Another Excerpt from “Keith Finds What Makes Him Happy”

Another kinky excerpt from Alan Baker Charlie's erotic ebook "Keith Finds What Makes Him Happy". Download the full ebook on Amazon.

Another Excerpt from "Keith Finds What Makes Him Happy"
by Alan Baker Charlie
Series: Excerpts from "Keith Finds What Makes Him Happy"
Full Ebook Available on Amazon


The brothers met for bowling on Thursday as planned. Everyone got along just fine. No one embarrassed himself with a low score, even though several of them had not bowled for years. The brothers traded good-natured banter and did their best to make Keith feel included.

Eventually Roger headed off to the men’s room, and after a minute Jerry followed him. Catching him on the way out, Jerry pressed something heavy into his hand. “I bought these on Amazon for you. They just arrived in the mail today. I don’t know when you might ever use them or with whom, but I thought you should have them.”

Roger looked down at the small pouch and knew instantly he was holding a brand new pair of handcuffs. “Oh my God!” he said. He paused for a moment, and then said, “I need some air.” Turning abruptly away, he headed out the door and down the street. He began to jog, then ran full speed, trying not to cry, but not succeeding.

Jerry stared out the door, knowing he had upset his brother, and wishing that he had picked some other time to convey his gift. He walked slowly back to the other guys, wondering how he would explain Roger’s absence.

The guys continued to bowl until they came to Roger’s turn. “Where’s Roger?” asked Seth.

“I think he ran across a friend,” said Jerry. “Let’s go ahead without him.”

“That’s strange,” said Seth. “I would think he would want to be with us.”

The guys continued to bowl, and each time Roger’s turn was missed, more questions were raised about his absence. Finally Seth stood up and said, “I’m going to look for him.”

“Don’t!” said Jerry, his voice cracking a bit. “He needs some air. He went outside.”

“Why does he need some air?” asked Seth, with anger in his voice. “What did you say to him?”

“I’m afraid I upset him,” said Jerry. “I can’t tell you what I might have said.”

“I’m really going to be mad if you’ve offended him,” said Seth.

“I don’t think I offended him,” said Jerry. “Apparently I upset him, but I didn’t offend him.”

Keith watched the brothers silently, trying to figure out what was going on. He decided to keep his mouth shut.

“Were you trying to intimidate him?” asked Seth.

“No,” said Jerry, his voice cracking again.

“Oh my God!” said Seth, his eyes widening. “Oh my God!” He looked around to the others to see if they were thinking what he was thinking. “Now I need some air!” He jumped up and walked quickly out of the bowling alley.

“What? What? What? I don’t get it!” said Jake.

“I think I need some air also,” said Keith, who had begun to shake. “Why don’t we meet back here in ten minutes or so.”

Jake arrived in the parking lot just in time to see Roger and Keith driving off in Keith’s car. The other brothers weren’t spilling the beans about what they were upset about, but he was pretty sure that their plan to keep his brother’s virgin ass protected had backfired somehow. Perhaps Keith had used the photos the brothers had sent him as blackmail against Roger. Perhaps he had said he would upload them to Facebook unless Roger let him penetrate his ass. Jake was the former star of his high school weightlifting team. He knew he could kick Keith’s ass if the occasion demanded it. He just wanted to learn more about what had happened before he decided on a course of action.

Arriving back in the room, Keith asked, “What happened at the bowling alley? And why were you so quiet in the car?”

“You’ll be shocked at the answer,” said Roger. “I’m still shocked myself.”


“Remember that conversation I had with Jerry the other day in the room here? I mean the one that upset me.”

“Yeah,” said Keith. “I remember I wanted to know exactly what you said to him, but you wouldn’t tell me.”

“Well, I told Jerry about a sexual fantasy I had about you.”

“Oh my God! Really?”

“Yes,” said Roger. “So, the fantasy was that you would handcuff me to the bed and stimulate my penis for a long, long time.”

“Your fantasy involved handcuffs?” asked Keith, incredulous.

“Yes, handcuffs,” said Roger. “So, anyway, when I was coming out of the restroom, Jerry came up to me and handed me a pair of handcuffs he’d just bought for me!”

“So, you were surprised and delighted?” asked Keith.

“No! God no,” said Roger. “It just seemed like such an odd thing for him to do. Remember, he was the one who had started the campaign to keep my ass safe from my horny gay roommate.”

“I see what you mean,” said Keith. “But now he’s met me, so perhaps he’s decided you are perfectly safe in my hands.”

“Maybe,” said Roger diplomatically. “But what particularly upset me was that I remembered something about him from our childhood. He used to rub my penis!”


“Yeah, he used to,” said Roger. “When I was cranky or caused a ruckus my mother would send me to my room to take a nap. Whenever this happened I‘d always be very upset because I hated naps. Jerry was eight years older than I was, and he would come in a lie down with me and cuddle with me. After a while he’d start stroking my penis while I fell asleep. At the time it seemed like a perfectly normal thing for him to do. Not until he handed me the handcuffs did I remember this and realize it was inappropriate.”

“So your brother is a child molester,” said Keith. “And you associate being upset with having your penis rubbed.”

“Yes – yes, that’s it,” exclaimed Roger. “No wonder I wanted you to touch my privates the other day. I was upset.”

“So, are you upset now?” asked Keith intently.

“Yeah, I’m still upset,” said Roger.

“And do you want your penis rubbed?” asked Keith.

Roger paused. “Yeah, I want my penis rubbed,” he said. “I really do. I shouldn’t, I suppose, but I still do.”

“Do you want to try the handcuffs, given your fantasy?” asked Keith.

“Let me think about it,” said Roger, as he began to shuck his clothes. He pulled the pouch out of his pocket and handed it to Keith. “I don’t know how to use them.”

Keith opened the pouch and pulled out the handcuffs. Both of them were shut, so he tried the key to make sure it would open them. Then he tried one on his left wrist and unlocked it again. “They seem simple to use,” he said. “Give me one of your wrists.”

Roger held out one hand and Keith gently closed one of the handcuffs on his wrist, taking care not to make it overly tight against his skin. “Okay, lie down on the bed, and I’ll put the other one on,” suggested Keith. Roger laid down obediently, fully naked, and put both of his hands above his head close to the headboard railing. Keith pulled the other side of the chained handcuffs around the railing and carefully closed it on Roger’s other wrist. He reached down and began to squeeze Roger’s balls until his penis began to rise. He rubbed the penis gently until it got firm.

Keith got up and took his own clothes off. He reached under his bed, pulled out a duffel bag and dumped the contents on his bed.

“What’s that stuff?” asked Roger.

“Some sex toys,” replied Keith.

“I didn’t realize you had your own private collection,” said Roger. “I’m afraid to ask what they are.”

“You should be,” replied Keith with a smile.

From the array of items, Keith picked up a blindfold and put it on Roger. “What’s the blindfold for?” asked Roger.

“That’s so I can stare at your naked body to my heart’s content without feeling self-conscious about it,” replied Keith. He squeezed Roger’s balls and asked, “Who’s your Daddy?”

“Not you!” said Roger.

“Wrong answer,” said Keith as he squeezed Roger’s balls again harder. “Who’s your Daddy?”

“Oh God,” said Roger, feeling pain. “You are.”

“I want to hear it again,” said Keith. “Who’s your Daddy?”

“You are,” replied Roger with a sigh.

“And who knows what’s best for you?” asked Keith.

“Not you!” said Roger.

“Wrong again,” said Keith, squeezing Roger’s balls again causing him to yelp in pain. “Who knows what’s best for you?” he demanded.

“You do,” said Roger. “I hope you do.”

“You’re right about that,” said Keith. He sat down on the bed and rubbed his hand slowly on Roger’s chest for a minute, reveling in being able to touch his hairy chest. He stroked Roger’s penis for a while with light strokes, watching the penis bounce slightly with each touch. He ran his fingers through Roger’s pubic hair. He leaned over, kissed Roger’s balls and then began sucking on his penis, delighted in the opportunity to do so. Roger exhaled heavily as he felt the motion of Keith’s mouth on his dick.

After a while Keith sat back up. “Did you know some guys like their nipples squeezed?” he asked as he squeezed Roger’s right nipple.

“Ouch,” said Roger. “I’m not one of those guys.”

“Okay,” said Keith, returning his hand to Roger’s penis. “No problem.” He paused. “Now it’s time for some anal stimulation,” he said.

“I don’t like the sound of that,” replied Roger.

Keith picked up a small metal dildo from his bed, brought it over to Roger and rolled it on his chest. “Feel that?”

“I feel it,” said Roger.

“I want to insert it in your rear,” said Keith.

“I don’t want anything in my rear,” said Roger.

“Well think about it,” said Keith. “I’m going to give you some time to think.” He walked over to the closet and pulled out the camera and tripod his parents had given him at Christmas. He set it up near the bed and began filming.

“Did I hear you set up your tripod?” asked Roger.

“Yes,” said Keith.

“Are you filming me?”


Roger thought about the risk of embarrassment. “Promise you’ll never show it to anyone but me, okay?”

“I promise,” said Keith.

Keith sat down on his own bed and began to rub his own penis slowly, pacing himself so he would not come before the right moment.

“What are you doing now?” asked Roger.

“I’m still here,” said Keith. “I’m waiting.”

“Jeez,” said Roger.

“Are you ready for me to slide the rod into your ass?” asked Keith. “I have lubricant, so it shouldn’t hurt. It’s not very big.”

“Will you go back to rubbing my penis if I say yes?” asked Roger.

“Of course,” said Keith.

“Okay,” said Roger, turning on his side. Keith went over and gently pushed Roger onto his stomach and spread his legs. He found his bottle of lubricant, applied the liquid to the dildo and pushed it into Roger’s ass at an extremely slow rate of speed. “How’s that?” asked Keith when it reached its stopping point.

“Not too bad,” said Roger, clenching his buttocks against the metal rod. “It’s okay, really.”

Keith helped Roger roll back over onto his back and used his lubricated hand to rub Roger’s penis for a while. Roger began clenching his abdomen as his penis grew firmer with each stroke in reaction to the pleasure he was feeling. Keith got up from the bed, selected a larger dildo from his collection, returned to Roger and rolled it back and forth on Roger’s stomach.

“Oh, no,” said Roger. “You have a bigger one, don’t you,” he commented.

“Roll over,” said Keith.

“I don’t want a bigger one,” said Roger.

Keith set it down and returned to his bed and stroked himself some more. Roger lay still and felt his penis going limp. Finally he said, “Okay, go ahead.” Keith helped Roger flip over again and gently slid the small dildo out, lubricated the larger one and slid it in and out, again and again, very, very slowly. Roger exhaled when he felt the larger diameter of the base stretch his ass. Keith slid it to its stopping point and helped Roger flip over again. He selected another dildo from his bed, lubricated it and slid it carefully into his own ass, exhaling slowly as it stretched his anus.

Keith ran his fingers through Roger’s chest hair again, feeling very content and very horny. He squeezed Roger’s balls again and then returned to stroking Roger’s penis. Roger squeezed his buttocks again and felt the hard rod inside his ass. After a while his penis grew very stiff, and Keith withdrew his hand again. He returned to his bed, selected a dildo that was the same size as his own penis and rolled it on Roger’s chest.

“Not another one!” exclaimed Roger. “That one is definitely bigger.”

“Yes,” said Keith. “I have bigger ones than this one, but I’m not going to use them on you.”

“Thank God for that,” said Roger, rolling over obediently onto his stomach. Keith spread Roger’s legs, retrieved the medium sized dildo from Keith’s ass, cleaned it with a tissue, lubricated the larger one and pushed it very gently and slowly in and out of Roger’s ass again and again as Roger moaned from the sensations he felt as his ass was stretched. Keith massaged Roger’s shoulders for a few minutes and then flipped him back over.

Roger’s penis had gone limp again. Keith went through the same routine as before, bringing Roger close to the point of orgasm, but pulling his hand away when Roger’s penis got particularly hard. Keith moved onto the bottom part of Roger’s bed and lifted Roger’s legs into the air, pushing them toward his head so that his bottom was exposed.

“What are you doing?” asked Roger.

“I’m getting into position,” said Keith, as he carefully pulled the penis-sized dildo out of Roger’s ass and tried not to think about Roger’s brothers and his prior promise that Roger’s ass would be kept safe.

“Oh, God,” said Roger, realizing what was about to happen. “Aaah!” he said as he felt Keith’s penis enter his ass. Keith pushed forward as gently as he could, despite his impatience. When he reached the halfway point, he pulled back a little, studied Roger’s face and saw no indication of anger, and slid his penis in further. He began to thrust again and again. Roger gritted his teeth and grimaced as he felt his ass being pounded. Keith placed one hand on Roger’s penis and rubbed it back and forth as he rammed his penis in and out as carefully as he could.

“I’ll pull out when you need me to stop,” said Keith.

“Keep going,” said Roger generously, knowing how much this experience meant to his buddy. “A little longer.”

Keith kept thrusting for another minute. Just as he felt he was about to come, Roger said, “Okay, stop. Please stop. It hurts.”

Keith immediately pulled out, lubricated his penis again and then came in a torrent of semen that spurted over Roger’s chest. “Oh God,” said Keith, breathing heavily. “Oh God.” He scooped up some of the warm semen and used it as a lubricant, rubbing it on Roger’s penis, which had gone limp again. As he continued to rub, Roger’s penis responded and got hard again.

“Oh my ass,” said Roger. “It still hurts.”

“It will feel better in the morning,” said Keith. “I promise.” He got up from the bed.

“Where are you going?” asked Roger.

“I just have to get something for you,” said Keith.

“Oh,” said Roger.

Keith pulled out the electro-stim gear he had recently purchased and set it up on the desk next to Roger’s bed. He attached the penis rings to Roger’s dick and then dialed the knob on the device.

“Aah aah aah” said Roger as he felt the pulses of electricity on his penis. Keith left the equipment in place, returned to his own bed and watched his friend react to the pulsed stimulation. Roger’s penis grew harder and harder. His ab muscles contracted. From time to time he shifted his legs and pulled his arms, straining his hands against the rigid handcuffs, which reminded him of his helpless condition. His penis jerked with each pulse of electricity.

Keith began to stroke his own penis again. Generally he was only able to have one orgasm in a given night, but this particular night he thought he might be able to have two, given the extreme pleasure of watching his friend writhing in tense excitement.

Roger endured his sexual torture without comment. He yearned for release, but his release was slow in coming. He felt the momentum building toward the final conclusion. He clenched his buttocks again and felt the pain of his stretched ass. He hadn’t expected his friend to fuck him, and he felt bewildered about the experience. He didn’t know whether to be angry or not. He felt tired now, and he wished the experience would end soon, but it continued on for a full fifteen more minutes before his aching penis finally shot its load.

“Aaah aah aah aah,” said Roger as his penis erupted. “At last,” he thought to himself. By this time Keith was nearing his peak again, and he came over to Roger with his penis very stiff. He pulled the blindfold off his friend and then resumed stroking himself until he finally came in a second burst of semen.

“Oh oh oh,” said Keith. “Aah.” Sighing, he wiped his dripping penis on Roger’s leg, grabbed the handcuff key and released Roger’s wrists. Roger grabbed the top sheet, pulled it over himself and rolled over on the bed, facing the wall.

“Are you okay?” asked Keith.

“I’m okay,” said Roger. “Barely,” he thought to himself. “My virgin ass just got fucked.”

Where’s Roger?

The next morning Keith woke up, shaved, showered and got ready for class. When it was time for him to leave for class, Roger was still in bed and appeared to be asleep. Keith was disappointed about not being able to talk with him, but he reluctantly left his roommate and went to class. Later on Keith spent as much time as he could in his dorm room, hoping to see Roger, but Roger had gone somewhere and did not return. After lunch Keith was startled when Roger’s phone rang. Roger had left it in the room. Keith hesitated about answering the phone. He and his roommate had never answered each other’s phones before, so he decided to let the call go to voicemail.

Keith tried to concentrate on his homework, but periodically his mind wandered. He wondered if he should apologize for his actions from the previous night. He had taken advantage of Roger’s moment of weakness. He felt somewhat ashamed of himself, but as he replayed it in his mind he had frequent boners.

Keith wondered where Roger was and who he might be with. Was he angry? Was he depressed? Was he perfectly fine? When evening came Roger’s phone made noises from time to time as people sent him text messages or tried to call him.

Around 7 p.m. someone knocked on the door. When Keith opened it, Jake was standing there looking grim.

“Hi Jake,” said Keith. “How are you?”

“Not so good today,” said Jake. “I’m a little worried about Roger. Is he here?”

“No,” said Keith. “I haven’t seen him since this morning.”

“He hasn’t been answering his phone,” said Jake. “He hasn’t responded to text messages. My brothers and I have been trying to reach him. He seemed upset yesterday at the bowling alley. I think he’s troubled about something.”

Keith paused. “Well frankly, I think this is a sensitive time for him. I think he is working through some issues.”

“Has he discussed his concerns with you?” asked Jake. “Do you know what’s going on?”

“I know what was troubling him yesterday,” said Keith. “But it was something he told me in confidence.”

“I’m his brother,” said Jake.

“Of course you are,” said Keith. “I know Roger appreciates your concern. When he reappears I’ll certainly ask him to call you.
“I want you to know that I’d do anything to protect his interests,” said Jake. “When we were kids I always looked out for him. We had a bully in the neighborhood, and one day when he picked on Roger, I gave the bully a good thrashing.”

“I’m sure Roger was glad for your help,” said Keith, hoping that Jake wasn’t implying that he felt the need to give anyone else a thrashing.

“Yes, he was,” said Jake. “And, on another subject, I understand that Jerry returned the key to you.”

“Yes, he did,” said Keith. “I was most grateful. And I thank you and your brothers for your amusing e-mails and the high-resolution photos.”

“So, I gather you are unlocked now,” said Jake.

“Yes, indeed I am,” said Keith, turning a bit red.

“Are you staying out of trouble?” asked Jake, not smiling.

Keith paused. “It depends upon what you mean by trouble.”

“I think you know what I mean,” said Jake.

“In that case, I think this conversation has turned an unfortunate corner, and I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” said Keith.

Jake paused, trying to think of how to respond. “I’m leaving,” said Jake. “But I want to stay in touch.”

“Goodbye, Jake,” said Keith, closing the door.

An hour later, Roger finally returned.

“I’m glad to see you,” said Keith. “I’ve been wondering when you’d be back. Where have you been?”

“I’ve been here and there. I went to class this morning. I spent some time in the library. I also spent some time in the park. The weather was so nice, I just sat in my car and read a book. I wanted to be alone for a while.”

“You left your phone here. You’ve missed phone calls and text messages. Also, Jake came by. He wants you to call him. We talked for a few minutes. He wasn’t very nice to me at the end, and I had to ask him to leave.”

“What was the problem?” asked Roger.

“He seems to have a suspicion that I’ve been a bad influence on you.”

“Oh, no,” said Roger. “This is hard enough for me to come to grips with this already, but it’s ten times harder with my brothers breathing down my neck.”

“Can we rewind to the part about this being hard to come to grips with?” asked Keith. “Not to sound dumb or anything, but what is particularly hard right now?”

“Your dick, obviously,” said Roger. “Dealing with you and your dick is what’s hard. A few days ago everything was fine. I was a straight guy. You were a gay guy. Now I’m a confused, bewildered, upset straight guy who has been penetrated by his gay roommate.”

“Please remember that you’re a wonderful guy with a great life ahead of him,” said Keith. “I understand our relationship has become a bit different than before, and we probably have to talk about last night. I want to apologize for how I handled the situation.”

“You were very horny, and I was very horny, and we both did horny things,” said Roger. “I think you’ve had some pent-up horny feelings for me for some time. I was happy that you could satisfy them, even if I felt somewhat traumatized by what happened. And, by the way, is there any chance that you have AIDS or some sexually transmitted disease?”

“No chance at all,” said Keith. “I’ve never had sex with anyone but you, unless you count all the times I’ve masturbated while watching porn on my computer.”

“For someone who’s never had sex with anyone before, you sure seem to know what you’re doing,” said Roger.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” said Keith.

“And you certainly have some interesting sex toys,” said Roger. “They must have cost some serious money.”

“My grandparents would be very surprised if they knew how I spent the birthday money they gave me recently,” replied Keith.

“And you certainly made an effort to keep my ass pain to a minimum,” said Roger. “I appreciate that. I’d compliment you more on your talent for love-making, but I’ve probably said enough on that topic. Anyway, if I were gay, you’d be the guy I’d want to have in bed with me.”

“Thank you,” replied Keith. “And I wish I could have you naked in bed with me every night,” he thought to himself.

“Something has been bothering me today,” said Roger. “I’ve been thinking about my tendency to get upset and how it affects me sexually.”


“And I want to break the pattern,” said Roger. “I want to try to get our relationship back on track, the way it used to be.”
“Do you have an idea of how we could get it back on track?” asked Keith.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” said Roger. “Also, I have an idea of how to get my brothers to stop bothering us.”

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