Excerpt from “Men, Someone Needs to Spank Them”

When a citizen decides to sue the police force after a humiliating experience with an abusive cop, the humbled police officer comes back groveling hoping to find some way to convince him to drop the suit in this hot excerpt from Al Spank's male spanking book "Men, Someone Needs to Spank Them". The full book is available on Amazon.

Excerpt from "Men, Someone Needs to Spank Them"
by Al Spank
Get the full book at Amazon

menThe fight broke out at the club around two am, it had been a peaceful night up until then. Six men were involved in the fight. Phil was at the club with his friends, it had been a good night. He had gotten the phone number from a hot redhead who had let him finger her while they danced. Her name was Marilyn, but she had to leave at one with her friends and would not go home with Phil having just met him, but she was willing to go out on a date the next day.

The fight took place right in front of Phil and for a while, he was stuck right in the middle of it. Soon, bouncers were everywhere and they had enlisted the help of some of the men. Once they had the six men under control, the cops were there in seconds ready to arrest the six. In the confusion, Phil was swept up with the six and brought to the back of the club along with them. There were now ten police officers in the back room along with Phil and the six fighters, the club manager and two of the bouncers.

"Hey, hey," Phil yelled as the bouncers hauled him off to the back of the club, "I didn't do anything."

"Come on, you were fighting along with them, I saw it myself," the huge bouncer said as he held Phil's right arm, another big bruiser of a bounder holding the left. They dragged him just above the floor, Phil trying to walk, but they had full control of him and all he could do was flail about.

"I tell you, I had nothing to do with that!" Phil demanded but they just kept dragging him. Phil was in one corner of the dark back room, he could barely make out the cops talking with one after the other of the six fighters, but they were too far away to clearly make anything out in this dark, and then, one after the other, they were led to the other side of the wall.

"Officer Morgan," the cop said as he walked up to Phil surprising him at first, he had not seen the cop walking over in the dark. The cop had his book open, he was taking notes already.

"What's your name son," he asked.

"Phil, listen, I had nothing to do with that fight."

"Well, the guys who work here say that you did. Until we sort this out, I need some information, your ID and you will be searched and handcuffed."

"Officer, I'm innocent."

"That is not my call, you were swept up with them."

"You mother fucker, I didn't do anything," Officer Morgan looked straight at Phil and was trying to decide whether or not to hit him. Another officer came over and whispered in Officer Morgan's ear.

"You have any drugs on you Phil? Seems all your friends were loaded with them."

"I don't have any drugs, and I didn't do anything, you dumb fuck, this is all a mistake." Officer Morgan called over another officer and they each took one of Phil's arms.

"Come over here, we need to search you," Phil had no choice, the two big men dragged him across the room and around the wall where he had seen all the other men being brought by the police. He saw only one of the men still and he was naked just reaching for his pants.

"Strip Phil," officer Morgan said calmly, although he wanted to smack this smart mouth kid.

"Fuck you," Phil yelled as loud as he could, he was just about to cry, this was a nightmare.

"Phil, take off your clothes or we will do it for you, understand?"

"Shove it up your ass," Phil yelled.

"Last chance Phil," officer Morgan said. The owner of the club came over and whispered something in officer Morgan's ear.

Phil was ready to cry. He did not want to take his clothes off in front of officer Morgan and all these people, but he did slowly undo his shoes, then took off his shirt, undershirt, and pants. He left his shorts on and every man in the room look as he moved, his enormous penis swinging back and forth. By this time, the owner had left and officer Morgan returned his attention to Phil.

"Shorts off!" he ordered Phil. Phil got very angry, but realized he would just make things worse for himself and took off his shorts. There were ten or twelve people still doing various things in the room, but only officer Morgan was with Phil, although Phil saw a number of them turn to look at his naked genitals, one even whistled. Officer Morgan put on a latex glove.

"Phil, put your hands over your head."

Once Phil did, officer Morgan ran his hands down both of his arms, inside and out, then down his sides and then along his stomach making Phil's hair stand up in disgust that this man was touching him like this.

"Spread you legs," Phil spread them. Officer Morgan took the shaft of Phil's penis in his hand and lifted it up.

"Hey, come on now, is this necessary," Phil said almost crying as officer Morgan continued his search still holding the shaft in one hand and searching his balls with the other. He moved all around Phil’s balls and then was touching the inside of his legs. Phil could see people look at him and turned away when he caught their eyes.

"Turn around Phil and leave your hands on your head." Phil did as he was told although he was madder than hell and humiliated. Officer Morgan ran his hands over his shoulders, down his sides all along his back, then on the sides of his legs, the back of his legs, and then the insides of the legs. Phil's hair once again stood on edge when the cop ran his hands inside his legs, and felt the cop cupping his balls to be unneeded since he already searched his balls, this guy was getting his revenge for the cursing.

"Bend over Phil and spread your cheeks."

"Are you kidding, why do you need to do that."

"Phil, just cooperate or I will have to cuff you and get one of the other cops to held me finish my search.

Phil bent over reaching back and hesitated several times before pulling his cheeks apart. He felt a draft on his butt hole when he did get it open. He felt the gloved hand all over the inside of his ass. It felt wet and slippery. Before he had a chance to protest, officer Morgan's index finger was being inserted quickly and forcefully up his ass. Phil did everything in his power not to jump ten feet knowing that moving with this guys finger up his ass was going to cause him more pain then he already had. He began to slowly cry feeling the finger moving around in his ass. There was no need for this, this was payback, he knew that as the finger continued to probe. Finally, officer Morgan pulled his finger out of Phil's ass.

"You fucker, you are going to pay for this," Phil said through his tears.

"You think so kid, let's see you do that," the cop replied removing the glove while laughing quietly to himself. Phil saw this and his face turned red, the anger welling up inside him as tears were rolling down his face uncontrollably, he was unable to stop them and this made him even madder.

"Ok, get dressed kid, you can go."

"What!!" Phil screamed, everyone in the room looked over.

"You can go, get your clothes on and get out of here before I change my mind."

"What are you talking about."

"The manager told me that your friends vouched for you as did the bartender."

"Then why did you search me?" Phil said ready to spit bullets. What the fuck was going on here, what was going on.

"I had to make sure you didn't have any weapons or drugs," the cop said still chuckling.

"When you knew I was innocent?" Phil was screaming.

"Your mouth got you in trouble kid, I was just taking you down a peg or two. You deserved it."

"I'm going to sue."


Phil put in a complaint and began a suit. This was so serious that officer Morgan was put on probation.

Phil was home alone when the doorbell rang. He opened the door and was surprised to see Officer Morgan. He looked so much different in his Jeans and Ralph Loren polo shirt. The six foot three, two hundred and ten pound man looked formidable, but not as much in charge out of uniform. With no cap on, he looked somewhat ordinary with his short blond hair. He was a nice looking guy, maybe mid Western thought Phil.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Hey, hey, don't get upset. I was just hoping we might be able to settle this man to man. I'm willing to do anything."

Phil wasn't sure what he wanted to do. He was tired of trying to keep this whole thing quiet, it was embarrassing and made him mad every time he had to answer questions about it and feared it would get into the press. But this fucker deserved whatever he got from this, he had no sympathy even if this guy was trying to look like a puppy dog standing there with his big chest and shoulders and huge arms.

"You ever been fucked, what's your first name?"

"Joe, no, I have never been fucked, I'm straight, not into sex with men."

"Neither am I," Phil said playfully, inviting the cop into the house. Phil went to the kitchen, got a bottle of Vodka out of the freezer and poured two huge glasses with ice. He downed half his glass before giving the other one to the cop. Joe gladly accepted the drink. He was as nervous as hell especially at the mention of getting fucked by this buff guy who had the hugest, heaviest dick he had ever seen.

"Tell you what JOE. It's three o'clock. I have nothing to do tonight. How about an eye for an eye, only you have a HUGE amount of interest to pay?" Phil said with a conniving grin on his face.

"I'm sorry, I'm not following?" JOE said shaking his head, but a feeling of revulsion went through him from toe to head in one long painful arch. He kind of knew what this guy was getting at, now he was afraid to hear the words that would describe it.

"Ok Joe, I'm not going to play cat and mouse like you did, and I am not going to be dishonest like you were." Bill listened intently taking a huge gulp of his Vodka hoping that would calm his nerves.

"You humiliated me deliberately by making me take my clothes off in front of a room full of people," Phil said forcefully, the anger apparent in his voice." “And then you touched me inappropriately, again on purpose, and then stuck your finger in my ass and felt around for a long time for no other reason than to take me down a peg."

Phil finished, took a swig of his drink and looked Joe in the eye once Joe looked up, he had been looking down at his feet as he sat in the stool at the counter until Phil stopped, and then he looked up.

"If you knew how sorry I am," Joe started, but Phil cut him off.

"Fuck you man, you're sorry you're in trouble. You were laughing when you were done." Phil glared at Joe willing him to fight, but knowing he would not, Phil had all the ammo, Joe none.

"Ok Officer Morgan," the sarcasm was deliberate and apparent in Phil's every word, "You want me to drop the charges, right?"

"Ummmm," Joe was at a loss for words, this guy kept trapping him, "Yes."

"You are to call me sir, do you understand?"

"Yes sir," he said as he felt a tear come to his eye.

Why did he ever fuck with this guy to begin with. Twenty-five years on the force, a totally clean record and he chose the one time to teach someone, and it was this barrel of muscle with the huge cock who he was sure was going to degrade him in some way, he just wasn't sure how yet. Phil stripped down and began to jerk off his huge cock.

"Ok, here's the deal. You and me all night, I own you," Joe could not believe what he heard. Phil kept jerking his huge member showing the other man what he was going to get. Joe almost shit his pants, how could he do this? But then again, how could he not and possibly face criminal charges and being fired.

"Is there any other way?"

"Just cooperate, remember Officer Morgan."

"So, what do I have to do?"

"Anything I tell you. I guarantee it will all be degrading and punishing. You will be punished by a man. Spanked, fucked, pissed on, whatever I feel like doing until eight am," Joe gulped as he said this, his face turning red. He could not look at Phil and what was likely going to be in his ass that night. Phil took the bottle of Vodka, put it next to Joe's glass and put his clothes back on.

"I'll be back in ten minutes, think about it. If you’re here, I know what your decision is and you will do whatever I tell you, understand?" Joe could barely move a muscle, but he did shake yes.

What was he going to do? He had to get those charges dropped. But even if he could put up with the degrading, how could he take that huge dick up his ass, he had never been fucked. He would remember this his entire life, was it worth it? Could he just skip town and work on some farm somewhere, no one would think to look for him there? But then what about his kids? He would never see them again. Ten minutes passed, the bottle was empty, he had drunk it all, but was only slightly tipsy for the effort.

"You're here, I thought you’d be gone," Phil said with a devilish grin on his face. He was going to enjoy degrading this handsome, powerful man who had done him wrong. Maybe, he thought to himself, this will make up for what I was put through and be better than suing. This guy was ready to shit a brick. Phil laughed to himself remembering jerking off in front of this cop just to show him exactly what would be tearing up his ass later on.

"Yes, I'm here, is there any other way Phil? I’m truly sorry."

"Yes, well, you are going to be truly sorry when you leave tomorrow morning. Is there anyone you need to call?"

"No, my wife and I are divorced. I live alone. No one is expecting me home tonight."

"How sad for you, how lucky for me."

"Ok, ok. One thing, if you fuck me, you are going to use lube, aren't you?"

"When I fuck you officer Morgan, yes, I will use lube, that much I will give you."

Joe drained the remnants of his glass of Vodka in one long slurp and got up from his chair.

"Ok, what do you want me to do?"

"Do you have your uniform or can you get it quickly?"

"I have one in the car."

"With everything including your gun belt."

"Yes, with everything including the belt. Although I’m on suspension, they took all my guns."

"That doesn't matter," Phil said, "just the rest. Go get them and put them on, here in the kitchen in front of me."

Joe left, his heart heavy, his head hurting, nothing even close to this had ever happened to him, why was it happening now? He thought about going to the car and not coming back, Phil might be expecting that anyway. But, he got his stuff and came back. When he got back, Phil was sitting on the chair he had just left with a latex glove on one hand.

"Strip," Phil ordered. Bill stripped slowly, humiliated at having to take his clothes off, trying to delay what was going to happen.
"Nice ass, but not such a big dick," Joe's face reddened at both the compliment and the insult.

"Bend over this stool," Phil said, getting up from the stool and putting it in the middle of the family room that adjoined the kitchen.

"Spread your legs and hold your cheeks apart," Phil said.

Joe remembered those exact words, doing the same thing to Phil. He got over the stool bracing himself on his chest as he reached back and opened his cheeks. He felt the entire top of his body go red and heat up once he felt the breeze on his hole, knowing it was completely exposed. Phil lubed four of his fingers and shoved one roughly in.

"OWWWW," Joe yelled. The second went in.

"OH MY GOD, I only put one in," Joe pleaded.

"You forgot the interest," Phil said laughing as the third went in.

"OWWWW, Oh please, please, no," Joe pleaded as the fourth went in.

"I pleaded with you to just listen to my story and what did you do," Phil said as he shoved the four fingers in and out of the cop's ass and moving them around roughly inside this man bent over his stool.

Joe could not believe the sensation, it hurt like hell, but he was aroused from the fingers moving around his prostrate. He was totally embarrassed having another man's hand inside him. Having to take this was killing his ego and his manhood. Phil played like this for ten minutes and then took his hand out taking off the glove and washing his hand.

"Put the uniform on, all of it," he ordered from the sink.

Joe had a hard time getting up, everything around his ass did not feel right. Phil left the room, Joe let out a huge sign, somewhat appreciating the break from Phil. He needed a minute to compose himself before he put his clothes on. His dick was hard from the finger fucking, but he was not the least bit aroused, it was completely physical.

He waited around once he got his uniform on, but no Phil for more than five minutes. He wasn't sure what was going on, but any break from this guy was a good thing. He sat wishing there were more vodka to help him take whatever this fucking guy was going to do next.
"Ok, come with me copper," Phil said when he soundlessly entered the room taking Joe completely off guard, but he got up anyway and followed him out to the yard. It was very private, eight foot fencing all around, no one could see in it at all. Phil brought him to the center of a large patch of grass.

"Kneel copper," he ordered, and when Joe had, he took his huge penis out of his pants and began to piss all over the cop.
"Oh God, please, please don't do this," he begged as Phil let loose.

He had been off drinking as much water as he could hold before coming to get this cop and was enjoying drenching him in his piss. There was piss everywhere on officer Morgan. His clothes were drenched in it as he quietly sobbed, his eyes shut tight, he had to take this, but he did not have to watch. His mouth closed tight hoping the piss didn't get in it. He felt the shower stop but remained still with his eyes and mouth firmly closed. Five minutes went by, what was going on, he could hear nothing moving.
"Get up copper," Phil barked and led him into the house and down to the basement where the stool he had been sitting on earlier was in the middle of the floor.

"Take down your pants and your shorts and get over the chair," Phil ordered. Joe’s skin burned from the heat of the piss at first and still burned knowing it was piss all over him, although it had cooled. He hated the feeling of being all wet and knowing it was this guy's piss. He took down his pants and his shorts dreading what might be coming next. He bent over the stool, his butt sticking out. He had not heard Phil approach and was surprised by the first hard swat of a nasty feeling paddle.

"OWWWW, SHIT, FUCK, DAMN," he screamed, Phil laughed as the next swat came hard and fast. Bill was screaming through all twenty hard swats.

"Get your fucking clothes off officer Morgan, now!" Phil barked. Joe had trouble standing up. His ass hurt right down to the bone, God he had hit hard with that paddle. When he did get up, he felt a tear roll down his cheek. He slowly got out of his clothes having a lot of trouble getting them off. Phil watched patiently, he was enjoying seeing the cop struggle.

"Come on copper," Phil said when Joe was finally naked. He led him out of the basement again and out to the yard. When they got there, Phil went over and got a hose and a bar of soap. He tossed the soap to Joe.

"Let's get you cleaned up. If you don't get all that smell off, I'm going to give you fifty more with that paddle even harder."

Joe wasn't sure why this threat was made until he caught the soap and Phil turned the water on him full force. The water was ice cold making Bill dance around to take the freezing water. It was hard to soap up while being assaulted by the icy water, and, even though he was wet, he could not step out of it to soap up. Phil kept it aimed right at him no matter where he moved. He did manage to get soaped up well, and thought the smell was off him, he was glad to have the piss off him too, he couldn't stand the feel or the smell of it.

When he was done, Phil turned off the hose and ordered him back into the house still soaking. They went into a back bedroom where Phil took him over his knee and gave him a hard spanking with a hairbrush.

"What the fuck is that," Bill asked as the hairbrush assaulted him, "OH MY GOD, NO, PLEASE STOP!!!!"

Phil laughed as he continued to use the hairbrush on Joe’s wet butt, the sound deafening as it bounced off the walls. The officer’s body flailed when each stroke hit him. He was mortified being over a man's knee, naked, his ass being assaulted like this. He moved his butt from side to side with each stroke trying to avoid the impact, his legs up in the air kicking like mad.

"Take it like a man officer, your a big boy," Phil said laughing.

"Please, Please, oh my god, no more, please stop, my ass hurts so bad."

The assault continued until Phil saw the four bruises he was working on start to turn purple. Good he thought, that would be hard to sit on later.

"You’re going to get fucked next my man, you are going down, I'm going to punish your hole with my penis," Phil taunted while swinging the hairbrush hard against Joe’s ass.

"Oh my God, oh my god, I can't take any more, please, please," Joe was begging. Phil just laughed and kept spanking.

Finally, the assault with the hairbrush stopped and Joe was thrown to the floor. Phil got up, took his clothes off and walked over to Joe shoving his giant penis in his face, parting his lips forcefully, shoving the whole thing in his mouth making him choke as it tickled the back of his through. Joe was gagging and could not believe the heft of this thing in his mouth. Phil was soon hard as a rock and took his penis out of Joe’s mouth, grabbed his arm and picked him up and threw him over the bed with his legs still on the ground. He picked up a bottle of lube, lubed up his own dick, then stuck a finger inside Joe's ass violently making him jump. He pored the rest of the bottle on Joe's hole holding it open with his finger to get some inside.

"HELP!" Joe yelled at the top of his lungs once Phil started to fuck him with only the head in so far. Joe already could not take it. Phil kept pushing harder to get it in. Joe’s tight hole was being stretched so far and fast that it hurt like hell and he began to cry slowly and let go of all thought, the only way he would get through this. Once Phil got all the way in and fucked him slowly, Joe’s hole opened up and the fucking didn't hurt as much, but then Phil began to really fuck him and the pounding did hurt. Even worse, the pressure of the giant cock on his prostrate made Joe hard. This fact infuriated him, this guy fucking him, hurting him, but his cock getting hard anyway.

The pounding went on for a long time, Joe came hard while he was being pounded and then had to take another five minutes being punished by Phil's huge penis pounding inside him. He was sore, aching all over his body when Phil finally pulled out, cum all over Joe’s insides, his hole, and inside his ass.

"Now copper, you got a taste of what you did to me," Phil said pulling away, moving away from the bed. Joe lay on the bed panting, not able to slow his heart down, feeling disgusted by the fluid inside him, hurting all over.

"It's only seven pm copper, we have the whole night to play. I'll give you a break, and then we can start again having even more fun. Use the bathroom over there if you like, and you can take a shower."

Joe could not get up from the bed and just lay there completely embarrassed, humiliated, beaten down.

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