Excerpt from “Keith Finds What Makes Him Happy”

"Keith Finds What Makes Him Happy" is an entertaining coming-out story with a quite a few kinky erotic scenes and some fun twists. Download the full ebook on Amazon.

Excerpt from "Keith Finds What Makes Him Happy"
by Alan Baker Charlie
Series: Excerpts from "Keith Finds What Makes Him Happy"
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Innocuous Fun

keithKeith sat on his dorm room bed with a textbook in his lap and stared at his handsome, shirtless roommate, Roger, as he did push-ups in the center of the room and counted to 30, exhaling loudly as he exerted himself. Roger was just a bit taller than Keith with brown hair, a medium build, short hair and contagious good humor – at least most of the time. Roger was a fairly good student, but he excelled on the soccer field.

Keith was on the soccer team also, and the two young men had known each other for years. Keith reflected on the conversation he wanted to have with Roger, and wondered how Roger would react to what he wanted to say.

Roger finished his push-ups and stood. Keith grabbed a tennis ball from the bedside table next to him and tossed it to him. "Hey, catch."

Roger caught the ball and threw it back, aiming it at Keith's genitals, but not forcefully. Keith caught it easily, and threw it back at Roger's genitals, just as Roger was sitting on his own bed. "Hah, you missed," he said.

"So did you," said Roger, catching the ball quickly.

"I want to talk with you," said Keith.

"What's up?" replied Roger.

"I want to talk about our deal," said Keith.

"What about it?" asked Roger.

"I want something different," said Keith.

"Oh, God," replied Roger. "I’m off limits. I'm straight. I'm your straight friend, remember? I still like girls. I still want to get married someday and have children."

"Will you listen to me?" said Keith. "I know you're straight. I'm the one who gives you advice on your dating relationships, remember? I'm the one who arranged a blind date for you with that girl who has the horse farm. Anyway, I'm tired of keeping my sexuality a secret."

"That was our deal, remember? You wanted everyone to think you were straight while you were in college – remember? I was supposed to be the only person who knew your secret. We agreed to that, and I don’t know why we should change it now. What has changed? Why do you want something different?"

"The whole world is changing, Roger! People are much more accepting of gay people now. I don't know why I should continue pretending to be straight," said Keith.

"I understand what you’re saying," said Roger, "but I'm not ready for this. I don't want everyone on this floor knowing you are gay. I don't want our teammates to know either. I can only imagine what my parents would say if they knew."

"This is my life we are talking about," replied Keith. “These college years are a very important part of it."

"Of course they are. We thought about this when we decided to be roommates. You’re free to find another roommate if you want. Then you can tell people you're gay if you want. Not that I'm kicking you out. I like you, and I want you to stay – under the terms of our original arrangement."

"I don't want to move out," said Keith. "I like you as a roommate, even if you might seem unreasonable at times. Anyway, I don't have to tell people I am gay, but I may have a new gay friend."

"What kind of gay friend?" asked Roger, feeling a bit alarmed.

"I found him on a website for gay guys," said Keith. “He lives in the area."

"Does the website provide a picture and a description?" asked Roger.

"Yes," replied Keith. "Do you want to see it?" Keith went over to his desk and sat down at his computer, and Roger followed. After a few clicks of the mouse, a photo appeared with some information.

"Yikes!" said Roger. "He looks like he’s ten years older than you are." Roger leaned over the computer and read the information. "This says he likes bondage and spanking! Does this mean what I think? Would he tie you up and spank you?"

Keith turned bright red. "Um, yes. That's what it means."

"Is that what you want? You want some guy to tie you up and spank you?" asked Roger, his eyes widening.

Keith looked down at the floor, blushing a bright red, and couldn't think of how to reply.

"That IS what you want, isn't it?” declared Roger. "Not only are you gay, but you’re turned on by kinky stuff like this." Roger walked back to his bed, laid down and put a pillow over his face. He laid there for a couple of minutes and pictured Keith in this strange man's apartment, strapped to the other man's bed and being lashed with the other man's belt, helpless, hurt and unable to escape. He thought about Keith's parents, whom he had known since 5th grade, and how they would feel if they knew he had allowed Keith to meet a stranger for kinky sex without trying to talk him out of it. Roger sat up on the bed. "This guy scares me," he said quietly. "I don't want you to be in danger or have a bad experience."

"Sometimes you have to take a risk," said Keith, sounding a bit unsure.

"I have an idea," said Roger. "This may be the worst idea I have ever had. I don't know if I should even tell you about it."

"What???" asked Keith.

"I can't believe I am even saying this." Roger paused, having trouble getting the words to come out of his mouth. Keith waited. "I'll do it."

"What???" asked Keith. "You'll do what?"

"I'll tie you up and spank you if you promise you won't hook up with this man you found on the website," said Roger. This time he turned red at the thought.

"Are you saying you want to tie me up and spank me?" asked Keith.

"Only to keep you out of trouble," replied Roger.

"How often are you offering to do this? Just once?" asked Keith.

"Maybe we should try it once and see how it goes," replied Roger.

Keith paused. "When do you want to try it?" he asked, trying not to seem too eager and inwardly reminding himself to breathe. He had had a crush on Roger for years and often dreamed of various sexual adventures involving his best friend. He often wondered if Roger knew what he was thinking.

"Take your clothes off," commanded Roger. He thought to himself, "Oh God, I can't believe I just said that."

Keith felt faint at the words he heard. He reached for the topmost button on his shirt, and searched his friend's face for any hint he was joking. He released the first three buttons, and Roger just stared at him.

"Keep going," Roger commanded, as he saw Keith hesitate after the third button. Keith stood up, finished unbuttoning his shirt and threw it in his laundry basket. He unbuckled his belt, pulled it through the loops and set it down on his bed. He unfastened his pants and dropped them to the floor, leaving him wearing nothing but his underpants. Keith glanced at Roger and hesitated again.

"Get your bathrobe," Roger commanded. Keith looked puzzled, but he obediently retrieved his bathrobe from the closet. "Give me the belt from the bathrobe," Roger said. Keith pulled the cloth belt through the loops of the bathrobe and handed it to his buddy. "Put your hands out so I can tie your wrists together," ordered Roger. Keith did as instructed, and Roger tied his wrists with a double knot. He led Keith over to the closet and tied him to the closet rod.
Keith stood quivering with excitement as Roger picked up his leather belt from his bed. Keith went to his stereo and inserted a Billy Joel CD. Just as he was about to push the Play button, someone knocked on their door. Roger and Keith looked at each other in alarm. "Get in the closet," Roger ordered. He closed the closet door as Keith squeezed himself in, still tied to the closet rod. Roger clicked off the stereo, went over and opened the door, not caring that he was shirtless.

Another guy from the floor, Ted, was at his door. "Some of us are going out to O'Malley's for some pizza and beer," he said. "Do you want to come along?"

"Not tonight," said Roger. "I have other plans. Ask me again another time."

"What about Keith? Is he around?" asked Ted.

"I'll tell him when I see him. Maybe he’ll come join you," replied Roger.

"Okay, thanks," said Ted. "See yah."

Roger closed the door and paused for a moment feeling relieved that Ted had left. He opened the closet door and returned to the stereo, hit the Play button and adjusted the volume to mask the sounds he was about to make with the belt.

Roger returned to Keith and looked down at the front of Keith's underpants. "I don’t see any bulge in your underpants," he remarked. "Do you still want to do this?"

Keith laughed. "You don't blame me if my dick went soft when someone knocked on the door, do you?"

"No, I don't blame you," said Roger. He walked over to the bed and practiced swinging the belt and smacking the bed with it. He noticed Keith was trembling a bit as he stood by the closet. Keith's hands were getting a bit red from the constricted flow of blood, and his face was looking a bit pale.

Roger walked over to Keith, positioned himself and swung the belt hard enough to make full contact with Keith's bottom but not hard enough to really hurt. Keith gasped at the contact and said, "Thank you, sir."

"What?" asked Roger, feeling a bit bewildered.

"I said, ‘Thank you, sir.’" replied Keith.

"You're thanking me for hitting you with the belt?" asked Roger.

"Yes, sir," replied Keith.

Roger felt his own penis stiffen a bit as he began to feel the power he had over his friend. He returned to the bed and practiced a few more swings with the belt, mostly so that Keith could hear them and anticipate his next stroke of punishment. Roger returned to Keith, drew back the belt and smacked it in a more forceful manner. Keith gasped louder than the previous time, but still said, "Thank you, sir."

Roger changed his grip on the belt and repositioned himself in front of Keith. He smacked him softly a few times on his privates with the tip of the belt. Keith gasped again, this time from shock that Roger would be so bold as to touch his privates with the belt, knowing that any kind of pressure on his privates would likely cause an erection.

Roger set the belt down on the bed and stood silent and motionless behind Keith, looking at Keith's shoulder blades and the peach fuzz on his back. Roger noticed a blackhead. "Hey, you have a blackhead on your back. Do you want me to squeeze it out?" he asked.

"Yeah, if you want to, go ahead," replied Keith. Roger pushed his fingernails against the blackhead and watched with satisfaction as it slowly oozed out. He grabbed a tissue and wiped the oily blackhead off his friend's back and dropped it in the trashcan. He returned to his friend and with a quick motion, he grabbed the sides of Keith's underpants and pulled them down to the floor as Keith gasped in surprise. Roger retrieved the belt and used the tip of it to tap Keith's penis and balls briefly and watched with some amusement as Keith's penis rose to attention.

Roger repositioned himself behind Keith and swatted him several more times, watching Keith's buttocks quiver and his skin turn red with marks from the belt. After ten swats, Roger was ready to stop. He stood close to Keith and asked, "Who's your Daddy?"

Keith blushed and replied, "You are."

Roger said, "You forgot to say 'sir.'"

Keith replied, "You are, sir."

Roger asked, "Who knows what's best for you?"

Keith's face turned a bit redder. "You do, sir."

"That's right," said Roger approvingly.

Roger set the belt down and untied Keith from the closet rod. He led Keith over to the wooden chair at Keith's desk. He positioned the chair to face away from the desk. "Sit down," Roger ordered.

Keith sat down slowly on the chair, feeling the soreness on his bottom. Roger grabbed the leather belt and wound it tightly around Keith's ankles and fastened it. Roger got his own leather belt and secured Keith to the back of the chair. He pulled the bathrobe belt holding Keith's wrists together down to the leather belt at Keith's ankles and tied them together, leaving Keith bound in an uncomfortable position. Keith trembled slightly in his new position as he felt the tight pressure of Roger's leather belt against his abdomen. Roger stood back and looked at Keith, satisfied to see his friend bound and helpless. The only thing that bothered him was that Keith's hair was a bit wild. Keith liked to wear his hair longer than Roger did, and Roger wished Keith had a more military-looking haircut.

Roger remembered that he had a hair trimming kit in the closet. He had brought it from home so that he could keep his chest hair trimmed so he wouldn't look hairy like a bear. He pulled out his equipment, plugged in the trimmer and attached clip #3, which would allow him to trim his friend's hair to a uniform length of a quarter of an inch. Roger turned off the stereo and turned on the trimmer, knowing that Keith would react to the sound.

"What the fuck are you doing?" asked Keith.

"Who's your Daddy?" inquired Roger.

Keith paused, feeling a bit confused. "You are, sir," he said after a moment.

"Who knows what's best for you?" inquired Roger, repetitiously.

"You do, sir," replied Keith, sounding a bit unhappy.

Roger turned on the stereo again and proceeded to trim his roommate's hair, running the trimmer back and forth across his friend's head and watching the excess hair float down about his hands, feet and bathrobe belt. He labored over his friend's head more than he needed to, just because he enjoyed seeing Keith's head become neat and precise and military-looking. He enjoyed feeling the vibration in his hand and seeing his friend helpless and powerless. He shut off the tool and rubbed his hand briefly on his friend's head to enjoy the sensation from the uniform bristles of hair.

"Now whenever you look in the mirror you’ll be reminded of who’s your Daddy and who knows what's best for you."

"Yes, sir," replied Keith, feeling a bit dizzy at the thought of having a roommate who had transformed suddenly into some sort of controlling and warped man who understood his weakness and was fully ready to exploit it.

"You can clean up the mess later on when I decide to untie you," said Roger.

"Yes, sir," replied Keith.

Roger unplugged his trimmer and carefully returned it to its container and stowed it in the closet. He returned with his black dress shoes and shoe polish kit. "Polish my shoes, son," he commanded.

"Yes, sir," replied Keith. Keith opened the shoe polish and started working on Roger's shoes, his hands pulling against his restraints as he reached for the items he needed to do the job. Each time he shifted in the chair, he felt the soreness in his buttocks. He wished he could see what his bottom looked like. He wondered how long it would take for his skin to heal.

Roger settled back on his bed and pulled out a novel that he was reading for his English literature class. He read the book, or pretended to, since it was hard to concentrate as he kept remembering how Keith had trembled and how his bottom had quivered as Roger whipped him with the belt. After a while Keith finished polishing the shoes, and Roger got out of bed to examine them. "Good job, son," he said.

"Thank you, sir," replied Keith, feeling a bit foolish.

"How is your dick doing?" asked Roger. "I can't see it with you all bent over like that."
"I think I've dribbled some precum on the chair," Keith replied, his face turned red again.
"Too bad your hands are tied. Your penis is probably feeling a bit anxious for attention, right?" asked Roger.

"Yes, sir," replied Keith, wondering what on earth might happen next.

Roger walked over to his dresser and returned with a can of shaving cream. He knelt down and inserted it between Keith's knees and squeezed the trigger for ten seconds, causing the cavity around Keith's privates to become filled with shaving cream. He set the can down on the chair between Keith's legs and shoved it up against Keith's engorged penis. Roger returned to the bed, picked up his novel and pretended to read again. Periodically he looked over at his naked roommate and watched with amusement the expressions on Keith's face.

"That shaving cream has menthol in it," Roger told Keith.

"That explains the stinging sensations," replied Keith.

"Are you okay?" asked Roger.

"Yes, sir," replied Keith. "I just had no idea what you were capable of."

"Neither did I," replied Roger, shaking his head.

After a while, Roger felt some pressure in his bladder and decided to find the bathroom. He grabbed his key and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" asked Keith in surprise.

"I'll be back in a few minutes," replied Roger, content to leave Keith alone, wondering where he was and what might happen next. Roger locked the door on the way out, leaving his friend naked, bound and alone.

Roger headed into the dorm bathroom and entered a stall. He removed his shorts and hung them on the door. He sat down naked on the toilet and contemplated his stiffened penis as he waited for the flow of pee. He sat with his head in his hands wondering what to do next. He knew that this evening's experience had been satisfying for him in a weird, kinky, and unexpected way. He also knew that he didn't want to touch his friend's penis with any part of his body or vice versa. He didn't mind that his penis was excited. He didn't think his stiffened penis was telling him he was gay. He knew he liked girls and that he rarely thought about guys as anything other than pals. He knew he wanted to get married someday and have a family. He also knew that he liked being Keith's "Daddy." He had never aspired to that title previously, but this evening he had realized that he could have power over his roommate and keep him in line, using spanking and bondage and sexual teasing to hold Keith in his grip. He liked the slightly-creepy way that Keith always stared at him when he was shirtless. He also knew he didn't like the idea of Keith having sex with strangers.

Roger held his penis in his hand and wondered if he should masturbate right there and then. He got a better idea, pulled his pants back on and returned to the room.

Keith looked up, or tried to, since he was still bound with his wrists against his ankles. Roger laid down on the bed and sighed, "Yeah, I really needed to piss. All that exertion with the belt, I guess." Roger smiled, because he had a feeling that Keith needed to pee also, and Keith was powerless to move without Roger's help.

"I need to pee also," Keith admitted.

"Who’s your Daddy?" asked Roger as he sat up on the bed.

"You are, sir," replied Keith.

"Okay, good answer, son. I’m going to untie you and give you some more instructions."

"Yes, sir," replied Keith.

Roger knelt down and untied Keith's hands. Keith sat up slowly, feeling the pain in his buttocks as he did so. Keith clenched and unclenched his hands a few times to get his circulation moving normally in his slightly-numb hands again. Roger unbuckled Keith's belt from his ankles and put it on his bed. "Okay, here are your orders. First you’re going to sweep up the hair from the floor. Then you’re going to put on your bathrobe, head to the bathroom and take a shower. You’re going to take tissues with you. You’re going to masturbate in the shower and jizz into the tissues. Then you’re going to return to the room and show me your sperm in the tissues. Then we’re going to turn off the lights and go to sleep in our respective beds."

"Yes, sir," replied Keith, startled at the strange request involving the sperm inspection. Keith stood up and found tissues to wipe up the shaving cream, suppressing the urge to fondle his erect and aching penis there in the room with the shaving cream immediately. He swept up the hair while Roger pretended to read his book. Finally he put on his robe, fastened it, found his shower items and headed to the bathroom.

Once the door closed, Roger stripped naked, got the shaving cream and tissue box off the dresser and returned to bed, setting those items next to him on the bedside table. He got a small amount of shaving cream and applied it to his penis, knowing that the menthol would cause some tingling and a full erection. He pulled the sheet over him and laid down on the bed and waited for Keith to return.

Keith entered the shower stall and pulled the curtain behind him. He hung up his bathrobe on a hook, and turned the water on, but stayed just outside the reach of the spray. He rubbed soap on his hands and obediently masturbated while he played back images of himself tied to the closet rod while his handsome, shirtless hairy-chested roommate whipped him with a belt. Before long his penis seized with a powerful sensation and he shot a load of semen all over the corner of the shower stall, on the wall, on the floor and on the little seat where he had positioned the tissue. He quickly wiped up the semen as best he could, imagining how embarrassed he would be if someone had walked in and seen it glistening on the floor at his feet. He stepped into the warm shower water and enjoyed the spray of warm water as his penis continued to throb sporadically and release a bit more semen. He shampooed his hair and marveled at how short it was and how different it felt. He soaped his entire body, rubbing his hands longer than usual on his bottom while he enjoyed the stinging feeling from Roger's blows.

Keith turned off the shower and gingerly toweled himself dry, feeling again the odd sensation of the towel against his cropped head and the stinging feelings emanating from his buttocks. He dried his limp penis and balls as his penis released one last drip of semen. Once he was fully toweled off, he put his robe back on and returned to his room, his semen-soaked tissues in the pocket of his robe.

Keith entered the room and saw Roger in bed with his book, still shirtless. The room smelled like shaving cream, and Keith remembered his urge to masturbate after he was untied, his penis aching and covered with shaving cream at the time. Keith walked over to Roger and pulled out the semen-soaked tissues. Roger glanced at them, smiled and said, "Okay, soldier. You can toss them in the trash basket."

"Yes, sir," replied Keith.

"Now take off your bathrobe, turn off the light and get in your bed. We’re sleeping naked tonight," commanded Roger.

"Yes, sir," replied Keith, feeling shocked and dazed. Keith did as he was instructed and pulled his sheet over his naked body. His penis was starting to get hard again, even though he had just come a few minutes earlier. He was tired though and feeling sleepy, but every movement in the bed caused a renewed sensation of pain in his buttocks.

Keith heard some unfamiliar sounds in the room. Roger pulled his sheet back and reached over for the can of shaving cream. He squirted more of it in his hand and started rubbing his penis. A small amount of light entered the room through the blinds from the streetlights outside. Keith was amazed to see his roommate naked in the bed in the darkness on the other side of the room stroking his own penis, the shaving cream making little noises as his hand moved back and forth. As Keith's eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could see Roger's penis bobbing a bit as he stroked it. He could see Roger's pubic hair with a bit of shaving cream in it. He could see Roger's trimmed chest hair. Roger was putting on a show for him. Keith grabbed his own penis quietly under the sheet and began to stroke it. Suddenly Keith was feeling an overwhelming joy. He had a straight roommate who not only accepted him as a gay person but also wanted to have some sort of strange and exclusive sexual relationship with him. It was mind-bending.

* * * * *

The next afternoon Keith was studying at his desk when Roger returned from jogging, shirtless and sweaty.

“I want to talk with you,” said Roger, grabbing a crumpled shirt off the floor and using it to towel the sweat off his face and hairy chest.

“Sure, go ahead,” said Keith, who was giving Roger his full attention, and not just because he had something to say.

“I had fun last night, in a weird sort of way,” said Roger.

“So did I,” said Keith, his heart starting to pound somewhat.

“I don’t want to do that again, though,” said Roger.

“You don’t?” asked Keith.

“It’s just not who I am or who I want to be,” said Roger. “Besides, we are friends and roommates, and it’s not the kind of relationship I want to have with you.”

“Well, I’m glad we are still friends.”

“You’ll have to find some other outlet for your needs,” said Roger. “But please be very careful.”

“I will, Roger. Don’t worry. I appreciate your concern.”



Soccer season ended, and several weeks passed by. Roger was packing up some dirty laundry to bring home to his parents’ house. He looked over at Keith, who looked troubled.

“What’s the matter, buddy?” asked Roger.

“Oh, it’s too embarrassing to talk about,” said Keith, turning red.

“I think you’ll feel better if you tell me about it,” said Roger.

Keith thought about it. “I’m having an odd problem,” he said. “Are you sure you want me to tell you?

“Sounds ominous. Of course I want to hear about it. What are friends for?” said Roger.

“Okay, here goes,” said Keith. “I’ve been wearing a male chastity device for the last several weeks.”

“What’s that?” asked Roger.

“It’s a metal device that locks around a guy’s privates.”

“Why on earth would you want to wear something like that?” asked Roger.

“It’s a weird sexual thing,” said Keith. “The idea is that you find a buddy, either in person or someone on the internet, and the buddy holds the key. So, then you are locked in this device, and the buddy is supposed to tease you about being locked up.”

“So, you found a buddy to hold the key?” asked Roger.

“Yes, I found someone on the internet. He seemed like a fun guy at first, but in the last three weeks he hasn’t responded to any of my messages. So, now I’m stuck in this thing and I want to find a different key holder, but first I have to get this lock off me.”

“Jeez! I can’t go three days, much less three weeks. How are you going to get the thing off without the key?” asked Roger.

“The only way I can think of is to use a hacksaw on the lock, except that I don’t have one.”
“My Dad has a hacksaw,” said Roger. “I can borrow it and bring it back with me. I’m going over to my parents’ house now for dinner.”

“That would be very helpful,” said Keith. “You won’t forget, will you?”

“How could I forget something like that?” said Roger. “Now drop your pants, kiddo, because I want to see this thing.”

Keith turned red again, drew a deep breath and pulled down his pants. Roger kneeled down to get a better look. “You are definitely locked up,” he said.

“No kidding,” said Keith, pulling up his pants.

Around 10 p.m. Roger returned, carrying his clean laundry and the hacksaw. “Ready to be released?” he asked.

“I’m ready,” said Keith. “I hope the hacksaw doesn’t make too much noise.”

“Let’s turn on the radio,” said Roger, pressing a button on the stereo. “Here’s the hacksaw.”
Roger handed it to Keith and pulled a pair of pliers out of his pocket. “You can hold onto the lock with the pliers. Please be careful. I don’t want to have to drive you to the emergency room, and I don’t want blood on my car’s upholstery. Do you need help?”

“Thank you, Roger. I’ll see if I can manage it by myself.”

“Suit yourself,” said Roger with a shrug. Roger flopped on his bed. “I’m going to rest for a bit and listen to the music.” Roger turned toward the wall so that his roommate could have some privacy.

Keith shucked his clothes and sat down on the chair at this desk, his legs spread wide apart to keep them away from the saw. He grabbed the pliers and used them to hold the lock in a firm grip. He began sawing carefully with the hacksaw. At first he had trouble getting it to settle in one spot on the lock, but eventually he began to make slow progress.

“How’s it going?” asked Roger.

“I’m making some progress,” replied Keith. “I’m just having a bit of difficulty holding the lock steady with the pliers while I’m sawing.”

“Let me help,” said Roger, popping off the bed. He kneeled down beside his roommate and grabbed the pliers. “Scoot the chair over so I can help,” he ordered. Keith shifted the chair so that his crotch would be accessible. Roger clutched the lock with the pliers. “Okay, try it now.”
“Did I mention this was embarrassing?” asked Keith.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Roger. “Just get to work with the hacksaw.”

Keith began stroking the lock with the hacksaw, conscious of the pressure of Roger’s arm on his leg as he held the pliers and hoping he would not get a cage-locked boner that Roger would surely notice. After several minutes of sawing, Keith was relieved to see the lock was broken.
“Hurray!” said Roger, taking the hacksaw. “What a relief.”

Keith put his clothes back on. “You’re telling me! Thank you very much, Roger,” he said. “I can’t thank you enough.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Roger. “I’m glad to help. Well, truthfully, I would rather have helped you change a tire, but anyway, you know what I mean.”

“I know what you mean,” said Keith. “Thanks again.”

“You’re welcome,” said Roger, switching off the stereo. “Actually, I have a little present for you.”

“A present? What on earth? Where is it?” asked Keith.

“It’s in the car. I’ll go get it,” said Roger over his shoulder, as he left the dorm room carrying the hacksaw and the pliers.

Roger returned to the room holding an envelope.

“You have something for me in the envelope?” asked Keith.

“Yes, actually,” said Keith. “But the real present is in my pocket.” Roger pulled another lock out of his pocket. The lock was unlocked, and it had a piece of tape keeping it from locking.

“You brought me a lock?” asked Keith. “You want me to be locked up again?”
Roger shrugged. “If you want.”

“Where’s the key?” asked Keith.

“It’s where you won’t be able to get it without my help,” said Roger.

“So, what’s in the envelope?” asked Keith.

“I’ll give you the envelope if you lock your privates again,” said Roger.

Keith looked at his handsome companion and was immediately sure that he wanted his privates under the strict control of his roommate. He tried not to act too eager. “Are we going to talk about rules?” he asked.

“No rules,” replied Roger, holding out the lock.

“I’ll think about it,” said Keith, taking the lock. “I’ll be back in a minute.” Keith grabbed his chastity device, put it in his pocket, and left the room, heading for the bathroom down the hall. First he went over to a urinal and relieved himself, glad to be able to pee in a standing position for once. He went into a stall, pulled down his pants and put the chastity device back on. With no hesitation at all, he clicked the lock into place. He sat for a while as his penis became engorged and raged against the metal restraint. Suddenly he remembered how much time had gone by since he had satisfied his urges, and now he was locked again. He had missed his opportunity for quick relief. Keith waited for his penis to subside before heading back to the room, berating himself for the missed opportunity.

“Well?” asked Roger when Keith returned to the room.

“Well what?” responded Keith with a smile.

“You know what,” said Roger. “Did you lock yourself back up?”

“I did,” replied Keith, his penis throbbing again against the metal.

“Now it’s confession time,” said Roger, after a pause. There’s something I didn’t tell you.”


“My Dad wanted to know why I was borrowing his hacksaw,” said Roger.

The color suddenly drained from Keith’s face. “You didn’t tell him, did you?”

“I told him,” said Roger.

“Oh my God!” said Keith. “Why on earth did you tell him?”

“I’ve always had a close relationship with my Dad, you know. He really cares about me, and he’s supportive in so many ways.”

“So, does your Dad know I’m gay?” asked Keith.

“He does now. I told him tonight,” said Roger.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Keith again. “What did he say?”

“Well, first of all, he wanted to know if I was gay,” said Roger.

“So you set his mind at ease about that, I imagine,” said Keith.

“Of course I did. But I couldn’t resist making him squirm, though. I told him I was pretty sure I was straight, except that you’ve been doing such a good job of sucking my dick that I was thinking about switching to the other side.”

“Oh my God!” said Keith. “You know we haven’t ….”

“Dad knew I wasn’t serious, because I was laughing so hard I could hardly get the words out.”
“So then what did he say?” asked Keith. “I mean, once he realized that your college roommate is gay? I mean, once he really thought about you living day in and day out with a gay guy.”

“We talked about it. He was a bit upset about it, actually. Anyway, now that he knows, he wants to see you again. I mean, he wants to spend some time with the two of us. He wants to come over in a week or so and take us out for pizza or something,” said Roger.

“That sounds nice,” said Keith. “I hope he likes me.”

“Of course,” said Roger. “Don’t worry about it. Anyway, the important thing is that I like you, and we’ll still be roommates regardless. Unless …”

“Unless what?” asked Keith.

“Unless you kill me with your bare hands after you read what is in this envelope,” said Roger, handing the envelope to Keith.

“Oh my God, what have you done?” asked Keith.

“Just read it,” said Roger.

Keith ripped open the envelope and pulled out a little note: “Dear Keith, Roger has told me many nice things about you, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again. I hope you understand that I love my son very much, and I want what’s best for him. The key to your lock is on my key ring, and I plan to keep it there until I have a chance to talk with you. Yours truly, Frank.”
“Frank?” asked Keith.

“Yes, that’s my Dad’s first name,” said Roger. “But don’t worry, we’ll work this out together.”


Roger’s Brothers Take Control

A series of e-mails involving Roger’s brothers: Jerry, Seth, Troy and Jake follows:

Subject Line: I need your gay roommate’s e-mail address
From: Jerry
To: Roger

Hey Roger. Dad doesn’t know it yet, but I took the key to your gay roommate’s chastity device off his key ring. Tell your roommate to send me an e-mail so that I will have his e-mail address. Tell him not to worry. I will make sure he gets his key back.
– Jerry

* * * * *

Subject Line: I need your gay roommate’s e-mail address
From: Keith
To: Jerry, (cc: Roger)

Dear Jerry. I am very curious why you took the key, and I look forward to getting it back ASAP. Thanks in advance for helping me get it back.
– Keith

* * * * *

Subject Line: Baby brother’s vulnerable ass and his horny gay college roommate
From: Jerry
To: Seth, Troy, Jake (cc: Keith, Roger)

Dear Seth, Troy and Jake,
Our baby brother is in a predicament. His assigned roommate (Keith) is a horny gay guy. Fortunately, Keith has his privates in a chastity cage, and I was able to steal the key. I understand that he is willing to endure the chastity cage as long as he is teased from time to time. My idea is that we brothers could tease him until the end of the school year. Thus, our baby brother’s vulnerable ass will be protected from penetration. What do you think?
For Keith’s benefit I have attached two photos. Also, I’ve given the key to Seth.
– Jerry

[Editor: The first photo was of Jerry’s naked ass, halfway covered by a towel. Jerry was lying in bed when the photo was taken. The other photo showed a key ring with Keith’s name on it attached to a key.]

* * * * *

Subject Line: Very funny
From: Keith
To: Jerry (cc: Seth, Troy, Jake, Roger)

Dear Jerry,
Roger tells me that you brothers like to play practical jokes on each other. Anyway, Roger is perfectly safe with me, regardless of whether I have a chastity cage on or not. Whenever you are done with your jokester stuff, please return my key.
– Keith

* * * * *

Subject Line: Very funny
From: Roger
To: Jerry (cc: Seth, Troy, Jake, Keith)

Dear Brothers
Just as Keith has said, I am perfectly safe with him. No need to worry. Please return the key ASAP.
– Roger

* * * * *

[A few days later …]

Subject Line: Baby brother’s vulnerable ass and his horny gay college roommate
From: Seth
To: Keith (cc: Jerry, Troy, Jake, Roger)

Dear Keith,
Roger can be so trusting. I believe you are probably a good guy. I received the key and gave it to Troy. I’ll let him decide what to do with it.
I have to apologize, though, because I inadvertently spilled Elmer’s Glue on it. Probably you will be able to scrape it off without much difficulty.
I’ve attached a couple of photos.
– Seth

[Editor: One photo showed the key covered with Elmer’s Glue. Another photo showed Seth’s full rear end. He was in bed with a towel next to him.]

* * * * *

[A few days later …]

Subject Line: Baby brother’s vulnerable ass and his horny gay college roommate
From: Troy
To: Keith (cc: Jerry, Seth, Jake, Roger)

Dear Keith,
I didn’t want Jake to miss out on the fun, so I’ve given him the key.
I have to apologize, though, because I inadvertently spilled more Elmer’s Glue on it. Also, I happened to be trimming my chest with an electric razor, and I inadvertently dropped the key in the discarded chest hairs.
I’ve attached some photos.
– Seth

[Editor: One photo showed the key covered with Elmer’s Glue and chest hairs. Another photo showed a selfie that Troy had taken in the mirror when he was dressed only in a towel around his waist. He took that photo before trimming his chest hairs. A third photo showed Troy holding the towel strategically in front of his privates. This last photo was taken after he had trimmed his chest hairs.]

* * * * *

[A few days later …]

Subject Line: Baby brother’s vulnerable ass and his horny gay college roommate
From: Jake
To: Keith (cc: Jerry, Seth, Troy, Roger)

Dear Keith,
I think Jerry should be the one to return the key since he is the one who stole it. I’ve given it back to Jerry.
I have to apologize, though, because I inadvertently spilled more Elmer’s Glue on it. Also, I happened to be trimming my pubic hair with an electric razor, and I inadvertently dropped the key in the discarded pubic hairs.
I’ve attached some photos.
– Jake

[One photo showed the key covered with Elmer’s Glue and pubic hairs, etc. Another photo showed a selfie that Jake had taken with the camera pointed upward from his crotch, such that his pubic hairs were in the lower portion of the photo and his grinning face was at the top. A third photo showed his newly-trimmed pubic hairs.]


A New Strategy

Several days later Seth, Jake and Troy arrived at Jerry’s apartment, and Roger’s four older brothers sat down at the kitchen table to brainstorm what to do next.

“We can’t go on sending Keith pictures of ourselves,” said Jerry. “It was funny before, but if we go on doing this, it will just be annoying, not to mention time-consuming. We need to come up with a different strategy.”

“We could just leave Roger and Keith alone and stop bothering them,” said Seth. “Maybe we are overreacting. Maybe we’re trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.”

“Maybe the problem doesn’t exist now, but it might in the future,” said Troy. “I don’t want to sit back and do nothing.”

“I agree,” said Jake. “This Keith guy needs to know that we will be in his face if something goes wrong.”

“We haven’t even met him yet,” said Seth. “Perhaps if we got to know him, we would realize we have nothing to worry about.”

“Perhaps all of us could meet him,” said Jerry. “Wouldn’t that be intimidating for him? We could be all polite and friendly, but he would understand the threat if he saw all of us together, don’t you think?”

“I want to meet him, and I want to stay in his face in a routine sort of way,” said Seth. “I think the two of them need some sort of ongoing supervision – a constant reminder that we’re concerned about them.”

“What if we planned some sort of manly activity that we could invite them to,” said Jerry. “Something like bowling, or that bar on 5th street that has pool tables, or beer and chicken wings.”

“That sounds good to me,” said Troy. “Manly night.”

“I don’t want to call it ‘manly night’,” said Seth. “That is vaguely insulting, as if Keith wasn’t manly. Maybe he is or maybe he isn’t, but either way, I don’t want to insult him.”

“How about ‘Intense Supervision night,” said Jake. “That’s what we are talking about, isn’t it? The need to supervise them and keep them out of trouble?”

“That sounds insulting also,” commented Jerry. “They’re not eighth graders, after all.”

“How about ‘boys night’?” asked Jake.

“That’s better,” said Seth. “But…”

“Or ‘guys night’?” suggested Jerry.

“I think I have a better idea,” said Seth. “How about something less threatening to Keith. Something that implies that we intend to be his friend. How about ‘Brother’s Night’?”
“Of course Keith is not our brother,” commented Jake.

“It’s not a perfect term, of course,” said Seth. “But it conveys the idea that we want to include him in our group, and the group involves brothers. After all, Roger has known him for years, has played on the same soccer team with him, and seems to genuinely like him. I think in order to put our best foot forward, we should call it Brothers Night. If we eventually decide the term doesn’t work for us, then we can always change it later. The important thing is to put a positive spin on what we’re trying to do. Don’t you agree?”

“It’s okay with me,” said Jerry. “It may not be a perfect term, but if we can’t think of a better one, then this one is okay with me.”

The next day Jerry knocked on Roger’s dorm room door and was pleased when Roger opened the door.
“Wow, hello Jerry. I wasn’t expecting to see you here,” said Roger. “Come on in. Have a seat,” he said, pointing to Keith’s bed.

“This must be Keith’s bed. I can tell, because it is all nicely made up, whereas yours is a rumpled mess.”

“I just got back from class,” said Roger. “I make up my bed sometimes, but I was a bit rushed this morning.”

“Don’t tell anyone I was in a gay man’s bed,” said Jerry as he sat down, rolling his eyes.
“Your secret is safe with me,” said Roger. “So, anyway, what’s up?”

“I’m here for multiple reasons,” said Jerry. “All of them related to your roommate.”

“You guys have been very juvenile lately,” said Roger. “There’s nothing to worry about.”

“I know we’ve been overreacting,” said Jerry. “Haven’t we?”

“Of course you’re overreacting,” said Roger. “I have a gay roommate. Get over it.”

“It’s not like you two are having sex together, right?” asked Jerry.

Roger paused. “Not really. That’s not the kind of relationship we want to have.”

“What does ‘not really’ mean?” asked Jerry.

“Well, we live together, and we’re both horny, but we don’t have sex. I mean, he stays in his bed, and I stay in mine. There have been a few times when we masturbated at night in our separate beds. Generally I wait until he falls asleep before I masturbate, because I feel a bit unnerved when he’s stroking his cock in the next bed.”

“I can see why that would be a distraction,” said Jerry.

“It’s mostly because I think he has a very strong attraction to me. If he is stroking his cock, he’s probably imagining sex with me. Of course, in the last several weeks his cock has been in a cage, so he hasn’t been doing any masturbating.”

“Why do you think he’s attracted to you,” asked Jerry. “Has he said so?”

“No, he tries to keep his feelings to himself, but I can tell,” said Roger.

“How can you tell?” asked Jerry.

“Mostly because whenever I am shirtless, his breathing changes, like he is feeling a bit stressed. He also has a tendency to stare at me, especially when my shirt is off. I don’t mind it. Actually I kind of like it. There is some element of hero worship in our relationship. I’m the hero, and he is the worshiper.”

“Can I ask you a personal question?” asked Jerry.

“Go ahead,” said Roger.

“When you are stroking your cock, are you thinking about him?”

“Wow, you weren’t kidding. That is a super personal question,” said Roger. He paused. “99% of the time I am thinking of girls, just as you would expect. However, I do have a fantasy about Keith. Do you want to hear it?”

“Go ahead,” said Jerry.

“My fantasy is that he handcuffs me to the bed,” said Roger. “Now we don’t have handcuffs, so this is purely a fantasy. After I am secure, he starts stroking my dick in a tantric fashion. In other words, he keeps me on the edge for two or three hours, until I am desperate to come. Finally he lets me shoot my load, and it comes out with such power that the semen lands on my face and neck and chest. Am I being graphic enough?”

“Very graphic,” said Jerry.

“So, do you think I’m gay?” asked Roger.

“No, I think you’re horny,” said Jerry. “At your age being horny means being a healthy young man. You’re horny, and you have another guy in the same room with you. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for you to think about him in a sexual way from time to time. It’s probably perfectly normal. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.”

Keith opened the door to the room, and Roger and Jerry both jumped up in surprise.

“Well hello,” said Keith. “I didn’t know you had company.”

“This is my brother, Jerry,” said Roger.

“Very glad to meet you,” said Jerry, offering his hand for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you as well,” said Keith, shaking his hand. “And thanks for the photo of your bottom. I enjoyed getting it. You and your brothers are quite the comedians.”

“That’s very kind of you to say,” said Jerry. “We’ve been assholes, and we’re all very sorry about it. I apologize, and I hope you’ll please forgive us.”

“No problem,” said Keith. “I’m hoping to get the key back very soon, though.”

“As a matter of fact, I have the key right here,” said Jerry, pulling it out of his pocket and handing it to Keith.

“What happened to the Elmer’s Glue?” asked Keith, seeing the key in pristine condition.
“That was the other key,” replied Jerry. “We threw that one away. Anyway, I’d like to change the subject, if I may.”

“Of course,” said Keith.

“Seth, Jake, Troy and I all live in the area, and we want to try something we are calling Brother’s Night, where we brothers go out and have fun together. We were wondering if you and Roger would be available on Thursday to go bowling with us. If you hate bowling, we could do something else.”

“Bowling is fine,” said Keith, his eyes watering a bit. “I’m really touched that you would invite me along, particularly if it’s Brother’s Night.”

“Great. Is Thursday good for both of you?” asked Jerry.

Roger and Keith agreed.

“Okay, meet us at the bowling alley at 7 p.m.,” said Jerry. He reached out to shake Keith’s hand again. “I’m glad we could finally meet, Keith. I’m looking forward to spending time with both of you on Thursday. I need to get home, so I’m going to head out.”

Everyone said their goodbyes, and Jerry left.

Roger immediately sat on his bed, hung his head and began to cry.

“What on earth is wrong?” asked Keith.

“Just let me cry for a few minutes. I rarely cry, but this is one of those times,” said Roger.
“Your brother was so nice. He brought me the key! I don’t understand what could be upsetting, but then you were talking before I arrived. He must have said something that upset you.”

“I think I upset myself with what I said to him,” said Keith.

“What did you say?” asked Roger.

“Please don’t ask me right now.” Roger lay on the bed in a fetal position and tears spilled down his cheeks. Keith sat down on his own bed and watched him with a worried expression.

“I feel so awful,” said Roger after a few minutes. “As if I’d been punched in the stomach.”
“I don’t know if it helps for me to say this,” said Keith. “But I want you to know what a great guy you are. You’re kind, considerate, intelligent, athletic, a really good friend, and also handsome, of course. I’m trying to cheer you up.”

“I feel a tiny bit better,” said Roger. “But you may be a little mad when you hear what I’m upset about.”

“What are you upset about?” asked Keith.

“Prepare yourself for a shock,” said Roger. “My brother and I were talking about my sexual feelings for you.”

“What???” asked Keith. “You have sexual feelings for me?”

“It’s hard to explain,” said Roger. “I think I’m straight. Nevertheless, I am a horny guy, and I live with you, and I like you a lot. When I told Jerry how I felt about you, I could no longer deny that I must be a tiny bit gay, or at least so horny that I could be confused about being gay. Does that make any sense?”

“Not as much sense as I’d like,” said Keith. “I want to know every word you said to Jerry, exactly as you said it.”

“That will have to wait for some other time,” said Roger. “In the meantime, I have a sexual proposition for you.”

“Oh my God,” said Keith. “What?”

“First of all, I’d like for you to remove your clothes and let me unlock your penis.”


“Secondly, I want you to lie naked with me in my bed, squeeze my balls, jack off, and come all over my chest.”

“Wow!” said Keith. “I am stunned. But can we return to the part about me squeezing your balls?”
“I get sexual pleasure when my balls are squeezed,” said Roger. “It was my favorite thing I liked to do in bed with my last girlfriend. She would squeeze my balls and I loved it.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?” asked Keith.

“Yes, it can hurt, depending on how hard they are squeezed,” replied Roger. “But I like it. Anyway, are you game?”

“I’m game,” said Keith, taking his clothes off. “Are we going to do this every day?”

“Hah hah,” said Roger. “I just want to try this as a one-time thing. I’m just upset right now, and I need immediate sexual attention.”

“Well, I was going to study for a test,” said Keith with a smile, “but I guess I can spare some time.”

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