistakenly!) that since Colby would be so nearby that they could easily “keep an eye on him” to make sure he did not get into any trouble. Meanwhile, Colby’s siblings and step-siblings each had their own bedroom suites in the “main house.”

Colby and Jax were long-time good friends, having gone to the same schools from the first grade on. Even though they had always attended the local public schools, the truth was that their extremely affluent suburb (which was its own town) had an excellent (if a bit conservative) school system that was on a par with the best private schools.

The duo therefore both went to the local public high school, El Rancho High, where they were happy to only have one more year to finish before they would be college-bound. Naturally, Colby and Jax commiserated about the school’s hierarchy of social cliques, the top tier one being dominated by BMOC/Student Body President Chadwick “Chad” Mitchell who was also quarterback of the football team and the “leader” of the top clique composed largely of other members of the sports teams, cheerleaders, and the wealthiest, most socially acceptable students.

Chad was always surrounded by a bevy of adoring cheerleaders and the “in crowd,” who would gather around his expensive red foreign sports car he tooled around town in. The 6’ 3,” muscular Chad had a perennial suntan that contrasted nicely against his somewhat longish, dirty-blond hair he had a habit of flipping about to draw even more attention to himself, highlights that the duo surmised were enhanced a bit by peroxide subtly added to his designer-cut mane, no doubt by the finest men’s hair salon in the affluent town.

As quarterback of the El Rancho High football team, Chad was further very “tight” with the high school’s coach, Coach Justin Cruz. This was not surprising because the 26-year-old 6’ 3” darkly handsome Latino Coach Cruz was himself a strutting, narcissistic womanizer himself, who was known to loudly brag to his teams in the confines of the locker rooms about what a stud he was with “the ladies,” and was proud of his reputation of being quite the “player,” who would convincingly fake a serious degree of romantic interest in one woman while often conducting several similar relationships simultaneously and getting his rocks off with several other women at a time, proud of his masterful deception of the “stupid bitches” and generally manipulative of all people in general.

Coach Cruz was also known as “Mr. Cruz” since he also taught history to juniors and seniors, the co-eds (and secretly Colby and other guys as well!) swooning over how amazingly handsome “Mr. Cruz” was when he taught, clad as he was in impeccably sharp suits and a tie, the trousers of said suits being tailored in an extremely form-fitting manner that hugged his tight ass like a glove and closely clung to his crotch as well such that his bulge in those parts were quite evident to say the least. Colby had overheard the girls in class secretly ooo’ing and ahh’ing to each other every time “Mr. Cruz” bent over slightly to grab something or as he returned student papers to each of their desks and slightly bent to do so, since his oh-so-tight suit trousers would then cling to his tight ass so much that you could clearly see the lines of the pair of bikini brief underwear he apparently wore underneath!

Colby and Jax had often laughed about the situation at El Rancho High, after school when they came home to Colby’s guest house quarters, safely away from all and sundry. The duo also often commiserated about their less-than-satisfactory sexual encounters with their girlfriends and their girlfriends’ adamant refusal to go “all-the way,” their conservative girlfriends intent on “saving themselves for marriage” and basically holding out for their absolute best marriage prospects financially before “giving in,” which they refused to do, the duo embarrassed that they might still be considered essentially 18-year old “virgins” themselves!

Thus, Colby and Jax had also regularly lamented about how their girlfriends’ best efforts were to give less than satisfactory blowjobs (again part of their apparent conspiracy to remain “intact” for marriage) treating their cocks like lollipops which kind of devolved into “icky” (per their girlfriends) handjobs, which were equally unsatisfying.

For that reason, Colby and Jax had fallen into a pattern of watching straight porn together on Colby’s giant TV as they commiserated along these lines, generally just masturbating side-by-side to relieve themselves.

Colby was not aware of it, but he closely resembled a 6-foot version of somewhat “vintage” pornstar Brent Corrigan in his younger years, with his shaggy-yet-neat longish brown hair that had significant natural blond highlights from the sun, with a similar “swimmer’s build” and was toned, but without too much bulky muscle. His broad shoulders and defined abs, lats, biceps and triceps rippled under his rather pale skin which was not quite as smooth-skinned as Mr. Corrigan’s, having a modicum of more body hair in all the right places.

Jax, on the other hand, was also 6 feet tall, but with darker close cropped hair, a more sun-bronzed muscular body, and piercing green eyes, and closely resembled “Brandon” of the Sean Cody website aka “Brandon Cody.”

Over time, the duo had recently advanced from just masturbating side-by-side to relieve themselves as they watched straight porn after school to the point where they slowly incorporated helping hands, lips, fingers, a bit of frottage, and even a few playful tickles, to sensitive places such as nips, navels, and onto and over their respective cocks and balls (except with their lips, of course!) which led them to hugely satisfying orgasms, each swearing to the other after their embarrassing orgasms subsided to absolute secrecy that such conduct “never happened.”

Nevertheless, Colby found that he could not bring himself to erase the security tapes that were hidden in dummy smoke alarms which constantly daily recorded any movement in the guest house, Colby retaining each video and watching them to re-live the duo’s horny naughtiness.

Meanwhile, as part of their frequent discussions and commiseration about the “goings-on” at El Rancho High, Colby and Jax knew that Coach Cruz/ “Mr. Cruz” was also on good terms with the high school’s 27-year-old 6’ 2” Vice-Principal and Dean Of Men Austin Kincaid, who was known as the school’s strict disciplinarian, whom the conservative affluent school district gave a “free hand” to mete out strict discipline to ensure that students toed the line. The Vice Principal’s prematurely receding hairline was offset with a mustache, both of which made him appear a bit older than his years and somehow even more fearsome and authoritarian-looking, especially with his strutting military-type bearing as he scoured the halls on the lookout for “troublemakers”.

This meant that a “trip to the Vice-Principal’s Office” was to be dreaded since Vice Principal Austin Kincaid was known to employ corporal punishment on errant students whether or not it was generally considered appropriate for students of high school age, including spankings with hands and paddles and/or any other implements Vice Principal Austin Kincaid deemed appropriate. There were even rumors that Vice Principal Austin Kincaid was also known to restrain/bind particularly troublesome students as part of their punishment to keep them still and prevent them from trying to flee.

Not too surprisingly, Vice Principal Austin Kincaid was also a Trump-endorsed candidate for School Board in the fall, running on a “don’t say gay” and book-banning of “socialist materials” platform.

Suit-and-tie clad authoritarian Vice Principal Austin Kincaid also often had the revered BMOC and newly-announced “Proud Boy” member, Chad Mitchell (since he was Student Body President and a fellow right-wing-ultra-conservative) join him in the discipline of wayward students (who were usually Latino or Black “transfer students”).

In one instance Colby had heard of, Vice Principal Austin Kincaid and BMOC Chad Mitchell were said to have “disciplined” an 18-year old Latino “transfer student,” Jose Rivas, [whose parents had transferred him to the high school because of its overall better facilities] by restraining him and “beating his ass” supposedly for “sexual harassment” of a white cheerleader who had voluntarily dated him only to claim “sexual harassment” after she became jealous when Jose left her to date another girl. Racist homophobes Vice Principal Austin Kincaid and BMOC Chad Mitchell viewed all “transfer students” as “trouble” in general since they were largely black or brown and “didn’t belong” in “their” school.

Vice Principal Austin Kincaid and BMOC Chad Mitchell further disliked Jose Rivas because he was quite good-looking and darkly handsome (and somewhat “exotic-appearing” to campus females who were mostly white, not to mention that it was widely rumored by campus females that the handsome Latino youth was particularly well-hung and a “great lay”) such that Jose drew the attention of high school girls anxious to “take a walk on the wild side” by dating him and “taking a ride on his big pinga.” Naturally, or so they thought, Vice Principal Austin Kincaid and BMOC Chad Mitchell resented this “Spic’s” undeserved popularity [and seriously doubted the “unsubstantiated claims” of his reputed sexual prowess, thinking it was most likely only “wishful thinking” and “false rumors” on his part] and thus the duo “wanted to put him in his place” hence the reported discipline session.

Rumor had it that El Rancho High Vice Principal Austin Kincaid and BMOC Chad Mitchell began by rattling off the false accusations of the jealous co-ed and Vice Principal Austin Kincaid then proceeded to have Jose bend over a chair while the Vice Principal furiously delivered many swats with a big paddle on Jose’s jean-covered backside and then, to deliberately humiliate Jose, he had a smirking-with-amusement Chad first tug down Jose’s jeans whereupon Vice Principal Austin Kincaid paddled Jose’s boxer-short-covered ass before having Chad further humiliate Jose by yanking down Jose’s boxer shorts and paddling him on his bare ass until it was red and stinging.

When Jose had the “audacity” to curse the duo out, Vice Principal Austin Kincaid became even more furious and beet-red in the face and ordered Jose to remove the rest of his clothes for “further deserved discipline”. When Jose refused, Vice Principal Austin Kincaid held Jose while Chad “did the honors” stripping Jose out of his shirt, shoes and socks until he was stark naked, whereupon Vice Principal Austin Kincaid held the struggling, naked Jose while tossing Chad some rope, whereupon the two of them hustled the naked, struggling Jose over to Kincaid’s built-in chinning bar that protruded about a few feet out from the wall, which the fitness buff used for pull-ups on breaks from the Vice Principal’s “important work,” but which also secretly doubled as a place to bind the worst of the “offenders” for further punishment.

A naked Jose soon found himself rope-bound, suspended by his wrists to the chinning bar and with his ankles roped together to prevent kicking, his naked body on full display as the smirking, fully-clothed Vice Principal Austin Kincaid and BMOC Chad Mitchell [Vice Principal Austin Kincaid in his spiffy suit and tie and BMOC Chad Mitchell in a navy-blue form-fitting Ralph Lauren Polo shirt and khaki chinos] laughed and pointed at his humiliating state. Chad smirked with his hands behind his head emphasizing Chad’s muscular suntanned biceps as the BMOC took in his brilliant trussing of the naked Latino dude and vigorously nodded with approval at his superb handiwork, unaware that this stretching movement briefly exposed a few of his own stray dark brown armpit hairs that peeked out from under his form fitting Ralph Lauren Polo shirt as Chad smugly took in the view of the naked, struggling Jose he had so cleverly bound to the chinning bar, leaving the stud utterly helpless, naked and squirming. Chad even felt a mysterious twitching in his crotch down below, as this feeling of his unquestionable, triumphant absolute power over the “stupid beaner two bit asshole” was so powerful it was somehow “almost sexy.”

The 5’ 10” Jose’s darkly handsome body was on full view, his hairy, sweaty armpits vulnerable and temptingly exposed as he hung suspended from the chinning bar, as was his muscular, smooth chest and quarter-sized nipples, his super-defined six-pack abs also evident and his jet-black pubic bush over his surprisingly large and equally thick and wide uncut pinga and hairy, plum-like balls dangling between his muscular, hairy thighs and calves. Both Vice Principal Austin Kincaid and BMOC Chad Mitchell were taken aback, to say the least, when their bugged-out eyes took in the fact that Jose was as well-hung as rumored, maybe even more so than rumored! Chad thought “Damn! No wonder so many of the cheerleaders have been flocking around him!” since Chad could not previously fathom what they saw in the “stupid beaner asshole” other than “he was not all that bad looking- for a Mexican!” Chad, of course, was oblivious to the fact that, and did not care that, not all “Latinos” were “Mexicans,” or that Jose actually was born in the U.S. into a family already citizens of the U.S. who happened to originally be from El Salvador; they were all simply “Mexicans” or “beaners” to Chad. The full-length mirror that hung on the wall behind the chinning bar (the better for Vice Principal Austin Kincaid to view himself as he did his pull-ups) further reflected the rippling muscles of Jose’s dark olive-skinned back and his smooth ass split by more jet-black body hair, his mid-section several shades lighter than the rest of his exotic, dark olive-skinned body, further indicating that that area was not ordinarily ever exposed to sunlight and that this was his most private area, now exposed for the smirking duo to see. The chinning bar was just far enough out from the wall so that another person could stand behind where Jose hung suspended facing the room so that that person would have full access to molest a victim from behind as well.

Vice Principal Austin Kincaid could not resist crowing and rubbing in just how vulnerable Jose now was, going: “So how does it feel, ‘Pee-dro’ [Kincaid deliberately letting his racism show] to be hanging there balls-ass naked, eh? Kinda humiliating, eh?” to raucous high-fiving laughter from the bobble-head nodding duo of Kincaid and Chad, to which Jose could only glare in response.

Kincaid continued: “Since you have such a foul mouth, daring to curse us out, you are in for even more punishment, “seen-yore”!

Vice Principal Austin Kincaid and BMOC Chad Mitchell then proceeded to vigorously spank their suspended, bound victim Jose both with their bare hands and with paddles, relishing each blow particularly when they were able to force their victim to shriek and beg for mercy, music to their ears.

Then Vice Principal Austin Kincaid proudly retrieved his collection of tiny artist paintbrushes from a desk drawer, noting with sadistic glee that he “often found that these are very effective in another form of, er, ‘discipline’ that is very appropriate when a resistant student like this ‘beaner’ deserves it….”

Chad definitely caught on, as Vice Principal Austin Kincaid demonstrated the effectiveness of the harmless-looking objects, trailing them through Jose’s hairy armpits and down his sides, whereupon Jose was unable to contain himself, going: “AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! NO MAS!!! NOOOOOOO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!! STOPPPP!!! HELPPPP!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!”

Therefore, Chad, with a truly sadistic gleam in his eyes, joined in, running his own tiny artist paintbrushes through Jose’s armpits and sides as well as going behind Jose to tickle over his back and stinging-from spanking asscheeks, through his asscrack and over and into his hair haloed asshole, while a sadistic Vice Principal Kincaid relentlessly tickled Jose’s torso, nips, pits, and down to his pubes causing Jose to go absolutely apeshit and squirm mightily in his bonds, as Chad and Vice President Kincaid howled with their own sadistic laughter at their victim’s suffering.

After several more minutes of this relentless tickle torture, Vice Principal Kincaid and Chad concentrated their paintbrushes both on Jose’s huge (and now rampantly erect!) uncut pinga and hairy, dangling balls, with Chad also using more of the brushes in both Jose’s asscrack and over his tight hole whereupon, to their astonishment, all of a sudden the horny teenager’s big pinga erupted, shooting bolt after bolt of hot Latino baby-makers in a huge, totally “hands-free” orgasm that loudly and copiously splattered across the room (a mortified Vice Principal Kincaid barely ducking out of the way in time, preserving the impeccable condition of his expensive business suit!) as Jose’s giant uncut hose spurted glob after glob of highly pressurized cum into exploding arcs onto the floor several feet away from where he still remained bound and suspended from the chinning bar!

As a final humiliation, rumor had it that Vice Principal Kincaid and Chad laughed and high-fived each other as they finally freed Jose but made him lick up every drop of his cum from the floor, literally “rubbing it in” by also guffawing and saying “Well, at least we may have saved the world from more ‘illegals’ impregnating our women and replacing us as the Master Race!!!”


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