The Emperor devises a fiendish way to torture a pair of captured soldier brothers in this anonymously written story illustrated by Amalaric.


The Emperor’s Toys
by Anonymous
Art by Amalaric

During the reign of Hadrian, ancient Rome was a time of cruel games for the pleasure of the emperor. One such incident involved two soldier brothers captured during the wars in the eastern territories. The two brothers Marcus and Atilius fought side by side. It was rumored that their relationship was much closer than mere brotherhood. They were known as fierce fighters and gained quite a reputation for their fighting and good looks. It was well known, that all prisoners that might be of interest, were viewed by the emperor’s personal representative; Marcus and Atilius quickly caught his attention. Both were stunningly handsome, hugely muscled, skilled fighters that projected a defiant attitude. These qualities made them perfect candidates for the emperor’s sadistic games. After being spotted by the emperor’s representative, they were quickly sent to Rome and imprisoned in the palace dungeons.

In the palace dungeon, deep underground, a long central chamber was lined with newly captured slaves, chained in a variety of positions on both sides of the dungeon. The dungeon master was well versed in the emperor's known fetishes. Each slave was subjected to a series of tests (also called tortures) to measure the slave’s reactions. The first slave to be tested was a very muscular soldier, dark complexion, long wavy black hair, with a thin matt of dark hair covering his huge pecs. A tight heavy metal collar attached to a chain forced him to his toes, his arms pinned to his waist by a massive chain circling his waist. This position forced his full round pecs forward displaying two large round nipples. The dungeon master requested a whip from a resident slave assistant. Standing back, he unleashed a series of strikes across the slave’s massive chest, leaving painful red marks. The slave struggled against his bonds, but did not cry out. Satisfied, the dungeon master then applied heavy metal clips to the protruding nipples. As the clips were gradually tightened, a deep growl was produced through tightly clenched teeth. The dungeon master continued on to the next and the next, eliminating slaves that would break too easily.

The dungeon master now stands before the two brothers, Marcus and Atilius, chained side by side, muscular arms raised over their heads, their eyes focused on a distant place. The dungeon master reaches under the leather skirt of Marcus, feeling his large low hanging balls then grasping them roughly in his huge fist, he gradually starts to squeeze, applying more and more pressure. Marcus clenches his jaw tightly. More pressure, his chest expands. The dungeon master moves on Atilius. He stands back, motioning for a whip from an assistant. The whip comes down hard on Atilius' chest provoking a wince. Another slash provokes a quick breath, after the tenth stroke Atilius utters a snarl between heavy breathing. The dungeon master nods and moves on to the next chained slave.

Hadrian was notified that a new batch of slaves was available for his approval. As the eager emperor entered, he was shown each slave, as his representative gave a brief history of the man being examined. When Hadrian sees the two brothers he is immediately attracted to them. "Brothers? Hmmm!" Looking each up and down, running his hand over Marcus's muscular body, his attention is then drawn to Atilius. Hadrian then whispers instructions to the dungeon master who immediately walks to a brazier containing long metal spikes. The dungeon master returns with a red hot spike held in long pincers. In a commanding voice, Hadrian commands that Atilius be blinded, nodding to the dungeon master to proceed. The glowing spike is slowly positioned close to the eyes of Atilius. With the spike only a few inches from his eyes, Marcus screamed, "NOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOO, BLIND ME, BLIND ME.... don't blind my brother." Hadrian smiles. The glowing spike is withdrawn. Hadrian nods and moves on to view the other slaves.

Returning to his palace quarters, Hadrian tells his counselor to arrange for the entertainment that evening. He had a special contest in mind for the two brothers.

During the evening feast, as was the custom, the slaves picked for the evening’s entertainment, were shackled between the series of stone columns in the great hall. As guests ate and drank, they could inspect the muscular slaves up close; some actually subjecting the slaves to poking, prodding, and sometimes down right torture. Always a subject of curiosity; the genitals hidden under their very short gladiator skirts were often the targets of court women. One woman grabbed under Marcus' tunic, clutching his balls, imbedding her long finger nails to see if she could get a reaction. On this particular occasion, Marcus returned a low guttural growl. The woman promptly released her hold and left with a smile on her face.

After the guests were full... the evening entertainment began. An area was cleared in the center of the expansive stone floor. A thin line of red sand was poured on the floor to define a circle. The circle was about 20 feet across. The two brothers were unchained and brought to the center of the circle. Their arms were loosely shacked as were their ankles. Their tunics were removed. The bothers were then made to get down on their hands and knees, facing in opposite directions. Long thin leather strands were wound repeatedly around the base of their balls then a single heavy metal chain was attached linking the brothers by their bound testicles.

Hadrian approached the circle and speaks to his guests. "How virile and strong our two brothers look tonight. Such strong, muscular young men. So devoted to each other." Tonight we will test the brotherly bond. You see that they are tethered by a heavy chain attached to their balls. They each face the red boundary of the circle. One of them will die tonight and it will be the brothers themselves that decide who it will be." One of the guests shouts from the crowd. "Tell us more, emperor. How will they decide?" "By the power of their love for each other. When the action begins, each brother will try to make his way to the red line. The first brother to break the red line of sand with his hand will be the one to die and spare his brothers life. So, as you can see, the brothers will make that decision. Of course the pain delivered to their balls will heighten their desire to succeed and provide additional entertainment for us all. To keep them focused and motivated, my soldiers will apply the whip to their backs." Looking down at the brothers, "Do I make myself clear? Your failure to fight will condemn you both to death."

Hadrian smiles as he savors the amazed looks on his quests’ faces. Hadrian had a reputation for devising devilish tortures. Hadrian returns to his seat on the dais, raises his hand signaling his command to begin. A slow rhythmic beat starts from a man sized drum off to the side. Two soldiers approach the circle with whips. Each applies a strong lash to the brothers’ backs. Back muscles ripple, heads lurch, but no movement. A conversation is taking place under their breath between the two brothers. This is interrupted by another series of lashes to their backs. Atilius starts to show his frustration, head rears up, teeth clenched, taking deep breaths, and starts to lean forward. Marcus feels the tug on his balls and steadies himself against any movement. Atilius again lifts his right hand forward, his left leg rising off the ground in an attempt to move forward. This small movement brings cheers from the guests. Small groups appear to be negotiating bets on the outcome.

Marcus lowers his head and shoulders like a bull preparing to charge, then lunches forward, both hands leaving the ground. A shocked look flashes on Atilius' face as the thin leather straps dig into his balls. Marcus lets out a grunt, trying to ignore the pain he has just inflicted on his own balls. The soldiers lay another round of lashes, momentarily stopping forward progress. Both brothers are breathing heavily. Atilius now makes an attempt to move forward, clawing at the floor with his hands. Marcus rears up and tries to lurch forward. Both men let out a yelp as their balls are strangled by the now tight chain echoing the opposing forces.

All eyes are on the two men, fighting with all their strength to save the other. Emotions ripping them apart mentally, the chain attacking them physically. Hadrian, watches with glee as these two muscular solder brothers fight with ever increasing fury. Each guest rooting for their favorite. Entertainment never gets better than this. The thundering sounds of the drum beat filling the room.

Marcus is swinging his head from side to side. Emotions erupting in his gut as he lunges forward again, moving forward, inching toward the red sand line. Both men now growl with each deep breath, combating the intense pain in the balls. Sweat covers their bodies. Atilius attempts to regain his lost position, pushing with his massive thighs. The chain resonates with a snap! Both men let out a loud groan thru their clenched teeth. Marcus, slowly loosing his mind, frantically squirms and stretches to continue his progress. Atilius is forced to give ground, his balls throbbing, skin stretched to the limit. Marcus is now acting like a mad man. Ranting, gasping for air, arms and legs fighting to get traction on the stone floor, pain consuming his balls, skin stretched to the limits. He would be the one to die. The soldiers added to the frenzy by applying more lashes, their backs now laced with fiery whip marks.

Marcus lets out a bellow, straining, almost upright on his knees propelling his body forward. The force sent a shudder thru both men, hands clutching their groin, legs pressed tightly together low on the floor screaming in pain, backs heaving, tears running down their cheeks. The guests roar in excitement while some are not able to look. Marcus lunges from the crouched position, gaining more ground, getting closer to the red sand line. Atilius shaking his head, refusing to believe that Marcus is about to sacrifice himself, while biting his lip and fighting the agony in his balls, he again attempts to regain lost ground. But for every attempt Atilius made, Marcus rallied to pull him back even more by inflicting unimaginable pain to his balls.

Marcus in a complete rage now, snarling like a rabid dog, continues his repeated lunges forward, each time stopping to deal with the massive pain in his balls, not wanting to acknowledge that either he or Atilius could be castrated by the next hard lunge forward. Marcus is now only inches from the line. The red sand line is the only thing he sees, the image burning into his brain. Another series of lashes, sends Marcus screaming at the top of his lungs, hands breaking through the thin red sand line. Marcus, foaming at the mouth, just stairs at the floor panting. Atilius bellows, "NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO MARCUS, NOOOOOOOOO."

Hadrian stands as the guests clap in approval of the night’s entertainment.

The guards grab Marcus and Atilius by the arms, dragging them from the chamber.

Atilius will live for yet another sadistic night of entertainment for the Emperor. Marcus was never seen again.


  1. Drum - July 21, 2018, 3:18 am

    Hot as Amalaric always hits the spot. Can’t wait for a sequel.

  2. Ron6677 - July 21, 2018, 7:52 pm

    Amal, as much as i love your work, and you know this, enough of all this superfluous stuff and lets bet back to Stepson’s Doom, 24 Hours and Baseball stories, the really good stuff……please. thanks

  3. Amalaric - July 22, 2018, 12:25 am

    I know you mean well, dude…but you also have a lot of nerve. First of all- I’m only the illustrator, so don’t shoot the piano player. Second, it would make my day to see you contribute something to this site. Go for it, and blow us all away!!

  4. Drum - July 22, 2018, 1:20 am

    Well said Amalaric

  5. ragnar1963 - July 23, 2018, 6:52 pm

    A cruel, beautiful, powerfully erotic tale. Whoever wrote it I hope contributes more. And an excellent illustration!

  6. Chrisus - March 30, 2019, 6:23 am

    Great story! Thank you to both the author and illustrator for their efforts in bringing this to us.

    Ahh Rome! My favourite historical period for stories of this genre and this one is certainly an excellent tale from that period. Ancient Rome features prominently in my own story writing and I never grow tired of featuring it. Currently, I am working on a story about Roman Masters and their slaves and I have as my advisor an expert on Roman slavery who lives in Rome. We met some years ago at the former Chained Muscle site and his knowledge of this period is prodigious. His insights of ancient slavery are outstanding.

  7. Amalaric - March 30, 2019, 6:50 am

    I also know this person and consider him a good friend- what he doesn’t know about slavery in ancient Rome is simply not to be known! Will you post this story?

  8. Chrisus - March 30, 2019, 5:24 pm

    It would seem we have a mutual friend!

    I write for my own pleasure and perhaps to partially live out my erotic, slave fantasies. Besides, writing is something I enjoy. Once, I did post widely online but not now. With the ever-changing social media rules regarding adult content and the loss of my tumblr sites, I now feel disinclined to post except to my own followers. It was the loss of tumblr and the demise of Chained Muscle that brought me to GBF. At least, here, I am assured of reading the stories of like-minded writers. And I am not disappointed.

    Will I be posting my story here? The answer is no for a number of reasons. My story is too long; currently at thirteen chapters and still going. Besides, I am too verbose and the individual chapters are also long which I know is a “turn off” for many readers. And I’m not sure the theme is right for this group. Added to this is the fact that I am sharing my story with my followers – and our mutual friend – which means my story isn’t any longer an original, unpublished one.

    Meanwhile, I will continue to read your excellent stories and salivate over your magnificent artwork. There are so many beautiful models to appreciate!

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