Superhero Emerald Lad is seduced by a group of male dancers at a Halloween party that turns out to be trap concocted by his arch nemesis.


Emerald Halloween - Chapter 1
by Todd Fleming
Series: Emerald Halloween

Music pulsed through the club as dancers moved to the beat. Dressed in their Halloween costumes, everyone was drinking and celebrating the night of magic. Club D was the hottest club in South Beach and everyone who was someone was there that night.

Emerald Lad stepped through the doors of the club. The bouncers almost did not let him in. It was only because of the work of police officer Dan Truman that he was able to get inside. Dressed in his famous green and white costume, the hero looked around as the music washed over him. He could feel many eyes in the club take in his muscular form as he slightly blushed.

He had come to Club D hoping to investigate the whereabouts of his nemesis, Mirage. Normally he would not go undercover but with tonight being Halloween, he could easily blend in with everyone in costumes.

Mirage was a shapeshifter that used his powers for his own gain. Emerald Lad had battled the master of disguise many times in the past and has always triumphed over the wily villain. It was Officer Dan who had gaven him the tip that Mirage would be at the club tonight and Emerald Lad vowed that he would be here to stop him.

Although quite young for a hero, Emerald Lad carried himself with the poise and confidence of a much older man. His baby face was quite cute, but it was his emerald green eyes that most girls and even some guys found so attractive. His skin tight costume enhanced his muscled form that radiated strength and power. The costume was mostly green that matched the exact shade of his eyes with a patch of white on his chest and right above his knee high boots. As he walked, his white cape seemed to whisper softly.

Emerald Lad tried to act like a normal young man as he returned the many smiles that were thrown his way. The club seemed packed and it was hard to hear anything but the hypnotic music. Finding a seat at the bar, the hero was able to get a great view of the dance floor.

After ordering a bottle of water, the young hero watched as people danced in the center of the club. Mirage was here somewhere and he had to be alert for the tricky villain. He did not know what his nemesis planned for tonight. It was probably some plot to get him to take off his power belt from around his tapered waist.

The source of his powers, many criminals had tried in the past to remove his power belt to weaken him. The belt was impossible to remove unless it was done from his own hands and since he would never leave himself vulnerable to his enemies, no one had ever succeeded in stripping him of his powers.

The current song ended and the dance floor suddenly emptied itself of its dancers. Emerald Lad watched intently as he expected some kind of attack from Mirage. The lights on the dance floor dimmed until they went completely dark. The hero was ready to spring into action as he sat on the edge of his seat.

Fog started to fill the stage as the lights started to dim back on. The floor opened up as a shadowy figure seemed to rise through the fog. The entire club was silent was everyone watched as intently as Emerald Lad was watching.

As the lights grew bright enough, someone dressed as Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty stood frozen in a pose. A crash of thunder exploded in the club as sensual dance music started. Emerald Lad wanted to relax but he could not take his eyes off the costumed young man dancing. He had never seen dance moves like this in his life as the performer moved with a sensual grace that captured every eye in the club. The young man was blonde with light blue eyes and had one of the most beautiful faces he had ever seen on a guy.

The silence in the club continued as Prince Phillip captured everyone’s complete attention. Unknown to Emerald Lad, the bartender was not as mesmerized as he quietly switched the hero’s bottle water with a new one.

As the prince danced, vines fell from the ceiling and hung at the four corners of the dance floor. As the current song came to an end, and the new song started, the prince went into a different dance. The crowd cheered as another man slid down on of the vines and landed on his feet. Dressed only in a skimpy loincloth, this sexy young man was dressed as Tarzan. He began to dance with the Prince as their pelvises grinded against each other with sensual energy.

Emerald Lad could not believe how mesmerizing the dance was between the two hot muscular men. The music pulsed throughout the club and the lights flickered with many colors that seemed to enhance the dancing of the costumed men. Grabbing his water, the hero took a huge drink as he tried to regain his composure. He was here for business but it was nearly impossible to take his eyes of the show that dominated the club.

Tarzan leaped on the vines and started swinging from vine to vine as he continued to dance. Prince Phillip danced his way towards the back of the dance floor as the music changed to a military style techno song. The crowd gasped as a man dressed as a Spartan marched onto the dance floor with his spear and shield. While the other two men danced, the hoplite tore off his helmet to reveal a very good looking man with dark blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Emerald Lad stared as the Spartan’s muscle definition seemed to rival a superhero’s.

The Spartan tossed his helmet to the hero as he winked at him with a dazzling smile. He launched himself into a dance while Prince Phillip rejoined him in the center of the dance floor and started to dance with him. Tarzan remained on his vines as he held on the vine with one hand and used it like a stripper pole as he performed for the crowd.

Emerald Lad blushed as he held the Spartan’s helmet. He was grateful that no one really knew he was the real hero as this would have embarrassed him to no end. He could not help but be impressed with the show that the men were performing in front of him. His body involuntarily began to respond as his felt a tightness in his tights. Quickly taking another drink of his water, he concentrated in keeping his body in check as he fought to take his eyes of the dancing costumed men. The battle to remain true to his mission was raging within him as more and more he just wanted to enjoy the show.

The hero sternly reminded himself that he needed to find Mirage and stop whatever plot the villain was hatching. As the third song ended, he gulped down the rest of his water completely unaware that he had been drugged.

Emerald Lad stood to his feet ready to start his investigation when the music changed. The crowd gasped as the spotlights went to the top of the bar to reveal a young man dressed in a wrestler’s singlet. The young man had fiery red hair and green eyes with muscles that bugled through his costume. Leaping in the air, he somersaulted and landed right in front of the hero.

Being this close to the handsome young man was intoxicating to the drugged hero as the wrestler grabbed his hand and started to lead him to the dance floor. With the spotlight on the confused hero, he dimly realized that every eye was on him.

Emerald Lad tried to get his hand free, but then Tarzan leaped from his vine and landed next to them. He took his other hand and joined the wrestler in leading the confused hero to the dance floor. The crowd noticed Emerald Lad’s resistance and began to chant, “Dance! Dance! Dance!” to the dismay of the befuddled hero.

As he opened his mouth to protest, Prince Phillip joined them and grabbed his face to kiss the hero passionately. The crowd erupted in cheers as the prince kissed the hero while the other three men danced around them.

Pleasure that he never thought was possible coursed through Emerald Lad’s body as the kiss was broken off. Panting for air, he looked down at the growing bulge in his tights. It was becoming more and more difficult for him to think as the lights, music, and cheers from the crowd pulsed all around him. Emerald Lad began to feel a bit dizzy as the four costumed men danced around him grinding their bodies against his own.

He easily could have used his powers to break through the circle of dancing men, but he did not want to reveal himself before he tracked Mirage down. Through the fog that blanketed his mind, the hero determined that he just had to wait until the song was finished. Emerald Lad gave up his struggles and started to dance as the crowd cheered their encouragement for him to join the fun.

To his surprise, he enjoyed dancing with the costumed men as he moved his body trying to imitate the dance they were performing. The music seemed to merge with his body as he moved in ways that he never thought possible. His worries about finding Mirage began to fade more and more into the background as the pleasure he felt dominated his mind and soul.

“That’s it!” Tarzan said with a grin. “Just let your worries go and enjoy life!”

The loincloth clad brown haired man ran his hands across the hero’s mighty chest as he ground himself against the hero’s leg.

The wrestler went to his other side and kissed Emerald Lad’s cheek as he grinded himself against his other leg.

Emerald Lad felt his face heat up as both his legs were humped by the gorgeous men. He awkwardly tried to swing his hips around as well as he moaned from the sensual attention from the dancing costumed men.

As the dance ended, Prince Phillip slid on the floor between the hero’s legs as Tarzan and the wrestler wrapped their legs around each of Emerald Lad’s legs with their arms raised in triumph. The Spartan stood behind him with his groin firmly placed against the costumed ass of their prey.

The fog filled the dance floor as Emerald Lad felt them being lowered into the basement of the club. The crowd cheered and screamed as the show ended marking this one of the best Halloween party this city had ever seen.

When they were completely in the basement, the costumed men let the hero free as they stepped off the platform. The ceiling above them shifted back in place as the music on the main floor began to sound again.

Prince Phillip winked at the confused hero as he tossed him a bottle of water. “You look thirsty, dude,” He said with a grin.

Emerald Lad gratefully took the bottle and gulped down the liquid, enjoying the coolness unaware that it was drugged.

“You were great out there!” Tarzan said with a chuckle. “Thanks for being a good sport and playing along.”

“Yeah!” The wrestler agreed. “That is a fantastic costume that you are wearing. You look exactly like the real Emerald Lad.”

After the last drop of water was consumed, the hero smiled back sheepishly. “Thanks,” He muttered as he blushed. “You are kind to say that, but I am not a dancer.” He was very aware of the hardness in his tights and tried to think of everything he could to tame the pulsating monster.

Prince Phillip smiled as he looked at the clock. “We have time before our next show,” He said almost purring. “How about we show you our appreciation?”

Emerald Lad gasped as the prince softly squeezed his tented bulge. He had no idea why his body was reacting this way, but he needed to regain his focus and continue his investigation.

The Spartan smacked him on his ass as he grinned. “I mean who hasn’t dreamed about sleeping with the mighty Emerald Lad?”

He knew he should say no, but the fog in his mind and the dizziness of pleasure was overwhelming to the drugged hero. He didn’t resist as the men led him across the room and up the stairs. Walking a bit awkwardly because of his trapped erect cock, the costumed boys took him into a private room in the VIP area unaware that he was walking into a trap.


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